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Psalms 119:152 The Miracle of Time & Place

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 30, 2022 9:00 am

Psalms 119:152 The Miracle of Time & Place

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 30, 2022 9:00 am

Psalms 119:152 Concerning thy testimonies, I have known of old that thou hast founded them for ever.

The miracle of the letter Quaf is so so amazing and the application of this verse I tell in a story about two special needs no-verbal students.

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This is the Truth Network. This is the Truth Network.

This is Truth Network. This is the Truth Network Podcast. This is the Truth Network Podcast. This is the Truth Network. This is the Truth Network Podcast. This is the Truth Network. This is the Truth Network Podcast.

This is the Truth Network Podcast. and and I think Alan Wright's gonna love this word when he hears it if he may have already known this but That word that is translated their contempt the first place you find that in the Bible it's translated shame because What had happened was you may remember the incident would? The incident with Judah and Tamar his daughter-in-law where she dressed up as a harlot and he gave her a goat right And he was supposed to He was supposed to replace I mean he gave her a signet ring in his staff and he was supposed to replace it with a goat and when the Man went to go give her the goat.

He couldn't find her because she wasn't really a prostitute and Judah said to his servant You know don't Worry about it. We'll just let her keep the staff and the signet because otherwise we will be shamed Okay, and that's the word that King David used and it has to do with a sexual sin here And when you think about King David Um, this is a critical thing that he wants rolled away from him, right? He wants rolled away The reproach the disappointment in his father's face and he wants that shame gone away So that that tomb that is rolled away now another beautiful thing about that world word Gal there that I don't want anybody to miss is that where that took place where we're where David is quoting this from when Joshua 5 9 they played they called that town Gilgal Right because it was a place that had quarries where they made these round stones That they could roll away But it also was the place where God rolled away The shame and reproach of Israel and I won't rob anybody the study of just go study what all's happened in Gilgal And and the fact that the twelve stones of the tribe of Israel all there I mean that there's so much in this verse.

It's just absolutely incredible. It's just an Easter Passage for anybody that wants to preach it okay, and then it says okay roll away my in this case reproach the disappointment on my father's face and my shame for I have Guarded your testimonies, right? It actually says for I have kept your testimonies But again, if you go back and you look at this word It's not the same word as keep is used throughout which is Samar which is has to do with hearing and obeying this word is literally a Guard, but it is also the word that Isaiah used for the righteous branch that would come out So this net sir this idea of a branch well Jesus told us right I am the vine and you are the what and and so here David is saying I'm a I'm a Branch and this is not just any old branch. This is a righteous branch because the middle letter in this is a Zadik Okay, and it starts with a nun which does have to do with green and verdant Okay, and so here's this green branch, right because I have been a green branch that means I'm connected to the vine and Guarding his what his testimonies which are remembrances in other words This is somebody who's in communion taking communion been baptized and this is this is an Easter sermon right here Okay And if you don't see Jesus in this verse, I mean you're really missing out. So Again, I don't want to rob anybody of the joy of just go study these words Right just go back to this verse 22 in Psalm 119 and look at that word That is translated take away or whatever it is rolled away okay, look at the word that that is used to guard which is Translated branch nets are in in other places I know that the grammar may be different the little dots that are underneath the letters and whatever But understand that those were all added after Babylon. And so the original way that that was written When God wrote the word and when Isaiah wrote the word, however, you want to put it and when David wrote the word All right, you can say that it's net sir.

Okay, which means branch. You can't get away from it. I Know went a little long on this one and I still don't feel like I've come close to plumbing the depths That are actually able to be mined in this verse But again, I hope you've enjoyed today looking at these nuggets of rolling away our reproach Our disappointment and rolling away our shame so that we can be a righteous branch guarding those Testimonies. Thank you for listening You
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