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Psalms 119:151 Truth Lasts

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 1, 2022 9:00 am

Psalms 119:151 Truth Lasts

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 1, 2022 9:00 am

Psalms 119:151 Thou art near, O LORD; and all thy commandments are truth.

This fear of the Lord verse for the quaf section is a verse to place near and dear in our hearts as it will bear much fruit - my story along these lines

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of all we hear of the board letter and document one is all letter growth in this idea of holiness of the guards you not to be surprised terribly when you hear that this is the fear the Lord first is verse 151 in English and it definitely is. You know, in line with the last episode verse word about that guy that drunk David drawn near or not I follow after mischief. Therefore, from my law so this corresponds very directly with that one is verse 151 reads in English thou art near O Lord, in all thy commandments are truth is we talked about the last episode. The letter cost is what begins this particular verse and so what it says about near that near word again is that letter codefendant has to do with distance and time right he's always he couldn't be more near in time and present time, especially when you're talking to him and that's a beautiful thing in prayer when you begin to speak to somebody to go to be in the same time as you are is often our minds wander and so as we begin to speak at least are part we are in time with the Lord. And then again as we draw near to him as he is beautiful that the psalmist says that and then he says all thy commandments are myths that are truth and that word truth. We talked about it before, but in Hebrew. It's a spectacular word adamant and it starts with analysis which is the first letter. In other words, the beginning of the law is truth. A man which is the center middle middle of the Hebrew alphabet and the top which is the last letter. The off that I can hardly wait to get to study those verses we found the man which has to do with mom my Messiah and has to do with Christ in semi-different ways, and of course the first Alice use very much the father you see that throughout the verses. We've Artie studied and so this idea of the beginning in the middle. In the end it's all truth when it comes to the law and it all is Christ and and so as we get into this fear the Lord.

Believe me when it comes to the truth. The truth goes marching on mean that's a beautiful thing about truth, it hard to find. But when you find it its everlasting it can't be eroded because it's standing firmly and actually when you look at the Hebrew letters at the end of the alphabet. You'll notice that the radiation is the third from last rather than the shin.

In other words, the top which stands on two legs is a very well standing letter because the truth will continue to stand long after other things fail.

And so maybe you're like me and you been trying to find truth and what it says. All I commandments are true, it means something really spectacular. That is, we begin to obey these things like love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul. This is something that goes on its it's a forever thing. It's an eternal thing right.

These commandments and so I never forget when I when I first understood this saying what you heard it that the greatest among you will be the servant of them all, right when the disciples went to Christ and that you know said which one of us is given sit next to his response was, you know, the greatest among you will be the servant of you all which Jesus is a picture of that. That's unbelievable. I'll never forget the day I actually put that into practice and said to myself at the time I was a general manager, Honda Volvo in Chapel Hill and I'd always thought that you know when you become the Boston everybody works for you. That's laughable to me at this point in time that you know since I was a general manager. Everybody reported to me in the idea was I thought that you know I wasn't have to do as much now that I was positive I could get everybody to do the work well, that isn't the picture that Jesus painted all and when I grasp the ideas like oh I'm supposed to help the sales manager be the best sales manager.

He can be a what resources what information or training or what what things to his. He need advertising in order to do the best job that he can possibly do you know that the service manager.

What can I do for him to get him the resources. In other words I want. I really reevaluated my situation based on the position God given me at the time.

Like how can I serve all these people and all my goodness, what, what happened was revolutionary, just like all the sudden your project.

Productivity went way up because the idea of the structure of the organization was how can I find a way to serve those people and you know what, then, they began to serve the people under them right because the managers that they start to serve the salespeople on this service manager began to serve the technicians in the parts manager began to start serve the counterman and the whole organization turned upside down.

Once the top decided that low in order to to truly be what what Christ said is the greatest. You have to be the greatest servant and see that is is quite a picture, but even better than that ye even more neat than that better my life at that point was about the car business. Unfortunately, not about my family. But as I began to say wow how can I serve my family. How can I serve my wife how can I serve my kids what is it that I can do what what resources can I put in the way. In other words, it just gave me this whole different idea on how to love well how to be the husband I should be the father and again the idea of like man to be able to serve is something that you can get in there and actually did. Oh, now I know what I can do. Your cousin Sir David Stan Randy go what I need to do now while it if you begin to pray God will give you the truth, especially if you pray in conjunction with studying his word right, and as you study his word.

You see these commandments.

And as those things leap out to you realize that they are all truth and truth is eternal and things that will matter you know into eternity all the temporal things that I got involved in before.

Oh my goodness of wasted time. You know it's beautiful.

I love love love what it says in the 16th when we think it's a 16 Psalm the beginning of 16 Psalm when he says you know that you are my God, and there is no goodness apart from you.

In other words, the same thing as Jesus said was apart from me you can do nothing. But, in other words, anything that we do without Christ have any doesn't have any long-term value because he answers you put all these things together right, you can begin to work towards eternity because I can assure you what this commandment says, which has everything is thou art all my commandments are

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