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Identity Forever

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 26, 2022 2:17 pm

Identity Forever

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 26, 2022 2:17 pm

Today's episode is from the Truth Live Day at Modern Chevrolet in Winston Salem NC, featuring Robby Dilmore speaking with Nikita Koloff and others about where they find their identity.

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Hey, this is Mike Zwick from If Not For God Podcast, our show.

Stories of hopelessness turned into hope. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the Truth Podcast Network. Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show. Walk me up to love and start forever now Forever now Forever now Forever now Just say yes Forever now Forever Identity today on the Christian Car Guys show We are very excited because we are live today at a Chevy store That's amazing brother It's just wild to be up here And it is There's beautiful cars all around Great folks Just excited about doing the show from here today So you might think what does Forever Identity have to do with Chevrolet? Well, I'm glad you asked Because we are going to provide you with plenty of that today But we want to give people an opportunity to come out And see we got Nikita again Nikita Kolov, the Russian nightmare And so if you are upset at Russia right now You are welcome to come Explain your concerns to Nikita He's here Modern Chevrolet 5955 University Parkway in Winston-Salem If you need the zip code to put in your GPS It's 27105 So 27105 Modern Chevrolet up here on University And there's a reason that we are doing this right Bob? Absolutely Forever Identity I want you to think about it That with everybody that you ever met They have an identity It's like when you think of Bob Young Most people think of Hey, he's the Christian junkyard guy from the Christian Car Guy show There's other things people recall But that is one of my People recognize me from this And being at 109 you pull it for all the years A lot of people identify me with the fire A lot of people identify me with the tragedy of losing my son But the thing I like for people to identify me with the most is God Oh, there is a forever Forever Forever identity And there's parts of my identity that I try to keep swept under But instead of just being a prisoner of my past I chose to be a product of it And try to move forward and move on But it's just been a great run And you getting me involved with the radio Just really has been a big difference maker in my life And thank you for that So similarly, most people A lot of people When they see me, in fact my boss Has pushed this hard for years That's the Christian Car Guy guy over there They don't even know my name and I'm fine with that That's the Christian Car Guy guy I met a guy at the pickleball court this week and his wife And they remembered you from being the Christian Car Guy guy You were on a cruise with them And apparently you made a whopping impact on their life Well that's good to hear And when people meet him over there they think that's the Russian nightmare In other words, we get these identities and we're connected to that And one of the reasons I have this identity as a cargo guy And have had it for years and years Was my father My father was the cargo guy before me And actually my father was a great man He was a great cargo guy As opposed to me As far as just the cargo part I'm the Christian Car Guy guy Which that's a forever identity But his deal was like, oh man You're Bob Dilmore's son And growing up in his shadow Because he was a big huge deal with General Motors And so it's kind of a neat deal for me It really is To be here in a Chevy store Today to talk about forever identity Because when I think of Chevrolet I think of William Durant And William Durant was the founder of General Motors You may not know that And most people think it was Louis Chevrolet that started Chevrolet But actually Louis was a race car driver And Louis met William Durant who actually found David Buick too And you may not know this Did you know that David Buick Invented the porcelain that goes on the toilet So That's how he made his money to begin his Carriage work so that someday he could build a car He did it in toilets, Nikita I'm speechless right now There's the curve, Bob Take a swing at it I'm speechless right now So if you had that reputation If you had that identity of being the toilet guy Right? You would want to change it to you're the car guy, right? He wanted to be the Buick guy And so that was kind of what happened But Louis was a race car driver And he was And he was famous And so William Durant Met him and said we need to start a car company He had lost General Motors He had lost Buick in 1908 He founded it But after that he was kind of a crazy dude He lost it all And when he got Chevrolet going Chevrolet outsold so many other cars To buy back General Motors Which included Buick And Oldsmobile and Cadillac at the time Wow I couldn't help overhearing you talking about identity And I do have a story for that Maybe we can share it at some point Please share it For those listening, this is Nikita Koloff The Russian Nightmare himself He was here at Modern Chevrolet And if you want to come down and get an autograph by the way Or get a biggest hug you ever had in your life From the Russian Nightmare He might even put the Russian sickle on him Anya if you ask nice Well yeah, you may not want to experience that At least not on this marble floor I'm looking at right here The landing isn't as soft as a wrestling ring But that said Two things come to mind One, the fact that we're here at Chevrolet I literally made a pit stop on the way up here today And had to do a little repair to my cover on my Corvette Oh My Chevrolet Corvette Is it red?

It is not red It's gold, it's actually gold Oh They like the Golden Bear of Russia right? Kind of like the Golden Bear Yes But here's the cool thing about it I bought this Corvette in 1986 Indy Pace Car Edition Rag top, and I still have it Oh man Do the math on that 1986, still have it Less than 100,000 miles on it So apparently I don't drive it too often Is it 34 years old? I'm not great at math Help us out here It's old It's old Anyway, classic childhood dream And I share that as a fulfillment of a childhood dream To have a Corvette Bought it back in the wrestling days Right, and so where I was kind of going with this forever identity I'm going to get there We are going to get there So many people, they consider themselves a Chevy guy Or they consider themselves a Ford guy Yes You know, we won't mention some of the, you know I won't even say that But anyway, it really splashed across my mind I'm not going to use that word So people consider themselves different things My father was a Buick guy He grew up through Buick He rose, in fact Some side notes about my father He brought Opel into the United States So he was really well known At one point in time, he was one of the vice presidents of General Motors And he was director of national used car sales for Buick Director of national fleet sales But the neat thing for me Was he brought Opel into the United States And so when people ask me Robbie, what's your favorite car of all time?

Well, of course it's an Opel GT And I'll tell you why This may not be of interest to you Bob But here's why You had one Yeah, you know that hood had that hump in it Well, the ones that came over from Germany That was a blower Turbocharger that was in that In that hump And so the little four cylinder that you saw On the Maxwell smart car That was an Opel GT, right? And the headlights, man, they were beyond cool And those things flipped over and looked at you like the Corvette headlights Only it was the Opel GT headlights And so My dad Had this big impact Wherever he went People knew Who he was And all this stuff Well, you have a little bit different identity Your dad, you didn't hardly know him I didn't And that's actually a story By your inspiration, I shared One of the early radio shows Podcasts that I did Kind of telling that whole story of redemption How the Lord restored a relationship With my dad That I didn't have for Really 80 plus years of his life 40 plus years of my life But for about the last 10 years Of his life God completely restored a relationship Where we had a father-son relationship And even Found A clip of his testimony Of when he grabbed the old rugged cross That led to that redemption Story between him and I Pretty amazing, but I want to talk But I have a story about Identity here too And it may have something to do with your father And you might be figuring out that I am headed towards Eternal identity Where do you get that from being a car guy? Well, we're going to get to that In the meantime, you can call us We'd love to talk to you 866-34-TRUTH At Modern Chevrolet, 5955 University Parkway You're listening to the Truth Network And So Forever Now For those of you who don't know That's one of Robbie's favorite songs of all time And it actually is the theme song To say yes to the dress Now you might say, Robbie Why is your favorite song Say yes to the dress?

Robbie, why is your favorite song Say yes to the dress? I'm glad you asked that Because it has to do with your identity Right? What happens is We got naked After Adam and Eve made their mistake And we've been trying to put on clothes ever since Which are identity But the clothes that we get to put on Eventually Is the dress The robe The robe of righteousness So you get the picture Say yes I like it When we left our hero Nikita He was going to share I'd love to hear your identity story 866-348-7884 But go ahead Nikita Let me see if I can give you the elevator version Of this So the Lord really tested me On my identity A number of years ago Before we came on air we were talking about hair Of course obviously You guys have hair I have none at this point But it's intentional I shave every couple of days Okay So obviously a lot of people identify me As the Russian nightmare Nikita Kolov You know the whole The wrestling thing right? But there was a point in time A number of years ago When the Lord said to me I was in a prayer room in Kansas City On a New Years Eve and he said I want you to grow your hair out starting tomorrow And I'm like Okay you know am I going to argue with him People do right? No I'm not going to do that So it didn't work out good for Adam Or Jonah He ran in the wrong direction as well right? So I just said yes And he gave a little more specific instruction He said I'll tell you when you can cut it So grow it out I'll tell you when you can cut it So to condense this story I started growing it out I looked like the chia pet the first month or so You know that look And after a while They started saying hey How come you're not cutting your hair Trimming your hair God said to grow it out What are you doing some kind of Nazarene Vowel thing Not to my knowledge But he said grow your hair All that to say fast forward 14 months later No cutting no trimming I had a legit mullet There are pictures to prove it You've seen it Once the Lord released me My two youngest daughters Who hated the hair That's what they grew up on They got the clippers off They trimmed it Here's the lesson The Lord said I wanted to see If you'd be okay with people Not recognizing you As the professional wrestler If you'd be okay In removing that identity And I was That was the test I was so wrapped up in my Wrestling identity So prideful of it That I couldn't release it and let it go So anyway that's the story That is so beautiful And I got to tell you Bob that's a wonderful Test that we all get And we Are looking at Interestingly If you look in the Psalms It has to do with shame I don't know if you've ever thought about that Bob And I set up this clip That has to do with when we get naked Okay and this is Corey Tim Boone you're gonna listen to her Here in a second And she is gonna She was in a Nazi concentration camp And they had her Stripped down Right and she was actually In the worst Nazi concentration Camp after her family helped Jews get out of The country so listen To what it really looks like to have your Identity stripped off as far as your clothes From Corey Tim Boone's Perspective The notorious Extermination camp for women Located in Northern Germany It was also a training Center for female experts Who were infamously Inhuman So this is your opportunity to come on Out It's 5955 University Parkway 27105 You can meet the Russian nightmare himself You know you can get a chance to get an Autograph he's got his books all that stuff here But Marcos you know with the current Gas situation a lot of people are thinking What about these electric cars and from what I understand We've gone from the Volt to the bolt And so tell me Tell me about the bolt So the previous bolt That one was actually An electric car which had a gas engine Who could actually give you A big range of gas You could get up to like 500 miles That's the greatest part about it 500 miles to the gallon? That's pretty good 500 mile range No no no 500 miles to the gallon? Wow! I'll take some of that That one actually The gas engine all the main purpose of it Was to actually just Recharge the battery through the whole time It's just depending on what You have probably like 40-50 miles That you can get on an electric And then after that time One of the gas engines would turn on And it would charge the battery Now they actually came on the bolt The B-O-L-T That one is a Bolt EV It's all electric It does not use any gas whatsoever When you have a gas engine You have all changes A lot of extra maintenance that you have to do on it On this car The maintenance is not as much as what you have to do on a regular car So you save your maintenance You save the part of having to go to the gas station Fill up The biggest thing that people are kind of worried about Is what do I do When I'm going through a longer trip This vehicle actually gives you 240 miles I have it actually owned by myself I get about 235-240 Myself So you drive this 240 miles What do you do Is it just kind of putts over to the side of the road Well up to today And I had it for over two years now I had not had a problem with it You've never had it run out of juice It gives you a significant warning When you're getting really light When you see the cool thing on it On the cluster you actually have a spot Where I guess you could say And it gives you the highest The middle And the lowest that you can get on it So what does it do when it starts to run out of electricity I never actually got that close Doesn't like Whoa do something dude You're fixing to beat down on it You can see it We're going to be right back Come join us You can meet Nikita Kolov Modern Chevrolet 5955 University Parkway in Winston-Salem You're listening to the Truth Network and Forever now Take my heart Forever now Forever now Forever now Forever now Forever now Forever now Forever now Take my heart Forever now Forever now Forever Forever now Just just wanted to get that out there.

Yeah, I know Modern support so almost every cause you can possibly imagine and they have for you know even though it's called modern Chevrolet I think it's been here since like 1930 something man that Marcos mm-hmm and Marcos has actually been here for 17 years They're going 18, and he has got the mark excellence right there on his ring. Do you see there you go? There's not everybody that gets there So yes, we want to tell you one more time fifty nine fifty five University Parkway And wow you get a chance to meet Nikita Kola of course We would love to meet you talk to you when you get here, so when we left our hero Marcos He was sharing a little bit about Okay, we got our clip ready, so we're gonna play Cory Tim Boone real quick So let me set this up again Cory Tim Boone her family helped to get all these Jews You know away from the Nazi concentration camps unfortunately because she got turned in by one of her own Somebody from Holland and she ended up going to several concentration camps, and she was finally sent to Ravensburg I can't say it in German But it was the worst of the worst the worst woman's concentration camp in all of Germany, and it was in northern Germany So it was cold as we're listening to her story of what happens when you're actually given this idea of shame When you're when your identity is really pulled away from you, so go ahead and play that Christian Ravensburg the notorious extermination camp for women located in northern Germany It was also a training center for female SS guards who were infamously inhumane and cruel Along with other prisoners Cory and Betsy were made to strip naked and walk in front of Nazis and their guards for inspection The first time was the worst I have never felt so Humbled so so miserable so cold When I stood there and Betsy my sister stood beside me.

I said Betsy. I cannot bear this this is so terrible and I thought that I could break under the burden of that suffering and then suddenly it was as As if I saw Jesus at the cross and the Bible says They took his garments he hanged their naked and By my own suffering I understood only a fraction of the suffering of Jesus How long does it take to go from pretty much empty to full charge So The one we have over here is that It's a fast charging is called Evie fast charging station and that one actually you can fill it up from half. I'm thinking like two hours, okay? They actually have and a faster one now that you can go to certain gas stations And I'm sure that technology is going to evolve rapidly Well the one they have right now you can do a hundred miles in 15 minutes Wow So and that's the cool thing on are they do you have apps that you can download that actually can use through your car itself? You know by connecting it through via Apple CarPlay or Android auto and you can actually see where these Charging stations are that way you can plan your trip there again.

I've been to a lot of stands. Yeah, yeah, so From a standpoint of you know electric vehicles used to cost crazy amounts of money are they as expensive as they used to be All right, it's not bad. I mean in the party you had to look on an electric vehicle It's you paying a little more than what you will pay usually for a regular car owner But the money you're saving all together is a lot plus you have Special deals that the dealerships are always going to get older. I don't know about you Bob, but it's costing like Sixty seventy dollars every time I fill up and that you go to suburban stuff that that's the suburban sits at home a lot more than it used to and and I still take it back and forth to the beach when I go so I can transport all my stuff that Our local running around is it's done in the in the smaller vehicle now Yeah, I understand that and so again. We just wanted to give you this idea of Identity right and so here you are you've been you've been working at Modern Chevrolet for 17 years Marcos Yes, and so, but when your little daughter, are you married?

No? He's not married. Okay, so you got a You got a wife. No, then then you're not married So when your friends meet you what that what are they how do they expect you to be? They identify you as the car guy Or damn mostly you know that's one of the biggest thing on it every time they talk to me. They want to talk about cars, right? You know what what it goes on our every day You know I mean we went winter out with a lot of people and you know we meet a lot of great people We practically mean everybody you know you had you had to take the kid with a bad, so unfortunately well see for me I was the same way that when I Whenever I went anywhere when I was in the car business That's all people want to talk about was cars or a little they know it's not really what I want to talk about I mean I talk mad whatever but talk Cars all day long if you'd like a different conversation and what blew my mind was the first time That my wife took me to church and we went into the Sunday school class all these people were talking to me And they were like friendly and stuff, and you know what they didn't want to know about cars And I was like how refreshing is this these people are nice to me And it's not because they want to buy a car is because they're just being nice to me like what's wrong What's up with these people and and the idea again of I you know they?

Didn't look at me as a car person. They saw me as a person right there. That's one of God's children right That's got that situation and all that stuff So it's a very interesting thing as we put on our identity And I'm told by my producer that they're pretty sure that the audience heard the clip We could not hear that that you've had a chance to hear Cory Timpoon and Just to say you'll know what it says Bob like and you can talk about it with me were we talking over Cory Yeah, I don't know What I know is this is that when? Right can you imagine being forced or stripped down naked in front of all these Nazi officers and all this stuff And she said it was more than she could possibly Bear she couldn't consider in her wildest dreams How she was going to take it standing there anymore and her sister Betsy was right there next to her and she said Betsy I can't take this is too much. I can take and she's what she said was that What she said was all of a sudden I pictured Jesus Christ on the cross and they'd taken off his clothes and so he was naked and if I could Understand just an ounce of how much he suffered Then I could then I couldn't bear and so as she saw that she was able to take the suffering of standing there Naked in front of those Nazis. I've never forgotten that and you know what she said because she knew the Bible said And it's interesting the Word of God reassured her in that moment.

That was just unbelievable. Yes, Nikita Hey, can I jump in here for a minute? Because I heard you talk about Cory Timboon and it really resonates with me because I've got this quote from her that I actually speak about at my men's conferences and and What you guys just described what hopefully listeners listen to but think about this if you just try to mentally assent Into which we never be able to do into into one of those concentration camps Which by the way, we talked about my dad earlier.

He liberated a concentration camp in Germany Did he really my dad did and he gave me a vivid description of that but here's the quote from Cory Timboon But here's the quote from Cory Timboon. If you look at the world You'll be distressed if you look within You'll be depressed If you look at God, you'll be at rest Imagine that quote coming from somebody who you just described stripped down butt-naked, you know Interrogated I mean brutalized right in can her sister was Was murdered I mean her sister died right there like ten days before you know Ten days before she was really in fact is somebody go go go watch I watch it twice the hiding place Just recently go watch that movie on the life of the the ten booms and there's a little you'll never complain about another thing Oh, I know and there's a documentary actually on pure flicks Which is spectacular which takes you into things that they don't show in the movie And it's actually where I got that soundbite that it's just it's it's phenomenal what she experienced But I'm based on your quote. Okay, you know the hundred and no, excuse me in the 16th Psalm No, the 13th Psalm it says how long will I seek counsel in my own soul having sorrows daily?

Come on Right because when you look inside right that there's no clothes in there You can't put on that forever identity inside of you. It's it's something that you get when you put on Christ Yeah, and so it's it's a really cool thing when you really really think about this It's interesting in the 119 Psalm King David says it says oh that my ways were directed to keep your statutes Then I would not be ashamed When I had respect meaning when I could see all of your righteous judgments in other words when we put on the Bible and Which we could put it on a word at a time as you go to read that thing Then you're replacing your shame your your short time identity For that long you're listening to the truth network and And That's pretty cool isn't it Bob that forever now I the more I list that song the more I really love it that Actually, if you ever watch the movie where Harry met Sally at the seat that last scene the guy says well When you finally figure out who you want to spend the rest of your life with, you know You want that to start as soon as possible? Well, how about when you figure out where we want to spend eternity with why not get that to start as soon as possible? You know, that's that's the deal and and and in doing that every time you read the word every time you prayer Every time you with other Christians you get a chance to start forever now.

It's uh, It's the best time to start. I've got to admit I've had a lot of restarts in my life Where you know, I've had periods where I just away and then you need to go to the charging station Get charged And get back on course, but there's a way you could do that in 15 minutes according Marcos I may have to do a show just on that Marcos I mean just get ya but since I actually have you know I spent most of my life known as a car salesman and that isn't necessarily the identity that everybody wants But since I happen to have one that loves and I could tell from the moment I first met him that he loved doing this and so that so that's people that you know Wonder about car salesman. Okay, I mean here's a just good guy He gets up every morning and and why does he do that because he wants to help people to select a car and and and I can tell you you can tell how much he's worked on understanding these electrical vehicles and and So when you need help, right you want good counsel You want to go to somebody that really has studied this stuff? But really what's I was just you know, since I've got you right here Marcus.

What's your favorite thing? about selling a car people You know this job you actually get to meet a lot of different people You know, I'm a people person, you know That's one of the reasons why I actually joined this because I I needed you know I like interacting with people since my first job, you know and Over here you get to help people on large. I mean you do we do a lot more stuff that people realize it. I mean we you know Just like you were saying Most people come in with the idea that car someone who's just there to try to get them You know, that's one of the things as a self-person. We have to try to Get you to you know Sit down a little trust Exactly.

I got to get you to see down and let you to take a guard down a little bit so you can let us Help you and you know, unfortunately it happens most of time from the beginning or every one of the you know I wish I could say that every Customer I walk in with then, you know, I just take him to my office This is automatically ready to you know, believe everything I say, you know, unfortunately we have to you know Get to talk and sit down hear a lot of their situation and they got all kinds of different stuff We have you know what it feels like and I and you know, I'm sitting there relating back to the day, right? They got this family. They desperately needed. I mean their car was broke down They desperately needed help their credit was a mess and and all of a sudden, you know you you got to see God you started to pray right and you got to see God work through and And you got to feel like man. I did something today.

That was actually worthwhile. Yes And it's the same honor, you know, you made these people a lot of and you know, they're just and unfortunately I think it happens everywhere and I don't think it's just in car business. I think it's everywhere you go to you go to a TV setup or you go to you know to a hardware store or whatever and you ask somebody for help and you expect the people who are sitting there that they will actually know More about what you're looking for and then you do that's the reason why I expect when I go there I want to talk to someone you know, so wherever you are today, you might be in Washington. You might be in Iowa or you might be in Salt Lake City You know when you're sitting down or the car salesman and you see he's got a ring on it says Chevrolet And it's got a bunch of diamonds on it like that mark of excellence that he's seen He didn't he didn't somebody doesn't last in the car, but you've been around a lot of them They don't last in the car business.

Do they Marcus? No if they're out to get people know that that the lies don't get you Very far in life the truth It's really a helpful. Well customers is what make a successful, you know and repeat customers is what was our biggest thing When I was at the yard If you make people happy Then they'll tell somebody to come see you if you satisfy them if you Do them right and everything, but if you make one person mad, they'll tell 15 not to come see you that was something I had to learn really quick at the yard and to take time with each individual and And and try to handle each Situation a little differently, but just treat them all as very best you can yep Cuz you never know who you mean really I mean do Maybe the guy that's gonna be a big customer or a small customer You know you got to treat them all the same because that small customer Situation may change and may turn into a big customer, and it doesn't even See what God taught me like at one point in time my career Looked like it might be over and I'd worked my way up to the general manager of Crown Dodge And I remember praying gone. God. What is this all about what have I been working at all my life? What does this even mean? Who am I and he says to me this that that explains it all from my perspective? He said Robbie you know when it's all said and done forever It won't matter how many cars you sold how many wrecks you fixed how many cars you bought?

It won't matter how many cars you fixed he said what's gonna matter is how many people? You really helped and see you could see that in Marcos eyes that that see he he he wants to help right make somebody's life better and and and and believe me there are car salesman and there are Service people and there's people in every industry all over the place, and they got it this morning Why because they want to help somebody you know right because as you get to do that? That makes all the difference right Bob absolutely absolutely it's Yeah, I think We'll be judged on on how many folks we helped along the way not you know not the other stuff No, it's the but you know at some point in time obviously we got to make a living right and and you and you got To pay the bills and you got you know things that you got it to do to survive I get that but again. It's it's a really neat thing to be at a place where I know Several of the salespeople here have been here a good long time which tells you something about management right like you don't You don't keep people for 17 years Right if if you're already like you you know what I'm saying right, and so you know When you're working with somebody it's nice to know what you know what what's the background of that? but also you know I When God gave me the message for this particular show this idea of forever identity right that what happens is I'm constantly wanting to put on shame Right it.

That's a natural thing today. I'm wanting to hide I'm if I'm trying to hide the sign of facade that is is whether or not I'm the Christian car guy or I'm trying to hide behind. You know I'm Tammy's husband I've hidden mine that one on a numerous Right, but the only way that I can take off the shame and put on those clothes right is is actually to have a direct Interaction with God which again the easy way to do that is the Bible Right as he began to read the Word of God because what Cory Tim Boone knew it right at that moment in time When she was standing there, she said the Bible said that they took his clothes well How did she know the Bible said that she'd read it and so you know at that moment? And how many times as a piece of scripture hit you in the midst of a situation and you want I know what that is I? Know what that is well. I know what that music is it's telling us the show's almost over We want to remind you that we're here We're actually out here if you're listening on the truth that we're in you're close by that We're gonna be here till 1 o'clock with Nikita Koloff the Russian nightmare You can come by get his autograph, and we would love to see you. We're at modern Chevrolet 59 55 University Parkway Winston-salem come meet Marcos this be your opportunity to electric car You're listening to the truth Network truth network calm This is the truth Network
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