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Psalms 119:140 Pure Delight

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 10, 2022 5:00 am

Psalms 119:140 Pure Delight

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 10, 2022 5:00 am

Psalms 119:140 Thy word is very pure: therefore thy servant loveth it.

The might anointing of the Letter Tzaddi, in so many ways, The Word, is both Pure and Purifying and the might of that is beyond my imagination. I share a story to get some feel for that.

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This is the Truth Network. Hidden treasures of the 119th Psalm. We get to the might verse, the daddy section, and actually this verse may be one of my most favorite in the whole psalm. And so I'm sure you'll clearly see why this is the anointing of might when it comes to the idea of the letter zaddy. And clearly Christ had this in so many different ways. But anyway, verse 140 reads in English, thy word is very pure. Therefore, thy servant loveth it. And that is so true. Like, oh, my goodness.

Oh, my goodness. The interesting thing about that verse is, of course, it's going to start with a zaddy, like we know it would. The word pure there is the word that starts with a zaddy. And actually, interestingly, mostly, that would normally be considered a verb, not an adjective to describing the word as being pure, but it's actually a verb that has to do with smelting, actually, the whole idea of the purification process of how you would, you know, get rid of dross. So, you know, here's the segue of the word pure. Does it just have to do with the word pure? Well, I think it is pure, right? So, for some of us, when we hear that word pure, you think, oh, my goodness.

Do you know the word pure. You know, how does it work? What does it do? Does it test it or tried? Because, again, they're trying to get the idea of what that word is in Hebrew, which is a verb, but here it seems to be an adjective. So lets your mind work around on that. It's really cool to think of all the different possibilities of how the word does purify us and does test us. But by the same token, it is very pure. And it gets back to that concept. We talked about of thy word also being connected to the manna in the desert. You know, like I said, the word pure is not that pure. You know, there is a word that's connected to the manna and the desert, you know, I'm sure when you pray the Lord's Prayer like I am I'm asking for those words that are our daily bread and the idea of the manna there that the Jews teach which I think is beautiful is that this manna was so pure it was exactly what your body needed that when you ate it it would go immediately it would never make it to your stomach because it was the second it touched your mouth it was exactly what every single one of us needed and it was so pure it was exactly what every cell in your body needed and it was absolutely pure, pure, pure so that it would go right to what you need and there was no draws there was nothing left over and that when we get the idea of the word of God Jesus is all that he needs to be and not one little bit less and so it is with the word of God in so many different ways you know it's purest of pure and you know the neat thing is how does this actually you know work out as it purifies our life at the same time it is pure so you know I don't know if you're like me but when you finally get something biblical in your mind it goes into your soul and it just becomes part of you well I had a real struggle is my example of this how the word both was totally pure to me and I actually was able to consume it and have kept it ever since was I had a real struggle with the word grace because it's used all over the place I mean so many things are his grace and we're going to say grace and I was actually listening to a sermon series that the pastor that our church was doing at the time and he was going to do a year on grace and all these different passages had to do with grace and the more he taught on it the more confused I got and the more he taught on it the more confused I got and so I decided you know God you're going to have to help me with this and began to pray God show me what grace is and I began to study the word and I got the idea of favor and it kept coming back that no matter how you look at it that this had to do with favor and then one day I was actually and it's interesting it's like when you begin to meditate on a word or you begin to meditate on the word you know God will bring something into your life that just illustrates it beautifully and all of a sudden it rockets into your soul well this happened to me and the word grace I was watching a movie with my granddaughter it was called as I recall Barbie the sea princess or something like that the mermaid princess and the idea was that that Barbie had been born as a princess but was stolen away by some evening evil Ursula characters that had kept her from her father the king but she had this sort of magical power as the princess that she was that she could you know essentially command pearls she could put pearls wherever it is that she wanted pearls to be and the way this worked out is that she got invited to the to the royal ball somehow and and she decided that you know not check with the people that were watching her and go to the ball with her friend and and so when they're on their way they come across this stone fish and this stone fish is like the most poisonous fish in the sea and it's an hilarious scene and the stone fish you know confronts them like I'm the most poisonous fish in the sea you need to stay away from me blah blah blah but he had a really squeaky little voice and Barbie in spite of how mean and ugly the stone fish was being Barbie treated this stone fish like he was her favorite oh mister stone fish don't be so mean you know she the way she started talking to him like you need friends and so she you know he has all these poisonous barbs all over him so she puts you know commands these pearls on all of his steel bars on all of his poisonous barbs so he can't you know you know infect anybody and she knows now you could be you know friendly with your fellow fish which really upsets the stone fish at first wait a minute I can't be you know it took away his identity that he was this poisonous character and through her grace right he became out throughout the movie as you watched what happened because she kept on treating him like he was a good guy and he became a good guy because of her favor right she treated him like he was this wonderful beautiful person throughout it and as I watched the transformation I realized what grace was like oh my goodness when I'm around a truly godly person I feel like I'm their favorite and they bring out the best of me because that's their expectation of me and it's as if they know me better than I know myself it's like my pastor pastor quartz I can't tell you every time that I talk to the man he always brought out the best of me because he he looked for the best in me I mean it well I was his favorite and so as I got this idea the word favor and you know in Isaiah 61 where it says I'm going to declare this the year of the words Lord's favor which by the way is not the word grace in that particular case but it's the year that Robbie is his favorite and what the more I stayed the word grace which has to do with Noah the more I realized that grace found favor in other words God saw in Noah that he was his favorite and all that just like the Barbie character and all of a sudden the idea of like his grace or saying grace like man I'm this is my favorite food like I'm going to really favor you know because it's God's joy to feed us and and and then then what hit me home more than anything else when it has to do with grace and I could talk on the subject forever because I just love it is in John chapter one you might remember that John says that Jesus is full of grace and truth and so I started to multiply in my mind all these people that I just love to be in their presence because they treat me like they're I'm their favorite and you might remember me talking about Miss Beck my 97 or she lived to be a hundred and four and she would bring out the best of me in so many different ways because she just treated me so gracefully that that I thought wow you could take that feeling I had around pastor courts or I had around Miss Beck and multiply it by about a billion because Jesus is full of grace and truth because Miss Beck and pastor courts would always tell you the truth but they did it in such love and such favor it was unbelievable right and so what I'm saying is when I got the idea of the purity of the word of grace and when I began to see what it was and got the concept oh my gosh not only was it so pure that my soul could completely consume it but as you can tell it purified me because guess what as when I'm around other people I try to be you know I fail all the time but I try to remember this idea man this is my favorite right in front of me right just like every one of you listening right now I want to think as I'm sitting here doing this podcast that you are absolutely my favorite I mean I I am so grateful for you listening and I pray that as as as you join with me in these words that you'll see oh my goodness every single word is pure and every single word has this kind of power oh if we could just understand it all so you know I I couldn't agree with the psalmist more when it comes to the might of the letters that he by thy word is pure therefore thy servant loveth it.
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