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Psalms 119:139 Being Consumed With Being Right

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 9, 2022 8:00 am

Psalms 119:139 Being Consumed With Being Right

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 9, 2022 8:00 am

Psalms 119:139 My zeal hath consumed me, because mine enemies have forgotten thy words.

Here we have the counsel anointing of the letter Tzaddi and if you ever met  self righteous person you have met an enemy who is consumed by being right over you, as did Jesus. That power, the power of righteousness harnessed by Jesus for Jesus now that's what the Psalmist is asking for. I share a story along those lines

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the hundred and 19. How fun we get to do some righteous counsel of the letters I the idea of the anointing from Isaiah 11 would be third anointing, which is counsel.

We talked about many time counsel is and how do we get on the right road that counselors going to put you on the right. Derek's a big right path the right way to make ourselves like Intel-based progress, Kings Highway's celestial city. When you read this next verse in English, which is first 139 in English. I think you see this counsel beautiful.

It says my zeal have consumed me because mine enemies have forgotten by words and hear word I see in my opinion, some just from nominal counsel about the whole idea of the letters I that I think one of the great horses and all the world is this idea of a Saudi someone who thinks they're right that when you when you look at all the religious murder that happen through the ages. All these people thought they were right. To this day, the Muslims behead you because they think that they are right think that they have the right path, or all the wars that that happened between the strategy session and all my goodness, the Crusades, and all these people that went out until people in God's name. Our look.

It had to do with they thought they were right. Even Paul when obviously he was on the road to Damascus. He was being is that he was taking this zeal right and he was using it. Based on his own righteousness. And so the really cool thing is first is David's actually going to address this idea in so many different ways is the first thing he says is this zeal that zeal right that is consumed and more that word consume is the word in this verse that starts with his daddy and and people that have this fervor. They are consumed okay just see it has everything to do with all my goodness you can see the force behind somebody that thinks there right and maybe you have this on your tip that all you had to be right. You have to be right this is that idea of righteousness of being right right in and so I zeal have consumed me zeal right it is is is what happens as a result of being consumed with this idea being right and then it says because mine enemies of my words well. The idea of enemies here is once again a Zadeh and then arrange them in the idea. There is really is enemies are and that word means narrow to some extent find it really means is a self-righteous type of people that have this like I'm you make this right. Not Jesus is right, but I take it right you know your behavior or your behaviors. This in their the judge to make the decision because there zeal right these people end up being our enemies because they are so narrow and it was Jesus is enemies exactly these people. The self-righteous but narrow and so is really quality site around this this his consumption is being consumed with zeal for those that are forgotten the words of those who have forgotten, in and out Hebrew for that letter word is the bar what we know that Jesus is the word Lord forgotten in Hebrew really may mean don't care really means don't like they don't care about Jesus. They don't care about what God thinks is there so consumed by their own rights being right making things right or whatever that that unfortunately they forgotten what the main thing and so right that that here we have this fascinating study of what is this almost going to do because he's consumed with these folks that that don't know that they are have lost sight of where righteousness really comes from and and so as we put this counsel in the practicality words that look like was that look like your life and I was thinking about this as I remember back to when God literally called me to do the Christian car five in recidivism. These episodes, but one of the things he told me about the show I want to get on the air. Talked about what breaks your heart every day in the car business and at that time I really thought what is talking about is all the people are born into crazy amounts of debt by Carstens everyday the car business. I saw the people no end up with these unbelievably high car payments always interested. Pay was so worried about whether or not they paid 100 or $200 more for the car in the native finance charge is 10,000, $12,000 or more, they don't see that they don't need this debt traded in perfectly good cars and so that originally was what had me thinking that God wanted me to speak on this and and where I originally went is is I really felt like they were missing out on the best God had for them. The courses I done the show more and more over 17 years. I think what really breaks my heart more than anything it is that people don't know what an amazing God, he is at. They don't they don't. The actual part that the psalmist is talking about these people don't care about.

They don't think about God like this.

Should I don't think about shoot and so what a neat thing to take our zeal and unrighteous that that consumption that happens when we want to make things right with yours. Here's what were really looking for is a right they should ship with Christ right right relationship where works in communion with him constantly were in communion with his word because that's worried he ever want to go hunt for God. Just pick up the Bible and begin to read and Mary is I can't tell you the times of the disconcerting searching searching in prayer in the morning pickups in Scripture and I can find myself very quickly in his presence. And then I can begin to reason through some of the troubles that I have no once I'm actually back in communion with him. And so I really feel like that's where the psalmist found himself was he was consumed with these people that didn't care about God like Lord, show me how to make them care.

Show me how to get them in a right relationship you is really that's that's where the rubber meets the road. That's what the reason you gave us this consumption is in order to be right got to be right with you. Thanks for this

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