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Psalms 119:136 Cry Me A River

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 4, 2022 8:00 am

Psalms 119:136 Cry Me A River

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 4, 2022 8:00 am

Psalms 119:136 Rivers of waters run down mine eyes, because they keep not thy law.

The miracle verse of the Peh section, if we could somehow see how far from God our love really is we would cry a river; and the big question here is how do we get there? We need a miracle of God's Face.  Have you ever experienced anything like this? I share my story.

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the hundred and 19.

How fun we get to do the eight first miracle verse as we talked about the pay is the idea of the space.

Specifically, in most of the verses that we talked about in here in the miracle verse change from God.

Space almost right verse 136 of this miracle.

After we get the seven anointing is a diverse in its number 136. In English it reads rivers of water run down mine eyes because they keep not by law as we know each verse of the pay section is going to start with the pace of the word in this first starts in page is this idea of rivers and what a beautiful idea. It is when you think about that rivers are the face of of a lot of things and you know, even when they talked about, like when you were to use water for certain offerings like you would mix with the red heifer would say you need to use real water and that real water had to be taken from a river that was permanent because the permanent rivers like Jordan in that kind of thing are always running but have a lot of warranties which are rivers that drive and so the idea was it not only need to be living water but need to be water from a permanent source and that idea of rivers you know when you might remember when they describe the dark of the in all these different rivers that surrounded it again. This idea of the presence of God in your mental watch very long before you begin to see this presence of God in the course. I'm sure that that anytime we cry or I feel sense that we get close to God, so that a lot of get into the car section, but here I'm asking you and wondering to myself what this is exactly mean rivers of water run down mine eyes, and I can't help but think of John Bunyan's Pilgrim's progress. When the burden was lifted off of the Christians back or the character called Christian. You know that again eased this trip tremendous, weeping and lame people using tongue to Christ. But there's this tremendous weeping and end this idea of living waters coming out of your eyes is really really cool and so is connected, you know. Interestingly, that our eyes when we have tears, there's endorphins that are literally life-giving that come about out of our eyes so I don't know if your life is you've ever had that experience where you cried, sort of like rivers and you know I remember when I came to Christ that I remember crying but the time that I think about was recently my wife and I went to see the correct the chosen move the TV show the chosen which is been phenomenally powerful.

They did a Christmas special and it was in the movie as my wife and I went to see that actually three times the first time we went was especially spectacular and you might recall that they have a lot of praise and worship was on before actually share that that episode of Jesus being born there Christmas but Brandon Lake did a song in that section called gratitude and I don't know what happened but somehow or another. As I was watching that all the sudden my eyes gushed water like I can never remember them gushing water. I mean it literally. I understand what thoughts the same. It touched something in me and Emily go back and listen to that song with Brandon Lake.

I can see that yours is totally humility it was talking about that all he could give his king.

You know what gift, what I have, that was fit for a king is that the hallelujah and and you could see the humility and Brandon like like I don't really have anything worthy of giving God and simply go back to the first study in a previously. The last episode we talked about make thy face to shine upon me and teach me thy statutes as idea of how I love the how I love the because what do I really have this worthy of that and as I saw your Brandon Lake doing that all of a sudden the touched something in me, and I'm telling you rivers of waters gushed out of my I was like Tammy I can even believe, is my wife and sit next to me.

I can't even believe what's happening in my paper literally gushing tears. I've never had that experience but had I not seen this in the Psalms. I would be understood that it was a thing but it was like a miracle that there's a place in that he desperately wants to offer arcane Jesus something that is of value to them that whole idea of how can I love the how can I touch the so here's you know after King David comes the seventh time writing to ask you to teach me by statute, then he talks about how rivers of water run down his eyes because he's realizing I just don't. I can't express all the love for you that I want to be able to express to me that's a completely a miracle of the face-to-face writings he received was almost turning his face towards God's face which we get to do you know when we would have rivers of water run down our eyes to be face to face.

You know God is going to turn his face when there's rivers of water down your eyes, trying to love your mom is a beautiful Internet and as we come to the crescendo of this idea of thank you for listening

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