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Psalms 119:135 - Tell Me How To Love You God

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 3, 2022 8:00 am

Psalms 119:135 - Tell Me How To Love You God

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 3, 2022 8:00 am

Psalms 119:135 Make thy face to shine upon thy servant; and teach me thy statutes.

Here in the seventh verse of the PEH section - the delight in the fear of the Lord verse, this is the seventh and final time in the Psalm the Psalmist asks to be taught the statutes or Huquam. Not unlike going around the walls of Jericho seven times,as a bride does in a Jewish Wedding. So this begs the question - WHAT IS A STATUTE?. The Hebrew for that word is just two letters, two pictures; first - Chet , meaning wedding or union and the second Qaf, meaning holy or close... My Translation would be: God teach me how to love you the way you want to be loved... I share some stories along these lines as well... "If you love me you will keep my commandments."

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of today we get to go deep in the number seven in so many different ways seventh verse of the page section of the hundred 19 Psalm I would be verse 135 and maybe others read it in English that will talk about all the sevens are involved in this verse has the verse reads in English make thy face shine upon my servant and teach me thy statutes.

Well the more than fascinating thing is we talked about the seventh verse is a delight in the fear the Lord and you can certainly see that would be delighted to have his face shine upon us. Obviously, again, back to the number six chapter 6 blessing. The ironic blessing to make their faith, thy face shine upon my servant Anna Corsi waited to the seven first to say this particular phrase from that blessing and it be again the delight in the fear of the Lord.

But then the really cool thing is that this is the seventh time right it's the seventh time. You might remember that we gone over this many times teaches your statutes, you find it throughout the Psalm of this actually that I'm sure not coincidentally at all, is the seventh and final time that the psalmist of King David asked him to teach us by statutes and so just think about the idea.

There's so many ideas and roll around in my mind that have to do with this, but it's really really cool and revisit this idea of the seven as we can find it in the shin section, which is what the number seven starts with we get to that were not working to praise them seven times we hear he's this is the seventh time that he's asked his face to shine upon nice arming seventh time that he's asking to teach them the statutes and so you might remember that they want around Jericho seven times blowing the shofar on the seventh day when they're trying to get the walls down. And so you can't help but see that he's trying to get God to drop the walls and teach them the statutes them is just obvious and it is done it here seven times throughout the Psalm here it comes. The seventh verse in this section waits for this you know make biface he's in the pay so he's out the idea of being in the presence of God. And then he saying teach me thy statutes are clearly you know you should be, you know, we can all see how devout how important it was for David be taught these statutes, which begs the question, I'm sure you're banging your asking your same thing banging her head on the wall like I am like, what does what is he getting at, what are these statutes so I did a deeper dive on that word perhaps and I have in a while this morning is my I was just like man these things must be absolutely critical relationally to this man. It was after God's own heart right and and so what I believe when you look at the word its hook, hook, you might heard me say before, just who it is ahead. And then a cook and if you'll allow me to give you my idea here what this is ahead has to do with union or marriage.

We we did the whole head section earlier and clearly you know the whole earth is full of thy Hasid that that idea of his love, and in this idea of union with him. In other words, he's all about relationship and and so this idea of the statutes has to be a relational issue because it starts with that. It just okay and then it has a cook, and when we get to the cliff section you're gonna see all this discussion about the heart crying and proximity to be close to God, to be holy and so we have a sense of these holy commandments, and you might remember God twice told people to take off their shoes because they were standing on holy ground. Both Moses and Joshua and the idea in my opinion was for them to get closer to God. So here you have this idea of this union, and being made even closer, and the idea of it is is as we fall more and more more love with God. We want to get closer to him and if you love me, you're gonna keep my commandments. So when you think about those people that you really really love you really want to know what's near and dear to their hearts. And so here I think what this almost is really saying is tell me how to love you and just think how hard that is for anybody that that you want to love like it's really hard to know the secrets of how to love that person. Well, and you know as you study statutes and and don't miss this. This is also a beautiful thing about the word. It is also connected to the lawgiver so when in the blessing that Jacob gives to Judah. He says the lawgiver, will you know when he talked about getting the scepter if you'll see that word there and again is clearly talking and referring to Jesus. Judah will be the lawgiver and and so and it also has to do with this idea of engraving and then you think about God writing his laws on your heart.

What idea is he's gonna write the things it really no flip to switch the things that really make him feel loved. You know is what is going to write those on our hearts. And I think this almost is a liquid Lord, teach me how to love you I love you well by doing what it is that that you want me to do and in and so perfect example is crazy. It may be if you think about it is you know, one of the statutes clearly is that that he told Moses you know was to keep Passover. In other words, there was a way that Passover was to be kept in.

This is a holiday.

Well, think about the people that you love and how important it is to how they keep holidays right I'm just telling you that my youngest daughter Mariah on Thanksgiving. You know it is a hook on for minutes. Near and dear in her heart she has to watch the movie.

She asked if she has to watch the movie elf because it's just it's it's gives her that sense of thanksgiving. It gives her a sense of the opening of the Christmas season and this idea of family that is near and dear to her heart and if you know most daughter well and I do know my daughter well that you better plan on that and watching elf after we eat the Thanksgiving meal, whatever that looks like it in when you think about one of those little quirky things that are either in a holiday or if you knew my wife. You know there's lots of hook like it's extremely really, really important to things about my wife number one. She wants to be kissed before I leave that she doesn't care that much like is when I come home before I leave.

She's dead.

Is it doesn't matter. It's okay.

I'm just telling you you got to kiss her before you leave and and another one is that that she does dearly. What makes her feel loved, is to be hugged. She does does.

And again it is interesting that she married someday. My mother told Tammy when she married me she goes well you know Rob is just it's like hugging a tree to mount a very affectionate person know what my love language right but I realized early on that this definitely is my wife's love language. She loves to be hugged and said oh you know trying to become less like a tree which the trees right to solid essay but anyway these ideas are okay here we come. It's the seventh verse of the pay section if the seven-time he's asked God to teach me these programs teach me your statutes, and so I know in my heart that this is a relational this this is way above just you know keeping some laws here. This has everything to do with wanting to love God the way that God wants to be love and an understanding what what what that looks like, and I think it's like that with any relationship, and so it was kinda cool like when we find seven ways to ask my wife how can I love you better. I mean, let me let me find seven ways to ask God how can I love you better.

I think of the absolutely beautiful thing. I hope you'll ponder with me today and I'll just sit there and wonder like man. How cool is the King David wrote this seven times in many places it here in the seven verse of the pay section with lines up perfectly with this ironic blessing. Shine upon my servant and

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