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Psalms 119:127: Delighting In Helping God

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 21, 2022 8:41 am

Psalms 119:127: Delighting In Helping God

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 21, 2022 8:41 am

Psalms 119:127 Therefore I love thy commandments above gold; yea, above fine gold.

In this the seventh verse we get to the anointing of delighting in the Fear of The Lord, and how cool when we catch God's vision and He shares the adventure with us, I share a tory along the lines of this verse.

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Hidden Treasures of the 119th Psalm. Oh, we get to dig around, delighting in the fear of the Lord today in the ION section of the 119th Psalm. I'm just absolutely spectacular to delight in the fear in the Lord, and I think you'll see that so clearly here, especially as we get God's vision and the idea of the ION is obviously the eye, but it's also that of God's providence and God's vision. And the 127th verse is so connected to the 126th verse.

I'm going to say them both in English so that you can get them. And there's a couple of therefores. And so, you know, the idea that therefore that Paul used so well, he may have gotten it from the Psalm anyway, is that you need to know what the therefore is there for. So we're going to give you the 126th verse and then read the 127th in order to get that. So 126 that we studied last time. It is time for the Lord to work, for they have made void thy law.

127. Therefore, I love thy commandments above gold. Yea, above fine gold. Do you see the delight in the fear of the Lord? Well, it's just, you know, you go from the fear of the Lord to the light of the fear of the Lord when you're catching God's vision. It's just absolutely beautiful that it's like the psalmist, King David, it was like putting this on God.

It's time for you to do something for their made void law. And he's trusting that he will because he's right. He's in the fear of the Lord. But then how cool when he delights in the fear of the Lord, he just sits back and goes, Okay, you know, therefore, I love my part in this like, God, I know you're doing this work.

How can I join in? And so he loves his part, which is to love thy commandments above gold, and even above fine gold. It's a it's a beautiful concept.

And I can't help but just marvel at how he got there. Because usually when we are screaming, God, it's time for you to do something. You know, we don't immediately go now what's our role here?

But that's exactly what he does. So you get back to this idea of like, what are those commandments? And and you can't help but think of Wow, love the Lord my God with all my heart with all my soul with all my strength, that's certainly worth more than gold and fine gold. And then love thy neighbor as thyself. You know, how can I get out there if it's time for the Lord to work where where is it Lord that I need to love on somebody as myself or more than myself, however that looks. And so, you know, I made a note to myself this morning that God is extremely simple. This is this isn't hard. If something looks really complicated, and all that God's Word is very simple, so that even the most simple person could understand it, it's like, God is going to do this, but then he gives us the dignity and and and the friendship of wanting us to take part in it.

Right. I mean, it's just like, man, you know, you know, you when you love your kids, what do you want? You know, they're they're coming to your dad, you got to do something, you got to do something. Well, let me, you know, let me get to work on it and let you help me son. You know, that's that that's kind of like the idea here, which is just absolutely spectacular. So as you look into your own life, you know, when was there a time that the man we're desperate God, you got to do something and all of a sudden, it became very clear, as God was doing it, that he had you in mind.

And so I'm going to relate relate a time that I'd never forget as long as I live. I had with the Jesus, I do have this ministry that we that we work with, called the Jesus labor love where we help out single moms, widows and families in crisis. And, and there was this time that, you know, just to be completely transparent, I had had the people on with interstate batteries, and they had assured me after I had them on my show that anytime I needed a battery for a single mom or something, just contact him. So I had an incident in Salt Lake City where I needed a battery and, and I went to them and they go, Oh, well, we don't have anybody in that area. So you can't, you know, we can't, we don't have any dealers that are not franchise. So you need to wait till you find a situation that's, you know, near, you know, a corporate dealer.

Okay. So their headquarters or national headquarters is in Dallas. And so right the week before Christmas that year, I get a call from this poor lady. And she had wrecked her car, not realizing that when they put single coverage insurance on it, this is important to note that if you let your insurance lapse, and you own owe money on your car, and the bank put single coverage insurance on it, that does not mean you're covered. What it means is if the car gets totaled, you know, the bank is covered, but you're not. And so this poor lady had thought that since she had this single coverage insurance that she was covered, gotten a wreck, owed money on this car, and it was in her driveway, she needed it in order to get to work. But it was undriveable because the fender was on the wheel, and it also had crushed the battery.

And so she described the situation to me. You know, it was a week before Christmas. It might have been two weeks before Christmas at this point, because I immediately went to, you know, interstate battery, their headquarters there, they'll give me a battery this time. And they turned me down. I had this exact expression in my heart, like, Lord, it's time for you to do something like these people really, they got all this, you know, they got all these resources, and I just need a battery. I mean, these people are huge, and I just need a battery. And as I'm screaming at God in this situation, and I can't help but think of this verse, it's time, Lord, to do something.

And he says to me, well, Robbie, if you care so much about this woman, why don't you do something? You know, you know, and so I thought I started to think about it. Well, I really we didn't have any money at that point.

You know, we went through that period in our life where we just didn't have any extra resources. But I thought, well, I can get this lady some help. I'll figure out how to do it. I don't know how I'm going to do it. But I'm just going to go Okay, Lord, I'm going to write, I'm gonna love your commandment.

I know that I'm supposed to do something. So I started googling body shops that were in her area. And I got the closest one that I could find her house. And just called it randomly out of the blue. Got this woman I was like, you know, ma'am, I'm with a Jesus labor love.

Could I speak to the owner? And she said sure. And then she puts this man on the phone and, and he gets on the phone and, and I said, sir, I'm with the Jesus labor love out of North Carolina, and we have a single mom in your areas in desperate need. And he goes, Son, you mean to tell me that you talk about Jesus Christ on the radio? I thought, Oh, boy, I mean, I don't know where this is going to based on that comment. And I said, Well, yes, sir.

I do. And he said, Well, you can't out give God What does this woman need? I'll fix her car today. Well, you know, having been in the body shop business, you don't just fix a car in a day usually. But this man, in his credit, this man went out to this woman's house, got the fender off the tire, I think he replaced the tire if I'm not mistaken, bought his bought bought her a battery had the car aligned so it would drive straight now he didn't fix the fender and paint and all that but get this right.

He he got the car where this woman could get to work and get back to her life. And I've never ever obviously forgotten this story. But it just kind of goes to me with this song. It's time for you to do. Okay, son. Well, let's go.

Let's go do something. And and and that's my idea of delighting in in the fear of the Lord when you when you get his vision, right? Then it's it's a delight to see he's gonna work this out.

He doesn't need me to get it worked out. But he, he loves to have me along because if I hadn't been along, I'd have missed out on the adventure, right? So it's a beautiful thing. And I'm so excited that I am such an amazing letter. And then we get more therefores. I'm pretty sure that Paul took a lesson right here and there for him, because tomorrow or the next episode, we will be there for him again. So we'll be back. Thank you for listening.
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