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Psalm 119:113 - The Wisdom of Unity

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 31, 2022 8:49 am

Psalm 119:113 - The Wisdom of Unity

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 31, 2022 8:49 am

Psalms 119:113 SAMECH. I hate vain thoughts: but thy law do I love.

Robby is back and he shares the secret in Napoleon Hill's "Think And Grow Rich" which is also the secret wisdom of the Samech

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Treasurers I am so grateful turning in a as I feel bad that I let everybody down for well over a week as I was suffering with covert, but my second time having it but I'm so delighted to be back and how fun that we get to start out right here in one of my new favorite letters as were beginning the verses on the letter sonic and this is the hundred and 13th verse that we get to do today. But as we just talk about the letter sonic you know it's it's one of those that actually through this all my learned so much about the letter that I couldn't find anywhere else about the study of this in these verses gave me understanding that is really a treasure to me and so the letter sonic if you look at it. It looks like it zero and the idea of that in so many different ways. It is the idea of infinity and you even think about the, the number of the letter is 60 and 60 is a building block of so many different things that we live through every day like it takes 60 seconds to make a minute and 60 minutes to make in our and the idea of the sonic that 1/60 of something is called nullification will get into that a lot as we talk about this letter. But the idea of it is unity in so many different ways and and so it will just jump right in the here is this first verse is gonna be the wisdom that you know as we talk about always that this template that God gave us in Isaiah chapter 11 where he goes into these seven anointing's while we know that each letter is God in each letter of Jesus and so we get to see these anointing is that Isaiah described here in Isaiah 11 with the first one being wisdom. So what is the wisdom of the letter sonic and and this was very challenging for me in this really got me to think a lot and and to understand this because this first the very first word is not a word that's easily translated.

In fact, the Jews themselves have all sorts of strong arguments about what the word actually means, but will just read the verse in English will get into it so verse 113. I hate vain thoughts, but by law, do I love. So here's this idea of unity. I was like you not assist. But as I was this the wisdom of my understanding of unity to hate vain thoughts, but by law, do I love and if you look at some of the translations you'll see that they are talking about a person that they hate another translations or talk about thoughts that they hate and's people that break off and those kind of things. Well, when you look deeply into the word in Hebrew see that one of the translations of that word, vain is broken off branches and so when I saw that I was you know what is it that the psalmist is hating here about broken off branches and I just thought, and I studied and I looked know is this a thought or is this a person that he hates and and what does this have to do with the idea of unity well so cool that at the same time we were doing a Bible study and our neighborhood and so that particular week. We were studying John chapter 15 God's timing is always so amazing to me at 609. Here I am trying to figure out all my goodness, what is this mean broken off branches. What is this me broken off branches and then we look at John 15 you might recall that the first verses you know I am the vine and near the branch and all of a sudden it hit me like oh my goodness what what the psalmist is saying is for people that have broken off of the vine right that are out of unity and and you know it's it's just really read beyond sad, but it's clear that these people are broken off the vine are very divisive and and they would cause all sorts of separation.

The problems and they want to break up churches and all the stuff and and so you can't help but wonder, like, you know, here's clear why he would hate that. But then what has this. What is the wisdom of the sonic that would give you understanding of dialogue do I love well when you think about it you know the law gives us a place where we can come together in unity right that that it's a it's a common vision when we get the idea of what God it is what God has given us then we it's a clear thing that we can come together in unity we can come together in unity around the Bible to say. We know that the Bible is true and so here how can we all get on the same page, because that is the power and the wisdom of the sonic which will you know the main thing is to get to spend eight verses studying this concept of this particular face of God.

That is the sonic so as always let you know I want to share a story that I think it's extremely relevant that I when I was a young man as you might imagine, like a lot of young man I had also its ambition to be a great car salesman or great general manager or even a dealer in the car. Businesses that was that my father's aspiration for me and I wanted to impress my father, like so many boys and so I was driven, no doubt to be a great salesman. One of the things that you do is you study and one of the things everybody said you need to read is the think and grow Rich by Napoleon Hill which is a book on salesmanship really an end, but it's insanely different ways. Napoleon Hill was a life insurance owner of the company and he was training all these people and sell life insurance and so his idea here was and he wrote this genius. It was a tremendous book in the in the think and grow Rich is got so much more to do so much more to do with the richest of God or the richness of relationships in the book is a treasure, but in the opening. He had this genius paragraph that change my life in similar ways is what he wrote was is it inside every chapter of this book is the secret to Andrew Carnegie's millions and I'm not gonna tell you what it is because your mind isn't ready for it until it's ready to accept that I've written it in the every single chapter he never comes out and says what it is and when you're ready, you will except that you'll see at that annual clearly see it in every single chapter so I read that book and I read that book I don't even know how many times a read through that book. I was bound and determined that I was going to find out the secret of Andrew Carnegie's millions, but the millions that Amber Carnegie had so much to do with inside the secret, which to me the secret.

If you could say what is the secret that's in the polling Hills book. Knowing what I now know it my age. The secret is the letter sonic in so many different ways and this is the way he illustrated the letter sonic so beautifully in I don't remember which chapter was, but you can find the letter sonic you can find this concept in every single chapter in the book and it also by the way, is the is the the wisdom behind the Tower of Babel.

What happened at the Tower of Babel. What God did at the Tower of Babel was to break off branches okay, etc. then you can see the result of that was unbelievably horrible so to get to the secret what it the way he illustrated it was a story by about Charles Schwab which Charles Schwab I would thought he was some kind of investment banker maybe was later in life. It is this point in time. He was what they would consider Andrew Carnegie's most favored general and he ran lots and lots of Andrew Carnegie steel plants and so they had a plant that was under producing and making steel and it was not like the lowest and the whole chain and so he went in one morning right about the time that there were changing shifts is the one shift was leaving, he asked the foreman he goes how many borings of steel did you make last night without being obviously considered to be the main thing there was to be doing is pouring steel and so the foreman told him seven and so Charles Schwab took a big chart and on the middle of the floor as people walked in and out.

He put a gigantic right there in the middle of the shop or great big number seven so you can imagine as him in what the number seven on the floor well you know they were like well that was the big boss that was Charles Schwab the road that seven in there and somebody did by just simply putting a number there is not unlike the Bible he got everybody on the same page. Like let's keep the main thing the main thing you just simply united them in a common vision of what it was they were supposed to be doing every day's so as you might imagine, within just a short period of time.

This was the number one are producing steel plant because of course is the one shift would come off. They would see you know. Eight and there were like all we gotta do better mats and then they would do, nine and 10 and off you go. You know they knew if they only got eight and the previous shifted 10 you know you're not looking to slip, but the idea is they now know what the main thing is that they now know what that it is there supposed to do so. Thus you get the wisdom in my opinion of I hate broken off branches but I the law, do I love the wisdom of the sonic is it if we could get on the same page.

All my goodness, what we could do, which is why God confused our language to begin with, because if you look in the story of the Tower of Babel. What happens is, he said, these people can keep this up that they understand each other. They can do anything. In other words it really hurt themselves if they can get on the same and so he gave us this language that we struggle with this day and if you want to have some broken branches pretty easy. Just keep on careful with the words that you use. Obviously, James talked a lot about that with the tongue. So here we have, in my opinion, just a beautiful example of the wisdom of the letter sonic is will talk about the understanding of that tomorrow. Thanks for listening

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