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Psalms 119:100 The Power of The Sages

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 4, 2022 8:45 am

Psalms 119:100 The Power of The Sages

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 4, 2022 8:45 am

Psalms 119:100 I understand more than the ancients, because I keep thy precepts.

The Might anointing here as the 4th verse of the Mem section, delivers if you have sages in your life. Robby describes his translation to be : " I understand more sages because I keep thy precepts."

Along with his story of the 104 year old Miss Beck who had read through the Bible literally over 100 times.

Psalms 119:99

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Hidden Treasures of the 119th Song. How good to be back with you today. It's yesterday. Unfortunately, I got snowed out. I started my way, but I was slip-sliding away in the snow and I thought, well, it's not worth it to drive down since I was off yesterday anyway.

But I thought I would come and do the podcast, but that didn't happen, so I get to do it today. And how wonderful we are in the Mem section, the Messiah, the water. The water in Hebrew is just a beautiful word in that it has many aspects of the Mem to it. So just to give us a highlight of more Mem since we're in the Mem section.

The word mime is how you would pronounce water in Hebrew. And it starts out with an open Mem because there's two different kinds of Mems. There's an open and closed. The open is usually considered to be a running body of water, where a closed Mem is a closed body of water like a sea. So mime, you can hear two Mems in there.

And so you've got the first Mem that is open, then you have a yud. And that yud, you know, they believe is a drop of rain coming down to fill the full body of water along with the running water. And thus you have two of the forms of Mem and a yud in order to get the word mime, which is water. And again, there's some beautiful artwork showing a Hebrew man drinking the Torah, the actual Hebrew letters coming down and drinking it. And because Jesus is the word and he's also the living water, this all fits together beautifully as we understand the Scriptures. And so this section, which is, you know, from the standpoint of numerically, so I always get excited just to talk about the Mem to begin with. So, you know, here we are in verse 100 of the 119 Psalm, which is the fourth verse in the Mem section. And if we continue on with our concept of looking at Hebrews, excuse me, looking at Isaiah 11 and the anointings of Christ as the anointings of these letters, which is extremely, extremely helpful to me as I've memorized this and thought about it and process these things is this clearly is. There's no doubt that the Mem is anointed with might.

Anybody who's ever come up against a flood or tried to swim in a particular wave that was crashing knows the might of the Mem in so many different ways. But the might here is described interestingly, not unlike the previous verse. And again, I'm going to disagree strongly with the King James people, but the way the King James people did interpret it, it says, I understand more than the ancients because I keep thy precepts. So maybe I should go into why I vehemently disagree with the way that this is translated as well as the previous verse, because there's this idea of iniquity and iniquity is when we start to compare ourselves with other people. And I just know there's no way the psalmist was involved in iniquity. He mentions it right at the very beginning.

It's all right. It says they do know iniquity. So he knows what iniquity is and he knows he's not measuring himself up against other people.

So I just don't believe that. And not to mention that if you go look at those words, I would love to sit down with somebody to show me that word than in that. It's not there in the Hebrew. So when it says I have understanding of the ancients, it's actually those these ancients are like sages. And when I originally the way it reads here, it's almost like he he understands more than people that live before him. But actually, this is the sages. So he's saying I have understanding of the sages, in my opinion. He's saying he has a great understanding because of the ancients.

Right. And he says because ancients I don't know if you have many sages in your life, but I couldn't recommend them high enough to you. And it says because I keep thy precepts and again, precepts, if that's the idea of meetings, of course, with God and others. Well, you would be meeting with these sages, which would give you more understanding. And again, the idea of more. It works so beautifully with the letter M. Ma'am is is obviously the word more. But, you know, the more water, the more Torah, the more understanding we get.

It's so beautiful. And it is the strength. If you spend a lot of time around people that have been in the word a long, long time and really studied it and really kept the precepts, you know, you will get some tremendous understanding from them. And so this verse does use the word Bina for understanding, unlike the previous verse, which was also translated understanding, but more as insight than than is mentioned in the previous verse. But in this one, it is Bina understanding, which is commonly the way that we would look at the actual second anointing or the second face of the letter. So it's really cool that he does that here to say as we get understanding, you know, here we get might because to have the understanding of the ancients, the understanding of the sages is going to give you a tremendous amount like just like Moses when he got his father in law's advice on how to, you know, separate the people in the way that he was judging. So, you know, here we see this.

If we could get understanding the way that that's going to happen is it says because I keep thy precepts. Well, I've mentioned to you before that I I do a devotion at a retirement home and have for over 20 years. And so I get a chance all the time to meet ancients and and talk to sages. And I've done this over the week, weeks and months and years, I should say. So there was a lady that when I met her, she was in her 80s and she was such a sage in my life.

I can't even tell you. I really consider one of my 100 mothers from Mark Chapter 10 while she was with us. She lived to be 104 and her name was Miss Beck. And Miss Beck was constantly talk about somebody who kept precepts. She was the one that made sure the devotions happened every single day at this Somerset.

She would always make sure people went out and voted. She worked, worked, worked, worked, worked in so many different ways. And so one day I approached her and said, Miss Beck, what is it? And you know, at what point do you slow down? Because at this point in time, she was probably 98 or something. And she was running down the halls, getting all these people to get out and vote.

I was like, Miss Beck, at what point time do you slow down? And she quotes Ecclesiastes eight eight and then reads it to me. And then it took some understanding to listen to the verse and then see how she got what she got out of it. So here's Ecclesiastes eight eight. There is no man that hath power over the spirit to retain the spirit, neither hath he the power in the day of death. And there is no discharge in that war.

Neither shall wickedness deliver those who are given to it. So the way she said it to me that day, Robbie, don't you see? We're in a battle here and there's no discharge until the war is over. In other words, when you when you and she even went on to describe this to me, she said, when you were, you know, back in the days of the draft, when they drafted somebody, you didn't get out of it. You didn't get out of the army. It didn't matter how long the draft period was for two years or whatever. You didn't get out until the war was over. Well, we're in a war. And so here we are, you know, trying to retain the spirit and try to make sure that that we do everything we can before the day of our death.

She is talking about it and it was beautiful. And this understanding I have kept for years. I've never forgotten. In fact, I just thought right then and I still to this day think I will never retire. I don't want to. I love doing what I do.

I love to talk as long as I can talk. I'm not retiring. I'm in the war.

I realize the war is on. And so how fun is this? And so from my standpoint, this is tremendous might is because if we keep his precepts, his meetings, right?

You know, don't forsake the gathering of yourself together. There is phenomenal strength and there's more and more and more Torah. There's more and more and more Jesus. There's more and more and more living water that comes because these other people have been processing it. These sages are so valuable in our lives. Again, it's great to be back with you today in the 119th Psalm. Now there's some might for you in my opinion.
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