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My All Time Favorite Show of Our 17 Years - Jesus Take The Wheel from 2009

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 2, 2022 5:00 am

My All Time Favorite Show of Our 17 Years - Jesus Take The Wheel from 2009

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 2, 2022 5:00 am

This show really changed everything  as God showed up big time with the first caller and kept on amazing us through the last caller.

As I realized how powerful these God stories were I changed my formatting to try to always get God stories on the show and have focused on that ever since.


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Welcome to The Christian Car Guy Radio Show. The talk show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book.

Not the blue book, not the orange book, but by God's book, the Bible. Call The Christian Car Guy with your questions. 1-866-34-TRUTH.

That's 1-866-348-7884. What does being a Christian have to do with buying a car? You're about to find out. Here's your host, Robbie Dilmore. That's the question this morning on The Christian Car Guy Show is, where were you when Jesus took the wheel? We want to hear your testimony this morning.

We want to hear your story. I've had it up at all week. That question, where were you when Jesus took the wheel?

If you want a blessing, go read some of these. Testimony people have posted there. In one case, a gentleman by the name of Bob, he posted where he was, where Jesus took the handlebars. In his case, he had a motorcycle incident. It's clearly a miracle that he survived. It's quite a story.

But we need to hear from you. What was your testimony? When did Jesus take the wheel?

In your situation, you can call us this morning, The Christian Car Guys Show, 1-866-348-7884, or for the digitally gifted, 1-866-34-TRUTH. You know, I've been wanting to do this show for a couple of weeks, but I wanted to wait till I had my good friend and my Christian Body Shop guy, Jerry Mathis, with us here this morning. And so if you have those body shop issues, but Jerry, you've got a story of your own. You're going to share in a few minutes, too.

Oh, absolutely. I was reading your story about your little Fiat and spinning around made me think about one incident I had and pretty awesome. Yeah, we did things when we were younger. In fact, I'm going to tell my story here in a minute. In fact, I'm going to go ahead and tell it right now.

But we need to hear yours. You know, when it was that Jesus took the wheel, 1-866-348-7884. And my story happened back in actually in 1971.

I'm going to date myself a little bit here. I hadn't been driving long. My father's dealership traded for this little Fiat Spider. And I begged the used car manager.

I was working there washing cars. And of course, I wouldn't ask my dad, but I begged the used car manager, let me take it home. Let me take it home.

You know, and unfortunately, or fortunately, I don't know how you want to look at that. He gave in. He said, Yeah, go ahead.

Take it. You know, so this is about three o'clock in the afternoon. My father knew nothing about it. I ran home. And my little brother at the time, I was 15. He was about 13. You could drive in New Mexico back then at that age.

And I picked up my little brother. And off we went in in New Mexico, you would go up on the Mesa. That's where you'd go to do crazy things that we shouldn't be doing.

And obviously, you don't want to try this one at home. But they were building houses up there. And there were some residential streets that had already been paved. And they had the curbs and gutters up. And they had these wonderful curves in them.

And this little Fiat Spider, it was a convertible. And it just hugged the road like nothing I'd ever driven before. And so I just had to see, you know, how fast could I go and make these curves. And so we would go around this little track we'd made there amongst these residential streets. And we would see how fast we go. We're going faster and faster.

Well, up on the Mesa in New Mexico, there's a lot of sand. And that sand makes its way into the curbs. And I caught the inside wheels of my car in that curb. And that little Fiat just started spinning. And we were going really fast. And I didn't know what to do. I actually really just like it says in the song, I let go of the wheel. of the wheel and we were just swooping, swooping, swooping, swapping around, trying to figure out where the car was going. And what seemed like was probably 20 minutes only ended up being just a few seconds probably. But then the car just kind of sat in the middle of the road and just rocked back and forth and I looked over at my little brother.

He was white as a ghost. I was like, are you okay? And we get out and we look and that car had spun six times down the middle of that road. How it didn't hit a curb, you know, all I can say is that when I let go, I'm pretty certain at this point in time, like another one of my friends posted at the website, Sonny, he said that his mom must have been praying for him. I'm pretty sure my mom was praying for me because I don't know how in the world. But Jesus took the wheel and said, but I need, this morning, that's my story of when I let go of the steering wheel.

How about you? When did Jesus take the wheel? In your case, we want to hear from you this morning on the Christian Car Guys show 866-348-7884.

We certainly want to hear those testimonies. Jerry, you had a similar story? Yeah, I was probably 17 years old.

I remember I had a little Mustang convertible and I-40 had just got opened up in Winston-Salem, the eastern part of it. We're running down the road and it had been raining just a little bit and had a carload of guys I went to school with. I decided I was going to get over in the passing lane and just kick it in. Well, I kicked it in. I started doing the same thing you do. I don't know how many times we looped it and I remember going across the medium at that time they didn't have that cable that you're going to get caught into anything. So next thing I know, I'm still proceeding but I'm in the westbound lane.

Oh man. My eyes were about as big as saucers and I just knew one thing. I had to get somewhere to clean my drawers out because I don't know how I ended up there and there was a lot of traffic on the road. I don't know how I avoided from hitting anybody. All the guys thought, man, you can really drive. Well, truth is somebody else was driving because there was no possible way I could have done that. Like I said, to this day, every now and then I run across a couple of those guys that was in the car with me and they'll always remember that experience and I do too because I absolutely, I sucked the cushion of the seat up. Oh, it's one of those things and you can't help but wonder, I guess God had something for me because I made some really bad decisions to get myself in that position. Oh, absolutely.

I think when we're at that age, you think you're bulletproof and you get behind that wheel and I think someone posted, you know, the, you get that drilling going and the manhood and you think you can conquer the world. Boy, thank goodness that we have praying mothers that, but we want to hear your story. I would love to, you know, it's just, it's fascinating for me always to hear how God's working out there and so don't, don't be stingy. Call us at 866-348-7884 and share it with us.

Good morning. You're listening to the Christian Car Guy Radio Show. I'm Robbie Dilmore, your host over 35 years in the automobile business, but more importantly, your brother in Christ.

Christian Car Guy Show is changing the way people look at their cars. They need to be paid for, no debt. They need tender loving care and they need a name like Old Red. Think about it. You see those old tractors out there in the elements.

They're still running. Why do you think? Well, if you take care of your car, it'll last pretty much as long as you do. Of course, you can't drive it the way that Jerry and I were describing earlier. Speaking of driving safely, don't speed if you're following Jesus. He's the guy in the right lane or as we like to call it here on The Christian Car Guy, the righteous lane. It's estimated Americans waste 96 million gallons of gas a week on all this speeding.

The fine may be more than we can pay. The Christian Car Guy is a call-in talk show and so we got lines open. What's on your mind? Maybe you're upset about what happened with the dealers this week at Chrysler GM.

Maybe you're looking for answers on what these bankruptcies mean. Maybe you got a car issue or we would love to hear your testimony about where were you when Jesus took the wheel this morning. 866-348-7884. Again, you may not get a chance on the show to tell it, but you can go to the website at and there you can see these amazing testimonies that are already there and you can add yours because I'm sure everybody that went there and I've had lots of comments this week about people. Robbie, that story about the guy in the morning. Robbie, that story about Dr. Sonny.

Wow, you know these things are amazing. We need to hear yours. 866-344-TRUTH.

We got Joe's in Utah. Joe, you're on the Christian Car Guy. Good morning. Good morning.

What have you got for us? Well, I was had some back problems and I was catching a ride with my girlfriend to a chiropractor. Wow. And she ran a stop sign and we got broadsided and I lived through it and that's the day Jesus took control of my car. Oh wow, really?

Really. And so was there more injuries because of the accident? Oh yeah, I'm paraplegic now. Oh wow, so you found yourself just in a whole different world on the other side of that accident. Way different world, but my eyes were opened.

Can you share that just a little bit with our listeners, Joe? Well, I was off onto some Hindu stuff that a friend of mine got me into and had given up my beliefs in Jesus and after that accident everything came home for me. And was that something that you had been taught as a younger person and then you started to see it again? Yeah, I was raised as a Christian but this friend of mine got me into his Hindu business but after that accident I was awakened. Well, what a testimony you have, I would think, Joe, you know, in your situation as other people look and see what do you tell them when they say, well, what reason do you have for hope, Joe? Jesus saved me. And what a blessing that is. I can't, I've often heard that the reason that Jonah was so effective, you know, Jonah and the whale? You're right. Was that when he was swallowed by that fish that apparently that's happened in history to a couple of people that it bleaches their skin out to where it's just bright white and they have no hair.

Oh, darn it. And so here comes Jonah in the name of a bright white looking guy with no hair and the rumor gets around that this guy's been swallowed by a fish and he's been spit up and now he tells you to repent. You know, it comes out a little stronger in that case, Joe, so that's why I think you've got a rare testimony out there and I'm so thankful that you called us, Joe. I'm glad you guys are on the air. God bless you. You keep giving the hope out there. Thank you, Joe. I sure will.

Bye. Where were you when Jesus took the wheel? That's the question today on the Christian car guy. I've had my socks blown off already this morning, but we need to hear your story. It's always so wonderful to hear what God's doing out there and other people can be encouraged like I'm sure you were by Joe's story in Utah.

866-348-7884 is how you can get in on this. We want to hear from you. We've got Kathy is in North Carolina. Kathy, you're on the Christian car guy show. Good morning. Good morning.

I got on last week. I'm the one that knows Bill Kratz and Bill Mixon. That's right. Yeah, yeah. I got a story to tell. It wasn't, um, the Lord taking the wheel of my car but somebody else's.

Okay. And I was going down 52 north. The traffic had stopped in the right lane. There was no traffic going in the left lane. Of course, four lane highway.

Right. They had the big mediums that you had to climb over in the middle of the road. You don't just step over them, okay? So these big cement mediums and so I was the last car in line. I couldn't see what was going on. And I looked in my rear view mirror and there was a car coming wide open.

Oh my. And he wasn't even slowing down. And my first thought was, God, if he hits me, I'm dead. And I was just shaking all over. And I thought, I only had seconds to think of what should I do. And I thought, should I get out of the car? If I do, he'll probably run over me because I thought about getting out and running up the hill.

And I thought, no. And, you know, then he was almost on me. He swerved to the left lane. He hit the, he satisfied the medium. His car went straight up in the air.

Landed, went straight up there again and landed. Parts of his car was everywhere and he just kept going. And it was just a miracle that he did not hit me. It was God. My Lord saved my life. And I never saw him again.

Never saw the car again or anything. I just, to this day, when I talk about it, it's just awesome what God did. And a lot of times those things get our attention, don't they, Kathy? You know, we appreciate this relationship, Lord.

We apparently have let you down a little bit. That's a wonderful story, Kathy. God bless you. I appreciate you sharing that so much. Well, thank you for taking my call and God bless. God bless it. Blesses my heart when people share. Thank you, Kathy.

You're welcome. You're listening to the Christian Car Guy radio show. We're talking about where were you when Jesus took the wheel. These stories, I know, are warm in your heart.

They're certainly warm in my heart. But, you know, how can we, how could we explain some of these things that happen? We need to hear from you at 866-34-TRUTH. We got Steve is in Illinois. Steve, you're on the Christian Car Guy show. Good morning. Good morning. God bless you, brother.

God bless you. What have you got for, Steve? I didn't know it had to be about a car or not.

It doesn't. You could just, where Jesus took the wheel, sometimes it could be, in my case, my whole life. If I had stayed trying to steer my own way, I think I'd have been in bad shape.

Go ahead, Steve. Yeah, that's what I was. I was messed up on drugs and alcohol and that lifestyle 11 years ago. And I was, the Lord delivered me from that.

And I was facing 50 years of prison. And I do it, I stand before the judge. The day before, I read a scripture that said, the king's heart is in my hand. I turn it whatsoever I will.

It's probably, it's like the river of the Father. And I tell you, I was standing in front of that judge, and he didn't want to hear it. He said, I want to hear that. You got to see all your attorneys. And after that, I take myself out of my pocket, go to the bailiff, and I, some say you can always call on Jesus. And I cried out to the Lord, Jesus. I said, in the name of Christ, Jesus, have mercy on me. And everything stopped.

People were crying in the courtroom. And Jesus came out, he said, David, I don't know what he was about to do. I want you to come back next Friday, I went back there next Friday, and he gave me five years probation. And it didn't go on my record. And I've been praising the Lord ever since.

It's free of drugs, alcohol, and all that. Wow. They were crying in the courtroom, Steve. Yeah, the Holy Spirit came in. The Holy Spirit came in and touched the judge, the prosecutor.

So he said, he had the prosecutor, he said, what are you going to do? It's just everything just stopped. When I, when you cry out to the Lord, he's there, he's real.

And if you ever in trouble, just cry out to Jesus, and he'll hear you. It happened with my wife too. She got hit, she got hit, she got thrown 50 feet into her, her neck was broken, heels busted open, her lungs were crushed. And I cried out to the Lord to help. And the ambulance was four blocks away, came down, they said she wasn't going to make it. She paid it.

Right now, you'll never notice she was even hit or nothing. That's amazing. Steve, God bless you. Thank you. I appreciate your call so much.

I know everybody else out there is, it's, what a story. And then that, you know, gee, that's the cool thing. Not only can he take the wheel of your car, but more importantly, he can, he can take the wheel of your life, which ends up that you get to drive to heaven. Thank you, Steve. Praise God. Praise God.

I appreciate you very much. You're listening to the Christian car guys show. Where were you when Jesus took the wheel? But we also have Jerry with us here from race body shop. You may have those kinds of things that you want to talk about this morning, or you may be one of the contestants in the ultimate auto accessory contest is going on. You can still go to the website and click on your, and you'd vote for who you think should be the ultimate auto accessory. It's a very close race. Number one and number two, swap positions overnight. Then we're back with the rebuke yourself horn.

And then the pop-up signs went to first and it's back and forth. It's quite a race. There's still, we've got the sleeping child loader, portable garage, all there at We got Sammy in North Carolina has been hanging on forever. Sammy, you're still with us. He didn't make it, but we got, let's see, Jennifer is in Michigan.

Jennifer, you're on the Christian car guy show. Good morning. Hi, how are you?

I'm wonderful. Tell us your story. About 13 years ago, my husband was driving me to the airport.

It was really early on a Saturday morning and we turned the corner to go down this road and we hit this huge patch of black ice and we were in a minivan and it started to flip and we totally flipped upside down. But as we were flipping, I remember seeing to the right of me this whole line of like shimmery white. I registered them at the time as being deer. I'm thinking, wow, look at those deer right there, like a whole line of them. But they're like a shimmery white and right in front of us was this huge, huge tree. And as we flipped over, it, we were like gently just right on the side of a tree.

We never hit it or anything and we didn't have a scratch on us. We crawled out of the back of the vehicle and I said to my husband, did you see those deer? I wonder what happened to those deer? And he's like, what deer?

I never saw any deer. And then I just kind of forgot about that piece. And then about 10 years after the accident, I was praying one day and God showed me the whole scene again and I knew in my heart that those were angels. There were a whole line of them just very, I can't even, I can't describe it, but I know that they were angels and they just gently helped us not to hit that big tree that was right in front of our car. So that's my story and I don't know, it's really, it's just been an awesome testimony for me. I'm telling you, Jennifer, I'm sitting here, I barely know what to say, but it is so wonderful. I know, I know that it just gave me a glimpse of heaven and how safe and how in his hands we are and when we put our faith and trust in him, he does take care of his children.

And the neat thing I can hear in your voice is, you know, they say perfect, well they don't say, the Bible says perfect love drives out fear and it sounds like during that time you weren't terrified like a lot of us would have been, including me, that you thought about, hey, how about those deer? What a cool, what a cool way to look at that. Yeah, yeah. But it's just me, it's just me, and he's just, they're all around us, all the time protecting us, and you know, I don't know, I just really need to think about it.

And here's a chance for you to get on national radio and tell the world about it. Isn't that cool? God provides that. He does, and I'm so thankful that you had the courage to call us and share that with us. Bless me, I'm telling you, thank you so much. Well good, thank you for your ministry.

Oh thank you, bye-bye. You can hear all these, you know, there's going to be a podcast loaded up here in a few hours, probably by 10 o'clock tonight, and you can share these with somebody that needs to hear them at And email us, there's more Christian Carguy to come after this break. Where were you when Jesus took the wheel?

That's what we're talking about this morning, the Christian Carguy, with not a dry eye in the house here in Truth Studios, I can tell you that. 866-348-7884. We want to hear your story. I'm sure you've been blessed by these stories, but everybody, the Lord's laying it on your heart, you got to share it. Give us a call at 866, I know it's hard to get in, but just keep trying.

866-348-7884. Where were you when Jesus took the wheel? We have a very, very special caller here, this is reported according to the computer, this might be my mother. Mom, you're on the Christian Carguy! Good morning, son. Good morning, I have an insight of what your story may be, but I would love to hear it again. Well, this actually happened when I was pregnant with you.

Oh, oh. So you probably don't know this story. I don't know this story. A new story. Boy, am I glad Jesus took the wheel.

Go ahead. Yeah, well that's what I was thinking. He was saving you for something special even before you were born. I was late for Sunday night services at our little Baptist church. I was driving an old, probably a 50 Chevrolet. We lived on the side of a mountain with switchbacks to get down into town, and what I didn't realize was even though it was April, the snow in Idaho had melted and this whole switchback was covered with black ice. And I did a stupid thing. I started down the hill and I saw all these flashing lights at the foot of the hill and I put my foot on the brake and you know what happened.

Oh yeah. I started spinning and I would spin right over to the edge of the road where it looked like I was going to fall down on the people who lived at the foot of the hill and then I would spin back again. I spin, I spun four times around and ended up facing back up the hill in the snowbank. Wow. And what the flashing lights at the bottom of the hill were all the other cars that had smashed up. And mom, this is 1955, since I happen to know.

Yeah. You probably weren't wearing a seat belt, were you? I didn't have a seat belt.

No, I didn't have a seat belt and this policeman came over to me. They were there taking care of all these people that had cracked up their cars and he mouthed to me through the window because I was too shaken to roll the window down and of course there were no automatic windows. He said, are you okay? I said, yes. He said, then get the hell out of here.

He didn't cut that out. Well, you're telling it like it was, but obviously that's what he said and I drove the car around and went on to church and your dad was directing the choir and he said, I saw you come in the door and I wondered how bad did she crack it up. Oh no. Anyhow, I love your show son and I love you.

Thank you. I guess Jesus took the wheel even back in the 50s. Oh, I know it was the Lord.

Oh, there's no doubt. It was the Lord because everybody else had cracked up their cars and I don't know why I didn't hit another car or a tree or something, but anyhow he saved me and you. Yeah, and then you prayed a lot for me later that ended up helping a lot. Thanks mom. God bless you. I've been praying for you for many, many years.

It took a lot I'm sure. Thanks mom. God bless you.

You're listening to The Christian Car Guys Show 866-34-87. I wasn't expecting that one and I have never heard that story. I can't believe I've never heard that story. You thought you knew exactly what she was going to say and mom threw you the curveball.

She did. 866-348-7884. We want to hear your story. Mary is in Hold On Forever in North Carolina. Mary, you're on The Christian Car Guys show. Good morning.

Good morning. Praise the Lord. Yes.

Yes. I am calling. I'm so glad you took this call.

I'm calling. Jesus took the wheel about five years ago. I was driving, me and my niece, and we were driving and stopped at a stop sign, a stop light and a car rear-ended us, just rear-ended us while we stopped at a stop light and we were kind of shaking. What really hurt but we were kind of shaking and at that time the driver got out and came around and said well are you okay? There's no damage on my car or your car and at that time I said well my niece said well her neck was hurting.

She was a basketball player and she said her neck is hurting and mind you I'm a prayer warrior. I work at the local television stations in the prayer room so I've been a prayer warrior for years and at that time I heard the Holy Spirit say my niece said well let's call the police to see what they say. So the police wanted to know if we wanted the ambulance or you know what we really heard or whatever. So the fire truck came, the ambulance came, the police came, everybody came and they were saying the same thing your car is not damaged but at that time I began to hear the Holy Spirit say let the ambulance take you and get you checked out. Well they begin to say well you can you know you can drive yourself or you can wait till tomorrow and the Holy Spirit begin to talk even louder let the whole let the ambulance take you to the hospital to be checked out. So I said okay I'm we're going to let the ambulance take us to be checked out at the local hospital and he said well you know even though your car it can be driven it's not damaged someone would have to move it.

So my niece called my husband which was just a couple of blocks around the corner and and asked told him that we were in an accident and he'd need to come and move our car it's not damaged but come and move it. So he came and they were putting us on the stretcher he came and he said honey are you all right? I said well I said honey we're going to be checked out. I said we're just going to be checked out. He said okay I'll go ahead and move your car and they took us to the hospital in them in back in the examining room at the emergency room of the hospital and while I was laying there the nurse says um you've got a visitor uh you want company and I said yeah I was thinking it was my niece's mother and uh in walked my husband and he said the same thing he said honey are you okay? I say well you know they're still uh haven't been checked out yet but uh you know I'm waiting to be checked out. He said oh okay and went over and sat in a chair and had a heart attack and died in the emergency room and I looked and he had a gurgle is the most horrific gurgle uh that I could that I could imagine he was there gurgling and I looked and I began to scream doctors the nurse get in here get in here somebody and and they were running so fast they almost ran past the room and they looked at me and they said ma'am are you all right? I said not me it's my husband and they looked took one look at him and knew what was happening he had had a massive heart attack right in the emergency room and uh they they got him and and you know they they put him on the table and they shocked him twice uh he was he literally died they shocked him twice he came back and and when they brought him back he he died again they shocked him twice he came back and the doctor told me he said ma'am I he said your husband is in serious condition he's had a massive heart attack he's had a heart attack he said he has uh uh we have to do surgery we're gonna have to you're gonna have to make some decisions on what you want done and as I begin to weep and cry he said and the doctor said ma'am I don't know how you believe he said but if he had been anywhere else Mary we got it we got to go to this break wow but you hang on with us we got a we got a couple of follow-up questions we need solved so you you come back on the other side of this break okay Mary okay I will I'll hold on thank you the number is one eight six six 34 crew call us with your questions or comments you're listening to the christian car guy radio show and I'm probably this is an amazing time we've had as these folks share their places where Jesus took the wheel of either their lives as the case may be or maybe their car and just blessing after blessing has been poured out but we want to hear from you certainly still this morning at eight six six three four eight seven eight eight four and again I will get this podcast up and loaded myself but by about four o'clock I'll do it myself because this this is something you're going to want to share with some people this afternoon so you've got to hear the show and what God's done in these people's lives Mary are you still with us I am Mary I have to ask your husband made it did he make it did he make it yeah yes yes he is alive he's alive and well and so it's obvious when you let the Holy Spirit take over even though you didn't think you may need to go to hospital he had a reason for it he's involved in everything there Jerry was talking about it during the break that that God just steers us so many times and God bless you for sharing that story it is so wonderful thank you Mary yes we appreciate it so much yes all right you're welcome thank you all right bye all right where were you when Jesus took the wheel eight six six three four eight seven eight eight four Elizabeth is in North Carolina she's been hanging on about half the show Elizabeth you're on the Christian Car Guys show good morning good morning thank you so much for taking my call you bet I actually have two reasons for calling um I'm I I've enjoyed listening to your program this morning we're actually listening online and um yeah I am actually Steven Corbett's sister he is the contestant for the rebuke rebuke yourself for it ah then the ultimate auto accessory contest we're pilgrim tours we might hear from John Wayne here in a minute pilgrim tours they're going to send these people to Israel or the Oberammergau passion play all these different places John Wayne there where where's he at he's coming up but go ahead Elizabeth tell us tell us so you rebuke yourself horn they need to go vote for this because Steven needs to go to Greece he's going to be a missionary right exactly yes he's been hoping to be a missionary since he was a young teenager so I think it would be a great opportunity for him and I actually also wanted to tell you about um a car accident please yes um when we were younger I think it was in um 1999 we were in a car accident we were all family there were actually seven kids um we were going to Pennsylvania we lived in Mississippi to visit my great-grandmother and um my mom was driving and we came up over a hill and there was a little car stopped right in the middle of the road and my mom you know had to make a quick call see she tried to stop and realize she wasn't going to be able to stop in time so she swerved um to miss the car and we went up on a bank and actually it was an eight passenger van and we actually slipped upside down and backwards oh wow and um none of us were hurt but Steven um which is my oldest brother he he was sitting in the back we were short one seat belt and we um decided after that never to take a chance like that again but um he actually flew the whole way from the back of the van up to the front and happened to hit the back padded seat of the very front seat so we just we knew that God had saved him because the you know the van was horrible it was of course totaled and the windshield flew out and um we just all felt like that God had saved Steven for something special and now he's been called to be a missionary to Greece what a wonderful story Elizabeth god bless you and thank you for calling and sharing that one after the other it just blesses me to see how God's he's out there working every minute for us isn't he yes he is it's amazing well thank you for calling and thank you for taking part of that that accessory contest it's awesome if John Wayne ready to he's chiming in you can make it pilgrim there you go i knew he could do it provided by pilgrim tours and 109 you pull it all to parts thank you so much Elizabeth yeah god bless you all right we got Bonnie in Texas she's been hanging on but you got to call us with your story eight six six three four eight seven eight eight four Bonnie is still with us yes i am please share um it was back when i was younger and it was before i was a christian before i was serving the lord um but i knew the lord was tugging on my heart back then but um i was with my boyfriend and we had been drinking and i don't know if people know from Wharton to um 290 um Pinemont area which is where we live um my boyfriend had told me that i needed to drive because he wasn't in a condition to drive and neither was i and the only thing i remembered was getting behind the wheel and getting on the freeway and waking up the next morning and going out and my car was perfectly parked in a parking spot and how we made it home i have no idea wow and i know that god had angels with me and actually were driving the car and so it was amazing for me that god loved me that much that he took care of me well thank you for sharing that bonnie god bless you i appreciate your call very much we got a lot more coming up visit our website at and email us there's more christian car guy to come after this break wow what a show we've had today the christian car guy show we're talking about where were you when jesus took the wheel testimony after testimony miracle after miracle you don't think god's alive and well listen to this show eight six six three four truth we just got a couple minutes left i'm gonna try to get one or two more callers in they gotta go quick though harry you're on the christian car guy show good morning good morning this is harry yes harry can you share with us i just want to do it real quick because i hear you got short time listen i was in college uh when this uh incident happened uh uh a very popular uh student leader and uh uh just really you know as a pk i was expected to be good in church i understand so anyway uh on july 30th of that given year uh my mother pulled me aside and just asked for the condition of my life and i told her you know i'm glad you asked because i really i was tired of being a hypocrite and i said as any hypocrite knows we know who all the hypocrites in church are and these guys are all hypocrites so i don't mind i'm going to quit so anyway she's kind of shocked i mean i had never done this because i was always the you know mr nice guy and student leader and youth leader in church and all this other stuff so she was just totally shocked uh so she i mean we had a long discussion past midnight and finally i said look i'm tired of this i'm going to bed she said can we pray i says mom i just told you i don't believe in god and you want me to pray to someone i don't believe forget it you know walked out went to the bathroom finished off and as i got out i was hearing her crying week before the lord and just just carrying on i just laughed and i said this is crazy and the next day uh i just went to work had a full day of work at total end of the day i'm driving home and as i'm driving home uh i was i went a different way because my recently sold car or i should say my cousin's recently sold car was driving in front of me so caught up with the guy talked with him and went this other way well so here i am on the city street and i'm ready in in the city of milwaukee at the time and we're ready to roll there's a cab like standing next to me and i had this amc car which back then in the days you understand everybody right so uh we're street racing in the city street which barely has the lane and a half okay and we're tearing off we're doing in excess of 90 miles an hour on the city and suddenly in front of me there's this buick skylark or i see this car and i said oh my god here's i'm going to kill this guy who's just hanging out in front and then on the passenger side talking to somebody so i'm trying to figure out how to get past the cadillac get past me or or slow down and get behind it meanwhile the caddy sees my indecision cuts me off and so now i have no choice i've got to do what i got to do so i tagged the caddy and that takes me into a spin where did the guy land i don't know later on we figured out he vaulted over the car to save his life and i think the angel just picked him up and threw him across anyway i don't have my feet built on i am falling clear across the car i say i got to get control of the car i get back up pull the steering wheel up only to see that i'm head on heading into a big old ford ltd and crash it was a head-on collision and that was the end of it the ambulance driver picked me up and they said that the guys always would take bets to see how long a person would be in the hospital you got to finish up for us harry you got it you can't don't leave us hanging you can't tell us about the prayer that that later followed well what happened was my mom actually had that day that the lord was going to was going to punish me and she was praying for my life and when she heard the ambulance is going past the house she already told my dad to get up and get ready to go to hospital i'm that i'm in an accident so you gave your heart to the lord my heart to the lord to an intern who was there and who led me back to the lord because you got to live a different life that is a true story well then what a way to one and a wonderful show thank you harry so much god bless you we gotta run but you might want to consider giving that wheel to jesus yourself this week it's pretty easy to talk to him he says in matthew 11 come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden i will give you rest
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