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Jesus Take The Wheel 2022

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 1, 2022 3:06 pm

Jesus Take The Wheel 2022

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 1, 2022 3:06 pm

On the first day of 2022  "Jesus Take The Wheel 2022" Robby ask his Listeners to call in and tell him how Jesus took the wheel in their lives.

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This is Sam from the Masking Journey Podcast, and our goal with the podcast has helped you to try to find your way in this difficult world. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network. So you're on the Christian Car Guy. Good morning. Good morning.

What have you got for us? Well, I was at the back wall and I was catching a ride with my girlfriend to a chiropractor and she ran a stop sign and we got broadsided and I lived through it and that's the day Jesus took control of my car. Was there more injuries because of the accident? Oh yeah, I'm paraplegic now.

She was going away too fast. Welcome to the Christian Car Guy Radio Show. Well, I was off onto some Hindu stuff that a friend of mine got me into and had given up my beliefs in Jesus and after that accident, everything came home for me. A Jesus Take the Wheel for 2022. We just heard from Joe in Salt Lake City and that was actually my first Jesus Take the Wheel show and that was the call that really kind of changed everything for this show and then of course you heard Carrie Underwood. So in 2009, my first Jesus Take the Wheel show and if you go to, by the way, I've got a picture there that kind of shows you.

Would you agree, Bill, that it's worth it? I love that picture. That is wonderful. So for those of you who can't get to right this second, it's a picture of an old, old race car and it says Jesus, not that wheel as one of his rear wheels are flying off.

So I think that when you think about that, it says, you know, I couldn't really have explained that show better than when I came up with the idea because my plans were when I came up with the idea of Jesus Take the Wheel and I was going to use this song by Carrie Underwood. You know, in 2009, I expected stories of miraculous near misses of accidents. But when that first call came from Joe in Salt Lake City, which by the way, I hope Joe is listening today. I hope Joe is still with us. That was 2009.

It was a lot of years ago. After Joe's call of his accident and becoming a paraplegic and the whole story, by the way, is coming up on a podcast tomorrow because I'm replaying that show. It'll be the first time I've ever podcasted it. That original Jesus Take the Wheel show is going to play in its entirety tomorrow at Christian Car Guy podcast. But you can also listen to it in advance if you want to, because I put the link there in today's shows.

But I hope he is listening. But it really, it really, it changed the way we did the Christian Car Guy show because God showed me something there about the power of testimonies, especially through the accidents because I expected I really did. I expected miraculous stories of how people didn't get hurt, how they missed, you know, whatever happened. But that all those calls that day in 2009, right to the very last call. And I'll just tell you, the last call of the show shocked me more than that first one.

And I almost didn't take the call that day because he came in like two minutes before the show was over. And my, oh my goodness, it was another one of those that somebody was just gone through the accident. And as a result, you know, God had done all these miraculous things. And so today being the first day of 2022, I want to do it again. Jesus Take the Wheel 2022. So I can hear more testimonies of how Jesus took the wheel. And there's so much insight and power in people's stories, especially your stories, the ones you're going to call in today.

I'm counting on it. And that is why today's show is brought to you by the Hebrew letter Mem. You know I was going to get to that at some point in time. So the letter Mem is in the, you know, there's a verse that's in the Mem section of the 119 Psalm.

I know you're probably not shocked. And this would be that verse in my own. This is the RSV, the Robbie standard version, Bill. OK, so I'm going to read it both in the King James. But first, I'm going to read it my way and then I'm going to read it the way King James people interpreted it. So Psalms 119, 99. I have more insight because all are my teachers. For thy testimonies are my discussions and my meditations.

Here it is in the King James. It says, I have more understanding than all my teachers for thy testimonies are my meditation. So this idea of more. Did you hear you're going to have more understanding?

More insight is dependent on how you want to translate that word. But see, the Mem means, most people would tell you that the letter Mem in Hebrew means water. And it is.

Because what? Living water? That's Jesus. OK, it makes perfect sense. And so often referred to, you'll hear the Torah or the law referred to as water and that you can drink the Torah. Well, again, Jesus is the word.

So that makes sense. Mem is also the first letter in the word Messiah. And it is also the first letter in the word king, which is malak in Hebrew. So naturally, kingdom also starts with a Mem.

But here in these three verses of the Mem, King David shares a not so well-known face of the letter Mem. And it's essentially the concept of more. That Jesus is more and there's more.

Right, Bill? And there's more. So when you read those three verses, listen to the common theme. Through thy commandments has made me wiser, more wise. Right, there's the word more than mine enemies, for they are ever with me. I have more understanding than all my teachers, for that testimonies are my meditation.

And I understand more than the agents because of thy precepts. So it's more, more, more. And there's more. So more wisdom, more insight, more understanding.

Yes, with Jesus, there is so much more in 2022. So we want more. Always want more. I want more testimonies. I want, you know, if you think about it, if everyone is my teacher, then everyone who has a testimony can teach me something, right? In fact, some people teach you, if all are my teachers, some people teach you what not to do, Bill.

Like your roofer, like your guy that worked on your thing, he was teaching you what not to do. So everyone, if we sit there and meditate and discuss and look into testimonies, right, we're going to get insight more and more and more. And so with that being said, you know, we want your testimony today of all kinds. When the wheel came off, you know, we need more insight.

It could be, you know, your marriage was on the brink like mine was at one point in time before it came to Christ, or it could be that you had an accident like the case, or maybe somebody else got ill, or something happened in your life when the wheel came off, whatever that looked like. We would love your story of when Jesus took the wheel. 866-348-7884, 86634 truths. So, Bill? Well, you know, I was thinking, there are a few people in this world that I just have greatest respect for.

You are one of them. Another one, gentleman's name is Russ. And Russ has done more in our community to help the poorest of us get by. We've got a wonderful agency called City with Dwellings. And when folks don't have a place to stay, instead of having to go five different places and knock on a door, you get to go to Cities with Dwellings, and City with Dwellings says, well, let's call here, and let's call Samaritan, let's call Bethesda.

And they transport the homeless to the places that are available. And then when it really gets rough, they open a whole new, we've got some churches that pitch in, and when the need is greater, then there's some wonderful churches that open their doors. And the people that run this place, they're the heroes of my life, to see how they relate to and work with the different folks.

And I sort of stumbled in on that when Russ started it up, and I sort of drift in every now and then, and sort of got hooked this year doing the night shelter. So I go down and fix the hot chocolate and greet folks and talk to them. But to see how these folks interact with each other when they're in the most desperate situation just amazes me. And then we'll have a couple people that just isn't a place for them.

And on more than one occasion, I've gone out into the parking lot after we've said, we're just so sorry, we don't have a spot for you, and found them being the ones out in the parking lot picking up the trash. If we open our eyes and we look, if we pay attention, if we listen to people and they're on our radar, we see and learn and experience so much more. And we need yours that we want to see and hear from you. So you need to call us, 866-348-7884. Where were you when Jesus took the wheel? 866-34-TRUTH. Call us. Jesus, take the wheel for 2022.

And this question is to you. Where were you when Jesus took the wheel? And I'm talking about, like, not the steering wheel, but actually took one of the wheels off your carriage, so to speak. Like, it's pictured there at, like, the wheel came off!

And it was him that was allowing these things in your life that steered you in a completely different direction. You want to be an answer to my prayer, literally. I've been praying all morning that people would have the courage to call you and share these stories. So, 866-348-7884.

866-348-7884. Because these stories, these testimonies literally changed my life. I mean, and over the years, as a result of that show from 2009, it has changed my life again and again to hear the power of these stories. So, as an example, and Bill knows this story well because he's one of the few people in my life today that were around when all this happened.

Boy, you make me sound old. And I don't know how long it's been since I told this story on the air, but in 1996, I got lymphoma. And you may have heard of Miraculous, actually Miraculous, healing from that. And then, to celebrate my last chemotherapy treatment with lymphoma, we went on a Jeep Jamboree to Murphy, North Carolina. And the last day of the Jeep Jamboree, now understand I just finished chemotherapy, we had been on this celebration. I went out to get my son a root beer, actually, I remember it very well, from the back of the Jeep. And so, the way that Wranglers are, you had the tailgate back there and I went to open the tailgate to get the root beer. And I heard this crackling up above me of the person that had stopped also to unlock their hubs that was above me on the road.

And they had failed to put their car in park or their emergency brake on or anything. And so, here comes this Jeep careening down the hill with me right in its way with no time to get out of the way. But I did have time to get my right leg up on the bumper. My left leg did not make it. And so, all of a sudden, there I was with horrible injuries, actually.

You know, I don't know the best way to put it. And it changed my life dramatically. Bill, you knew me at the time and all of a sudden, I was in a wheelchair. But if you think about it, Bill, what happened to me led to me sharing the testimony of how God miraculously provided a guy to put my leg back together. They took me to this hospital in Murphy, North Carolina, where the nurse looked at the doctor when she said, I don't think we're capable.

You probably ought to get a hold of this guy. Here's his business card. He came in yesterday and said, if we had any real traumas, we could call him because there was only one room in this hospital. It was a little bitty hospital. And he'd left his card there, and he was a Navy surgeon that had worked in Vietnam putting people back together.

And the guy said, oh, yeah, call him. And so this surgeon came in, and he was like, nurse, start him on this, that, that. And he just took over, and he put my leg back together, literally.

And the skin and all the stuff that really ended up being critical to the fact that I can walk to this day. Well, when I got to Baptist Hospital, you know, about 24 hours later, because they took me by ambulance back to Baptist after they, because they were very concerned because I'd just finished chemo. And I'd gotten my chemo at Baptist Hospital here in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. And so one of the testimonies of that is I came into Baptist Hospital that night about 1 in the morning, and my wife had actually called our Sunday school teacher, because back then we didn't text and stuff like that, and told her what had happened. And there were like 50-some-odd people waiting for me at like 1 in the morning. And when they were wheeling me in there with all these people, I remember the nurse who was attending me said, you must go to that Calvary Baptist Church.

I said, what makes you say that? And she said, well, one of you guys show up, you bring an army. Prayer army. Well, it was. It was in that prayer army.

And my leg is, oh, I just think about it. But what happened as a result of that accident, and you know this probably better than almost anybody, Bill, is I got opportunities to speak about what God did through that, because I'm certainly, I'm just a car salesman. I mean, that's what I am.

I mean, I work at a car dealership. I'm not a guy who goes out and talks for God normally, but I got opportunity after opportunity after opportunity as a result of both the cancer and the Jeep Jamboree accident to testify all over the place, and it literally changed my life. Now, folks might have a hard time hearing this, but I'm a firm believer that God knows what you're going to do with a gift before he gives it to you. And those people that take the gifts that God gives them and uses them to encourage other people, to lead people to Christ, to lead people to deepen their relationship with Christ, God knows before he gives you that present what you're going to do with it. And what you do with it empowers how many presents you end up with, that God has no reason not to give really wonderful gifts to all his children if we use those gifts the way he intended us to use them. So he gave me lots.

There's no doubt he did. And if you're encouraged by that story, see, you can encourage me back because I'm counting on it. It'll make my day, your call, your story. Again, it's not necessarily where, and maybe it is where Jesus took the wheel and you missed the accident and whatever happened, but if he took the wheel off, then that's how that worked.

We need to hear those because, man, through that we get insight, and there'd be people that are facing stuff right now that need that encouragement from you. Yeah, when you told me what the show is going to be about, one of the things that comes to my mind is that I often grab that wheel and I try to steer directly toward where I want to go. And often the direct line between where I am and where I want to end up is the longest possible course with the biggest potholes and the biggest problems. And the reason that those wheels fly off my car is that instead of going the route God wants me to go, I'm trying to go the straightest direction right off a cliff. All right, so you call us 866-348-7884. Happy New Year 2022 from the Christian Car Guys show, and this year's Jesus Take the Wheel. 2022, you know, where were you when Jesus took the wheel?

And it maybe took the wheel off your Jeep or however all that worked. Bill, you made a point during the break that really shocked – I never had really thought about it, but go ahead and make your point to the audience. Well, in this day and time, a doctor, a surgeon, a specialist, couldn't just walk into any old hospital and say, if you need me, give me a call right down the street. You know, a hospital administrator that found out you let somebody come in that wasn't pre-approved and authorized. I just can't fathom that happening.

Being the insurance agent, then he is immediately. He goes, what would their insurance people say if they knew that they just had this? But it was truly miraculous that it happened. But I know that when I got to the specialist at Baptist Hospital, he looked at my leg and he said, there's no way I could have done this with the equipment I have here at Baptist.

You know, this man saved your leg. I'd like to encourage some folks to pull out a piece of paper or go on your cell phone and open up a – or go on your computer. At least throughout your life, all the different things that were just miraculous. You know, what were the times in your life that just really made a difference for you and for others and to put it in chronological order and pray about it. And every three or four years, I'll go and I'll reconstruct that list and then I'll compare it to the older list. And there are so many more items on that list when I give it prayerful consideration. You know, if you think about it, we all have three or four or five big problems that keep us up at night that are worrying us. But if you give it some thought, it's probably a different list than the one you had three months ago. And it's totally different than the one you had six months ago. So on that list of three or four or five items that you're always concerned about, that list is always changing. And how often do we sit there and say, you know, God fixed three or four of these problems and I didn't even bat an eye.

All I did was replace that concern with the new concern. Yeah, and so you don't even have to make a list to call us, though. I just want to point that out. Yes, yes, yes. Just think of one or two. Yeah, the one or two that you're thinking about right now, 866-348-7884. That's great advice, Bill. Absolutely wonderful to look through those lists, which, by the way, I did that last Sunday.

That very thing that you just described. So we've got Anne is in Huntersville. I'm thinking this is Anne Ault, because that's where she lives. Good morning, Anne. Happy New Year. Good morning.

Happy New Year to you guys. Boy, this has been a fascinating conversation. You are so bubbly every time you call. It just makes me happy all over. I drink a lot of water before it.

Sparkling water? It's just the joy of the Lord is our strength, let's face it. But I mean, this has been really fun listening to your interaction, too. And I love it, Bill.

The list is always changing. And that's kind of what I was going to say, is that... Anne, before you – do you have your radio on? No, I don't. I hear the echo, but I don't.

That's her sparkliness. That's it is the noise. Sometimes our computer doesn't catch up quite, but it will. Just keep talking. It'll be fine. Okay. Go ahead. I'm sorry I interrupted you.

No, that's okay. Our buddy, Bert Rosenberg, who is in Christian Car Guy Theater, he said to me once, and you've got to find out what ain't before you find out what is. And I love that, you know, in terms of changing lists and that sort of thing. But near collisions, as much as collisions, near collisions, I am so aware these days. I pray when I go out of this door to the car because near collisions, God prevents so many of those. In terms of merging this past year, I mean, honestly, people are driving so crazy. They're really taking their anger and frustrations out, aren't they? I mean, they're on the road and on other people and impatient and not letting you get, merge into the lane, you know, to drive on the freeway. And I almost, I was trying to go fast just to get in there, and I had a blind spot, and I just, I almost went over, and it's like God just stopped me, and there was a car just coming right at me, you know, and He wasn't going to stop for anything, even though I was desperately trying to merge on. So it's like the collisions God prevents are as good as the ones that we actually have, you know, sometimes.

But also, the things that He prevents in our lives in terms of near collision, this past year, I had a guy call wanting to do my film, you know, and for three months it was very, very nerve-wracking. And I can hear that echo. Can you, is this? Yeah, it's okay. Just keep going. It'll turn out.

Okay. Anyway, so, you know, we went through this whole thing, but out of that came, I revised my script for the first time in ten years, and so on. And then after him, I mean, then it was very obvious the Lord was showing me what ain't before the what is, you know, and then there was another couple I kept trying to, you know, they had wanted to do it for so long, and I just realized that wasn't working too, so it's been a year of list-changing, and finding out what ain't as much as what is, and to prevent those collisions in our lives, you know. Well, I love what Bert said.

Of course, I love Bert, and talk about a bubbly personality. But I'm trying to track with you, he says you need to find out what ain't before you find out what is. Like, in that story, where I'm very familiar with it, but I know our listeners may not be aware that man was going to do your movie, but then backed out, you know, it just didn't work out, which was really hugely disappointing, broke everybody's heart.

And so, how did that, when you're looking at what ain't versus what is, can you take me to how that works? He had been someone that I had met at a 2014 Christian media conference, and I thought, oh yes, he'd be great to get this, and that, and the other. Well, God showed me no, he won't.

No, he won't be, you know, because he wanted to be a filmmaker, but anyway, it's a long, you know, story. But the point is, and it was very nerve-wracking, but at the same time, just realizing, just saying, okay, check that one off. And at the time, it's very disappointing and very frustrating. But then I realized that God has just wiped the slate clean in many ways this past year, and I have answers that I wouldn't have had unless I had gone through the near collision.

Oh, so you're, what you're talking about, if I'm, I want to make sure I'm tracking with you, and I'm, boy, that's really a beautiful thought now that I put it together. Sometimes I'm just not too quick on the update, is sometimes he's closing doors, and those closing doors cleans the slate, right? Gives us the time to do the stuff that he actually wanted us to do. Exactly.

He has to clean the slate for what he wants down the road, you know, and it also prevents future collisions. Oh, yeah, that is, that is, that's miraculous. Oh, I love it, Ann. I love it. I love it. Thank you for, and Happy New Year, my friend. Happy New Year, you guys. God bless.

Hopefully we can get our new episode of Christian Car Guy Theater next week, we're hoping. Oh, good. Bye-bye. All right, we have Annita, Anita in Utah. Hello, Anita.

I'm so glad you're here. Hello. I've got some of my most outstanding calls ever from Utah.

The joke call was from Utah years ago. Oh, Happy New Year to you guys. Happy New Year to you, an hour later. Yes.

I just wanted to say, I listen to your show all the time, and it is such a great show. I've learned so much, and your laugh just makes me laugh, but when I heard what you were talking about this morning, I had to call in with my experience on Jesus Take the Wheel. So not only did he take the wheel, but he took the whole car.

Oh. What was happening is, I was driving down the freeway, and it was raining so, so hard, and I ended up pushing the brakes really hard so that I wouldn't crash in front of it to the car in front of me. Anita, I'm sorry to have you hang on.

This is a great point in the story, though. Can you hang on for me through the brake? Oh, you bet. Oh, I'm so grateful.

Aren't you excited, though? I am. Well, when we come back, Anita will share her story, but we need yours. 866-348-7884. 866-344-TRUTH. We'll be right back.

We'll be right back. We listen to the Truth Network.

You're listening to the Truth Network and Jesus, take the wheel for 2022 today on the Christian Car Guys show. When we left our hero, Anita, she was sharing her story about the car that was going down in the rain. Pick us back up on it, Anita.

Oh, okay. So I was driving on the freeway, and it was raining cats and dogs, and I had to hit the brakes suddenly, so I wouldn't wreck into the car in front of me. So that Carrie Underwood song, Jesus, take the wheel, I mean, it hits home for me, because not only did he take the wheel, he took the whole car. So I'm stepping on the brakes, and all of a sudden, I am doing donuts across the freeway. And all these cars are going 70 miles an hour, and God just put a bubble around me, around the car, and I did not get in an accident, and no other cars got in an accident, and I know to this day, it was him that saved me on that freeway. You know, when something like this happens, you go in slow motion, and it felt like it was a lifetime. And I just yelled out, I said, Jesus, help me, and this is when all this stuff started happening. And then, when it finally stopped, which seemed like an eternity, I ended up facing the oncoming traffic, and everyone coming at me, they knew what I had done, so they were stirring off to the side, because they knew I had to turn the car around to go, you know, with the traffic. But it was incredible in a good way, and I was terrified at the same time, but I know that God's hand came down, and he got me out of that accident. And ever since then, I mean, and I've been a follower of Christ for many, many years, but he has taken the will in my life in so many instances.

I mean, it's without him, we are nothing. That is so beautiful, wow. But I'm curious, Anita, when the car was doing the donuts, where were your hands? They were on the wheel, but it felt like I wasn't in control of the car at all. And then that's when I just knew, okay, he's got this. And I just relayed all of my trust in him, and I thought, okay, he's got this, you know, his will be done. And he saved me, and to this day, I swear that he put that protective bubble over my car, and over all the other cars, because it was raining like crazy, and no one got in an accident at all. And I'm telling you, when my car finally came to a stop, I was just sitting there, and I had to get my composure for a few minutes, and then I thought, okay, thank you, thank you, God. But it was, and I remember it like it was yesterday, and it happened a few years ago. And the weather here in Utah, I mean, it can be crazy. I mean, we just had, oh, about five, six inches of snow here yesterday. So you really have to be careful when you're driving.

Oh, yeah. And I'll tell you what, I drove slow before, but now I drive slower. You know, what's interesting about that story is that, in fact, when I did that show in 2009, I started out the show with my story about when I was younger, my father traded for this Fiat Spider, and he brought it home when I was like 15, and I could get my driver's license into Mexico at that age. And here's this Fiat Spider convertible, and my brother jumped in it with me, and we went for a ride. Well, we started going down these residential streets faster and faster, because the car handled so fun. It was like, man, let's just feel this. And so we started going 50.

We went up on the Mesa in Albuquerque where there was construction, where there were no houses, but it was regular streets, you know, like you would have in a subdivision. And so we're going 60, we're going 70, and finally we take it up to 80 to think that this is going to be really cool. I'm 15. Don't try this at home. I'm sure you had your dad's permission. And when my mother heard this story, she heard it on the air for the first time. She called me after the show like, you did what? Anyway, so what happened when we went 80 around this curve, the inside wheels caught some sand that was in the inside of that. And the car started just exactly what you just described. The car just started spinning out of control. And I just because I didn't know what to do, I just let go of the wheel because I was like, what do you do? And it was probably saved, you know, Jesus took the wheel.

Because I'm in exactly the same, this is a regular residential street, not very wide. And this car is literally spinning down, and it went around eight or nine times. And when it stopped finally, I can remember the car just kind of rocked back and forth.

Now it's a convertible, and my little brother at this point in time is like 12. I've never forgotten it, Anita, believe me. I realized that that was only the grace of God that I'm here, he took the wheel, there's no doubt he did. And I remember just, like you say, playing it, it does, it comes right back at you in slow motion. It did, it did.

It seemed like an eternity, but the whole while I was very cognizant of what was happening, and I'm like, okay, you got this, help me. And I shouted that out loud inside the car, and he did. And he's been taking the will of my life ever since, and always has been. You know, you just gotta put your trust in God, and he will get you out of whatever situation that you're in.

And without him, like I said, we are nothing, and we owe everything to him, and the great gift that he sent his son down to Earth to die for our sins so that we can have salvation. So beautiful, thank you, Anita. God bless you, have a great day! Happy New Year! Thank you! Happy New Year to you guys, too! All right, bye-bye. Bye-bye. All right, we got another call coming in, we're gonna try to get to it real quick here before the end of the show, Bill.

But as soon as she can get it on, just go ahead and just click it on, and we'll get it going. I tell you, the better we are at looking back at the things God did for us, the more credit we can give him for the miracles to come, and the more we'll have. Oh, it's awesome. And I gotta tell you that, you know, these calls, you know, I think about them actually sometimes years later about all the testimonies, you know, that God has been able to share with us over the years. Just miraculous, amazing things that, you know, you get a chance to share it. So we got an unknown caller, which is fine, they wanted to remain anonymous, and you're on the Christian Car Guys show, good morning! It's kind of like the Unknown Comedian.

Yeah, that's fine. Anyway, I was like, no one can know my voice, right, or recognize. Yeah, I've had, there's no other way that I'm here but through Christ. He, since I was a little girl, I've been in lots of car accidents, motorcycle accidents, other things that I had done to myself, and, you know, going out there on a limb and, you know, anyway. But literally, there's no other way. I mean, like one instance, I was coming home from work on Capitol, and I didn't, you know, I was on a motorcycle, I didn't know, next thing I know, I've been waking up in intensive care with no hair.

You know, because I didn't have my helmet on, you know, I didn't have it strapped on because I didn't think they were cool. Oh, I hate we're out of time, but so... Oh, okay, okay, okay. But it's okay, share your final thought there. Yeah, it's nothing, technically I know I'm not supposed to be here, and the only way that I've gotten this far and in someone's love with the Lord is through Jesus Christ, and I want to spend the rest of my life, you know, telling other people how good he is. That is so awesome, thank you for sharing that, and I'm so grateful for your courage to call in today. God bless, have a happy new year. You too, my friend. You too, bye bye. It's a pleasure to be on, this show's touched so many people, it's just wonderful to all the folks that tune in, we want to thank all of you for being with us last year and staying with us this year, and hope you'll encourage others to listen too. And slow down, Jesus walked every when he went, got it all done in 33 years.
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