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Psalms 119:95 Your Hearts Delight in The Fear of The Lord

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 27, 2021 11:22 am

Psalms 119:95 Your Hearts Delight in The Fear of The Lord

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 27, 2021 11:22 am

Psalms 119:95 The wicked have waited for me to destroy me: but I will consider thy testimonies.

The seventh anointing of  the latter Lamed is a delight in the fear of the Lord, the Psalmist had met many who wanted him destroyed and if you are in Christ and living for Him, I can assure you that you have an enemy and he is waiting his time, but as the Psalmist knows from God's Biblical testimonies such  Job, God decides when and our hearts can rest there, as is the same with Robby's stories.

Psalms 119:95

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The Hidden Treasures of the 119th Psalm. Oh, how I love digging around in the Lamed section of the 119th Psalm. Today we're in the seventh verse, which would be a delight in the fear of the Lord as far as the anointings of the Holy Spirit. So, what is the delight of the fear of the Lord when it comes to the lamed or the heart or to learning? What should our hearts teach us?

And again, this one is like, wow, I would really want my heart to be secure in what we're going to talk about today. So, verse 95 in English reads, the wicked have waited for me to destroy me, but I will consider thy testimonies. So, the wicked here are, you know, really like convicts or, you know, certainly wicked people. That's the way that's described even in Hebrew.

And I love the word waited because that word kavah is the same word that, you know, those who wait on the Lord. So, these people clearly had hopes and their hearts were set on destroying me or destroying the Psalmist as the case will be. But interestingly, what he says, but I will consider thy testimonies.

So, you know, what are the testimonies? Those are eyewitness stories of people in the Bible is what he's talking about, such as Job, who we have an eyewitness here that, you know, clearly Satan, who was, you know, very wicked, could not end Job's life without God's permission. I mean, that's one of the things that the testimonies assure our hearts that teach us that no matter what, you know, God is not going to be, oops, something happened to Robbie, I didn't see that coming. But the wicked can do whatever they want to do. God is the final, you know, say so in all these things. And here, the Psalmist clearly is putting his trust and his hope and, you know, his delight in the fear of the Lord. It's like my dad is big and bad, and he's going to take care of me no matter what the wicked may have planned for me and are waiting to destroy me.

And when you think about that in your own life, you know, what does that look like? Well, in my case, you know, I can honestly say, 1996 came, you know, my enemy, whoever was definitely out to get me because I, you know, had killer cell lymphoma that year, which was miraculously healed, and then got crushed behind the Jeep and ended up, you know, that story, God sent this miraculous surgeon to help put my leg back together. So not only did I not die, but, you know, I can walk around well today, because of several surgeries to my leg after being crushed by the Jeep. And so he was faithful to protect my life then. And then, you know, when the brain abscess happened again, four years later, and several years later, as I fell out of the tree, you know, I can see that, obviously, my time will be when my time is, and that God is in control of that. And so, you know, as we come in here, you know, as we come into this, like, what is the psalmist trying to teach us about our hearts?

And the more I study these verses, the more I memorize them, the more I sense, you know, just how much faith the psalmist had that he's trying to relate to us, his heart was just completely delighted in that God has me, no matter what happens. And when you look at King David's life, clearly, you know, he fought off more things than anybody could even imagine from bears and lions early on. You know, Goliath, and then Saul hunting him down to kill him all over the place.

He certainly waited to destroy him, then his own son Absalom. And who knows who else, you know, waited around the corner to take King David's life through all those years. But here is a man who is now sharing this wisdom that, hey, it's not over until God says. And so, as we, you know, go into, you know, the miracle verse on the lamed section, when we think about something that our hearts need to learn something that, that we need to be taught from the standpoint of what God has for us, when it comes to a delight in the fear of the Lord, I just love that anointing period, that there's the fear of the Lord, like that's the beginning of wisdom.

And then there's one that is just to say, okay, I can rest right here. Like, you know, in the end of the, well, not the end, but near the end of the 16th Psalm, where it says, I have placed the Lord always before me, because he's at my right hand. You know, my heart is glad, my glories rejoice, but then it says, my flesh rests in a secure hope.

So you can get that whole sense of, because God's right here at my right hand, right? My heart is glad. I love that verse. And it says that my glory, in other words, I have a halo, that the way I actually reflect God, and that is rejoicing. And my flesh is resting in a secure hope. All that points back to this idea of, man, I want my heart to know that no matter what happens, you know, God has me. And I can rest in a secure hope. I can rejoice. And my heart can be glad. All that, if we learn this verse and really take the 18th inch trip from our head to our heart, to know that, wow, before we get all caught up, it's pretty nice if we could just learn this to learn this to the point, and then keep it. So thank you for joining me today on the 119th Psalm, verse 95. Tomorrow, the miracle verse of the Lamed section. And this one, whoa, it'll send us deeper than we've been in a while. I look forward to tomorrow. Thanks for listening.
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