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Psalms 119:86 - The Desire of Faith

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 14, 2021 8:48 am

Psalms 119:86 - The Desire of Faith

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 14, 2021 8:48 am

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Psalms 119:86 All thy commandments are faithful: they persecute me wrongfully; help thou me.

With the Sixth anointing of the letter Kaf we see the Fear of the Lord in the desire of Faith.  Robby shares an incredible story of God's faithfulness.

Psalms 119:86

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Hidden Treasures of the 119th Psalm. What a delight we get to dig around in the 86th verse today, the 119th Psalm. It is the sixth verse in the hoof section of the 119th Psalm, and the hoof being, as we've talked about, sort of your open hand expecting a blessing, or the super consciousness that's over the top of your head, like the Hamukkah, or a little skullcap that you might see some religious people wear. But the idea still is that it is through desire that drives us to do so many different things, if we would just desire the right things. And so here we have that in verse 86, as it being the sixth verse, and it would be the sixth anointing that we always talk about, that would be a fear of the Lord.

And so I think you'll see that in this, it's absolutely amazing. It says, the 86th verse in English, all thy commandments are faithful, they persecute me wrongfully, help thou me. And so, you know, that idea, the fear of the Lord is, we're gonna have to trust him because these people are persecuting me.

But it's really, really cool the way he did this, again, with this idea of this desire. And so his his desire is for these commandments, because those commandments are faithful. In other words, it's kind of neat, when you look inside the Hebrew of all this, that the word me is a nun, and a yud. And we're going to get to the nun section, we'll talk about it a lot, but it is a seed, it is faith. And so that's why you see that nun, both in the word faithful, and you also see it in the word me. And so, when he says they persecute me, we see a nun there. And when they, when he says help me, again, he's hitting it with a nun there. And so you see this consistent desire for faith here.

That's what he's really asking for. And of course, that's a fear of the Lord. It's like God is going to take care of this. But and then, you know, really beautiful, obviously, he's saying help thou me. So his desire not is just for faith, but it's also for help. But that help is coming because of the faith, right? And he's just waiting on God. And because all his commandments are faithful.

In other words, those commandments are faithful in that we're faithful to doing it for God, but they're also faithful to us back at us because God loves us, and he's going to come through for us. So, you know, what does this look like in a story? So when I go back to my story, when we'd lost the dealership, and we lost all our money, and we lost so many things, and we had no cars, we, you know, we were scraping together for every single thing. Well, it happened to be the exact same year that my son graduated from high school. And of course, he wanted to go to college, and he played basketball, and his big desire, the thing that drove him, believe me, so many different ways, was that he wanted to play Division One college basketball. And, you know, he had played really well at Calvary Baptist Day School here, and he had lots of coaches look for him and look at him.

And the coach at the University of Northern Arizona had a desire, but he wasn't going to give him a scholarship, but was very interested in Robbie coming to school there so that he could play on that team. And so, you know, that summer, when we had been, certainly, everybody was chasing after us. And the idea, by the way, of that, they persecute me, that's actually, there's this false witness that's pursuing us.

That's the way that the word is in Hebrew. And so, you know, honestly, there was a false witness that we had done all this stuff that would have destroyed our credit. But actually, you know, it was not my fault that somebody had stolen all our money. But it didn't change the fact that I was being hounded by the IRS, I was being hounded by Chrysler, I was being hounded by a lot of different people, and we had no money. And so we, in faith, I don't know how to put it other than we went to the University of Northern Arizona, we drove our son all the way out there with everything, but we had no money in order to have him enroll. So, you know, we go through the whole thing, just, you know, trusting that God's going to come through for us somehow, and they wanted us to have credit. And maybe, you know, they would, but then they could see that we weren't going to get a loan. And then they came to the point where we were either going to have to leave our son there, or we're going to have to bring him home.

And so I said, No, he's going to stay, we will figure it out. And my wife, you know, this was, we live in North Carolina, and this is in Arizona. So we're talking about maybe a 2000 miles, it was a long way. And it was an interesting drive back, I can tell you, because I was like, I just know God's gonna come through. I had faith, I knew that I'd been persecuted wrongfully. And I knew that God was going to come through. I didn't have any idea how, but I just knew that it was meant that my son, you know, he'd strove his whole life to be able to do this. And I just felt like God was going to come through in this situation.

And so one of those stories that you'll never forget, as long as you live when we got home, my wife was not happy that we left her son in Arizona, believe me, when we got home, we open up the mailbox and in the mailbox, if I didn't see this with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it. But there was a check for the amount of the actually the tuition was like $20,000, or maybe it was 18,000, whatever the amount was, there was a check in the mailbox, like to think that we would get this kind of money at this season, our life is just beyond my wildest imagination. But what had happened was that when they arrested our office manager, the state of North Carolina for not paying the payroll taxes, then she and she wrote in order for her to stay out of jail for as long she wrote a really substantial check well over $100,000 to the state of North Carolina, in order to, you know, reduce her sentence and all that would happen to her in her trial. But when they did that, you see the state of North Carolina hadn't given me my credits in my taxes as a result of all that that she had taken.

And so I don't, you know, again, I'll never know exactly how it worked. But what I do know is here was a check from the state of North Carolina made out to us with all these people chasing us for money. And it was for 18,000 whatever dollars, I mean, almost to the penny of what we needed for Robbie's tuition. And so we quickly deposited it. And we paid for that that first semester's tuition at the University of Northern Arizona. So we, you know, it was one of those things that, you know, Robbie saw it, our whole family saw it. But, you know, it was an opportunity to really test your faith and to see what is going to happen and God came through. And so I love this. I love this. All thy commandments are faithful.

They persecute me wrongfully. Help thou me. And I believe me, His commandments are faithful. And He will help you when you need it. There's no doubt in my mind. Thank you for studying with me today.
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