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Right Turn Only in The Valley Of The Shadow of Death

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 9, 2021 12:43 pm

Right Turn Only in The Valley Of The Shadow of Death

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 9, 2021 12:43 pm

Robby is joined this week by his good friend Bob Young to discuss or toughest times.

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I say this calls for action and now. No right turn in the valley of the shadow of death. I don't know if you've ever seen that sign, but it's there. You just got to find it. Right, Bob? I'm still waiting on this one.

You're still waiting on it? Okay. So there is.

So hopefully by the end of this show, you'll agree with me that there's a big no right turn sign in the valley of the shadow of death. So you might've heard the Beach Boys shortening bread. Maybe you've never heard their version of that. That was the first for me.

Yes, sir. And then Matt Redmond, you never let go as you walk through the valley of the shadow of death. And then that was Cody Carnes with his song, Bread and Wine. And so you might guess that we're going to talk about bread to some extent. We're going to talk about the table. And certainly we're going to talk about the valley of the shadow of death as… Well, we've got such a cool show today. And actually we kind of bookend it at the end with another Christian Car Guy theater. And just coincidentally, as God would time it, our hero Valiant will be going through the valley of the shadow of death today.

And I just can't even believe how God does things, but that's how he did it. And so we get a chance to do that. So I have been following the 119th Psalm, working, working, working.

As I go through this on the podcast I do daily, if you go to, you'll see I have this podcast, Hidden Treasures of the 119th Psalm. And so I got to this verse. And again, I told Bob, this is fairly, you know, I don't know, it's a little bit of a long story, but I will get you there and you will understand where I'm going.

Okay. So I get to this verse in the vuv section, and because today's show is once again brought to you by the Hebrew letter vuv, which means, and there's more, Bob, like any good commercial. And there's more.

You get the ginsu knives, you get all the stuff, okay? And there's more. And so in that section of that letter of the 119th Psalm, here comes this verse that I really didn't understand. And it says, And take not thy word of truth utterly out of my mouth, for I have hoped in thy judgments. Now, you may have heard that verse before, I don't know, but have you ever thought about it? Like, you know, I have this, like I think I try to make God in my image, Bob.

Like he thinks like I think, he does things I do. This is something I would never do. I would never take the word of truth out of your mouth.

Sorry. And the way he said it utterly, the word in Hebrew is like, yo, this is a violent, like I'm going to rip the word of truth out of your mouth. And so King David is praying, he's asking God to do something here.

I just didn't know God would do. Is he wanting you to remove it from your mouth or to bring it forth from your mouth? What he's saying is God don't rip the word of truth out of my mouth. In other words, he doesn't want to lose.

Okay. You know, and it's clearly Satan takes the word of truth to some extent out of all of our heads, little seeds that have been planted, but here King David is saying, don't rip it out, God, you know, and that's an interesting thing, right? Like, because I've hoped in your judgments, which when you think about that, if you've lived life for very length of time, you realize sometimes that you are dealing with one of God's judgments.

Things are happening. Things begin to look dark, like the shadow of death. And in the middle of that, are you going to hope that, right, you're going to get to the point that he did in the 23rd Psalm, which is kind of where we're headed. So, and taking out the word utterly out of my mouth, for I have hoped in thy judgment. So maybe you have a story in your life, and I'm going to share some today of where certainly I was walking in that place where I needed to hope in his judgment, because I had no idea. And if you hadn't hoped, Bob, there was a chance, apparently, according to this prayer, God would rip, rip, rip the word of truth right out of your mouth. So that's a little scary. And after he says that, here comes the, here comes the, and there's more.

And there's more, Bob! So shall I keep thy law continually forever and ever. Now, that's a long time, continually forever and ever. I mean, that's a triple whammy there, you know, like, so shall I keep, then the word's Torah there, right? So, so shall I keep your word continually forever and ever. Do you ever find yourself adjusting things to make, to make it your truth? Right, right, that's what I'm saying. This is, this is one of those, like, God, don't make me, don't allow me to make you in my image.

I want to understand what you're I want to understand what you're actually saying here. So I began to study this, as you could imagine if you know me, that that word continually opened up a box of understanding that I am just sitting, I'll be wondering for years and years and years and years and years to come, because the word continually there, King David, if you study his life, the one thing he did was study the Torah. He studied the Bible inside and outside, and he knew that the only place that that word had been used in the Torah, and the first place that it was used specifically, had to do with the showbread that was in the tabernacle. Okay, so what they did was they had to, according to Exodus 25, they had to have this table in the tabernacle. And on that table, there was to be 12 loaves of bread, one for each tribe, and that bread had to be there continually. And it was really cool the way they did it, Bob, is they would have a loaf of bread, and in order to make sure that it was continually there, they would push out one loaf of hot bread, and by the way, somehow, no, the bread's dead hot all week, they replaced it every week, and they pushed out, if you could picture a loaf of bread pushing out the other loaf of bread so that it was always had bread on the table, it was continuous.

Kind of like Jenga. So now this table, there was lots of instructions in the tabernacle, and if you're like me, you're always wondering like, if you've read Exodus at any length, you're like, is this really necessary? I mean, all these instructions, like what the table has to be made out of and where it was supposed to be, and I'm like, is all this necessary?

Well, I hope that this episode today of The Christian Car Guy will help you see how important that stuff really is, and the picture that really the Rembrandt that God was painting, okay? Because to begin with, the table was made of Shittimwood. Now, that's just how it's pronounced.

I'm sorry. I've checked it, and that's what it says. But Shittimwood had a very specific, which tells you that God knew ahead of time, because he told him to make it out of Shittimwood before they got into trouble, all right? So if you look in numbers, you're going to find out that what happened in Shittim was a big deal, okay? That's where the Moabite women seduced the Israelite men, and they got into all kinds of sin. So why would he have him make this table, right, out of Shittimwood when it represented all this kind of sin? Well, you got to remember, it was overlaid with gold. So he's going to take essentially your sin, right, and overlay it with gold.

I hope you're seeing the picture that I'm picturing. And then he tells them very specifically, and this is the critical part of the whole thing I'm going to get to, and we're going to spend some time on this. He said he wants it in the north part of the tabernacle. Now, why is that important? For two gigantic reasons that this bread of the presence had to be there.

And don't miss, okay, because we're going to jump ahead a little bit for you. Where was Jesus born? Bethlehem. What does Bethlehem stand for?

House of bread. Where was David born? Bethlehem.

Why? Because Ruth came from Bethlehem. I mean, Ruth came when Naomi to Bethlehem, right, to have Obed and Jesse. And what's Bethlehem? The house of bread, okay? And there's so much about this bread that we—not the tables open now, okay? So this is going to get huge that this has to be on the north side of the tabernacle.

Why? That's where you get the left turn part, this right turn only, right? Because when you were at the right hand—think of all the Psalms that says, at your right hand are thy pleasures forevermore. That's the 16th Psalm, right?

And think of all the different places where he talks about God being at his right hand. You know, this is a constant theme, because if you turn left, you go north, okay? And north, if you read many prophecies, like Ezekiel, where are the bad guys coming from?

Daniel, right? They're coming out of the north. Where did they come from, Babylon?

They came from the north. So when the table is on the north side of the tabernacle, you do see that it is standing there, right? Prepared before my enemies.

Are you getting the picture? That here's this bread, and not just any bread, right? We're going to get a lot into this bread. But the idea of—and it's continually there in the presence of your enemies. And again, who would know that better than the psalmist himself, who came, by the way, from Bethlehem. And he'd also eaten some of that bread one time, right, when he had little shenanigans there with Saul. We've got so much coming at you when it comes to no right turns in the valley of the shadow of death.

Wow, wow, wow. We get to share today from the table why there's no right turns in the valley of the shadow of death. We've been diving into—well, we started in the 119 Psalm, and we talked a little bit about the 23rd Psalm, but certainly a lot from Exodus 25 on this showbread. And it gets into Exodus 26, and eventually in Numbers, when we talked about the Shittim wood that was used to be covered in gold. Now, there are some other aspects about this table that are absolutely, gigantically huge in my world, okay? And that this table that sat on the north side, right, that was in the presence of the enemies, right, they put it there for two reasons. As I said, the enemies always come from the north, but our physical needs make us want to go left. Rather than turning to the Lord, we get hungry, or we have other issues that might cause us to need gold over our Shittim wood, you know, we—you see, we have a tendency to turn left. Well, we need to turn right, because as we turn right, right, we're going to turn into the Lord, and there—see, He's got our needs met, and they're met continually forever and ever, okay, in this table that is sitting there, which, you know, don't miss the connection to the Lord's table, okay?

It's all right there, but I want to get you there a little further, in that— Our needs are met if we turn the right way. Our needs are met the right way if we turn the right way, right, by the Lord Himself. So, there is a crown around each of these items that are in the tabernacle, and these crowns are very significant, but the crown that's on the showbread is the crown of the house of David, all right? Now, you know that Jesus, or I hope you know, Jesus came from the house of David, okay?

And so, Him being the bread of life, no accident, okay? But David knew when he—right, because these guys went in the temple all the time. He knew that that bread was there, was there, and he knew he was from Bethlehem, and so when he was writing that 23rd Psalm, you know, he knew that you prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies, but very cool when he was writing the 119th Psalm, and he's trying to explain to you the power of the letter vav that in ever and ever, in other words, there's going to be bread continually forever and ever, and that bread is Christ, but see, it's going to come through that crown of the house of David. So, it's one thing for me to have Christ, Mom, but the power of the vav is for my posterity, both spiritually and physically, to take on the word, the Torah, forever and ever.

Are you following me? It didn't get ripped out of your mouth so that you could pass it on to your kids, your spiritual kids, and their kids, and their kids, and their kids, and forever and ever, because the second part of that where he said forever and ever, he's actually quoting out of Exodus 11 where it said, Our Lord will reign forever and ever. So, he takes the word, this idea of this bread that's in the presence of his enemies, which he knows is the house of David, okay? And that in itself is very significant in that governments, when it says the house of David, that means government, okay? And it's government's responsibility to do two things, provide bread and protection.

That's why it's on the north side, you see? And this idea of the provider of the bread, I don't know if you knew this, but the word Lord itself in English is the keeper of the bread. That's the etymology of the word Lord, okay?

The keeper of the bread. So, when you see what David was doing here, when he's saying, I'm going to keep thy toric continually, in other words, he's really sharing what we should be thinking about as far as the continuation forever and ever of what God has given us, this ability to see his word and whatever the extent that you're seeing, and I hope you're seeing new things today that you've never seen before. And it's supposed to light that little fire inside of you.

It's a God receptor, and when it lights up and you go, oh, that's connected to this and this is connected to that, the next thing you know, you're on fire, Bob. Well, it really amazes me. Lori and I went to the fair one day this week, and as we were leaving the fair, there was a gentleman out by the parking lot, and he happened to recognize us, and he said, I want to thank y'all.

And I said, for what? And he said, when you lost your son, your testimony had a huge impact on one of my dear friends at church, and I hadn't thought about it in quite some time, but just the fact that I was able to share something that helped somebody, it really blessed me that he mentioned that, and it let me know that the things I do and the things I say do make a difference. Right, and the cool thing is he lights that fire in you to testify, to be a witness to what he's done in your life, right?

Then that in turn lights up the next generation, lights up the next generation, and who's the one that's on the north side of the temple, right, that's there between you and the presence of your enemies, right? And we know that Satan wants to take the word, right? He would love to grab that thing from you, okay?

Can't have it. Right, and so in this last segment that's coming, I would really love your calls, because I think it's critical to know that when you are in the lowest low of your life, what does that look like? And right there is where you need to trust, because that's what it said, don't take the word utterly out of my mouth, because I trust in your judgments. In other words, I know that you wouldn't allow this to your kid who you love like crazy if it wasn't something that would be good, and if you weren't gonna end up, right, making it good. And God took that shitamwood, right, and coated it with gold and the blood of Christ, and made it a very positive thing for many people.

Isn't that amazing? Okay. And in so many ways, when I lost a dealership, similar thing, I went through a real valley undoubtedly.

But on the other side of that, wow, I got to be on the radio, and I got to read stuff like I read this week, or I got to hear the stuff that I got to hear this week, and I got to go on the radio and tell you about it, which is like, oh, man. So how about you? 866-348-7884, you're tripping the valley of the shadow of death. Maybe you saw the table, 866-348-7884. We'll be right back. No right turn in the valley of the shadow of death today on the Christian Car Guys show.

When did you find yourself in that valley? And hopefully, you kept on the right. Excuse me.

Why did I say no? I've been saying no left turn is actually, I can't believe I did it backwards. You're supposed to turn right, Bob, not left. Oh, my goodness. I wrote the whole title of the show wrong.

Oh, well. I guess God knew that it would be a good point in this show to say, you know, I had it backwards. It's no left turn. So there you go. You're supposed to turn right. I've had a lot of my life backwards. Just to show you that I am far from finished work here.

It's no left turn. All right. So very cool. And during the break, you know, Bob and I were talking about the incident in Shittim where the Moabites seduced the Israelites. That's in Numbers 25.1.

For those of you who want to look it up, it's a pretty interesting story. So we got Joe is in Winston Salem. Joe, you're on the Christian Car Guy show. Good morning. Hey, good morning, Robbie. How are you guys doing? Doing great today.

Hope you are. I'm doing well. I just wanted to share.

I've got two things. Number one, I want to thank Bob for the man that he is. And, um, I'm a, I'm a first responder here in Winston Salem.

And for years, Bob has divided vehicles to the first responders there to be able to cut on the train, our firefighters, how to extricate, uh, victims from vehicles. And that's just one of those given things that, that I'm so thankful for Bob and, and his, his organization that they did that for us. But, uh, Robbie, I wanted to share with you a number of years ago, my mom went through breast cancer and, um, it was, it was a traumatic time. You know, when you hear the C word, people get worried and stuff, but my mom had this outlook and, and, um, she, she was always, she said, yeah, they've diagnosed me with cancer, but God's going to heal me through this. God's going to heal me through this.

And, and you know, what's crazy. She would go into the chemotherapy session and have people around her and she would brag and say, or not brag, excuse me. She would, she would say, she'd look around and you just see death in people's eyes and stuff like that. And she'd tell them, she'd witness, you know what, God's going to heal me.

He's got a plan for my life. And, and you know what, that was 1998. She's alive today. And, um, it was just, it was just a blessing, but, you know, sometimes it's that journey that we walk through, you know, not that destination, but that journey that, that we travel down. And, um, I just thought I'd share that with you guys today, but, but I just think, I thank the Lord for Bob and, and, and the, um, the influence that he's had here, here in our town and how he's helped first responders out as well. Well, I got to tell you the Bob that's, um, Joe, that is beyond out.

You made my day. I was not aware. I mean, Bob does a lot of stuff, but he don't make a lot of noise about it. Well, sometimes people just do and, um, they do and they don't say a word about it, but you know, it, it really hurt me when I heard about his son, Robin and, you know, but, but hearing, hearing Bob tell his journey, as he did a couple of weeks ago on the show was, was very, um, was very uplifting because, you know, we never know when we may face that journey. And, um, I, uh, you know, I looked at my boys, I've got a son in and actually a son 11, he's turned 11 this week and a son 13. And, and I just don't know what I would do if I lost one of them. Um, but, but, you know, that's just one of them. It's just one of those things that, that we, we hold onto the Lord's hand and walk through and, and, um, you know, the, the experiences that we have, you know, going through that.

And I'm going through a situation in my life right now too, with my, my parents and, um, people look at me and they say, I don't understand how you're getting through this. And it's just that great, that grace that passes all understanding that God, or the peace, excuse me, the peace that passes all understanding that God gives us when we're walking through these journeys. And I bet Bob can tell you a lot about that. Well, that's amazing. You mentioned that because I had kind of over-prepared for the show, uh, a couple of weeks ago and I had so much material and there was part of my material I didn't get to, and I felt like I might should have. And after the show, I was talking to Robbie about that and he said, no, Bob, uh, God wanted you to say what you said when you said it. Cause there was probably somebody that needed to hear it. And, um, I've had some people contact me real recently, you know, since then.

And so apparently Robbie is correct. And, uh, you know, it was what was supposed to be said when it was needed to be said. And, and it's just a blessing for me to be able to help. And, uh, you know, people call all the time, you know, you'll, you'll go a while and not hear anything, but, uh, somebody reached out this week and I thought it was about, uh, a son that was having an addiction problem, but, uh, it was a father that had lost a son. And, um, I haven't spoken with him one-on-one yet, but hopefully he'll find what he needs to contact me. He has my information now and I can't always, you know, give somebody what they need, but I can just give them what I have and what I have been through. And, and hopefully that'll help them, you know, Yeah.

And God's going to, God's going to do the part that only he can do. Well, thank you, Joe. I appreciate you so much going in today. Really made my day.

I found out something new about Bob. God bless Joe. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you guys.

You too. Bye-bye. So we got Linda has been hanging on forever in Greenville, South Carolina. Hello, Linda. Hello and thank you for taking my call. Um, uh, this is the first time that I've heard you on the radio. I listened to two other Christian stations, but I was flipping around to find another one and I landed on you guys. And that was not coincidental because I needed to hear what you were talking about. And I liked the intricacy, the, that you went into and the detail about the Lord being the keeper of the bread.

And there's no coincidences and that the table had to be in the North and the enemy's coming from the North and that we have to turn right. And actually, um, the other thing was, I don't know how to, um, get, uh, like podcasts or anything, but I'd like to follow you and listen to your, uh, sermons and stuff or what you say. Is there a way? Yeah, absolutely. Linda. God bless you.

Yes. The easiest way really is just to go to And if you go to, if you go to, if you look up in the right at the very top, it says, listens to Robbie's daily podcast. And so that'll take your car guide. Christian car G U I like guy, like a guy.

So Christian guy, Christian car guy, Christian car guy. Oh, that helps me because I'm gonna, um, get onto that. I don't, um, you just really inspired me.

No, it's so much fun. I get to relive that fire that you were talking about. It makes my day.

It does. And you know, I just love, I love to be able to do that every day as God gives me something in the word that I get to get on, on, on my podcast and share it. So I'm so grateful for you calling in and give us opportunity to do that. Linda, you know, he does, he lights my fire. So I just, I just excited to see him light others, you know?

Yep. And that's what you do, that God is using you through what you say and preach and teach. So thank you so much. Oh, thank you, Linda. I'm so grateful you called in today.

God bless. Well, we got another Linda is in Raleigh, North Carolina. Linda, you're Linda too. And my sister's name is Linda.

By the way, apparently I have two other sisters named Linda that I didn't know about. We only have about a minute, but I wanted to get you in. Okay.

Yeah. I just, my brother passed away, you know, pretty violent, violent way. And I spent a couple of years ago, but it's been the toughest thing I've been through in my life, but especially the way he went, but through it, I didn't think I could get through it.

I mean, I really did, but the Lord, the Lord is not just walked by my side. He has helped, you know, pick me up and walk me through is the feeling, you know, he got me across the bridge, so to speak. So what's a cool thing when you think about that, you know, he makes it new every morning, eh, you know, like the manna came like the bread, um, because Bob, I know you experienced the same thing that it's like, it's like you've lost one of your fingers on your hand to lose your brother like that. And you know, well, it was the hardest thing I ever went through. Um, but you know, each day presented new opportunities and any chance I get to try to help somebody else with the situation and share my experience.

And if you can share your experience, it'll help carry you through what you've been through. Linda, God bless you for calling in. We're going to be praying. As soon as I get off the air, I'm going to pray. We've got to go to a Christian car guy theater episode.

We're going to see Valiant is going to join the Valley of the Shadow of Death here in a minute. But Linda, thank you for calling in. Thank you for sharing that.

And, um, God bless you for staying with us. You're listening to the Truth Network and Now time for Christian car guy theater with today's episode of Plymouth progress, episode 20. Now Jimmy saw in his dream that poor Plymouth Valiant drove in a most disturbing condition in the Valley of the Shadow of Death for some considerable time. But then he thought he'd heard a voice from a traveler who was going before him and the voice was saying, then Valiant was glad for these reasons. First, because he gathered from this voice that a pilgrim who feared God was in the Valley as well as Valiant. Secondly, because Valiant perceived that God was with a traveler ahead of him, even though it was such a dark and dismal place. Valiant reasoned that if God was with this fellow traveler, then God was also with Valiant. Although by reason of the darkness in this place, Valiant had a most difficult time with a certain confusion he felt. Thirdly, for that Valiant hoped so he could overtake this fellow traveler to have company by and by.

So he went on and called on to the voice. Valiant hearing nothing went on, and by and by the sun came up on a new day. Then said Valiant, Now was Valiant deeply moved by his deliverance from all the dangers of his solitary way that went through the Valley. Dangers that he feared more before, but could only now clearly see. And about this time the sun was rising, and this was another mercy to Valiant. For we must understand that though the first part of the Valley of the Shadow of Death was dangerous, yet the second part, which he was yet to drive, was, if possible, far more dangerous. For from the place where he now parked, even to the end of the Valley, the way was all along set, so full of snares, traps, gins and nets, and so full of pits and pitfalls and false paths, that they all led down to the pit. Valiant realized what a mercy it was to have the light of day, for had it now been dark, as it was when he first came to this part of the way, he would never in a thousand lifetimes been able to safely reach the end of his journey through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. So as Valiant watched the sun rising again, he said, his candles shineth upon my head, and his light I walk through darkness.

In this light, therefore, I can drive to the end of the Valley. Now Jimmy saw in his dream that at the end of the Valley lay a junkyard, full of scrapped cars and trucks, ashes and mangled bodies of sedans, even of pilgrims, that had gone this way formerly. I see a little before me a cave, where I believe two giants, giant Excavator Pope and giant articulated Howler Pagan, lived in the olden days.

It was their power and tyranny that had cruelly put to death the sedans whose ashes and mangled bodies I beheld. But although this place had these giant road excavator machines, Valiant drove by without much danger, which made Jimmy wonder how Valiant could escape that place. But then Jimmy learned that giant articulated Howler Pagan had been dead for a long while. And as for the other giant Excavator Pope, though he yet be alive, he is by reason of his advanced age and also the many skirmishes that he went through in his younger days. He had grown so crazy and stiff in his joints that he now could do little more than park in his cave's mouth, grinning at sedans as they go by and biting his bucket because he can't come at them, capture and destroy them. So Jimmy saw that Valiant drove on his way, yet at the sight of the old giant Excavator Pope that sat in the mouth of the cave, he would not tell what to think, especially because he spanked the Valiant, though he could not go after him. As Valiant drove right past, sitting in the mouth of the cave, the old Excavator Pope snarled.

You will never mend. More like you must be burned. So Valiant went by and caught no hurt. Then sang Valiant. Oh, world of wonders, I can say no less, that I should be preserved in that distress, that I have met with thee, O blessed me. That hand that from it hath delivered me, dangers and darkness, devils, hell and sin, did come past me while I this veil was in. Yea, snares and pits and traps and nets did lie.

I wrote about that worthless silly eye. Might have been catched and tangled and cast down, but since I live, let Jesus wear the crown. Now, as Valiant drove on his way, he came to a little ascent, which was cast up on purpose, that pilgrims might see before them. Up there, therefore, Valiant drove, and looking forward, he saw Plymouth Fury faithful before him upon his journey. Then said Valiant aloud. Ho, ho!

Hello! Stay, and I will be your companion! At that, Faithful looked behind him, to whom Valiant cried again. Stay!

I will come to you! No, I am fleeing for my life, and the avenger of blood is behind me. At this, Valiant gathered his strength and drove with all his might in order to catch up with Faithful. Soon he had not only caught up with Faithful, but drove past him a little, so the last became the first. Then did Valiant vein gloriously smile because he felt smug about overtaking Faithful.

But not taking good heed to his tires as they skidded and got stuck. Valiant could not drive again until Faithful came up to him. Well, my newfound friend, it looks like pride goes before a fall, huh?

Well, let me help you out. Tune in soon for another exciting adventure in the Plymouth's progress. Now, here's Danny Dipstick and Randy Radiator to review today's episode. Randy, I bet Valiant thought that the sun would never rise in that valley, but then it dawned on him. Dawned on him.

Yeah, it's like a zombie movie, Dawn of the Dead. You know, but seriously Danny, Valiant, like all of us, thinks he's alone in the valley of the shadow of death. But like Psalm 23 says, we should fear no evil because thou art with us. The good shepherd is always there.

Oh boy, that's good news. No need to feel sheepish or bad for sure. But seriously, Danny, you know, this episode reminds me that we always have to be on guard because our pride is always lurking in the background. And I think Valiant has to be careful that he's not too prideful about his journey so far. You know, sometimes I find that I'm most susceptible to falling in my walk with God right after God delivers me. And then pride enters the picture, making me think I had anything to do from being delivered.

Oh boy, humble thyself in the sight of the Lord. That's kind of catchy. Someone should write a song about it. Hey Danny, here's one.

You know what? I'm very sad today because I accidentally drove my Subaru out back into the ocean. Now it's a scuba room. See Danny, it's under water so it's, oh boy, you know. Say goodbye, Danny.

See you later, radiator. You're listening to the Truth Network and This is the Truth Network. Say, what would you do if you were a new Christian and you didn't have a Bible? It's Michael Woolworth, by the way, from Bible League International. And you'd probably say, well, I'd hop in my car, I'd go to a Christian bookstore or have one shipped to me.

What if those weren't options? You'd say, well, I'm new to the faith. I mean, I need to know what it means to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus. You know, you would pray that someone, anyone would bring you a Bible. And that's exactly the way it is for literally millions of Christians around the world. They're part of our spiritual family. They're new to the faith. They want to know what it means to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus, but God has them planted where it's very difficult to access a Bible. And that's why the Truth Network and Bible League have teamed up to send God's word to thirty five hundred Bible believers around the globe. Our campaign is called The World Needs the Word. Five dollars sends a Bible, one hundred dollar sends twenty every gift matched. Make your most generous gift by calling 800 YES WORD, 800 Y E S W O R D, 800 YES WORD or give at
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