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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 28 - The Leaky Soul

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 16, 2021 11:10 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 28 - The Leaky Soul

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 16, 2021 11:10 am

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The Psalmist here is showing how to be needy out loud as the humility of being able to say I'm not fine comes out of the Dalet

Psalms 119:28

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Hidden Treasures of the 119th Psalm. Once again, as we are mining in the 119th Psalm, the Dalud section, we're getting to verse 4. And as we've talked about in the other sections, verse 4 always seems to level up.

So I don't mean to confuse you. So when I say verse 4 of this section, it's actually verse 28 of the Psalm, but it's the fourth verse of the Dalud section, which once again appears to be leveling up. Something here is particularly connected to strength, which personally I feel like it fits together nicely with the fourth anointing that was meant in Isaiah 11, which is might. And so it's interesting here that King David is asking for strength. So verse 28 reads, again, this is the Dalud section, so it's kind of his soul is going to be, you know, down there being very humble. So he says, My soul melteth for heaviness, strengthen thou me according to thy word. So it's like, wow, that is just totally different language than the previous verse. But in some way, it is connected. And so it's part of the beauty of studying this is going, how did he go from here to here?

Right? Make me to understand the way of thy precepts, so shall talk of their wondrous works. And after he's got these wondrous works, next thing you know, my soul melted for heaviness. And it almost sounds like he's depressed. And when you look at that word melteth, and which, you know, kind of had me confused to begin with, because what is melteth have to do with heaviness? And the word is actually almost to weep, right? And that like tears come out.

And the idea of the melting is actually the dripping of something that would melt. And so, as his soul is being weighed down, you know, you're getting this melted effect. And those of us who've lived through the last two years, we get the idea that, you know, it doesn't seem like too strange that that times get to the point where your soul feels like it's weeping. And my pastor used to say, his soul leaks. Well, same kind of idea is that, you know, you were talking of the wondrous works. And it's interesting, emotionally, how we go from these, like, man, I can come out of my Bible study at, you know, eight or nine o'clock in the morning, and by noon, my soul is heaviest.

It's melting for heaviness. And so I love the psalmist's humility right here, right? And the idea of being needy out loud, and staying right here in this idea of melteth, which is the way that that starts, starts with a dalit, right? And so he's showing us again, how humility fits into, in this case, strength, right? Because that's how the verse comes.

It starts out with, my soul melteth for heaviness. And so he says, strengthen now me according to thy word. And so I thought, you know, how fun, I wonder what word, you know, that King David was using to, you know, because he was saying, strengthen me according to thy word.

And just for example, you might love this one. If you look at Deuteronomy 3325, thy shoes shall be iron and brass, as thy days, and so thy strength shall be. In other words, David had these verses, right, that he knew of from the law that were just full of strength. And so, you know, if you're at that point, like I am quite often, where my soul is leaking, and where it melted the way for heaviness, how wonderful is it that we can get this talk from God, such as thy shoes be iron and brass, which he was speaking to Asher, actually, in Deuteronomy 3325. He's giving him a blessing. But in so many different ways, if you know in God's Word, where you're going to get strength, and it's not going to be in the stuff that our soul is telling us, it's going to be in the stuff outside our soul, because it's according to his word.

Okay. So when we talked about it before, that weakness in Hebrew has to do with self-talk. Oh, I'm going to blow it again. Oh, man, I'm just dealing with so much right now. Oh, oh, oh, oh, which, you know, gets back to that 13th Psalm. How long will I take counsel in my soul? Having sorrows in my soul. Oh, in my soul.

Having sorrows in my heart daily. You know that that that's where weakness comes from. First is getting a word from God, which is what David is saying here, that if, you know, I get strength according to your word. So when now if I'm telling myself this story of, wow, I'm going to have shoes like iron, right, and feet like brass, I mean, that God is going to be the one that literally strengthens me. And I know the plans that I have for you to prosper you and not, you know, all those things that we know are in God's word, change the story that we're telling ourselves, even this verse, because this is this is King David's prayer. And so an opportunity for us, if our soul feels like it's melting for heaviness, right, which is this sense of the Dalit, which is this sense of humility, like, man, I got nothing. Well, that's exactly where God wants you.

Because. Right. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst.

Blessed are the meek. In other words, this this comes from this point, because this is where God can come in. And you can trade that for his strength. Right.

And you can trade that. For his beauty, where we leak, that's where God really would love to come in and shore us up. And so here's the the interesting level up that King David is going to take us in the fourth verse, which we often find this is that this idea of might, like God's strength is his word. You know, his promises, you know, this is where we are going to find that strength when we are melting and we are leaking. And like I was thinking about the Beatles songs, as my guitar gently weeps. This is the beautiful place for us to replace that leaking with God's word. Right.

You remember the old song, there's a hole in the bucket, dear Liza. We'll fix it, dear Henry. Well, here's how you do it. You put God's word in there, right? You put his word in there because his promises are truth and true strength. All right. Thank you for mining with me today on the fourth verse of the Dalit section of the 119th song.
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