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How God Rolls

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 11, 2021 12:33 pm

How God Rolls

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 11, 2021 12:33 pm

On this 20th anniversary of 9/11, Robby discusses how God was seen and heard by many on September 11, 2001.


Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned in a hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network radio show when that's smooth and Townsend holdings in that but nonetheless it is 911 and we're going to talk about how God rules today. So how does God roll and what might that have to do with my 11 minutes brought to you today by the letter. Kimmel and the letter gimbal is really neat word word letter in Hebrew language in that it is like the wheel it's the beginning letter in the word role is also the beginning letter in the word wheel if you're if you speak Jewish and so you can understand more as we go on about why today's show is brought you by the letter gimbal and so as you remember 9/11 today and I had some really neat music so you could do that and hopefully will be able to get that in the bumps that we hear today to struggle in this morning so I just lost my headphone for second but now I feel better.

So as we remember 9/11 today.

I'm guessing like me you have a testimonium and you can put yourself there 9/11.

You might remember exactly what happened and I don't think that's any accident that God sets up our minds that when some huge tragedy like that happens that you can recall exactly what happened. It's almost like time stood still, like the world click turning which you wouldn't hurt in the music at the beginning the wet when you think better for me when Pres. Kennedy was shot at that very day I get there. Several images are moments because it's interesting to remember days as much as you remember moments and so maybe there are moments for you like the day that 9/11 happened and what would that have to do with the word rolling well, you're probably wondering matter, but I would love to hear your stories how you keep 9/11, especially the stories of how you saw God on 9/11 and Morgan. It is a live shows. We would love for you calling today and share at 866348788486634 truth. That's where were you when the world stopped turning meeting time stood still and you took a snapshot, you know, for me, I can tell you that I was still the dealership at Westside Chrysler Dodge Jeep and that morning seemed like any other morning and we had a customer service lounge that sat right off the showroom floor and so I was kind of looking at the TV through the corner my eye and all of a sudden it just appeared that this plane flew right into the deck and World Trade Center and I ran in there to see what had happened and about that time. I mean within moments, another plane flew into the other World Trade Center, and I really thought and I bet you did. I was wondering how in the world is this happening like it are the air traffic controllers not at the wheel or what you know what are people doing that these planes are flying in the World Trade Center and all the sudden when they said that this was an attack. I mean it was an and they started talking about the Pentagon and all those things you know about that time my wife called me in the day started to just like become that place where the word world stood still and was really interesting as I had an affiliation with truth broadcasting of time and Stu Epperson and I were great friends and that Stu had wanted me Greg Laurie was going to do a crusade in Winston-Salem that year and we were supposed to have a meeting that day September 11 I remember it very well and I drove onto that meeting, which I did not know they had canceled. So when I got in the Winston-Salem.

It is a girl from Huntsville was like oh my goodness you know is this is this not going to happen and and so we saw the the things for in an so again as I'm relating what happened to me on 9/11. I would love to know what happened to you on 911, 8663 for 87884. 866-34-TRUTH will shortly thereafter I went to work for truth broadcasting and I got the chance to interview people so one of the stories that will always stick to my mind manages one of those things that I got to I guess be a witness to somebody who witnessed something was I was interviewing a man that had you not gone in there to try to help you know all the victims, and in so many different ways in. He was a Christian and there are a lot of organizations in there trying to to minister to those people and he said this person came out of the rubble, they were covered in the sort and they were coming to this consumers assignment that you know that that spoke about their faith in this man wanted to come to Christ and he was a Christian and what he told them no because everybody everybody at the scene that according to this minister was asking why would God let this happen. Why would God let this happen, but what this man said as he came out of the rubble wanting to give his life to Christ is that he realized that without God every day would be 9/11. What and I've never ever forgotten that.

Like that was, that is my I guess testimony that I garden my heart about 9/11 that I've never forgotten that this poor man who was in the middle of the actual tragedy, which clearly I was not. But what he saw was a need for God are so many were asking. I would let God let this happen, you know, God called him in the midst of that and I've always thought that was absolutely beautiful.

So we would love to hear your story today, 866348788486634 truth so I guess you're still wondering Robbie, what does and again I'm if you hurt my mentor you got this but you know what does rolling have to do with 9/11 and what does it have to do with the Christian card as you obviously if you Christian car guy rolling is a big big deal to me and so in Joshua 59.

I don't know if you've ever noticed this Israelites are coming into the promised land. And God said something really amazing. Right here. He says to Joshua this day I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you.

Wherefore, the name of this place is called Guildhall to this day, and as I mentioned the letter Gimbel is the letter that would be a wheel.

In fact, it's a Gimbel and then element which means the hearts he got kind of this foot in his heart and and and, interestingly, that means we'll someone we love our cars. I mean is obviously some connection to the rolling idea and and to love which that lamented when you hear the L sound. You think you know love, but it also has to do with learning and so it's interesting that wheel is involved in in in love and it's involved in learning and how exactly does that fit together well.

King David and gave us this whole Psalm 119 to go over all these letters and interestingly I when he gets to the Gimbel section of the hundred 19 Psalm he gets down to verse 22 and he quotes King did.

I mean he quotes God from Joshua 59 and he says rolled away from me reproach and shame drive guarded by testimonies so I don't know about you but I didn't know what the word reproach meant in order word reproach link shown. I do not know well this is going to help you and when you see this been rolled away as really good reproach is that look that your dad would give you when you brought home a report card with the season the Xylocaine, you probably never did that. But I did a few times every now and then. And so when you bring home so that I are you know your dad had that look okay and when you got that look you do that things were, you know, and I hope you had a father figure in your life that that that would give you some sense of what reproach is. But reproach is that look and believe me, King David wanted that look rolled away as do we, you know I had this this real agreement I had to break my life that I was a disappointment to my father and it was interesting all the years I lived under that because we we needed rolled away. Well, you may know that Jesus the stone. The stone I got rolled away at the tomb and so if you look in there. Your approach is not in their and has everything to do with testimonies which have to do with 9/11 and undershot any stories yet.

Some open for yours, 86634878848663487884. Thanks you're listening to the Truth Network and where win though that's in class to Townsend holdings have godly role day on the car guy show. We love love love to hear your story of how you remember 9/11, especially with how you saw God in 9/11, whatever that felt like. And there's a reason for that. It has to do with word testimony or to get a lot into that but I just you know I would really be blessed, and it certainly is representative of God's power like when when we cherish it these things in his heart, your story of of what happened for you on 911 866-34-TRUTH 87884. You know I put it together sometime this week. Not too bright. Wow, it's been 20 years 20 years. At the end of my wife has a friend who teaches school post least keep things on Facebook and she posted that one of her students asked Kirsten where you alive on 9/11 and the teacher. You know course, you know, yeah, I was alive and she goes you were that's epic you're here hence the card that you listening were alive on 911 and so what do you remember what do you remember God doing in and I don't know if you recall, but so many people flock to churches alike like they hadn't in years and years and years. As a result of those events and what is that what is that exactly mean and why is that so 866-348-7884. I would love to hear your story, and as we talked about rolling a course Christian car guys all about rolling and the you know very specifically were talk about verse 22 of the hundred 19 Psalm where King David said, and I know for some so many live the translation they have does not say rolled away from either reproach and shame, reproach, reproach and contempt, but believe me, if you live in Hebrew there is Guildhall Italian meds. It's Gaul and it has to do with that letter Gimbel and it has to do with this whole idea of rolling away reproach, which is that disappointment on your father's face and shame that King David was experiencing and in he is trying to teach throughout this section hundred 19 Psalm on this letter. Gimbel and how important the letter Gimbel is is is he is going to you.

Note share with us the importance that Jesus spent the stone was rolled away in the tomb was empty and the reproach that the Jews felt right. As they came out of Egypt and and in the here God promised them a set number rolled away the in Joshua 59 it says number rolled away the reproach and the shame and and again there's an interesting part that King David gives us a test and in a sort of a commentary on it. He says, for I have kept by testimonies well that word testimonies in in Hebrew has everything to do with being an eyewitness, or witnessing to something and remembering something, and I'm unsure you might realize that that we do these things to this very day we remember the moments that we saw God show up in our own lives and when we do, were not unlike King David, we want to guard these things because it helps it in in actually rolling away are reproach and shamefully we want to talk about that, but obviously were very thankful for your calls and were anxious to get you on the air at 8663 foray 878-848-6634 truth so when King David is sharing this whole idea of the Gimbel. He starts out in verse 17 deal bountifully with thy servant, that I may live in that word deal bountifully starts that bountifully word as you might imagine starts with the Gimbel has every letter, every excuse me verse in the hundred 19 Psalm starts with that letter Gimbel and that word bountifully actually means weaned, and so the idea of weaning.

It is that you're going to be nourished until you're right.

And so when you're taking in milk and those kind of things I apologize are just several technical things going on the risk.

I'm struggling with today.

But anyway, when you're trying to wean somebody. What you gonna do is you're going to nurse them until they are right and so when we get to this Gimbel section at the idea of the letter Gimbel is it says rich man running after the poor man to give him what's been stolen and and so it's cool to me that that here we have the rich man is is asking a merriment we have been David and you can you know at the point in time that this is you know he's about is as rich as it would commenting in this in the place of Israel, but he's asking God here to deal bountifully with thy servant, that I might live and keep thy word and the sorties asking actually is.

Get more and more and more of the word, and so is he's getting the word from God. He's getting to the point where he would hopefully become, you know, nourished the point of being waned and come off milk right. That might mean like something times. Paul says that what you know your get from the milk of the word. You know, to teach switch over to the meat of the word, and so it's kind of cool that King David is here. You only get to the Gimbel section is switching from meat to milk and and so he's asking you know that if if you could do that for me. God, I would be able to write. Keep thy word which is all about what the hundred 19 Psalm very very much. And so, as he's building on this concept right. He he comes down because this the challenge with the Gimbel. Is it also is the beginning of the word pride coming because as people get more and more stuff they get more and more puffed up, and thus you know when you get to verse 21. King David says that was rebuked the proud and cursed, which do air from my commandments, and abilities. He's talking here that what's happened is we've given some so much stuff that they become proud and so that's what sets up verse 22, which is where we get the rollaway part okay and and again if you're like me and you had that situation were you disappointed your father were disappointed that man in your life you're looking for the rollaway the stone in the testimony, part comes strongly in 866-34-TRUTH 87884 I think it might be having some kind of trouble with the phones but please keep following a pause 866-34-TRUTH 87884. You're listening to the Truth Network and live window that said in class to Townsend holdings today on the Christian show when we are talking about remembering 9/11 at the same time thinking about testimonies will get to why that is here shortly but we would love your calls on remembering 911 specifically maybe where you saw God and that 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a member calling and share. We got and who is my good friend Hamilton and Charlotte and Iran Christian Car Guy good morning and lack of the live radio and it's kind of been one of those days, but none that I thought about my height and the way and let it grow and you know, whining, rollaway, and currently three and writing out the end of the hearing, and that I had rejected King gave Gideon Christian to gather and have them think that the night and I did get a new gate that heavily in my high God wanted Christian immediately unite and that that I went to bed and married at the time and my mother called her that he lied later and said you know plane ran into the building at the end of the building and we just thought of it like a little plate that inability to grasp the horror that to happen and so literally we went back to sleep aid you in a way that I owe it to shame.

And that was about it and that that inability but I like what had hit me more than anything let you know the unfolding of the horror you know and you know that my brother Jimmy the fireman paramedic ended up at the Pentagon you know that the defendant hearing the story let's call you know that kind carriage and it really hit me that I was unable to get a call in because I know I get emotional about it.

My dad was in the military and the line that it will hide their bet that. Also, it has occurred to me through the years, God was York College for fear of reproach on America really have to look at that and because God had did get nation. And no, we wanted to rollaway and even now more than ever got help.

It help please help role that the way to come back to you Internet and that escalate.

That's what it left me if you think I remember when Kennedy shot and I and I I member Indian college and walking down a path that behind horror again that this that the unfolding remembered that the ceiling that time kinda stood still like you can remember that you went back to see you remember the phone call about the small plane but those moments are just embedded in our hands and the thing that it also strikes me that really is. I was listening to you, and I was thinking the answer God gave you to your prayer that that media in Christians would come together in so many ways and last night as as it would be. You know the Kendricks brothers release their new movie show me the father and my wife and I went to that and oh my goodness, you know, they've done it again and I can remember interviewing them when they did more room and and I asked Alex where you guys get these ideas you know and and and and he said Robbie is the everybody has a lot of good ideas but we can tell only got a got idea and when you if if if you'll take the time this weekend. I hope you will to go see.

Show me the father with the Kendricks brothers as you walk out of the theater to go okay God was definitely in that that mean you can see that was a God idea and you can see why it was a got idea.

Have you seen it in. Now that I want. Yes you do have anybody I know… It think about now in 2009th in 2001. They had not even done flywheel right now and so I started Christian Car Guy show in 2006, the second week. I did my show somebody asked me if I'd seen the movie flywheel and I ordered it and watched it and I was just like oh my goodness this is unbelievable.

So when they came out with facing the Giants, and I jumped and all that at an end. To think of what those movies which led to other movies you know and other movies and how media really has taken on this and and and you feel some movement from media there when you Call on that right now they have heartfelt God, which really my height.

I think that but by that interview that you did with them if they want Linda: and it really again today we have a new segment and kingdom receipts… In Hollywood and is can be hosted by Brandon policy, but just like God answered your prayer even know I just I put it together like he called me in the media from the car. This in 2006 which definitely impacted you Christian Car Guy theater. All these things happened is as a result of God. You know he has his servants and hard for me to know you know what you know whether it's reproach or what it is that you know the weather it's it's coinventor whether it's it's in all these things that we've seen in our lifetimes that your disco wow this this is clearly testing.

This is clearly people turning back to God.

This is this is clearly a call so I'm so grateful for your call and and unbelievably grateful for your prayer that might have mild I read dad and I realize I wouldn't! God, you know what a horrible 1 quart at him. Think back to me. You know, don't let my reproach fall in America and we need that now more than ever, and I can't wait to hear polygraphs coming up so stay tuned.

Thank you and God bless. I'm so glad you guys definitely go by so I know you got a story, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH so why after King David said you know rollaway the reproach and contempt for I have kept thy testimonies.

What's the connection at an end is as and was saying you know those guys on 9/11. You might remember them saying let's roll. It's a fascinating word but when it says I have kept thy testimonies well what happened right before Joshua happened in 59 right what happened in the other parts of Joshua five not five is that the Israelites were keeping the testimony actually circumcision and they were keeping a remembrance that God had given them to remember nine and and one of the remembrances we get to keep, and I'm sure the time stood still for everybody was Thursday night the night before the stone rolled away right was Jesus said remember me right and do these things did to drink the wine and and and and eat the bread. These were remembrances and their testimonies eyewitnesses to what actually happened and so when we are in communion like that were in our own way were keeping testimonies which allows us to rollaway the content and allows us to rollaway the shame, and so very cool.

I have my friend Clay is on in his 9/11 story Clay you're on the Christian Car Guy show good morning meal how well that goes on.

You know it's interesting that you're doing this because I'm also listening to the ministry that's going to be going on till 330 this afternoon. The chosen people ministries really thankful to the Lord that like this are happening because yesterday listening to British TV broadcasting unit from New York and that he has on his tally is that SRI will be right back. We need your call 866348788486634 truth will be right back your listening to the Truth Network and when that's in class to Townsend holdings will target Russia you know and and again how God rules it throws away the stone is basically what I'm getting to where he rose away the shame and contempt, and but also remember 9/11 and those testimonies of how you saw God in the midst of that 866-34-TRUTH 87884 got one more segment get you in and we'd love to hear your story of what happened to you on 911 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and for those of you just heard the Focus on the Family minute, about show me the father I just had to say I'm sorry but you know folk based on what I just heard they gave that show 4.5 out of five stars because there was a story in there about unwed pregnancy well they would give the Bible about a four on the front and family friendliness. Okay this based on that rating because I'm a tell you that is a five star movie for family friendliness effort was looking in on God's I'm on but I'm to sit there going on. My goodness you had your own president Jim Daly in the movie and he did outstanding job and you guys rated 4.5 out of five I Mary kidding me that I just like on a gasp, so please don't miss that show based on Focus on the Family's rating because that's just horrible.

But anyway we have Clay is still with us Clay. I don't read very often.

But man I struck me like what you talking about 4.5 and McKendrick Brothers movie brother but you like to share is you know yesterday I heard your brother Steve talk to one of the people.

I think it was a dear brother Mitchell or somebody while he was having the shift from New York.

I did not know this, and see you're talking about, you know, I at first, approaches a hug hug other photo rules not roles.

So interestingly enough, what was shared yesterday is in the book of Esther. You know that Jesus know God is mentioned but the hand of God, that you know showed it to talk about. So let's go back 20 years ago when everything happened you know that 1.1 and one Tower 1.1 into the next third play morning to the God and you know just to hear everybody saying and sharing what they have said or shared so many people feel that that fourth plane which was taken down in Pennsylvania and I'm hoping and praying that they're doing a memorial for those people with headed to the White House and you know, I know that where I was when I was doing because somebody did Josh turn on the radio to listen with Hatton and World Trade Center to been hit well being a person who served in the United States Air Force, a former military man, a veteran, it's interesting that you know people that do that are sacrificing their life in serving their country. I believe when I could tell anybody out there. I did Habitat for Humanity about two and half years ago and told people not testimony to building a house or house is that we did I tell people and I said you know if God the father's could sacrifice his son on the cross for us. I could sacrifice several hours on Saturday morning getting up way early and coming in doing this so many people who responded who have responded to each different thing that's going on with her cane that you know that it happened we can have ago so many people who responded or serving and sacrificing to help those who are so many people that lost their life in regards to what happened, which is which is a darn shame if you ask me because what was done it was done intentionally and so honestly brother know that God's hand was all over the situation you think about you that people didn't have to do that they sacrificed you think about all the people that stepped in to do what they did. They served until it is just a wonderful blessing because that's how God the father to create every moment of every day of everything that goes on in our lives expected. I didn't thank you, Clay is always I'm so glad you called in and shared, and I agree with you wholeheartedly. Well, you know I I told you last week and share with you something that happened and the Lord intervene and that would be able to talk to people at the service yesterday and no I know that the Lord led them to share with me the things that were shared because it has opened my heart about it and I said I know that I can be a better person than doing what I'm doing. So that's going to happen and you know I did. I just believe that when we take the time outside of everything that we have make it come to sacrifice and give give just a little bit of your day to the Lord to help something or someone that might need that need it the blessing that seller will bless and have blessed himself conference somebody else claim the thank you so much God bless appreciate Conan so much. God bless you man. Thanks for doing your show appreciated.

Love you too, so we got another we got Karen, who is in Raleigh were going to turn a second, I want to get to the end of the demo section which is first 24 real quick and hundred 19 Psalm it says thy testimonies are also my delight and my counselors.

It's interesting that he finishes the whole gimbal I deal with how powerful our testimonies are and the witnesses counselors. Actually the man of my counsel someone would listen to the God stories were listen to the real narrations we got. Karen is in Raleigh, Karen, you're on the Christian car gush of the morning, good morning. Well I was at work and when when it happened and online on my gosh – and a tear rendered now. And on top of that now. I got done on me later.

You know if that was evil and not everyone was dialing 911-9112 acting physically put on that date.

It happened that day and Lily out will always remember it anyway. But of course remember it now. 911 that and I just I just thank God that today was 70 people that lost their lives and sacrifice time and honor to honor the people that stepped into volunteer con help clean up and down and color loss for but I guess it just touches their grandson for your call today the courage to call in unfortunate habit about out of time. Did you have some else you want to share. Now thank you so much for what you do collectively keep you on all the time and so grateful that you can bless I thank you so again this is we look on the 24th verse which their eight verses in each §that ate the first David is asking God to take him over the finish line is done everything you can in seven mercenaries asking God to take him over and the ways doing this is by asking that our testimonies these things are delight and our counselors.

Those that that's the story, however, were hearing of God's love right and that's how God will. It's a faith that that is going to make us are those testimonies and am so grateful for all your call today and that you list the Christian car gush show. You know that we have this podcast called the hidden treasures. 119 Psalm are we going all these things in detail every single day. Would love to join in that the Christian card I theater we should have another episode for that real quick course of Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis. It's all their Christian car and and again with all possible because you guys so remember slow down.

Jesus walked everywhere he went, and all done in 33 years. This is the Truth Network

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