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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 24- And There's More

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 10, 2021 8:58 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 24- And There's More

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 10, 2021 8:58 am

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As the Psalmist takes us over the finish line of the 8th verse in the Gimmel section, he asks God to keep filling his house with more and more treasures of knowlege

Psalms 119:24

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The hidden treasures of the hundred and 19 a are my nuggets. We are certainly right on topic to finish up the demo section in this being the eighth versus we talked about in the matrix, which is the very first episode of the hidden treasures hundred 19 Psalm in a we talked about that each section has eight verses and the ideas that there seven verses that we put everything we can into innate ones can take us over the finish line. Essentially, God's gonna hold us up and help us make the gunshots.

As we look at this demo section, you know, it really strikes me that each of these when he is the psalmist is asked especially taking these concepts. These words this innocence. Jesus is the word, and he's given you in a way different faces of God and so when we did the first aleph section.

We talked about how that was so equated with wisdom and that's one of the faces that certainly Jesus had infected with one of the anointing that he got very first anointing that he got in Isaiah 11 and the second anointing he you know he got was understanding and and that has to do with being, I would starts with a bath and that's how we went through that hold that section and now we come to Gimbel and Ann were finishing up the Gimbel and so were to get across the finish line and it's interesting that from my standpoint, the Jewish sages is all often talk about this concept of how, Bina and Dawson and that the idea is essentially wisdom, understanding and knowledge. And so now that we have built our house on wisdom like in Jesus set on solid rock Marietta fillet with treasures and these treasures would be knowledge.

And so he starts out this whole section you might recall when we get to verse 17 in the when it says Gimbel deal bountifully.

In other words, the idea is as we talked about this idea of weaning or your nurturing to make right and and so when it comes to knowledge. It's interesting we know that it puffs up, and so is it you know it's kinda cool that he gives us in the middle of the Gimbel section a way to get some air out of our bag.

Or maybe it's the just the fact that either you know, our pride leads us to God or our sin leads us to God, but often other people sin leads us to God, so take your pick. You know either way. When you start adding a whole bunch of knowledge into a situation. People get puffed up in pride takes over and fortunately, God is there to rebuke this is as we talked about so coming in for a landing here as we can to take a jump over the finish line. It's really really a beautiful thing.

How you know the psalmist uses the Gimbel to illustrate this idea of working to keep going and going and going. His the idea of give me more give me more give me more and so what I did not mention in verse 23 is the way it actually starts with the Gimbel when it says princes also did speak and sit and speak against me. Actually the word that the verse starts with that Hebrew word for also which is a Gimbel. As you might imagine, because the restart of the Gimbel and then enclosed men, Mama, and so this is the beyond beautiful word in my worst in my world is just like my gosh, what a neat thing he did because it's like saying and more and and when you look inside of that letter. You see this foot that is the Gimbel that means greatness and then the second letter. This air Ms. Messiah or it also is an idea of water but the enclosed men. That's at the end of the word. The sages of the Hebrew language of always said that that is a picture of the messianic way that that that the Messiah will bring an understanding that the Torah that's never been there before, which in fact Jesus did that in so many different ways is a shame that they missed it, but is there and so the enclosed memo is like a picture of Torah secrets from their standpoint. And so what King David is kind of winking at a say here saying here and more Torah secrets give me more Torah secrets.

Princes also did sin speak against me. You know and and and he talked about having meditated on the statutes.

Well that's gonna get you more Torah secrets well a neat thing. As he takes his across the finish line in verse 24 he uses that same Gimbel word again that word that means also. And so, although is not translated that because the way the 24th verse actually reads in the King James version is thy testimonies also are my delight and my counselors. But when you look at it in Hebrew. It starts out with the word also or even more right that Gimbel Mem even more Torah secrets right.

It says thy testimonies are my delight, which is how reads in English that really when you look at it there. Actually my delights in the word that that bit of in my opinion, King David made up here or you know he took the word play or delight any kind of doubled. He doubled down on the word in the first place you find in the Scriptures, and so here's the dictionary on the word itself is right here. And the idea is like man.

These are these are superduper delights and Isaiah use of the word later, but is only used 119 Psalm Isaiah because it's kinda like super delights and is not as one delight.

It's like a whole bunch of and so what he's talking about and I'm hoping you have a lot of testimonies. You have a lot of places the gods worked in the also have all the testimonies are in the word of God itself. As you unlock these Torah secrets. They're all your delights and so here he is saying right that the testimonies are all these delights. All this knowledge that he is put inside this house that he's built he built a house and now he's filled it with wondrous things and in a course. It's God that took him over the finish line. He gave in this dump shot that these testimonies right are his delights and then really really cool that a four. Unfortunately, you miss when you read English translation of the LOI.

They did it really does did it but when you look at the Young's literal translation the year and why LTE they're the only people that pick up on the fact that the word man is in the middle of this verse very clearly, the word man is in the middle of the verse and and so that the idea of my I guess was actually that there men and and so what actually King David was saying was that these testimonies right, his testimonies, and all the different way that God would come through for him and obviously, the ark of the testimony in his case and all the ways that he you know saw God in his own life right. These are his delight, but also the men of his counsel. In other words is really it's cool that that word is in their right. He's got a hold bunch of these men that are his counselors and this is so critical is an understanding a minute take a minute and try to help see why this is so important to me personally was first because when you look at the word week in Hebrew, you're gonna see that there's a pay in there and it has to do with us talking to ourselves right because a weak person is constantly putting them so you blew it again. Oh, you see God's never before you you you you know and and and like it says in the 16th song, how long will I take counsel in my soul out you know how long Lord LR am I going to listen to myself right so here. King David is giving us this house full of treasure to say that all my goodness, if God's word. If what he's done in my life is what's telling me the story inside my head that is strength right. This is true power. This is this is you know that Jeremiah passage where you know the plans I've made for you write the of the he's getting too good for you ladies going to deal bountifully with you. He is going to raise you up to make you write P is going to wean you write and sometimes it takes and letting air out of your bag, and sometimes it's allowing people in your life that have air in their back flip, but all those things turn you back to God and and if your testimonies are the men of your counsel, beads of the voices that you are hearing are God's testimonies okay this is going to make you have so much more Jesus in your life and and and be looking and more more Jesus and and and more and so I love the way he and the Gimbel section and he uses a Gimbel to do it, and even more Jesus and even more. It's like you know that the that you know in their make of that offer.

You know on the Remco Mathematica or whatever. And there is more, and there is more, he finishes the Gimbel which is his idea of weeding and plenty, and more in greatness by saying it even more right your testimonies are then of my fun on the chemical section of the hundred 19 Psalm

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