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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 13: Having God In Your House

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 25, 2021 10:05 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 13: Having God In Your House

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 25, 2021 10:05 am

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Verse 13 is a study in God's mouth, a critical aspect to house building, as a mouth can make or break your house.

Psalms 119: 13

The Letter PEH Video Described


Hidden treasures of the 119th Psalm.

So we are going on a treasure hunt and the gold we are seeking in this treasure hunt is actually the face of God, pure light. So join us taking this deep dive mining with King David in the 119th Psalm. On today's mining expedition, we are digging into the 13th verse, which is a really change in tempo and it's a change in concepts and it's really a beautiful thing the more I've studied it.

The verse reads, With my lips I have declared all the judgments of thy mouth. And clearly King David here, or the psalmist, is honing in on the Hebrew letter Pe, or pe pe, as you might hear it said sometimes. And actually I'm going to put a link of that letter because it's so intricate into this verse at the show notes, which I'm going to show you. It's one of the videos that I use that I study on the Hebrew letters. It's absolutely a beautiful study.

It's about seven or eight minutes to watch and it's going to be worth every second of it if you love Hebrew or if you like what you know what we've been doing on this psalm. But the letter Pe is like God's mouth itself and so it's interesting that the psalmist used that letter in every word in this verse with the exception of the word all. You know when he said, I've declared all your judgments. So that word, which is also a letter Pe, fascinatingly when you look at the letter itself, inside of the letter is a bet. And as you know, we've been building this house here in this particular section, right? The second eight verses all have to do with the letter bet and they all start with that letter. But interestingly, I've just beautifully inside of the letter Pe, which you'll see in the video I'm going to show you, is this bet. And the reason that the Jews teach that that is, is you may recall that the Torah itself or the Bible itself starts with a bet. And the idea is God was looking for a house, a place to hang out with his friends and all that kind of stuff when he created the earth.

So in the beginning, that starts with a bet, because he was looking to build a house. Well he, as he did that, he spoke everything into existence. And so there's a huge connection between the letter bet, which has to do with house, and the fact that God speaks. And so in the word misfat, which, you know, is the word, the judgments that we've used here is as a type of commandments. You know, we, it was one of the words that we did in the 10 word PDF, but in this word misfa that misfat that has that, that pay in the middle of it, because these are the kind of judgments that would be the easier judgments to follow the ones like don't kill your neighbor, don't steal from him and those kinds of things.

But it's in a, in a way it's even deeper than that because it's any word really that comes from God's mouth. And so as his mouth clearly, you know, made the world and it made goodness, because in the case of judgments here, it's almost like the mouth is going to bring goodness. And so when you think about Jesus's ability to judge something, what he's always looking for is the good in something, right?

You're going to discard the bad, but you're hunting for what's good. And that's what judgment kind of extracts to in this particular situation. And so what the Psalmist is saying is here in order to build this house, I'm going to need God's mouth and I'm going to need his judgments. And so since he's saying he's uttered those with his own lips, I mean, this is a way anytime that you speak, interestingly, it brings you into present time, right? And so being here, present with God, in fact, the letter presence of God, it starts with that same letter. And so in order to speak, you have to be present, be present to speak, or to win as the case may be. So I know this is somewhat difficult to explain, but the whole concept comes to comes together here and that King David is saying essentially is with you here with me God, then I'll know how to decide what's good, what's bad. In other words, inside this house is I'm building these structures as I'm deciding on the cornerstone, et cetera, et cetera. You know, I need you and I need your words and I need your judgment and I need you to show me what's good because that's all part of what would build a good house. And so as he says with my lips, you know, I have declared the judgments of your mouth.

In other words, he's sharing with you how precious it is that God spoke all these things in. And so now he's going to build his house, which we do with our mouths to some extent. And of course, James does a great job explaining how critical it is that the Lord control our mouths because they can build a house, but they can sure in the world, tear one down, right? And I'm sure if you're been married any length of time, you're with me on this one. I mean, you can say something so quickly that will just totally tear apart your house.

It's unbelievable. So in order to be in present time with God, helping you find the good and the good thing to say in any given situation is going to build your house. And so understanding this letter pay or pay and understanding its relationship to the bet is what the Psalmist is getting at here is that if we're going to really build good houses, we're going to need good speech and good speech builds up.

It doesn't tear down. And so, you know, it's beautiful how, you know, Paul teaches this throughout so many of the epistles. The same basic idea is that with our mouths, we can praise God. We can find the things that are good and in doing so we are continuing to build that good foundation as we continue to dig here in the Psalms 119, that section.
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