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The Heart That Goes On

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 21, 2021 12:19 pm

The Heart That Goes On

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 21, 2021 12:19 pm

Robby is joined by Bob Young to discuss which person, dead or alive, they would spend time with if they could.

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This is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network tense but forgot to give me a hot know how I will when a man he should be on his mental and yet I'm on just that I could. I encourage radio show. He hearts that goes on today on the Christian Car Guy show so well the you know Bob is with me today. How fun is that my Christian junkyard guy. Welcome Bob good morning everyone, great to be here so the heart that goes on and as you heard the 10 Wardman from the Wizard of Oz. Always fun. You know you would be on your catalytic metal Bob, if you had a heart and see Lim Dion spoke right from the movie Titanic. Interestingly, but that song the heart goes on. It is very significant song along those lines today show is not always, we bring it to you by Hebrew letter in the Hebrew letter that is bringing you today show is called MM and MM has two forms a close member in an open form in order to get all into that in a little while but like what is a heart have to do with cars all your gonna be shocked working to get all of it today so you know, one of the cool things that I get to do at work and for truth broadcasting it is I help produce some shows and so one of the shows that I actually do the recording for is Nikita cholos a man up show which he has a podcast.

It's called questions and answer with call off which you may know Nikita Karloff is a champion wrestler back in the day the Russian nightmare nurse… Anyway, his pastor is an amazing guy and he was asking him some questions in the Q&A with Karloff and one of the questions that he had them with went right at my heart.

I mean it went right up my heart.

My question was if you could spend the afternoon with anyone except Jesus, who lived in the last 300 years, who would you choose and all the Nikita went with Winston Charles Churchill my heart immediately went to my parents like the choice between light and let it be my mom if I had, if I could spend the afternoon with anybody that it been alive when it been my mom would be my dad who would that be or how about you write what is your heart go without.

I mean, it told me really that question Bob told me a lot about myself like it wasn't. I wouldn't trade Winston you you could pick anybody want it if if if I had that real opportunity like this is exactly who I would want to talk to.

So the question today on the Christian Car Guy chart really want to hear from you, our listeners like if you have that opportunity and you could talk to anybody in the last 300 years. Where does your heart go with that question. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a number to call him seriously. I would love to know you had anybody that's been alive in the last 300 years and you had a chance to spend the afternoon with them. They could be alive today. Even in a who would that be 866-34-TRUTH 87884 so I am trying to guess and I know the answer to Bob's yet nice to the time he feels Meana what were going to be talking about. He said nowhere about today as I wanted I want to spread and while I am highly surprised it's to spend an afternoon with my son and maybe get a answer to that the dynamics around his dad and and you know I'd have to ask him how mom and dads doing today then because I'm sure they they spent some time in each other's presence and that it's just that it would really be amazing and how you miss him every every day and we talk about it and and there's so many things it brings his memory.

I put in a necklace on every day that has his thumbprint and a picture of his first win at Bowman Gray Stadium so he still with me, but to spend some time with him in his presence would just be incredible) and so the interesting thing. I mean if you just think about the question you had a chance. And here comes to spend an afternoon with anybody that have been alive in the last 300 years.

What is your heart go with that and what does that tell you about your heart like as I began to evaluate that. Believe me, I really am hundred percent series. I would love to hear what your thoughts are on that 866-348-7884. I'm counting on you to call me and because I want to have the stunt I want to know more about you, but what it told me about my I was. I was really kinda surprised. The more I thought about it is you and I've had a few days to process his bomb and I'm I'm more convinced than I was when I originally heard it that I I definitely would pick one of my parents a challenge for me is which one would it be continually picked one. I still haven't come to but I think I can find out some things about my parents from wrong and the will to do such a big part of each other's life and the and it would be a great thing. It will be a great thing. Although I do spend time waiting in my heart and my mind and in ages. There's not a day that goes by that he didn't enter my mind right and so I have been working on this podcast myself called hidden treasures. 119 Psalm and I really delighted in it and I've got liver, not 24 now I have 12 episodes now I have 24 episodes so far on just the first 12 verses and so you see were taken.

Kind of a deep dive into bitter but when you look at the 10th verse of the hundred 19 Psalm King David which we believe is the psalmist wrote with my whole heart I have sought you and then it is a response to that, he says don't let me wander from your mitzvah.

Now that's translated in English is billing me wander from your commandments, but I if you destroy the English word out there like him him and so did Lotta people go a lot of places without but that isn't all.

When he says don't let me wander from your mitzvah's.

This is a very specific kind of commandment.

If you want to use that word.

I don't know that I do. These are the things when you when you looking Leviticus and Deuteronomy. These are the kind of things that have to do with giving that you helping out a neighbor. These these are the kind of things that that you do for other people and I don't know I'm just lucky to have in my life people like Bob, I got another friend. His name is corn is not if you were to meet corn.

It's a way he's a lot like Bob. He's a wholehearted person when you meet them. They usually come from the heart, whatever you hear from him is coming out of their heart, but because he is who he is. When I went to Jamaica with them anytime he saw anybody in need. He could spot them way before I would and he'd be over there helping them out with some prey. Inform given French for was like he was a one-man light giver I and and and what I thought was like wow to actually know the psalmist to know.

King David, I meant to say he he's gonna be like most people that you've met.

That is just unbelievably generous. I he is looking for people to gift right and and looking for opportunities to share his heart so don't let me down here and wait.

My most calls, 866-348-7884 yet afternoon with somebody lives in the last 300 years, who would that be all or maybe you've got a friend who lives like that you see them.

They have a whole heart and with and then they got some how can spot people they can spot a mitzvah they can spot an opportunity to jump in there and help somebody like Boaz spotted Ruth crying and he knows she needs a brain and has he and I so we got so much more, but please follow me want to hear your stories, 866348788. You're listening to the Truth Network and Tinsmith forgot to give me know when a man is the capital. He should be on his mental and yet I'm on just that I could feel the heart goes on today, we would love to hear your stories of if you can spend an afternoon with anyone that is been alive in the last 300 years, who would that be 866-34-TRUTH 878848663 for the digitally gifted and die like that. I just can't Bob and Erica. But anyway, or maybe you knew a wholehearted person right.

That just seems to never miss an opportunity to give and I would be remiss if I didn't say my wife is that I mean she is one of those wholehearted like, here's an opportunity. You know it in and she's can that she's gonna do that so it's absolutely wonderful speak for a minute as we actually are getting some cosmic site about that that King David said when I have a whole heart and when you look at that word whole in Hebrew. It it it starts with this letter hoof which which is like a crown. But if you can picture it sort of suppressing something and what it's doing is suppressing everything but God. In other words, in order to focus on God, you got a put the kibosh on everything else right and so instead, King David was showing us that in Hebrew. This idea of a whole heart came from the fact that he could somehow another suppressed everything that didn't have to do with God so we could go after him with that was the focus because he he literally put pressure like the palm of your hand you will put pressure down on something to give you that whole heart. But then, as he connected that to the word mitzvah.

A mitzvah is like if you say the word command in Hebrew.

It would be a spell without permits right where it it it it actually does doesn't have the ma'am and I said the show was brought to by the letter Mem, which the letter Mem is Jesus, by the way, it's the Messiah.

When hear that mama sound and Messiah. That's that's the ma'am and that Mem, as you might guess, is the way the truth and life is also the word, but the other thing it is, is full of grace and truth. And so when you take a commandment and you add grace and truth to it right you get a mitzvah right if in other words, here come something that you're supposed to do because you're supposed to be Jesus right lately. Here's the deal. And so what would Jesus do in this particular situation when you see that person Jamaica that as many food for three right and if your corner jumping into that particular situation. And so what is what the psalmist would David is saying is when you put the kibosh on everything else your heart now sees things the way that God sees things in the result of that whole heartedness quite often is this remarkably just beautiful. Bob you know person that is very generous but you amaze me when you mentioned your wife because you know that there's no more unselfish person in the world that my wife and our son's home now from the Navy and we're getting spent some really great time with him and just just to see the the the light put back in her power unit when he came back around and sets and that it's done a whole lot for me that the impact that the details we have had on his life and out earlier and he shared a lot of staff that you not always felt it but I had never heard it and he shared some things only recently that I really warned me and I was so grateful that I had Jeremy and shown in my life when Rob left yeah because they help fill the void and the MB in there and super kindness and awesomeness displayed by my wife and that, my need. It is what carried me three. Jeremy and I were talking about yesterday about you know how my outcome would've not been nearly as easy and in need of this complete without her in my life at that time how I know I know I know because I know Lori Bob is in Chapel Hill and Bobby are on the Christian car guy show good morning Bob, nice name by three is Robert is the is the anyway formal much much too formal. As I was good so you know if I was thinking about who I would need all these things people come to my but you know it would be. My grandfather died when I was a young child and I never got to know him and because of that we never got a lot of history of my dad and I think if I had my dad come back. He still wouldn't tell me to go to bed. Just thinking you say Bob because I asked the same question of my Christian business men's committee meeting this week and my one of my really really best friends gave her. He settings almost exactly. He said I want my grandfather because I want to hear more of the story of what the real deal was with my father see that that's why you want to talk, and I have a feeling I'm becoming more like him every day in a good or bad. If you want unfiltered nursing get to his father. Beautiful Bob, thank you. I mean you guys do.

I really really appreciate that tells me a lot about your heart, which already knew because I happen to know this is my friend Bob from his church in Durham I Jacob I Bob and I'm so grateful for your grandfather, because without him that I never would have a chance to meet Bob so thank you buddy that I have a great day bye-bye hi we got Virginia is in Lexington, North Carolina.

But you can call with years at 866-348-7884 Virginia, oh I got you right before the break, Virginia. Can you hang on for us and she will put her back on hold and hopefully we can get Virginia but we want to hear your story, 866-348-7884 wholehearted version of the right heart goes on your listening to the Truth Network and heart that goes on things almost as good as she really, really fun bring tears to my eyes just easily but anyway we are so excited because we have Virginia is in Lexington, Virginia.

You're on a Christian car guy showing you've got a story for us are 14 years old when my father that I would like to talk with him and just counting how much I appreciated him 14 year and how much I loved in and just get some of his wisdom and sandlot to me. It should have Misty I went to Virginia in no as I thought about you know I don't. If I had the chance to be with either my parents. The questions wouldn't matter if this began their presence right is the like, wow, to just be there in you know it's kinda cool to think that that's how God feels about you where. And in the heavenly father's pregnant is all you need to vent. Beautiful asked absolutely yeah yeah just to be with her. Be with her. You know, as the case may be. So thank you Virginia you could have said it better. And thank you for your father. I mean is just wonderful and that is a heart that goes on right yeah it is. Thank you. Let me share that the line I'm grateful you did. Cut glass. Thank you all right now. I'm pretty excited about his next color because her name happens to be the same as my granddaughters name incisions in Winston-Salem which is where my granddaughter actually lives in Louisville but Lila is that the lie lie no this is my beautiful granddaughter. The voice this is the voice behind. If you've ever heard.

The first rule of fishing story right and she's she's the voice of what's the character you played in Christian car guy theater.

Last they will break yes you did. Yes you did. So Lila, you could be with anybody that is been alive for the last 300 years, who would that be for you to lock in my life. I want every moment with my family and that you are.

I learned probably spend it with nine or my grandparents ever seen her every moment and remember I wish you could see his face with your name popped up on the screen. This man is says on the. The young lady here today. Hayes, one of my dearest friends and I want the best people I know that day. You are definitely the light in his life, and have been for years. You know all those stories that we've talked about one of you noticing and coming down the mountains grandpa you remember that and in and we went to grandma's house that time the red truck just mean you and you know it's just all lives precious signatures.

I have recently been blessed with a grand town and I mention the moment a guy that Jeremy got home from the Navy and I got to be there when Jeremy met his niece and what a precious, precious family moment that was and they took to each other. Jeremy is so good with now Haven is only two months so that I am Haven Haven yes Ryan and Jeremy said good with little people tiny people united. He was so comfortable and you could tell Haven was comfortable with him and you know there's there was times that now he was the whisper he was the one it could get around and we had such a great visit. We stayed ran. Ate supper into spent hours together and it was just a great family moment in the just to see how good he was with his niece Bill as well as moments that you just never forget the families is very very special and I know that it is to Lila thank you so much for calling Lila what it what a treasure you are, you start school next week so we gotta be praying seventh grade is all right. She's on her way. Bob, good luck with that was a treat that was a tree but the next reach, and I need your call 8663 for 87884. You know you got that person you'd want to share some time with what might that look like for you, it would mean a lot for me to hear that 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and it you know that's the kind of stuff Bob it really is that that I think God loves to share with us when he gives us these moments in these gifts and precious time with people. I think to sustain us after their gown. I mean there's I used to speak to children sermons nice the children sermons at our church and the low short message to the kids and bring them all up front and I just have a special moment in my mom appeared and so many of the ice because you know my childhood lessons so many came from her and we were talking Jeremy and I were talking last night about how good he is about speaking with adults, and it you still amaze people. I'd go over to visit it somebodies has an I'd be talking to their parents and there's they'd see me later.

Since my parents were really freaked out about you talking to.

They won used to say when I was little else traveled with my mom and when she went to get her hair done and everything. I was in the beauty shop with trying with adults so it was many and when the problem for me to talk to adults and Jeremy seems to have that gift united was able to pass along and that hate.

He just loves talking to people and it's just a gift and it came from mom and her my time together with her aunt in and for my standpoint again. When I think of the wholehearted people that I've been blessed to know right and and and how those wholehearted people to misfits that they are the ones that love one another those of the people that that right. That really seem to find ways to love on that person that looks like there the outcast with whatever that may be you like it is. You know, the whole reason I teach special needs ministries as my wife completely. It was not hot. My idea this was totally her idea in over 20 years ago because she she has that wholehearted you know kind of thing and so so when you see that in the hundred 19 Psalm like with a whole heart. I've sought you, you know, don't let me wander from your midst, because these moments that you have to love on people, whatever that may be in an insight that with the labor loved Bob the one we have these moments of this Jesus labor love. It's a car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis. And just this week a couple times I talked to Scott Barton are are a volunteer that has this opportunity to pray with these people as they come in at and the different situations that they have these really are mitzvah okay. He seems to be such a perfect field for that. I mean, we prayed a long time and look what God said if I you know that that bit in that amazing that that's amazing because I mean there's a huge dynamic behind that and it's just amazing what things come full circle and the right person gets in place right right because you got the situation where you gotta be somewhat wise because people that are in need innovate that they're hurting. And because they're hurting you know there sometimes a little bit difficult to get through right to an end. To be able to be there, but his ability to pray with them the most kind of thing. Believe me when I tell you those are mitzvah maybe called commandments that their myths right and they start with a man for reason because it's all about. So we come back got one more time for you to call us one more segment 866-348-7884… Cancel your listening to the Truth Network and heart goes on. Our guys show when we got those wonderful because I'm so excited the people that are called in but before I go there I got a talk about another wholehearted person that we both know Bob, that always helps out with Jesus labor love. He is help me out to Jesus labor letters that you put them on. His name is Terry Inman and oh my goodness, I Terry is always been the kind of guy you know you like overwhelmed because he's trying to help so many people the same time but you got admit man I is like the other day I was like Terry, can you help me out. I got to get rid of this one more and now man we need to give it away. I know this ministry.

The giveaway lawnmowers and then as it turned out, when it came, he came to pick up this guy had a riding lawn more than that I wasn't using. And when he came to pick it up because I hope Bob's stepson Sean needs a lawnmower will give it you know what I'm like oh man, you mean we can keep the family that it was such a blessing.

The AMA is a is he has a large yard and he didn't push Melanie and the grass is really taken off and growing like crazy this year and it was just such a blessing to him to be able to do the writing thing instead of that push one that's good.

I remember when I was in had to do a lot of push my nose a source of the income it while I was remiss I didn't mention that Bob today at 1 o'clock in the Truth Network is Amy combo and the cure.

There can be talk about recovering from abuse through ministry survivor's turn out to be help others like as God helped them. They are now helping others on the church today at 1 o'clock on the Truth Network we gotta get to Patricia is in Holly Springs, North Carolina Patricia you're on a Christian Car Guy show good morning good morning to return to regular data to be a little less confusing thank I can. I'm so excited to hear your story. Great yeah if you turn the radio off and get that answer is that the labor to the really is confusing but yet well it amounted that the mom looked at the current economy. Mom got a great river be a company go to her got a little now you get it right.

Okay already looking lucky looking.

I like to have him on really well and really will thank you Patricia. I'm so glad excited to hear and I'm, I'm with you. Like if we just sit there with him and be wonderful when drilling would God bless you, thank you for calling in today. That was courageous and I my left ear and it got blessed but I we have Misty is in Charlotte North Carolina. Mr. you're on the Christian Car Guy ship Misty, so how about you my identical twin Esther Laster a little over 10 years ago. Our joint overdose and are she would now 20 and Wheatley definitely had the connection we went through the same health issues and good times and you know everything was fine with us.

Then we were together before anybody else knew it only knew each other, nine months before anybody else knew we were so I just can't wait only thing that keeps me going. I was ran twins earlier in my life and when they were little they had their own language they'd be able to carry a known conversation before anybody could understand. They knew exactly with each other will send each other. It was the value that one lot just one lot trying to yeah it wouldn't be it's just precious to spend another few hours right Tyler Chrysostom, it would be it would be an end.

So the heart does go on, doesn't mistake as it she is in the I love that that's quite a concept to think well you were in the womb with her just you and her for that whole period of time. What's interesting, Bob, and few people notice that I didn't speak well because my sister was deaf and I we were about a year and 1/2 apart. We want twins, but she taught me her language and so my parents would sit there and there we were Lynn and I were just Gavin and they ended up have the principal through speech therapy. She had trouble hearing and so she she developed a strange language will she taught it to me and so there were quite sure that's awesome Misty. Thank you.

I'm so grateful for him. What was your sister's name Christie and Misty I love that is so beautiful. Thank you Lizzie God bless our while Bob seems like we got some neat names to pray about this is, as I'm on my way home. Stan will be thinking about Misty and and Patricia and I and the wonderful folks that have called in today to share their hearts right because this this is this is where the rubber meets the road as far as I'm concerned, like your your heart is where God wants access and this stuff right is heart-to-heart opening your heart and sharing your heart and share in the voids in the fullness is of your heart right right right in and in. You know, few people can touch you write more here where your families have this years and years and years, so it's it's a beautiful thing course you know my granddaughter Conan who could forget that moment cell tissue box got a little light. Well, I am so grateful for all the calls and we do know that the heart goes on and on and more small because Jesus is in it that memo that we talked about this a beautiful thing that he is the living water and and he's right there with you so again I would ask you to consider are praying for folks in the Jesus labor law of God puts it on your heart to give you go to Christian Car listen to podcast on the hundred 19, all those episodes will look forward to next week when we Bob absolutely thank you for having me here today is awesome. Thank you for listening. This is the Truth Network

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