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Take Care of Your Car, Body, Mind, and Soul

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 31, 2021 12:37 pm

Take Care of Your Car, Body, Mind, and Soul

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 31, 2021 12:37 pm

Jerry Mattis, AKA, The Christian Mechanic, is joined by his good friend is Christ, Bob Young to discuss how caring for your car is similar to caring for your soul.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcast ready from the Christian faith and lay out our foundational truths of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcasts of starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network radio show morning Christian Car Guy radio show that this is a show hate 648-7884 Jerry Mathis rights body shop and wrecker service again this morning, filling in for Robbie Gilmore is his own vacation I guess is on the tailwind of vacation be coming back in and also in the studio with Ms. Mike good buddy brother in Christ Bob Young good morning folks. Great to be here and some of the bog also been on vacation at the beach that the few days they're trying to do the permanent vacation. To get away. It really was.

And we know what we can canis get to permit really is you too far away from his brother K is only a few hours down the road we we make the trip back and forth pretty often enough and not enough you last week and this sort of topic that we talked about last week.

Kind of was driven from the week before when you and Robbie were on the radio.

One of the things is talking about that that the noise that death not in the engine block people was Ghassan spark knock are.

That's exactly what I thought it was the first time I heard it because I had so many vehicles that develop that chatter just from different things and a lot of times it is contained in all that that after listening to it and he said it was a an imported car that it it made perfect sense to me that it was the death knock and not just a spark about the everybody that that is that is the worst you know there's more cars in the yard from that than most any other thing you should be able to walk out your back door at the head at the yard and be able to sell a lot of the results of people with let him go a little too long little too long and the maintenance thing is that this such an important thing with the cars that was ON last week when I said it was kind of drove off of the week before what my what we talked about the topic last week we talked about was gasoline and octane and water hinges need and also what we need is our spiritual walk and so this week I'm coming want take it another step further, but still down that same line talk about maintenance and about maintenance on our vehicles maintenance on our bodies but also maintenance on our spirit and we start really diving into that that could really cover a lot of bases but it's really important step is the fundamental stuff that we need. Take care.

As we talk about with the car. I mean start with our vehicles definitely that loving care and regular maintenance because if we don't have that was the next thing that we have problems their satire on the side of the road and that's where my towing service rate wrecker service part of Ray's body shop is implant play because of people have vehicles that they did done regular maintenance would've been in the situation there and you know, sort of. We talk about the maintenance on a vehicle you know this, but we got that owner's manual in the glove box or lease get connected with a mechanic or something that you regularly see that kind of keep you abreast of what's, like a physical for the car that the you mentioned the physical maintenance on our bodies and everything and that is such a struggle for me because I get a little lag set in the scales will indicate how lax I have been and had trouble with pushing and it pushes and then I'll get a little busy and get it get my weight back down and and the cholesterol comes down with it and so many things you don't ties together just like you call her so many things are tied to ghetto maintenance and taking care of and in keeping up with it and not neglect and end just because you did a good this month that mean that you know you can ignore next just like those scales that you step on it. If you are not taking care of what you eat what you put into your body, or what you put into your car, or lack thereof in a list. Just a whole bunch of things that can stir up and cause trouble for you as we as being as we get older and has you mention it, and I've come out I will have a physical coming up this week so I am dreading it because these are tell me all the stuff I'm not doing right on my maintenance program. As for sure I get on the scales in S you know I you go in the first thing that take a hike again and get on scales so right off the bat. I know it starts off bad because that moment scales I can see those numbers also only well it's a it's a I've feel like I've been doing decent here lately. I'm getting back down close to the numbers that I won't on the scale and like say the cholesterol seems to follow and the blood pressure follows in everything is just so tied together and I met a good spot right now, but I can't get complacent about it.

I can't say okay it's good right now. I can go ahead and eat a box of cookies and eat half of that carton of ice cream like you want to and that is hard to say no. I morning I was the same boat. I mean the front of knowing that's coming up. Submit Cinemark, watch what I'm eating so I go in with the best shot. I have kind of not being too awful far off the scale. But in this morning, here it is. We had a function at church and the one made the breakfast and stuff and it with had gravy biscuit said they had had very good for you. Cholesterol engraving rather maybe it was so good. First time through. I didn't overload my plate was on watch and make sure amongst maintenance program here is that close as physical disclosure. It is we get a little bit more pay little more attention and try to correct a few months of not doing the right things really quick, but I've been to me I'm I'm week on that because I did have a light looking plate to start with but I did go back for second leg and the gravy is a weakness for me. Anything for love sausage I love bacon and eggs breakfast is a great great meal and there's there's always the nemesis country and Yaphet heart attack in the sack.

I will and then we heard Kevin talk about how bodies the maintenance there and in Christian car guy would talk a bit about cars also and part of it is is a said you notice that regular maintenance. Bob, as you agree with me. There is no you can't just whenever the problem pops up. It was a little easier in the old days you pulled in time to get as they checked your all they'd check a little of this and a little of that and sometimes you could ask him just to check your brake fluid or something and and maintenance with provided you know it was a service and I did a little a little work at a gas station where we would and oh pump gas for the folks at and we would check their all. But those days are not.

This is not very many places that I don't yield anything as you say that I can't even think of a single one will we were traveling. One time I believe it was in New Jersey you could not pump your own gas up there. They came out and pump the gas and you had asked for him to check your old and stuff but that really shocked me, but I liked it but you. I think the gas was probably a few cents higher because of that adding a new notice say that the thing about it back in. In the day years gone by when you pulled up that was automatically done. So you knew that your you know if you're if you're getting gas. Every week or every two weeks. You know that you're always getting checked in and had a clean windshield. Yeah, that was sitting on. They'd even you know the stuff that you would think about, you know, because this is what these guys were were doing all day every day they would even look at your tires and we just stuff you didn't think about anything yours have an issue you know is my turn signals work and they would check all that and now that sort of taken away get that gas given the money and get out here just just don't even slow you just to slow down loan a puppet to get out of the get out of the lane and go ahead and move on down the road you think it would work again assume I tried to bring that back. You know I have often thought about that and if not, I think it could have you think the right situation because that is certainly I know for a lot of males just don't have that that gene lot of females under my daughter and I just thank you, Lucius. Great thing will get ready go to break it again Jerry Mathis raise body shop direct service with Bob Young and this is a call-in show a 663487884. You're listening to Truth Network and Welcome back Christian Car Guy radio while one of the things were just talking about the maintenance on our vehicles and we think about you know there was a time when it was kind of easy to keep that minimal maintenance for you to know we all grew up in a time where you drove up it wasn't for your card out, stick it in a pump gas and get out of the way of the next one behind you where you pulled up and there was an attendant. After that, but the gassing for you. What always you have to ask him not to check under the hood. It would check all your fluids and if you asked him check air pressure check your wipers. Those you think about a man that is a days that I miss yet that was a very valuable thing. Most of that happened before I was in high school. I think every is I'm trying to think back to that. The time it seems like it was like early 70s or something. That is, that started to fade out because by the time I was out of school at a high school if it wouldn't is it was not going on. It was still not it was not a still thing and those those gas stations and service stations and service station owners and operators were part of the community goes back to what we talked about many many times on this this this show is heaven somebody that you trusted that you could go to and they built their business by their ghetto by their character and by their dependability in an know if they told you something your car needed something you didn't doubt it. You know you and I you trusted these folks there was three brothers that had a station there in Yakima where I grew up and Dinkins brother Shale.

I still remember you just like it was yesterday. It was they were a staple of the community. Yeah, now that things were so important now you have to go out and find those relationships because always say end and think you agree hundred percent with me is so important to have you note for my industry in the body shop is is to have a body shop that you can trust a towing company that you can trust to call a mechanical shop that you can trust the call when and also that will also kind of when you pull a lien if this unit you don't need a big thing. But if some of the garage that you deal with. You pull and they don't mind going out and check in your all and check in your fluids that they don't know you from anybody and you pull up and there have been really busy this not going to stop doing what they're doing to help you, or just to check your fluids well I gotta give you a plug because I remember years ago Lori and I first started Dayton. I backed into her car and it was a really nice little Honda and we brother TL and y'all fixed it and when I took her over there to pick it up.

She sign which said which side did you hear you is you couldn't even yell did such an excellent job that you couldn't tell which side had been damaged and it was just the art of invisible repair and yellow goddess really hooked up well so I gotta give you had a boil. Now I will thank you but it's you know, and I think you'd probably agree to this because of us having a relationship and lot of we don't have them with me and Bob are good friends and I do not trust Bob with anything in but if he comes up. Anybody can him comes up will going to do what we can officious to look at something who may be people come in, or just looking to buy a car.

I want you to kind.

We look us over and see if it's been rectum is anything that stands out, you know, that's just important or when you're in a crisis and broke down the side of the road. You need a wrecker you don't have to have somebody scarred. If you can call instead of just being somebody random and how many times when you were in the that the junkyard businesses salvage yard. People come up another with about a part. There was also In you for some information and step and then mints a lot of times it was somebody when so-and-so told me that you take care of me in and and you build a business by giving people great service and and going a little bit extra form and you know we were in a position where we can get you don't knock a few coins off you know and give him a little bit better deal. There was a gentleman in office one day and he was getting a little bit loud and I walked on assets was was prompt Mo here. How can I help said they won't too much for this transmission. I so what would you like to place her and he tell me what you want to pay. I think Amy will work it we can do that in. It was just de-escalate the problem, making somebody happy and if somebody leaves your place happy they might tell one person to come see you but if they leave their man there going to a 50 not to come see and effigies until another for a bad name is not a great thing to have when you're trying to make a living in and it was this, we did stuff for the community. We tried to keep things down just help people help people. Use your heart, don't always try to run your business with you wallet try to run it. We get ahead in your heart and things didn't work out very well yeah I think so many times we in business. We what you just said some towns were driven by the dollar and that transaction instead of sort of saying you what a God, what would you have me doing a situation.

How can I be beneficial to somebody and it may be unit you may lose a dollar here but I guarantee you lack side of him comes back and that God never tells us to do something because as a be a greater reward of a financial wart on the other side of it but it just seems to always work that way. Doing the right thing is its own reward and that there there so many benefits and and when I'm doing the right things when I'm doing my physical maintenance and I see the results and the this the one you mentioned today that early this morning that really rang my bail and I found myself to be, not us. Not as confident as I should be is my spiritual maintenance I don't always do what I need to do to keep myself spiritually sound and it it shows shows what I'm going on my own time with trust and taking care of myself. It really shows that would come after the break room and take a deep dive into maintenance owner be able going to put even a deeper dive on my spiritual night is because really that's really what it's all about is that walk with Jesus Christ because that affects everything around us that affects friendships and relationships will be back in a moment you're listening to the Truth Network and all right look back with Christian Car Guy radio show again, so love to hear what your maintenance problems all your physical maintenance are all maintenance more poorly. Spiritual maintenance of user: show 866-348-7884 about car maintenance. Many are so many things are that that can include even to the point of no somebody will say what what what is washing your car and keeping it clean. How is that maintenance for one thing, Bob water doing you know this is by keeping it clean and wax so having a little rest areas are areas that need attention. You see those early you take care of them early before they become a problem of having a cut out a whole panel or something like that and it's just a matter of just taken every few weeks now with a bucket of soapy water and just cleaning your car inside and out.

I'm guilty of neglect in that area when I'm when I'm in South Carolina. We have a carwash we go to, regularly, so I don't see the stuff on their that you tongue back get that actually ribbon over in a few find that rock chip. There's the technology is now a days and I used to think he had a rock chip where you wait for it to spiderweb and then you then you change your windshield, but now they can go in there and pump that Rick Duffy pump arisen him to the correct pressure and and you know save your windshield and it's it's was amazing to me the first time I heard about that because all I thought she could do for rock chip is wait for that spiderweb to start and start running across your windshield and and then when you couldn't put up with any longer. You had to replace it. And that's an act of culture money the same thing with the know we see this a lot in the body shop industry were somebody comes in and the door needs but some they come in to get repairs. They need a latch they need hinges and chances probably tore the door of the Stryker is aware you know is started dropping Susan notice a drop in could've went into somewhere and they could've done a little bit maintenance work to it and all all you noticed another thing is just all in all your moving parts like a hinge you don't see that as much as yeasty when they had the great big heavy door is it is it still an issue that they did is especially on trucks and stuff. Even though even even with aluminum stuff you think of, cut out so much weight, but now what you see by cutting out the white have also cut out some of the strength and what you have is more than that of the weight that ported out of that part is were people clamming in and out of it using the door for leverage getting in and out of 1B Internet down while I'm guilty of you know how you doors on the truck or on a lot of vehicles have that pocket at the bottom will at one time.

If that pocket wasn't completely full of stuff.

Then there was room for one more thing and I and and I never thought to how much extra weight that was added to the door until that one day when I grab that exterior door handle and it it it gave a and it was I think a big part of it was from how much stuff I had inside that door pocket ranges.

There was just easier to reveal some hair that was so much stuff in that door pocket and then I just got thinking is that door probably would function a lot better and my could've saved and handle if I hadn't had all that extra weight inside.

Do try to keep less stuff and I won't say absolutely nothing in there but I don't try to try to carry the whole maintenance get there, you know, wait another thing the people don't think about is your keys when you have a key, especially in some now a lot of cars have the Tektronix start pushbutton start to not put in a key interdiction switch, but I've had cause a command that the switches wear out a nail pan you there key and is about a 80 keys yeah and that have that the got hand sanitizer. They got pictures of the kid the dog and you know is just in all these keys and you know all that you most of them will have a bunch of the little little cards you know that the discount because really there and so I mean, it looks like it miss it was all about you not leave the garden. Yeah you sheets garden. Every guard and so all the sudden initial have an issue of war out switches and stuff like that. It all has to do with that extra weight in Dumbo maintenance on the car.

Another thing is Bob.

How important is it just do you regular oil changes that you have people glad you so it's got all and it all is all that matter. I young man called me in the kind of car he has his down for this problem but his third engine expired and he had been through two transmissions and he's asking me if I knew somebody that had a decent used vehicle that he could purchase sent and they are, rare right now there's a a lot of cross-selling going all cars but he yeah him a star daddy what Ms. good with his maintenance and and he drove a little too hard a young guy and it was a straight drive and he liked see that thing go room room and 1/2 at clutch yeah like to drop that clutch but if he sent on on the last engine he had really taken it easy because he learned his lesson, but it was there's some vehicles have a poor design when they come out with any engine in and you can have trouble. But the hopefully somebody will have a used vehicle and he can get back on the rate because he's not going to try to repair this one anymore. Yeah, sometimes it's the Robert is a dagger to his heart. Here's my say to junk one, but sometimes that's just the best is a mention Robbie just maybe think about something that I needed to make sure mention was Amy Cabo will have the cure own at 1 o'clock on most of these channels as you tune in to the cure with Amy Cabo but also maybe think about Robbie. For those who need that Robbie Gilmore fix problem. If you know this but Robbie was part of on a Wednesday night program Pando Christian church where they had conversations and Robbie came in one Wednesday night. Sit down for an hour and had conversation you go to and scroll down to conversations and Robbie is one of a minutes worth your time to sit there and and and watching here that that that interview and stuff assorted digs deep into the Robbie's life in his walk with Christ and what brought him to where he is now in his conversation with Nikita Cole off also has a program on the los Truth Network Truth Network man up, but he's one of a minister settle and Bowersox, just a lot of really Mark Garreau. This is a great great series and is worth your time. and scroll down conversations click on your see the roster of those that were interviewed. Robbie's is really special. That's amazing and is a great guy, member the first time I met him and he was involved with NASCAR in a way I think he's changed now that the what he does, empowering preachers and uplifting them and everything is such awesome thing and you know how God laid that on his heart. Now he ran with it. It's just been amazing. Yeah, I think we all kind of fallen that thing where we don't realize the pressure sometime ministers and preachers are up against and Stefan. You know it in in so many ways it's their own island. It seems that I know that they can probably feel that way when they have so many folks that rely so heavy on them.

I mean I remember when my son passed in Darren Alexander. He carried me he carried me for a while when my business partner.

He was one of the first people there and I we were there on fire and I can still see him had on a white turtleneck it's I've got the clearest picture him being there at that time and the that's really awesome I may hear your just completely up in there don't know exactly know what to think or what to do. We we had a plan really quick. I will never forget Channel 12 came out and me a microphone and stuck a camera in my face. So what are you going to Bob and there's about 28 to 30 employees, then the right behind that camera yeah we going to Bob as it would go open up tomorrow and we don't sell parts and we going back cars going by scrap metal and come on out we can really use your business and it was just that point in my life.

God grabbed me and lifted me and gave me strength like I've never had my real reactionary type person a lot of times and got just gave me strength and positive things but a lot of us from having my creature such a great relationship with him in the Lord just really caring absolutely would come back to the breaker going to really know God speaking to our spiritual walk in our spiritual maintenance.

The bottom of it.

Only we come back." What you do what I do.

What we all grow our walk with Christ you're listening to the Truth Network and again. Welcome back Christian Car Guy radio show it is to get rid dive deep into our spiritual maintenance want to read one passages passage or just one verse from Romans 1017. Faith comes from hearing the message and the message is heard through the word of Christ, that such a simple little passage in verse there but really what is telling us is part of how do we maintain our self and want to sit there and asked that question is no, talk about our car you notice doing that maintenance net preventive maintenance and doing things so it functions properly and runs the way it is intended to run. We talk about maintenance on our bodies and stuff is what we what we put in how we physically keep our self fee.

It is best possible so that we are able to operate and function the way our bodies were intended to, and then we come to our spiritual walk. My weakest point. My weakest point.

I do not read like I should convince myself as a young guy, I don't read well I don't I don't read well I can't read and and I'm not great about a great reader but that is no excuse for not reading at all. Okay so I read a little slow. Just take a little more time to read something that I am so bad about not reading as much associate you gave me one of the greatest books I've ever had and the it was 40 day Bible study and I got started and I got excited and really had a positive effect on me and then the other day I found it laying.

This will help a lot more FIP kit and open the pages it's easier to get something out of a reading material. If you do pick it up and sit down with it. I need to turn off the babe to leave just a little bit more and open those pages and every time I do I get a blessed but I just found myself not reading as much associate is very big fall to my diet and I'm with you and that that's your eye.

As I told Bob earlier, I have to intentionally go into that I will be in Scripture, read, read God's word because I'm like, like Bob, like so many others it's a it's easy to keep putting it off, put it off so I have to almost force myself to do it and then afterwards and I'm doing I realized mantises what I'm supposed to be doing what I need.

So when I sit there we think about note I'll be one of the best things we can do as far as our maintenance, our spiritual mind this is just beginning, God's word because as I mentioned about that owner's manual.

When you're Chevrolet if you got in the glove box. God also has provided us with an owners manual and that that's his word and how many times we've all been in homes been times where you sit there you think well that their owners manual and the glove boxes have been taken out and on the coffee tables that Bible that looks good but this time somebody comes over the have to wipe the dust off of because it never gets open but God would call us to him to make sure that were in his word because it is simply is important to him that we have maintained our spiritual walk in our spiritual health that I can spend time with God when I'm doing certain things, but spending time with God's word and is is harder for me today and I do what I like to get up early and go fishing. It's it's almost an obsession with me now. I really love it love been out there when the sun pops up. And if you can see a sunrise and not think about God. There's something wrong with you because they know Amanda can make that that beautiful thing but that being said is not a replacement for opening up those pages and absorbing his word and and I'm so guilty, guilty, guilty of negligence by barber years ago Johnny fast. I was telling him about how I don't I don't get in the Bible enough don't get in the Bible and the and he said go to a Bible study class is gone.

Early that the I started going and I was so deep and and some of the people is in that class. Their belief was a little different than mine, but it made me get get into the pages. The backup my beliefs and in any time you're in that book there's not much negative stuff going to get on it semi-towns we know we will even hear us if it was hard to get in there and by 100 and relates to me today that sponsor living Bible. Every time I open up the Bible where I am and whatever struggle may be in the middle of God's word speaks to me a little differently and I think that's so powerful and stuff I think was this a blessing we miss so many times. One thing I had to do and remind myself of one when I was in that Bible study because some of the people had a little different look at view on things and I didn't. I just had to remind myself to focus on our similarities.

Instead, owner differences and and it helped me and and Johnny Hayes is in heaven now, but thank you for get me started with that and and it sticks with me how much my life changed what I was doing that now go to changes in summary times just to his word and stuff other things far as our spiritual maintenance is prayer. And that's another one that sometimes we will neglect you know we live. I don't to sound critical, but you know just sent a table and saying that I think this food. Amen. It's that seat is not it's good to tipped it out only show that that thankfulness to God, but I don't think that's the intimacy that he wants to have with us in prayer wants us just sort of cut the world outcome to get in a quiet place and just be in relationship and communication with him through prayer.

Well it's amazing you say that some people are intimidated or something but I'm a hand holder or praying sitting at the table. May Robin used to meet knee with withhold Hansen would bless the food and and I still do and do it with people that I'm not sure are comfortable holding my that the I try to do that and in I was like I don't ever say well what if they're not a believer. Well, maybe this will be the bait that this would be the seed to gets in their garden and grows in their life. And I said I tried to breast-feed for every meal and with whoever I'm meeting with nap and did not think to be in being transparent and stuff and that that you're doing it and is reflecting Jesus Christ. That's that's that's what the main thing is in and we do it is maintenance thing. We go back. I think you know I always like to go back to that that early church in acts.

The though the New Testament church in a part of that was that. That gathering of community where they they were there for each other and they were in God's word and they were in prayer so that was but that was how they were maintaining the church in maintaining their spiritual walls. So this week I encourage you to do your maintenance on your vehicle get on's manual how much you get your left up to levels where they need to be. Check your tire pressure, eat good but more importantly, what about your spiritual well-being is been a blessing being here today. Every time I get to participate in this. It just helps me, feeds me and just thank you for having me here, Bob.

Love your brother and I is that I is a blessing to become aware of a new skill or time just a vicinity time with you for tomorrow morning. I just encourage you if you're not involved in a church like tomorrow morning. The day you walk to the doors of the church to become part of the congregation was that also party or this is good Truth Network

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