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NRB Chronicles- It's Story Time Memaw

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 15, 2021 5:00 am

NRB Chronicles- It's Story Time Memaw

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Oh is always reverent fun here on the convention floor of 2013 2021 national religious broadcasters convention and sometimes I get to see old friends and sometimes I get to talk to all friends that actually never met but I've talked on the phone many many many times and we have on our show.

This basically twice is Joanne Dick. There is of one of our many pod casters for the Truth Podcast Network of which you may be familiar with her stories. But if you're not wow I've been, you're in for a treat today so welcome Joanne and the so tell our listeners if they had heard about your stop.

Oh what a miracle it is I am not really bad for my grandchildren.

I think I told you this before but but those that have admired my daughter and her husband separated when they were very young in my heart just aches for them. After hearing James Dobson on the phone, talked about the need to reach her children for Christ by the age of five or six or so. I was convicted so when my children came to visit. They asked me for a story.

That's when Isaac opportunity. Thank God, give me a story if you they need you in their lives. Help them draw closer to you.

And from that moment on eight years. Every time they came over they would chant its economy model. I would pray and tell them a story and so it's story time MRI is both the name of her poor but it's also good for pocket yesterday you could hear her read the stories which is absolutely classic but also you need to talk and you've been a chance here to do some book signings and tells about your adventure of the RV. It's overwhelming.

I know I have a great story and it's a miracle. But to be earmarked. Thousands of people and everyone has a story, God is still in the miracle making business. I am blown away by what he's doing here.

Yeah it's amazing to see all the different ways but story seems to be a common thread gives all absolutely and every child right baby love to hear a good story thinking and what's even better is when they are a good story that is a good story writers are so stories may be entertaining.

They may draw you in the story with the messages you know aren't good for their little hearts because stories speak your heart stated they do in these children. They loved it when they were stories of meat. Stories of people they knew I wanted them to see Jesus in everything because he is in everything so I told him all the bad things I've done and how I managed to get through them and they were shot. Kids love storytelling, but they love it more when it's done by people they know. Pray because you know it's interesting of the Scripture were Paul's pretty much explains in his in my way because he's rageful right as we share our faults right guy and how God came to the rescue and he is the hero of the story and the glory blocked by the way, belongs over there right now to write the men the kids say all when I mess up. I had Jesus. Jesus will get me through it that that's an and one of the beautiful things about Joanne's book called story time MRI and a distorted target market should kiss you can spell Joanne's from Louisiana so that's that southern flirts with you get a little of of of the Cajun. Then John will feel especially since a lot of her stories have to do with the buyer. What I can see based on of her, but can you imagine that this is you sure you share these real live. I mean the stuff is people going to jail and stuff like this to attend.

This will and you don't here that are Christians. They cover Christian book you're expecting like these Sunday school tie-dye door is that you're not expecting, but the Bible is full of that real stuff right To jail.

Look at David Ryan you know all about we learn from that, it gives us some right and right and so as we as I recall, there are some people with felony drug addiction yet that one was interesting. However, there was story of someone I need to link to that that that wasn't true, but I did pray God give me story on drug I want the children to know now have it in their minds now never to try that. So I created it suited up that they were drawn into it and you know when the mother of the one child called the other that just made it with my kids, and made an impression right and those things like okay you want to try this out for size you try to tell me what your pastor said three weeks ago. In the sermon is to be online that you like to remember something he said that while you think about that. Tell me the name of the dog in the Wizard of Oz and best we made our point that stories with you why I write like what I've told several people as I sat down with them.

The RV message about we come here to hobnob with her fellow wizards doesn't take long for them to go.

That's from the Wizard of Oz. Of course, because those stories they stick some places in your heart stated and and so when you have the stories you share with your children and a beautiful that really God gave you the stories and Joanne is a master storyteller, not just from the standpoint of content within, from the standpoint of inflection so I I'd love to hear her actually read that which I did. I have to admit I'd never have done in the on the air. My entire 16 years hour-long have been doing this I was interviewing Joanna possible just read is one of the stories doesn't seem like something you know and so for the first time ever I've had somebody read actual chapter out of the book and we just have the time to do it because it happened. The third segment and she read it and I'll never ever ever forget the impact it had on everybody because producer was looking at me, and everybody was like, man. I said yeah I said I might use these in my devotion.

I do that at a retirement home and then I thought about it. While this would make a great podcast. People need not only read, but here they can hear it yet and it's a beautiful I'm excited about it. I am so excited by what God is still you know I thought this is just a private thing, me, my grandchildren in eight years later they can lead to the Lord. They have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. Praise God for that. And that's when God spoke to say have been published and alleys making public so commercial about your daughter. The daughter that was divorced early yellow. How is she doing to doing okay. She's doing okay she's remarried and things are things are going well. Things are going well.

She's totally thrilled they've accepted Christ and they all are members of the church now and no, there is hope things are good here. We are that way you know my story well my goodness the way that Proverbs reads this should be, they should go and when they get all well with my know me know the story my daughter to us. She got married when she dropped out of Christian school to bury her boss up to Mayor Bradley was 23 years.

She was 70 might say Robbie how did you agree that while I thought well based on what was on it better. They got married what was going on. She spiritually had a child hunt and very soon also have but she thought that when she was in high school. She shouldn't have even a hot cup high school. My but oh my goodness what God did, so now she's a single mom. She put yourself in the light of community college things you should give her GED and then goes on a search nursing school.

While she works her way through nursing school for work and Cracker Barrel herself gets her nursing degree, been done after she gets that she does so well.

The hospital pays for her to get her full know our whatever it's called, yes, even her bachelor's degree and then now she's in the operating room on doing just unbelievable. My granddaughter is a result that have been all light is one of the just like all my goodness, one of the joys of my life is Lila and I think back to those times I was like God, what are you doing but in spite of whatever else happened. You know God was. He knew what my heart made of what Tessa's heart mated with Riley's you know all these people that he is. Please bring them together because it is a story international is not over.

It's not over right and so it so I keep them covered in prayer. I pray like no one in this prayer. All I do know Joanne said so diligent that you are obedient to God asking you to write this book, which I know takes courage. It did in the because I thought after I had them printed up.

I thought I was done I thought it passed them off and somebody else would the book and I was done, but I did not leave me to do that.

He had me do that and I you know, did know how to use the computer didn't have a computer had my computer and hidden evident social media. So when Larry Carpenter from popular science. Joanne send me a PDF file with the pictures and file I'm telling you I was on my knees crying out to God and telling him I have no idea what I'm doing.

I can't do this. I don't want you to write someone else to do it. You call me today but I truly cannot do this. I was in tears. It was awful. Every deadline God got me through. I made it through prayer and calling my prayer warriors at certain, and it was later that God spoke to my soul and he said Joanne can't you never could. This is me and we will never forget it and I will and that's why it's such a huge miracle in my I don't even speak English and for the longest I tell people you know I don't consider myself an author. I consider myself a somewhat lesser family praise for her family and did that which God called me to do that now II rethink that God has labeled me, an author, I am an author because he said so I can say I'm an author now your and the podcast or at in this storyteller, but most of all your his daughter had amazing image of him when you could see that God light come on in your eyes, which I now get to see. I've only heard before then how beautiful Zion. Thank you Joanne all the same as always it's so good to be here to meet you face-to-face.

You are my first very first ever interview that made it easy for me. I am thank you God bless and

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