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July 13, 2021 5:00 am


The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 13, 2021 5:00 am

Dr. Mark Johnson shares key insights in to the covenant of Marriage at the NRB 2021

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Well, it's hard to believe it's 20, 21, and habit are in June this year and so were live on the convention floor is always God is like give the candy store for King numbers three times. Go take your passion with Bingaman actually have an old friend with us today. Dr. Mark Johnson, MD kind of doctor there's a lot of different doctors float around here at the RB Dr. Johnson are you might recall, this got this wonderful understanding of covenant, and so is written, the number books along those lines and what want to talk about today is sort of in conjunction with, but the covenant of marriage. We now have become the marriage study guide right which is critical really and like for all of us who are married by distant this is a huge deal, but for those people of her Jerusalem the first time marketed kind of taken into what that means a cover okay at first in our culture, we have little understanding of the historical understandable to cover next year's with somebody 2000 years ago is Jesus is the question about marriage interesting things to just answering questions in the beginning back to the original nature, structure and function of the marriage relationship in the application shows if you really understood what this relationship is and if you built this relationship. Accordingly, you would be asking that the board scheduled want one so God has a plan and interestingly covenant is not just a tie that binds together perhaps miserably. The covenant is actually God's plan for growth and development. We understand with this thing really is understanding its eight-day growth and transformation process for both the people in the relationship so that they can actually learn to love consistently and well and really build the love for a lifetime relationship God's intent as it anybody can do that. The reality is that a lot of thousand dollars in the recently does because we think Gordie understands that you think we know how to live with the greater standard cells with the greatest analog works will find the right person in true love and all else we find in life to develop almost up on this person inspected not only tolerate me, celebrate me for being who I am, yet they're usually unwilling at the same time to be dumped upon by the other person's if she didn't her relationship with trying to express yourself respectively worked out well. Just a heads up. That's really not God's plan is to be a replanning of development that we like walking the football field night writing practice and you decided you're fine right now you know keep the village during acute play video games and get on the field your head neck gelato to do not develop throughout stronger There was going on around you, and that's boiler their marriage and it kinda shows up in the results so degeneration, particularly now that seems to lost more more the understanding of traditional marriage, keeping my traditional marriage only truthful part of the covenant actually is.

Let's go back to the real thing.

Take a look at what it's supposed to be.

Take a look at God's plan. Else when I was my first came, God became a Christian 1977 I went to a great church and every week disguised telling this beautiful glowing picture with the mature Christian life is supposed to look like. In one aspect after another after another and but the first three or four months.

I'm really excited and pumped because this is good to be my wife.

But in a few months that begin to become frustrated and eventually got to be painful to walk in their because I'm watching what could shoot one at that.

Yes, this is one supposed okay that's over there I'm over here memo I could change someone you have changed enough to assure me that I was actually Christian, but it hadn't changed much and I got a long long way. You have no idea how to get nothing about anything on her gave me 80 understanding of how that change in me is supposed to take place. So God let me simmer in this really painful place long enough to fill the lifetime of motivation to grow and change it to help other people do exactly that in one what Mitch recently came alongside me and help me begin rolling actually change needed transforming my life and love that this additional rescue dialogue is a personal choice to help me make this choice, the Sabbath exposed work there 40 years ago sub for last four years of the same thing that the people so with this study. That is, you can see what it's supposed to look like with the step-by-step part of that the actual part of that often just don't. We can't possibly see how that could happen to we have to find somebody who doesn't know how this app detected person wants to play football will find a good football coach and most good football coaches that she played football. They know what the development process feels like inside what they had what they had to face up to how they had made up the woman of Woodbridge where he put that in our train car sales 40 years and was that conversation without demonstration is without conversation information without demonstration of their conversation is how that actually go in the point being that you can tell somebody all you want about how cool a wrangler is with the top down of the dorsal. If you take the top off the car at the doors off and then go taken for a ride on the road feel like they've been in the Jeep suite yeah I and so similarly if you want to get into a comfort marriage that like how does this covenant actually feel when you try it on. You know what it is that's the deal.

That's what you keep on couple things are, one is you want to see them marriage and operation that you will have your marriage look like this is part of it. The other part of that is there somewhat silly voices in our culture saying that everything God said is nuts and it feels that way. We fought into so many ideas with you guys. Just like now, let's make any sense why I don't want to do that does not mean, and shall not get it to do something else while that something else consistently will work as well as what God says in reason, I can say after 40 years of experience not aware don't bow like a marriage also watching other people to seven children there in the third agency all kind of outcomes do not everybody does this very well and what I have really been impressed by some people aren't good while installing fort watch what they're doing they are not following God's plan insignificant weights on the other hand, the people, even people don't really understand the flare even though there is a plan really pretty much following God says to because of tradition or family pictures that Shane or the weather. The people this stuff actually works.

What would be at example.

Or maybe a story of of here is one of those principles is thought couple and this is okay.

What about me okay I give you, that would be assured that similarly couples good this morning. I can save me and said yes and set up early in marriage, like understand what a covenant is a covenant is not to people walking beside her jewelry a covenant involves an exchange with unity between two people in marriage. It happens the sexual intercourse we become what is called one flesh that in the end churches we hear the term thrown around and wonder what events, what it does mean is you got a part of what makes me need going into my wife, my identity, literally introverted remains recovered on the wedding night at the US God's design. The wedding wedding. The wedding is having intercourse after the wedding, as this would cover exactly transact some of her goods in the basin because of her so we actually become join by body shared when she comes into me in that way by net relationships. The married jazz not the same as a single Acacia if I look across the breakfast table NSU. The other person. I think this is a contract is just about behavioral contracts that didn't work something you want to give the less you need as much confidence about a country about winning Bayside okay. A covenant is that realizing that you know there's no more euros a month is only out is just us is no more.

You and me were in this thing totally together. So if you look at people in a contractual kind of mindset to be undercutting each other.

They can be banging away at each other trying to reach other, to a degree.

What it basically was horrendous. Generally, picking each other and underline each other.

The reason is because of trying to weaken each other because in their minds the games about winning, but getting your way project if that's what she's thinking of beating your marriage after beating your marriage for group avoidance. Totally not construct. On the other hand, if you realize that her interest literally are your interesting vice versa. But why cannot we are very strong-willed and very opinionated. We did do a knockdown drag out fight what it looks like the cork board meeting were sitting there were laying out what we think.

Rick perhaps passionately explaining why we think you should give us what were talking thought were looking for deep reasons, located your picture pretty saying, very commonly switch sides ullage then she says like a double that's that's a good idea in Boston so it's not about being right back getting it right about getting my way to find the best course takes both of our interest in the full account and will almost always end up with Robbie something that isn't what it one of us walked in that process and come up with a plan, it's better than either one of us laid on the table and that's nothing but since this is exactly what covenant it's all about is about two people coming together, being greater than the sum of their parts.

It's also about us watching the things interested resist loving each other and resist being faithful to covenant when we see those things in ourselves.

We gave us a head is just merely to realize that's not supposed to be those things all come about by beliefs we bought into from our world to try to drag us away from God's plan.

If we see that and we realize that it's on us to change this thing and looking for God's truth about whatever the situation is any conflict written. We really take an honest look at ourselves, we can try the general trend in the match that what God says if we then go to the processor meeting out of ourselves. This beliefs the wall hurting us to the very a while. Marriage and lateral to God's truth and five into bed and start acting like that's true amazing thing happens out of missing for decades marriage just like that I would. So good of trend right books to explain to people how this thing works. I have our monophonic tracking with you more than enough so what we how we view the other person sitting across the breakfast table release the key elder Wintersteen covenant that covers couple parts. First for the covenant is the exchange of nature. Divinity in the new second quarter covenant is if it were joined together that waited logically every part of life is shared completely between us, our families are shared are regular because of the Bible jump in for a while because it's interesting I'm studying this this morning and there is wise like Ike I could see Dr. Oz looked at me like I'm not usually that refers to. My phone is like my gosh he's like taking Romans chapter 6 and delineating it for me as it is the way I studied this issue this this verse and all my goodness it says essentially asking James is just when I look at, know ye not that you yield yourselves servants to obey the service.

Our Mobile Bay.

Whether you are the center of death, where it was. Sorry. Neither yield your members as instruments of unrighteousness under sin but yield yourselves on the God as those of your life that your members are instruments of righteousness under God for sin shall have dominion over why did I not get to where I want to talk about the contract and try to talk the Lord's prayer right now force that is trying to wreck havoc would you send it away like it's effectiveness precious name is the verse and I can map and sat at my notes but I didn't get the chapter see I speak after the manner of man because of infirmity of your flesh right you feel that your members to uncleanness and inequity in the evening. So now yield your members servants to righteousness on the holiness that last little part) says yield your members servants to righteousness yes on the holiness of just to go back to what you segment right was that if I can get right with my wife and right meeting right with God. Right vertically right right right or right plates. Yes, and that takes us to a joint place of holy yes, that is yes you are now standing your creating a hologram understanding about obedience and that holiness just by virtue of the Hebrew understanding of holiness literally of fire that is oxidizing right yes not God in the reflection back to him of how I made and so as we get right with our wives together is to get back to what you are saying right them were living out this chapter of Romans, which I know is in chapter 6 and mapped results Three, chapter 6, then there at all. My goodness, you will get to this place of holiness and my experience with this in my own merit because I'm untracked with you completely. I been married for 34 years and I understand what it's like to be in the wrong place.

Not right just missed by all yeah I know it is like to be a brunch is on the get into our right place with your wife and that will lead to a place that word made that holiness is on fire.

Don't miss that God speaks of himself as a refining fire and if you envision Moulton's molten goals or strive in one of those crucibles is glowing hot and on top of that usually isn't dark still floating around. Those are impurities in the fire of God in the crucible ugly intimate relationship. We can play games with yourself and we think were a lot better than your time exited up nose to nose with somebody and stuff comes out that you did know was in there okay because the very things are holding us back is not just media sentences was put up with this offense was complete, God with in that step-by-step diabetic process of turning. Taking the little spoon in getting rid of the charter. More and more important work she wore silver or gold is what that's what God wants to see on a daily basis.

What what that does in the long term is it makes us more and more and more loving, more and more more wise, more and more and more mature and become capable of many other things that one apostasy in my life is God refining the marriage with the V-mail to do other things in life and assume other responsibilities and be faithful to what psyches building me into the man I'm supposed to be to fulfill the many roles in family church decided that supposed fulfill. How our as usual we run way out of time before he ran out of have a Dr. Johnson back on our live show coming up on the pursuit someday soon. As always, doctors of pleasure. I mean I dislike what you're doing and keep up the great work relevant you're doing this is simply just sit here and spits out with hours questions strapless

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