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NRB Chronicles- Cliff Simms - Surviving Spiritual Stress

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 12, 2021 5:00 am

NRB Chronicles- Cliff Simms - Surviving Spiritual Stress

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 12, 2021 5:00 am

Surviving Spiritual Stress gives biblically based principles for overcoming life stress issues. This book will help those who suffer chronically from the effects of ANGER, TEMPTATION, JEALOUSY, BITTERNESS, LUST, WORRY, FEAR, DISAPPOINTMENT, or DEATH

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Was always so much fun on the conference floor and when you have emotional culture and diverse roots. You got poster children walking all around got taken their passion and is using it to build the kingdom and I have with me right now, Dr. of Ministry cliffs Sam and his book surviving spiritual stress live biblical solutions to overcoming life stress fractures in coma didn't bring any stress on the well of actually I wrote this book before Colbert broke out and then it was finished around May and my publisher said Cliff, this is a timely book yeah probably is got a phenomenal yes and so wow I mean it was there and I'm sure with your education, you realize segment is chapter 1. Right God comforts us comfort when I see a title like that on the book I'm usually thinking wow I bet you there is a story well I don't know how much of a personal story, but there are absent personal illustrations inside those chapters will be for the stress but what you did was you actually kind of broke down some stress factors that are in the book. Yes, there's no talks about anger and fear disappointment last jealousy is nine stress back. Talk about temptation and what I do is I usually have a biblical character that had suffered from one of those factors and many times they overcame it and if they did that I I can outline the steps that they took to overcome that and you not.

I'm a firm believer that all the answers to humanities issues are in Scripture.

So all these and I majored in psychology and I'm not trying to mess around with psychologist but I'm just saying that man doesn't have all the answers God's word, no answer.

So if you think you do you just make it a lot now so yeah man is now all that many answer not a beautiful thing. So, as you say you know the Scripture is given us tools obviously assess but at what a neat thing so these stress factors that that you wrote about, which is your which which story do you does this wet man God this one is right on the mark. Well, I think of probably the one on disappointment because I under disappointment.

I cover depression because disappointment leads to discouragement which leads to depression fact in the book and I'll try to find the pagers minute, but in the book on on disappointment.

There is actually a chart that shows how when people in their lives have their dreams are what you know what their desires are in the not you. You follow follow the arrows here and you got, you know you make a decision and if you get discouraged and you can go to three ways you can go to disillusionment or you can announce discouragement and start heading back the right way and on top of the chart. It deals with the fact that God gives us abundant life, he gives us abundant life, but if we choose the wrong direction. This, the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. Which leads to death know I have arrows that no matter where you are on the journey down word you have the opportunity to turn around. Only problem is, some people get to the point of no return. Now not saying anything is possible. God but that's the way of outline the chart John Owen great offer of nature time wrote these words. It was called in the complete armor got I think was title of the book, but he said that one of the biggest affront to God's despair.

Yes, that you would hold the concept that he can't pull you out of the essentially the one that does poorly out of this mess right but I'm curious which which Bible character when it came to this is where a disappointment. Which one did you/Joseph oh wow, talk about somebody you yeah and he know he I mean you know most people find themselves in a situation like that when you're 17, especially today would know where there were completely isolated and alienated away from their home from the family from probably a career that is going to go nowhere, but because it was a very talented, skilled individual, we know that as we see what God did with it while it was a highly favored with the absolute and so we see some some decisions and some choices that he made along the way and obviously you know he had no dependents on his dependents was totally upon God. I mean, he had no answer because he trusted because he had that and because he had nothing else to trust in God used that you know and I think that's part of our human problem is that we have so many things that we fill our lives with that we sort of, put our favorite interest in knowing all that in God, okay God when I meet you all know all call on the way it works well and and Joseph is is a good example and I think people go through life and in the face disappointment is because sometimes we have expectations that we have goals we have expectations.

Sometimes a little and we live for the sites with the expectation of goals and when they are not mad at them that that's when the disappointment start setting is a Wightman I thought this was what I was supposed to be doing here is a few problems. I was like, what a beautiful yeah that's pretty exciting and so you show the steps you know Joseph would be a good example of that.

So another one of the stresses that you mentioned. I'm discussing how my good my guesser was last lust. Okay, now I let I had to remain Bible characters immediately came to mind right well they both were strong. Yes, one of them look better with a slingshot, but let go there but who did you picture that one will actually somebody related to him.

Okay, so his son, and all hell will wow man didn't enter you well know it didn't. But remember, Amnon lusted after his half-sister right okay and of course we know that this began with David that the predisposition to Ryan act that way.

He had this person is absolutely not at that.

That doesn't mean that Amnon didn't have a choice right. He know proactively went that direction known, usually written Scripture and actually in the lust in the last chapter, I actually have another diagram is actually a list of the differences because your talks about in that passage that he loved her that he had a love for her.] We know that it wasn't loves the what I do is I distinguish between lust and love and some of its alliterative but it gives the characteristics of what lust is and what love is Mother's Day/estate. Since you can't see is listen. I can that man this in the book it says gradual degree of degradation versus progressive edification progressive. I like look at that and and when you know the story of Amnon all my goodness wasn't. I mean, how in the world after what happened to the hater of me that was just one person immediately right. I mean, it would like. I mean, you know, the one like some time passing. She was still in the header kicked out of you know is one of the things out. That's a beautiful chart again on page 84 of the book is surviving spiritual stress biblical solutions for overcoming life stress factor so you know a lot of authors have different places they would rather you go to get their books where we do have people go to church. It's actually available anywhere. You just if you type in the Tylenol in a search engine that Amazon yes and so know as always, we do ask that you delete order the book.

But then go back and review it.

Authors it means so much to them for you to put in your review and ends and because especially know how many books have you read this at this my first book so you can imagine. You put your heart and soul and write about their and so how you can encourage people talk about words of life is to is to take the time to write a review after you get a new book like this again is surviving spiritual stress. Cliff you're here at the National religious broadcasters convention is God giving you a vision and so what would you leave with our listeners that you were hoping you would get to say in this these interviews which are doing to that.

I think one of the things that I've always always been on my heart is not a lot of people know me very well with what agree with this is I have it in my heart that I will help people, but I found out that you cannot help people don't will help you just can't help people.

I've learned that the Hard Way, God has to, but the second the second thing is is you can help people that want help on their own terms. God learn that one. Two yeah so I thought what kind of what kind of away can I used to, and what kind of mode mode. What kind of way can I get out when people are suffering from these these stress factors. How can I get it out where they can have a reference tool when their suffering from something like this that they can go to because this is not I think the book is enjoyable because with lots of illustrations and there's a lot of stories and a lot of things that support the stress factors, but one of the things they can lose they can use as a reference book to select Scripture because this chock-full Scripture right and they can read through an independent chapters are not longer 456 pages long. There's like of an encyclopedia.

On this particular stress factor in what they can do is they can read that I can read it in five minutes. Six minutes and then going to the very source of health, which is the Scripture itself and its its topical so that they don't have to fund through the Bible, trying to find something that they needed to describe.

Therefore, so that's the message that I want to get out. I think the book title is even though it is collects ECGs she sells sea shells by the seashore government alliterative title. It's it's exactly what it is surviving because we all go through these things.

So how do I survive spiritual stress buying again and go through those ballista stresses that that that are written about in your book, and so the people can relate so okay seven. We have enough. Now we have up.

We have bitterness, temptation I can. I can give you the top of the chapters which, because with following chapters are not the same as is the is what the particular stress factors that the first was made you do it just temptation. Second is the Bible pilfer bitterness.

The third one is turned disappointment into his appointment. I like that. The fourth was don't worry about it.

For one, is fear.

What are you afraid of sixes jealousy be satisfied with what you have, not what you don't have seven is anger you have reason to be angry and that comes from the book of Jonah of the lack and that's right man as a great lust is be careful. Alas, what you see and invest facing the final stress right now that's awesome again. The book surviving spiritual stress. Dr. Cliff Simms so awesome to talk with you. Thank you Robbie be with you

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