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NRB Chronicles- Awesome Science

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 10, 2021 5:00 am

NRB Chronicles- Awesome Science

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 10, 2021 5:00 am

NRB Interview from the Expo Floor NRB 2021 with Pat Roy from Awesome Science

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The National religious broadcasters convention. What could be more from the last pursuits and absolutely where God takes your passion that uses it to build the kingdom and so I'll call him with Kyle Justice and he awesome science media yes and I'm actually Pat Roy I work with Kyle Justice at all sites and yes Pat, I am sorry I was looking at the start, but no problem.

It makes sense. I handed you my card and it was actually our problem.

The problems of Pat tells about awesome science meeting. Awesome science media produces all kinds of videos that show the scientific evidence is in harmony with God's works are some of the exciting broadcast of videos we got is Dino Hunter were we talk about going out in the digging up dinosaur fossils and talk about how to support the worldwide flood. We got debunking evolution to go through and debunks all of the tenets of evolution and so there's a lot of different videos that we do. We got quite a few different titles in the fund, because as you know Robbie, the scientific evidence is in harmony with God's word and I feel that not many Christians realize that or have really dug into the Pat you personally in a one day you must've come across something and you and all my goodness.

God is right in the middle of this to me that story how did you get your attention on this being your passions while I worked in radio my whole life and this kit for creation research needed a broadcast record and so I went to work for the Institute for creation research, thinking that the radio is my passion. But I begin to realize that the creation message has the power to change lives and at that point, probably a couple of years of working for the Institute for creation research I finally went while you know my real passion is created Robbie because I think when people believe what a lot of times they believe that we get a faith just like everybody else get Muslims got your Job's witnesses right but I think when they realize that God's word isn't total harmony with science. It turns wimpy Christians in the powerful to have that happen for you.

What a juice what it what did you see that you went well okay so epic visited fundraiser research I should not speak it and I would just see people come up afterwards excited about their faith and in hearing testimony from people that said, now I understand that this is real is not just a bunch of stories but it's real, and the media. I think I was the moment of joint.

While this is the type of message that has the power to change what to share some of that rail mesh with our listers wet wet wet wet when you share those conferences. What got people's attention why I think it's just the fact that they can trust. Genesis right so when you look at all the design around us we see incredible design everywhere. And that's amazing when you see that were told that the earth started billions of years ago that evolution is true that we really don't have any purpose in life but in reality what we see as we see that the full evidence that shows that we were designed not only that we see all kinds of evidence of the worldwide flood. Probably one of my passions is going out and see all the different dinosaur graveyards that are out there. You see massive amounts of dinosaurs that are buried without lung fish, and reptiles and birds.

All of these things and you think how much power would it take for an event to pull birds from the air fish from the water dinosaur for the way and ripped them apart jumble them. Slam them down. Instantly bury them in fossilized state. While that points directly back to the worldwide flood. Wow yeah so in those fossil beds at obviously got evidence that birds were slammed down to yeah you find birds find fish find salamanders mixed in with the dinosaur off.

So what it really shows is that the resist huge catastrophic event that was pulling all of these creatures from all these different environments just spotlighted a very radical while full evidence for the plug lifetimes of people think dinosaurs instantly they think billions of years but instead I think dinosaur fossils we find them in these graveyards are exact evidence of what we would expect to find the plug was really that which was meet. We know that because what the Scriptures so what you're working on now all we got a lot of different episodes. We got excited as you episode that's coming out will find about the design of different animals working on more episodes of Dino Hunter. We got to recall Dino kids words made specifically for kids and so all kind of exciting projects coming up again, all of them designed to show that there's scientific evidence that is in harmony with God's work right said obviously dinosaurs.

Kids love dinosaurs. They do meet so many Christian parents who are Christians, but they're letting their kids watch secular media course when it comes to dinosaurs. They always talk about the millions of years and all that stuff and I think it pulls a lot of kids away from their Christian faith and so try to provide an alternative and so how are you guys saying what when you do the chronologies of the Bible you add them all up because a lot of the last people were does the Bible say hello and say, but we do the chronologies it says so-and-so was born live so long that so-and-so and they gave birth to not only that, how long that the kings ruled it tells you how long the judges ruled we do all the math I forgot to be about 6000 years scientifically.

We were told scientifically. There's great evidence for that truth is most that's based on radioisotope dating which does not work, but examples of that. However, there are hundreds and hundreds of ways that we can see scientifically and actually, good news is the Jewish keep up with it actually.

From the day that Adam was created by patient about to be the first day and so interestingly they consider this to be 5781 just about okay all right well if that's actually perfectly when you think about what they what they've done is they've never kept up with the Roman calendar lay that like realtor.

They kept up from their perspective from Adam was created and that and then you get the count down the fascinating thing about that when you study it is that they believe that the world will only last 6000 years. In keeping with the number set.

Yes. I right it was a six word from the cross were Jesus said it is oh wow, I've never thought about and six being the number of man and you might've heard something. The revelation about 660 has absolute right and so I find that all very fascinating. I unlike you I go with what the Bible here's what the Bible says and you can do that thing that just is absolutely mind going is it when you do those chronic you realize that all my goodness know I hung out with them in their there. These are real things and that clearly when Abraham was in a meeting with the King of Salem most tired. It likely really was right and these people were contemporary and the Bible says he lived all these years.

Well, one satellite from your perspective with the science of how would I explain the longer ages that was arrested what you know it's interesting, there's a guy by the name of Dr. John Sanford is an expert in the human genome and genetics is all life. And so it was a leader in the field and what he says that if you start man off with a pure genome with no mutations in it have much longer lifespans and then you reduce the reduction of the fall and now you got the introduction of palm mutations taking place in the genome man's life plan would start to decrease what interest is actually going to study how quickly the lifespan would decrease after the fall and it lines up pretty well with that bell curve about the time of the flood upside you start seeing much shorter lifespans as more more mutations are being into the human genome suits really kind of an interesting study that he's got is that the answer that with the Bible says will know Robbie is just an idea right but it is interesting that he started off with a pure genome God made everything very good and then Vincennes and then there's a cursive of sin placed on us in the genetically we began to deteriorate right to be shorter lifespans kind of interest to Pat you know a run across stuff all the time you when you're people who confront you and say how in the world can you say that the world is only 6000 years old.

5781 years old.

You know when we can find these are carbon dating's things that they go back all these years and that clearly a geologist of several geologists that really struggle here right and so I can be honest, I usually say will endeavor consider that it doesn't look like in the Bible that Adam was born as a baby, like who will emerge in the middle of no brought them up and looks like Adam was born matured instinctive. Maybe when God made the world made it mature. But what your take on that devil Bobby a lot of times when I am with a group of people to believe that yours is all I say give me all the reasons that the earth is old almost all of it is based on radioisotope dating rocks using the US to the date the lock layers because of the rock ages. They date the fossils because it was where they were about eight meteorites and other things in space due to the meteorites based again on radioisotope dating right Roddy, here's the fact when Mount Saint Helens erupted seven years after that eruption. Dr. Steve Austin grabbed the rock pad that dated secular lab.

It came out to be 350,000 years old. One of the minerals inside the rock to not to be 2.8 years old. Dr. David shore mandated a rock from the lava dome of no Veronica it was 100 years old at the time it came out the 5.5 million. Here's old medevac when you look there's about 10 or 15 volcanoes that we know when they erupted and we dated the rocket every time they come out to orders of magnitude wrong with the age and so we have proven over and over again the radioisotope dating does not work and again going back to it when you look at the rock layers. He also meteorites that they are wrong on all the dates with all of that scientifically they are in real trouble and they say the earth is old but now we can switch over and say what about the evidence of your jungle. There's a lot of processes that we could use that judge the age of your using other things other than radioisotope dating. For example, how quickly is the moon receiving from the Earth's orbit well when we wind up back in time we can see that that when it happened long ago. Right is not enough time for how quickly that's receding work. The amount of erosion that's happening on con contents that's happening so fast you can't whine that very far back either of the amount of salt is entering the ocean again. There's not enough time to accommodate the amount, if it was really millions of millions of years old, you should to be salt blocks by downright so.

There are just ALL the arms of our galaxy.

We got the spiral arms that are very distinct. Those were as old as they say they are go should be fully work we should not see distinct arms again.

Robbie, there are more than 100 different evidences, we can use to show scientifically that the earth is young, but once you take away the radioisotope dating from the age of the earth is really not a lot of stuff to stand on whether you have it folks.

You can tell this is subject to passion the awesome science media group, how it way that Pat the people connect awesome science awesome science again. We got all kinds of videos that you can see we also got a platform is kind of like the Netflix of creationism and that's awesome site wonderful thank you is really fun so much pleasure to

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