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NRB Chronicles - God's Comfort For A Widow from Columbia -Alexa Christ

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 5, 2021 5:00 am

NRB Chronicles - God's Comfort For A Widow from Columbia -Alexa Christ

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 5, 2021 5:00 am

NRB Chronicles - God's Comfort For A Widow from Columbia -Alexa Christ - Pastor of - Jesus The Transformer

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So how fun is it that we get to be on the convention floor of the National Religious Broadcasters Convention 2021 and if you're Robbie Dilmore and you're the host of Kingdom Pursuits, how does God take your passion and use it to build the kingdom?

You get a chance to see how God has given so many gifts to so many people. And what a delight that he's not just doing that in America, he's doing it around the world and he's got secret agents that he has been working on since they were 10 or 11 years old or maybe before they were born. He was working on loving them and bringing them to a point of understanding and getting to know him in such as the case with Alexa Christ.

She's from Colombia, as you will hear in her wonderful, beautiful accent. And Alexa's a widow, which is fascinating to me. The last person I interviewed since Alexa was Miriam Niff and the widow connection.

And similarly, God has comforted Alexa so much that she refers to herself as Alexa Christ because he is now her husband. You were widowed four years ago? Yes, four years ago. In Colombia? I was in Colombia doing ministry in Colombia. I was raising my kids actually. I was working in the financial sector for 15 years. I became an orphan when I was 12. So that's why I started working at 16.

So I have a long career in the financial sector. And my father was the Lord. Now I realize he was the one who sponsored me through my studies and I'm here because he loves me.

And when this cancer came to us, to him, he told me, it's your time. It's your time to do something in ministry. I was doing, I was helping. I always wear volunteer in my church, in my local church.

It's an amazing place. I was trained there and I got passionate about the work of the Lord. So I started studying the work, going to my classes of theology classes every, every week.

That was my best plan. The best thing to do was going to the church. And I was raising my little kid. He was a miracle. I mean, I knew the Lord through a miracle. I couldn't have children and he healed me physically. And I got pregnant.

So somebody told me once, he said, you should trust the Lord and ask him to give you the child you want, you know, the desire of your heart. But I was too good. I was too good, you know, successful in my career, having a good marriage, traveling, you know.

I didn't need the Lord in my mind. But when I realized how broke I was inside, when I came to the church and I upset Jesus as my Lord, something changed in my life. So I started, I don't know, a fire inside of me and I wanted more. Even it's a beautiful song in Spanish. It's like, show me Lord, how you learn, how to love you more.

Show me how to know more about you. And I was singing this song every day and every day. And one day he did something. So he put in my path somebody who was a really good teacher and she was a strong woman and she did deliverance and she did intercession prayers and she took me and she said, okay, you need to be healed. And I just started reading the word, getting healed of my traumas, my fatherless life, my emotional issues, my anxiety, my proud.

I was so proud. I understood the Lord was everything we need to get healed from the inside to outside. So I was in that journey with him for a couple of years and cancer came to us. So I knew him as a healer because he healed me. He gave me my son. So I knew for the science, for doctors, it was impossible for me to get pregnant. But for him, it was two months.

In two months I was pregnant after my prayer. So that was, I knew him as a healer. I knew him as a healer of depression. I knew him as a healer of finances, alcoholism. So I knew him. And I was leaning on him and I was sure about the miracle, my miracle, the miracle I wanted. But he did a different miracle. He did his work.

But I was expecting something different. So I became a widow. And in that moment, even I said this phrase and I said, Christianity is over for me. How can I praise God? How can I say I love Jesus? If you don't love me, look, you didn't do it for me. How can I heal? How can I tell somebody you're healed? If they look at me, they're going to say, really? Because you're a widow. Because you're a widow.

But he was so precious and loving as he is. And he said, now you think everything is done? Now is when everything starts. So take your bags, take your kids and go to the land where there is honey and milk. I will use you in a mighty way. And I will use you to heal that nation.

And I will use you to heal single moms, widows. Because you know what is being a widow without me? Because my mom was a widow without Jesus. And she made many mistakes.

And I love my mom because she's a loving woman, beautiful. But she didn't have Jesus to manage different situation. So when I was kind of mad with the Lord because my miracle didn't happen, he asked me something. And he said, okay, you know what is being an orphan, right? And I said, yes, I know. Okay, you want to do, you want to have the same story you leave for your kids?

Or you want something different for them? That was a confronting question for me. And I look at them and I say, no, I was so broke. I make many mistakes. I got drunk. I was emotional, a mess.

I was a mess in my youth. And I didn't know how can they live without Jesus? We can't live without him. He's just inside of my heart, inside of them.

I've been teaching my son and my little one to love him, that he does everything for them. So mommy was lying. Mommy was right. But now because we got a no from him, so it's time to say, no, you know, Jesus is not good anymore. And the Lord confronted me saying, you need to leave this different. You need to show them that I'm still here, even when I say no. But I didn't say no, even. I said yes.

But the miracle I did was different from the one you were expecting. So I look at my kids and I said, okay, Lord, so what is next for us? Okay, Jay, go.

Go to the United States. I came here and he said, you need to be, you know, you're doing theology, you're doing well. Let me jump in just for one second because I don't want to lose the listeners. I know the story.

I want to make sure they do. Okay. That when you said that the Lord did a different miracle than what you had wanted him to do, that miracle was... He took him to eternity because that is the great miracle he does for us. He took your husband, right. He healed him in a way like, oh, the complete healing, the one we all get.

And so, right. I don't know if you've ever seen the Tony Evans son eulogy for his mother because he said that he had the same argument over here. You know, here's Tony Evans' mom. I mean, Tony Evans' wife, how are you going to not heal her when she has cancer? And he told her, he said, she will either be healed or she will be healed.

She will either be with family or she will be with family. And I'll never forget, he said it so beautifully, that as I heard you talk about this miracle, and I don't want the listeners to miss out on this nugget that I think is in your story, is he did a healing that is beyond anything. And actually in my age of 65, which is, I'm now understanding that it's such a short time before you're reunited with him and Jesus, right. And so this will be like a blink of the time from the time he passed until again, you're reunited in a way, you know, but at the same time he's using you, right, in miraculous ways.

And I don't, I hate, we've got way more show than time always. So I want to skip forward a little bit because she now, Alexa, has a ministry in the United States to both widows, single moms, and the children that come along with that. And if, oh, you could hear her heart. And so along those lines, you heal through the heart because that's how you were healed, right?

And you do that. Tell our listeners how you're able to minister to your community because she's a pastor now, right? You're a pastor of a church in Houston?

Right. I'm a pastor in Houston for the Latino community. I'm helping them, but I mean, I'm available for everything the Lord called me to do, and I'm willing to help anyone for any ethnicity, nationality, American, whites, you know.

Right. The Lord is about everyone. So, but yes, he called me to work with the Latino community.

I'm working with Latino women and I'm seeing so much heal on them because I'm doing what the Lord showed me or told me to do to get healed. So as a single mom, single parent, we need Jesus more than anything we need. He is the provider. He is the father. He is the husband.

He come for us in the night when it's cold. Even he discipline my kids sometimes, you know. They got kind of rebellion with mommy because mommy has to be living the lie according to the word in an imperfect way because I'm still human. I made mistakes, but I love the Lord and I know the way back to him and it's, Lord, forgive me. And I'm teaching them that they're humans like me, but we have him and he sees everything we do and we can make mistakes and we will make mistakes, but the way back to him is just one word. Forgive me, Lord.

So he does. And it's the way we live, our family, you know, in forgiveness because we're crazy, you know. We're crazy. So the Latino community, we have a lot of single moms. The thing in our community is we are hard workers.

We are, we have many good things, but we still have, you know, things that we need to change in our community. And there is a lot of single moms and single widows and orphans and kids with our father in their home. So they need the church because that's the place the Lord made to get them healed, to make them love him, to make them to know him. So that's why we need to support our local church and the ones that are doing the work we have to. So they come to us, they come to the church, we take the kids, we're trying to have the kids to know Jesus better through music, through art, through dance. Yeah, that's the part that listens. And again, I often hate that our listeners can't look in your eyes, you know, when you talk because when I first met, you know, Alexa, just a little short while ago, and she started to begin to talk about music and dance, you should have seen her light eyes light up, especially when it comes to the mommy in her, because she was like, you know, I get to be a mommy, and we get to do this music and dance, and you just get the sense of these children that are worshipping, right?

And experiencing something that they probably will never forget, to be able to worship freely there with their, you know, mommy, right? My pianist, when I do the prayer on Wednesday, is my son. He's 10 years old, my Pablo.

Really? Yes, he's brilliant. He's the one that plays the piano. He's the one who plays the piano.

So I truly believe that music heals. And this was your miracle son? He is my miracle son.

Yes, he's my firstborn, and as I told you, the doctors, I mean, the science says it was impossible for me to become a mom because I have many issues in my health. So I went to many high, you know, two knowledges. But my sister, she was the one who met the Lord before me. Really? Yeah, she's older sister or younger sister? My younger. Really?

You're saying your younger sister? Yeah. That's a beautiful part of this story, right? Because, as I told you, I didn't realize how God is our Father when we have no father at home. Right, sure.

This is true. This is not just, I mean, everything that is written in the Bible is true, but I'm leaning in testimony. I can testify he was my father when I didn't have a father in my house. The one who opened the doors for me, the one who paid for my education, the one who brought me to the United States, the one to heal my heart, the one who kept my kids, loving him, serving him in the kingdom. My son, he's a Bible teacher for five years. Oh my goodness.

Well, unfortunately again, time is too short to get all that we need from Alexa, but we're probably going to have to get her back on. We can see at some point in time, but Alexa, how can people that want to know more about your ministry know more, how to pray for you, how to connect with you? If you guys got a church name, website, how would people do that? Yeah, we have a church website.

It's www, so three W's. Jesus the Transformer. Jesus the Transformer dot com dot org dot o-r-g.

Yes. So Jesus the Transformer dot o-r-g, and you're the pastor, so contact information, just do that. Yeah, so we have an email that is info info at at jesus the transformer dot org dot org, and we have a phone number. Sure. Okay, we have a phone number if you want to contact us.

We're helping the Latino community in Houston. We would like to have, I mean, we know just about Christian people, we know about everybody because every single party needs help. Oh yeah. No believers because the word is for everyone, right?

Oh, absolutely. So what's your phone number? It's 713-568-6655. This is the church phone.

713-568-6655. Oh, Alexa, again, we're out of time, but thank you so much for sharing your story and your life with our listeners here on The Truth, and God bless you. God bless you. Thank you so much for this opportunity, and I know the Lord has good plans for us. Yes, He does.
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