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NRB Chronicles - God's Comfort For A Widow from Columbia -Alexa Christ

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 5, 2021 5:00 am

NRB Chronicles - God's Comfort For A Widow from Columbia -Alexa Christ

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 5, 2021 5:00 am

NRB Chronicles - God's Comfort For A Widow from Columbia -Alexa Christ - Pastor of - Jesus The Transformer


How fun is it that we get to be on the convention floor national religious broadcasters convention, 20, 21. If you're robbing him or near the host kingdom pursuit. How does God take your passion is the kingdom you get a chance to see how God has given us so many gifts to so many people and water to light that is not just doing that in America, he's doing it around the world is that secret agent that is is been working on since they were 10 or 11 years old or maybe before they were born.

He was working on loving them and bringing them to a point of understanding and getting to know him in such a case with Alexa.

Christ, she's from Columbia. As you will hear in her wonderful, beautiful accent. Thank you and Alexis, a widow, which is fascinating to me. The last person I interviewed since Alexa was MF in the little correction and similarly God is comfortable. Alexa so much that she refers to herself as Alexa Christ because he is now her husband four years ago. In Columbia I was doing string along that I was raising my Ketek. Charlie was working in the financial sector for 15 years I became in our company was 12 so that's why I start working at 16 so I have a long career in the financial sector and my father was under now I realize he was a local sponsor me to my studies and am here because he loves me and cleaned can take came to us not to clean.

She told me your time is your time to do something in ministry and I was doing I was Always wear volunteer in my church and I look a charge is an amazing place.

I was trained and I passionate about a war dinar. So I started starting the war going to my classes of theology classes every every week.

That was my best plan. The best thing to do was going to the church and I was raising my ego was me. Article I knew the Lord to a medical I couldn't have choosing and healed me physically and I got framing so somebody told me once he said you should trust the Lord and asked him to give you the child you want. You know you do that inside of you. I was too good to know sex, pulling my career. Having a good marriage is frightening.

I didn't.

I didn't need the Lord that when I last have signed and I came to the charge in an absent Jesus as the something changing my nine size diet. I know I had inside of me and I wanted beautiful.

You can like show how you show me how to sing. One day he something so putting my thoughts on my reading teacher and she was a strong when I she did and she did say some prayers she took me okay you need to start reading the worry my traumas, my father let us live my emotionality shows my aunt Sadie, my I was so proud I understood your most everything we need to get you outside.

I will see that journey with him for a couple of years and can take came to us so I because he healed me and my son sign for the science but doctrine wasn't possible for me to get pregnant by first was my prayer. So those I knew him as a heat of depression finances. I called Lisa and I will name on I was sure about me a call my now that I want it that he wore I was suspecting something different. So I became widow and that moment he said these phrase and I said silver for me. How can I please. How can I say I teases you don't do for me how my somebody you can say Ray because you are so gracious and loving everything is everything. Thank you backstage. You can't go to the land. What I would use you mightily to that nation's single mom widows because you know what is being a leader without because my mom and she made many states and I know my mom because she's beautiful Jesus to manage defined elation. So when I was kind of mad with the Lord because my knee uncle something I said okay yes I know. Okay you want to do the same story Lee.

You want something from me and I look at that now I was so broke I make. Many days I got drawn I was emotional, amazed.

I was amazing might make you know how can we know Jesus she's just my son might want to know everything. 14 so money was lying right now because we got no time to say now you know Jesus is not confound me confronting me saying you need to need to show them when I say no when you were expecting Mikey and I said okay so what is an express taking you when you said that the Lord what you want to do that miracle was, he took it because the way.

Like all so right for his mother have the same argument over Tony Evans mom about her when she has cancer told her she will be sealed to be with family or she will be with family is so hard to talk about this, but I think is is that is beyond anything and actually my understanding that such a short time before you with him just so this will be like a blink of time from the time he passed right away more show than time always skip forward.

She now Alexa has a ministry to widows, single moms and the children come along with all her heart and so along those lines. You feel through the heart because that's how you are right that our listeners are able to go. She's a pastor, pastor or church right for the Latino community in helping Dan bad for everything the Lord called me to do and I'm waiting to help anyone any ECT nationality, white no lies about anyone so bad yet that he call me to what we do like working with no seen so much skill on them because I'm doing what the show meal told me to do to get so single moms finger pine cleaning teases more than anything we need to provide a cheese dip Friday has been called for call people in my keys. Sometime they got kind of really only mommy mommy mommy has to be a lie. According to the war in any way human. I mainly states. I know the way back to Honey's yard for night teaching them that didn't like me that we have everything we do make mistakes like that they way back to work for social way we leave our family knowing for Tracy. Tracy community. We have a lot of defeating away community is way out how to work as we have many things that we have no think that we need to changing our community, and seller have seen on mommy's single widows and orphans on hellfire home so they need to charge the plays that are made to get them to make them love to make them to know so that's why we need to support our charge on their wants their doing and why we have to so that they come to take him to the charge with data keeps me trying to have the keys to know Jesus better to music to our times when you talk when I first met. She started to talk about music and her light eyes light up, especially when it comes to the mommy because she was like July get to be your mom and dad from you just get the sense of these children that are worshiping and experiencing something that they probably will never be able to worship freely bear with their my when I do the prayer Wednesday is myself and yes all of my father really want to play the piano.

He played yet so I truly believe that he is my is my firstborn and I told you that Dr. med. Science says it wasn't. Both became a mom because I have many issues he may help. So I went to many high all date to bad Macy's day. She was the one for me really made younger really younger sister. That's a beautiful because as I told you I do reanalyze how God is our father. We have no tool is not just everything that is writing by lease through but my testimony.

I can testify. She was my five when I didn't not fighting my house.

The one who opened the doors for me.

They want will pay for my location doing well.

United States.

They want to hear my heart keep my teeth say my son. He is the Bible teacher for five years. Well time to get all that we made from Alexa how can people that want to know more about how to pray for you got a church website. Yeah, we have a church website, said WW W. PW's Jesus the taskbar. Mary is.or Jesus the transformer information. Yeah. So we have an email that is all I teases the farmer we have a phone number okay have a phone number you want to contact as we helping the Latino community. Houston would like to have not just about 11 every laddie because every single fighting detail because everyone right so what's your phone number is 71358686655. This is the charge phone 66550 like to thank you so much for sharing your story with God bless you as you think is

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