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Show Me You Care

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 5, 2021 12:40 pm

Show Me You Care

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 5, 2021 12:40 pm

Robby is joined by Bill Mixon, The Christian Insurance Guy. It's all about CARE on today's show.

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I met my cohost Breanna Michael Paul and I am like John Mormonism to be brighter than we were told it would be. Join us for discussions about our journeys Mormon to Jesus your chosen Truth Network podcast started just enjoying sharing most of thinking for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network I want to praise the Lord feed the hungry and bring peace to all mankind. If you would be Miss America. What you really care grace grace. You want a better money to the radio show. Show me you care today. Our car care.

Show me style on the Christian Car Guy show so today's show. When I got Bill mixed with me is Gordon show me you care and let's see Bill try that again. Good morning Barry, are your user so you might've heard Jim Carrey and Morgan Freeman in the movie Bruce Almighty there the very beginning. I hope you did you hear that clip a little bit more this morning because at this.

It got down in my soul and I can't get it out of there because there's this beautiful thing that happens. Jim Carrey is to know if you watch the movie in the whole thing almost has to do with his praying and God trying to teach Jim how to pray and you can see how you want to pray if you want to be Miss America, but then he says what you really care about and so that's a great question for you as you begin to pray about your car or about your life for so many things is what you really care about and then you might hurt to Clark and she was saying call me right. That was her wonderful song from the 60s and then the tribes you might remember that song love is all around, and then a few minutes. This go on and let it show well again. Let it show. So what is it look like when you care how do you show that you care so Jesus asked Peter three times right do you love me, and each time he gave Peter an opportunity right to do something that would prove that which would be show me got frustrated there for well feed my sheep right so your car could be asking you right now, show me your care. I have not demanded a lot of living here recently let you know what made me think about this to some extent was.

I keep seeing axles on the side of the road and I see cars that are bent over to make the actual front axles actually broken and there. The car sits without a front wheel and I think all my goodness, how could they listen to that CV joint racket long enough for that axle to actually break the only thing that could make any sense to me as he didn't care with like that read like becomes an incident. People wait till it starts flashing and deepened with a doing so today show like always is brought to you by Hebrew letter, which is the race today like you know Sesame Street you like that don't shed and words that the drive to the so the reddish is very very instrumental in showing that you care and so negative that and then I also want to talk about our extended warranties are ripoff and enema show I care a little bit by sharing some information along those lines. It's kind of been on my heart all week to share that so actually bill this morning I was in a kind of it in that different kind of situation because all week long. Usually I'm on this lesson plan that clearly has to do with the show but I'm so blessed because Sunday. Tomorrow I get to preach at peace church in Durham, so I hope anybody is intermarried tomorrow. Come see me but as a result my week is been like preparing for that and and so when I got to the show this morning. I kinda climbed up in God's lap and I knew I had a lot of information floating around in my brain all sorts of things got up and teach me and so I said will got what we talked about today Christian Car Guy show and he kind of slipped this word in the my mind care in and actually, as I thought about care. I thought about that. I thought about Morgan Freeman and Bruce Almighty Jim Carrey when he said you know what you really care about and so I went on a word search for the word care biblically like what is caring look like in the Bible when you have more success in the eye.

I've got of I'm armed with many concordances and all sorts of neat things to do so as I went searching the cool thing was that it was never the same word twice that that the word was used for all sorts of actions and in what I came up with was, it had to do with seeking bike going and looking for something that's caring and has to do with speaking like call me. That's where the Petula Clark thing like if you care about somebody want talk to him and it came at handling optically like that one because there's nothing like crawling up in the God's hand like he's got the whole world in his hands and so when you're handling something you're caring about it. If you're watching your car right. I've always said for a long time. You you want to get to know your car in for more love your car wash and wax it. You're looking very survey dapple at a dollar 50.when you're doing things your hands on it. Man this is sincere. Actually caring for right if you pet your dog right.

I know how you feel about that. But, in a word, if I desire is I went through all these different places that I could find the word caring in a word, if there is one word that you seem to nail it. It was shepherding and so as I looked at many of those words.

The reason why I use the letter race this morning of the Christian Car Guy shows being brought to by H. It is like a bent over poor person to see Hebrew letters are a picture of something right and so unlike our language which is just lines the Hebrew language there drew a picture and they drew a picture of the head that's been over and it's kind of searching because it's poor but it's also the head and so it's the very first letter in the word Shepherd and the second letter is and I and and and the idea is a shepherd is always watching out for his sheep and in the better the shepherd is Jesus explains the more they care right more than somebody cares about the sheep, the more they'll search the more they'll be willing to touch if you cared about it. That's the whole problem bill you don't care enough Jakarta touch it will that one thing that I remember was a really wonderful sermon by Desmond Tutu one time and he talked about yet. When you read the story about the lost sheep that you really you're painting the wrong picture. Nearby is that the Jewish language ran fits into the same definition is the word sheet and that he was absolutely sure that it wasn't some sweet, wonderful little cuddly laying that was lost, that they were talking about in the story it was that cantankerous old Ray.

That was always in the wrong place at the wrong time about to get eaten by the wrong thing never listen to anything and that the story was supposed to paint a picture of Jesus was going to leave their time and are like old red every minute.

I was to go after that the last sheep the last Ray on the last animal in the pack that anybody would really care about and that that's what the story is trying to say that would you really feel day on an awful and miserable about yourself that you don't don't worry because Jesus cares for you just as much as he does is 90 not really nice sweet Williams do this posted. And so, as always, we would love for you to call in but I will like my question today for you, the listener is what you do to show you care right and that that may mean what you do to show you care about your car, maybe check your oil that's good that you put your hands on it.

To do that bill but maybe maybe what you do to show God you care, but he did you show your spouse you care what one of those look like 866-348-7884. I'd love to learn from you because I'm I'm sure there's things I can think of ways that God allows me to show that I care but the question is how do you show that you care, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH is the number to call in and share and so when we come back we arty have some people call in with how they care so we want to hear that 866-34-TRUTH and Morano Carson what or how to get this often extended warranty and you know what parts his warnings and those kind of thing I forgot. Bill on insurance so forward to your calls and some more Christian Car Guy show. Show me today. You're listening to the Truth Network and

I want to praise.

If you would be Miss America. What you really care today show is she care. How do you show your care and I would just throw out there. Initially when you hear that Morgan Freeman statement there is what you want me to do. Pray you are chosen for you care. I mean, how could you care now just pray for for them the situation. All of us to have to talk with them in the have a connection did know what to pray for said it did give your time and your energy. It did actually be able to just shut up and listen, and you know that's very very true if and when I had a dear friend in the men's group this week. Share something really intimate and as result I really knew what he cared about and I really knew how to pray for him, which just made me feel a whole lot better and I've had a good time playing with Molly. Well I'm so excited because y'all are call it ended 866-34-TRUTH 87884 to share. How do you go about showing you care so we got man see in Chapel Hill. Nancy your hunting pursuits good morning hey Robbie, I am so delighted that you called. You know that care I care for people every day. Ideal home health and wanted care for them. I try to go and treat you like my mother, father, brother, people you really care about and I have to listen to find out what their needs are and give them what will benefit, but it not pushing things on them. It is finding out where they are and what their needs are to so you know only flooding up but now his MSA processing that Nancy sometimes as I can remember my father when he had home healthcare people came on a lot of times as people stretched. In other words, he didn't even want to get out of bed.

It wasn't you know those things were hurting him, but they let it giving them things they need right now proven and get better and and that's that's beautiful absolutely like wow and and I you know I have the no Nancy for those relisting and say I know Nancy well actually she goes to peace church and so I could see you tomorrow. That's exciting. But, and I know that that you guys are all about prayer. So can you share with our listeners little bit how you pray before you go in on that visit, I have little time I'm driving I love driving pray continuously in an and when I as I'm approaching the house like a Lord let me be able to see what you would be and be able to be tendered to this person, no matter what mood they are in because sometimes they're not really are like the doctor ordered.

Though you know but a lot of it like that is all for listening. Finding out you know what is it that that they feel like they need and sometimes you have to introduce new thing but yeah I guess they Lord let me treat that person like my mother my father my sister or brother on their worst day you now and I still love them. But you know and and also not before thinking on them you now just it's really finding out what they they need and where they want to be and try to help them get there.

But I ask the Holy Spirit to help me, though.

Well, yeah. What an honor. You know, really Nancy that God is interested.

You and I can see why with with such an opportunity. You know, because a lot of times the people that you visit. They may not see another friendly face for days and days running through through and and part of you know will help are a caring compassion to yeah it is his will thank you Nancy. I'm so blessed that you called and and you really do have an opportunity to show you care and so many different ways.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. I look forward to you. Thank you, thank you so much Robbie for all you do really appreciate it. Some fun.

God bless. So at this I would. What's your thoughts.

Like how you show that you care what's what's a neat way that that God is in plant some in your soul like like you can really sense that this this you can feel God's pleasure. When you care in this in this manner.

In this way. I would love to hear that. I know our listeners would love to hear. That's where the courage to call 866-348-7884 and Bill, you're looking at me like you got some will love telling my wife all the wonderful reasons that she's wonderful every day trying to find new way to let her know how much I appreciate her much I appreciate time with her so is your wife's love language encouraging words. I wish mine was like I was.

That's mine and you throw that Terry is more like show me her show me means do the dish you go to acts of service and those killers could be quality high. In there with the singular there to do that while she's doing sales work.

So anyway, I did want to get to some about extended warnings for minute to know because I want to show that that that that this there's things out there about cars that we can all learn in general and working spendable time on this subject is that to begin with your cars warranty means it can be free from defects in workmanship and material and so the concept of an extended warranty. To begin with just isn't technically logical because of warranty would be something that the manufacturer would offer and it wouldn't be backed by an insurance company. So when most people say the word extended warranties that what are actually talking about is an insurance policy which is so working to get into all that and you know, are they a ripoff. Well, they can file they might not.

So working to get into those things as well and like all will sell but we want to know how you show you care most of all 866-34-TRUTH 878-8410 as you do that you're listening to the Truth Network and I want to praise. If you want the Miss America. What you really care and show that you carry for your car or your loved ones are show God that you care for him. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. We would love to hear how you really do care and and II want to save it in that clip that we played at the beginning Wally segments because I love it so much. That's down in my soul. If you want.

So moving and I see that Jim Carrey kind of abuses his girlfriend throughout her name is Grace and and he's in this thing totally for himself and is not necessarily somebody who really cares about what she wants. He seems to care more about what he wants but at this point in the movie. Actually, there's a whole checking skills and are actually Bruce is in heaven. There was God and and and went when he is asking them to pray, he says do you want to pray, and you might remember from the very beginning.

He said you want her back what Bruce's answer to that was not that he wanted her back but that he wanted somebody to love her and deceive her with the eyes that he now had to see somebody to care about her, that would really care like that good Shepherd, so to speak. It's a beautiful prayer and at the end of the real prayer Morgan Freeman says now that's a prayer I can get on it and it really did the picture is like wow and in his Nancy was timeout when she was Karen for people worth but you know that this morning I thought what a fun thing to pray God that this person would be able to care like you care when you want to care like God cares we the different situations in the different categories of friends there.

Some people you want to be totally and completely invested in their some people you willing to help as long as they get a pull the runway we would got a wonderful organization in town called city with dwellings it works with our homeless job, sit there working in counseling with somebody you just given me half the story and add to make six phone calls to try to solve the problem with that you get yet I don't mind praying for him but if he does not go to pull his own weight and he'll I'm not nearly as concerned about it is that select few people that I would get would love to give that ram your talk about is that you maybe old RAM yes it is there in the bushes. He was yes he will and you know there you go. So I think of Jesus labor, love, and if you're familiar with the Christian Car Guy show we have this ministry to single moms widows and families in crisis and and often when I hear their calls. I can tell the they didn't care about their car monitoring when they got in the shape that it's in right like I could.

I have the knowledge and resources. While I understand that like you say when a red lights flashing or you hear this awful noise. You know you either care you don't care.

Well, if you don't care there will be consequences. The beauty of it is as we talked about last week that God comes in their and then allows us to care his interest like the guy you were to talk about.

He allows us to care right now. Scott and I was praying with these ladies every week and he's caring in a loving way that a course hopefully they'll learn that the next time you hear that noise and they see that light flashing which by the way, I'll say it one more time. I say quite often on the show. If it is a red light that's on your it's red because it wants you to stop oil pressure light is red brake lighting which starts flashing and if it's yellow that means cautions our check engine lights are yellow not not is huge deal, but if it's a red light like those red lights mean this is an emergency. I saw a new NEC check gauges, which meant there was another red light.

I handed him that was a really intra-I had to Google which engages me.

Luckily I found it in time for the next day.

So the deal is I cannot tell you how many times it breaks my heart that people will run with overheat red light on. Okay, now that red light comes on. Since your car is overheating. You now are going to blow your head gasket. You're going to end up needing an engine. This eats nothing amiss from his numb nothingness roundly got no breaks nothing to mess around when we got oil pressure, but there is also nothing to mess around with when your car is overheating because if you do not stop and pull over and invest in a wrecker.

You will soon be investing in a new engine.

I mean is, you can pay me now or pay me later kind of thing, but it still gets them to write. How much do you care how much it to your. Yes, there it you know and and again you you made a wonderful statement.

I think bill on love languages right yet like there are five love languages, but they've added one now that is like being in the present time, I would being with the person that you're around. I found another one asked that he said that at a chocolate that's not the fact that eating at present time. This is what's important.

Okay, like whether you're driving your car or or or you're talking to your friend right if you're if you're texting and driving. You're not in present time, or if you're will you think they did not like she's willing to say. If you're talking to your friend and I and I saw this three times this week. I actually saw. I would like the area near his uncle Dave was a lady of this letter, radio host okay and they were hosting a radio show and they were reading there their phone while they were listening to again asked Bobby to write. They were multitasking and I was like man. How in the world are you going to really pay attention to that caller you know him in the midst of of this because you're not in present time in it and and and what is that like really signify the people about your attention like you know who's most important here who's number one. And what that gets us back to the rage right is here's here's here's the little lame. The Hebrew little old man. What is bent over, and he's looking right. He's because he so poor he he needs something right and blessed are the poor in spirit because it just like the woman is looking for the lost coin of the man it's looking for the lost son or the man is looking for lost sheep right they are looking there seeking and they're trying to find what you can't do that and look to for you to add a whole new layer it with. So we did that we need to we need to get back to his warty thing so we talked about that last segment so a service contract is saying and in their art, you know. Interestingly, just to show that I do believe them.

I bought one for my daughter. You know she's in college and she has a car you know you didn't want to call you up problems. That wasn't it. It was that I knew that really she couldn't afford a $1500 air conditioning repair or submit 60,000 miles and so it was better for her, the way we set it up that she go ahead and and get all this stuff so that she would be set up to go that way and again I bought it from Chevrolet. She bought shoes by the Chevy car because to me the manufacturer has a reason to honor the Lord to even if it's a service contract.

You know they have an extra thing made their they're trying to protect the Chevy name plus they have all the resources and all the Chevy dealers across the country because my daughters in Alabama. I want to make sure that this would be good wherever she went, and so I'm I'm really a big proponent of if you're buying a Chrysler get across reward if you're buying afford you forgot if you're buying a Honda Honda wanted because those people have something at stake to make sure that you're happy because little bit more, but the warranties is only as good if it'll pay for something that's broken. I what's up you know to buy a service contract which you may not agree with me since you work for nationwide will depends on this, the concept of insurance is that you setting aside a known amount of money to take care of a problem. You can't financially deal with and a warranty. You buy a used car with them a little bit more interested in buying a warranty for that period of time you're wondering if you got a limit or not, but in general they they aren't a good fit. So I have Barbara is in Greenville South Carolina this morning Barbara you're on a Christian Car Guy sugar morning Barbara, are you with me.

I what you got for me this morning.

I will not class I enjoy this good will. Do you owe Barbara can you hang on for sleep we came upon the break right in the middle so daily bread. Now talk about some care. I'm very excited about this great idea. You are to bill set forth our Delilah so we back get back we got Jesus nine point we got Barbara to hear more, and so 866348788. You're listening to the Truth Network and I want to praise if you will be Miss America what you really care. Show me show and resume the caterers we've got the cure coming on at 1 o'clock today on the Truth Network. If you listen on the Truth Network regulars on the Truth Network app and you get the cure which the day.

They've got actor and director, Jason Mack, who's moving the father legacy is to be on so that should be exciting. Someone o'clock live newbie of the call in and talk to them. So getting back we have Barbara it was good to share you care by making bread. Tell us about that daughter will break before migraine. Baker really all I read on how whole grain bread ground card every year her family and neighbors. Frankly, made along the way where I'll not carry with other people on how the wife to be away for several days now. Think about the bread in Italy by doing weightlifting people heart little bit about you feel like going down the real people I meet Don actually grinding I'm I'm I've never heard of anyone I know a lot of things make bread actually, but I never heard of anyone Barbara who ground their own flour. So do you sing God's plan present pleasure as you grinding that just have this sense of like man that's so biblical waterwheel you have a creek by all. Right wrong really sounds like people like that down right now as well be praying every day.

Give us this day our daily TV on board parking is talk that the person sitting in the right hand.

I'm guessing Barbara that's the yellow line missing check parking is yeah and and so it's not a red like nothing you have to freak out about, but I would certainly call the dealer anyway and I bet there is something in your computer that the sensors is is telling it to do something, but I would be terribly concerned about it.

But I care. And so, because I care. I would say you know let's call the Worthing physical yeah there you wonderful.

I don't bless thank you so much by what comes in with that certain friends right now, so we have failed is in Greensboro North Carolina so fail your on the Christian Car Guy sugar morning brother Robert Dale how are you I am excited to hear you soon love out every Saturday so hi how you can make very small, but a lot to me.

Every time I prepare coffee I coffee out one time that I make coffee.

I don't think Victor is just right now that's actually huge line of bull before. Okay, I am more like me to look up very and you know what I was is me Susie said that sale.

I thought man. Tammy makes me coffee every night before she goes to fishing as I get up super early and I'm in first thing I do is plug in that coffee maker and shouldn't have a chance to taste it but but it always means the world to me and it it I will tell you some that I do for my life. I really enjoy doing. I sent God's pleasure, but it too may sound stupid but what I do so in the little sugar bowl actually were. You sleep well. I took a toothpick and I write out Chamblee which is see how much I love you. I will write those initials in the sugar and then I put a hard in their so after she's made my coffee, which I know she's Chamblee and me that she makes me the coffee. I know Bill is clear, I think we did end up like it or not. I turned over the years is that sweet low. Sometimes their consistency is too thick to do it well, but so when she gets a real powdery sweet low man I can really Chamblee out. I put a big swirl in the ass and it's really really cool.

So for now is Sweden's overly with right now called the light know that you know God bless you and some but you can't love you love you too bye-bye chief is not to try get everybody Keith, I'm sorry, but it will have a lot of time but what you got for us will call somebody I can get around like a I'm thinking of your lot to do that certain time people have a thing or whatever all start thinking of messages and I mean if they think of those people were people done me in a special situation a bit for your little man is a lot like your rose gold similes. However, the law of course it does because somebody cares him is thinking about you similes want to talk to you is so beautiful Keith. I hate we ran out of time because I was left talking to you but you will be on those siding canvassers if you want to call that way.

Let's keep God blessed will bill as always is been fun. I missed you last month got a new love language we got a hateful and Chamblee will remember slow down is locked everywhere he went every email, and he also probably wrote Chamblee in the best that's what he did with the woman caught in adultery got all done in 33 years.

Thank you for listing the Christian Car Guy shows some fun. I

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