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Tune UP!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 24, 2021 12:31 pm

Tune UP!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 24, 2021 12:31 pm

This show was brought to us by the letter Lemed.  It's Hebrew :)  Bob Young is in studio with Robby.  Wait.  Is that God you hear?  Just might be!

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Role here when you train one pastor and some donor friends are standing by to train the second-best call 833-443-5467 or go online and train a

Every gift counts and now every gift is double train a this is Rodney from the masculine journey podcast. We explored manhood within Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just a few seconds. Sit back and enjoy it, share it, most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network when you tell me what radio show. Okay, this is the Christian thing to today and will try new one on your list. It's like just what what the show might be about today based on what you just heard. I got Bob Gary's is you just heard some you heard. Obviously, Julie Andrews and Holly you chorus what do you think were talking about today on the Christian card is an automotive topic. By the way, but it also is very much a biblical topic. In fact, you know me I love more about Bible that I do about cars but this is really fun. So what you think I'm talking it's a little puzzling to me brother that started out with Juliann days and that's the long time I got you here what she was doing that guitar when she first started she can picture the scene. She's can show these kids how to sing and she begins to hit that note and when she does she reaches up on the neck that guitar and she turns sheet she turns it just for a second I made a Latina and this monster today show is to got it set to living at the beginning of how I'd like you can't do the hallelujah chorus unless you didn't man and so what to do today actually been the idea of two is tuneup our ears like how do you tune your ears to hear God so this is a critical critical area of the Christian life because God said my sheep. Your my voice right in and I was just a man can't make you call offer out there for a week run after the heart of God is a big part of that is listening for God, but a lot of guys like I've never heard God I don't know how this works you know and and and were all looking for tuneup and oh by the way, I can use a tune up as much, as any human being can use it to and so what a wonderful question is how do you know that you know that you've heard the voice of God while today show as always is brought you by the Hebrew letter lamented okay it's hot brought you by Hebrew letter, but this one has to be a little mad now I want to make that L Salome 11 1111 1111 so you know. And when when Julie Andrews was saying, but start at the very beginning right when she says you gotta start with letters right ABC well here we got L and this is critical to hearing God's voice absolutely critical. I tell you why, because the little mad, which at that level on the left found in Hebrew is the letter that means to learn, and it is also the letter that essentially means to love is a huge connection to that in the Old Testament to learning and loving and if you think about it is you get to know somebody you become more intimate and so it's the same way with hearing the voice of God like if I put you on a platform.

Bob and I had 15 women up there and you were blindfolded and all of them began to speak, and one of those women were your mother can't figure out how you could write. You could pick her out easy easy if there were 50 women up there, could pick out her voice of Marcio because your intimate right and heard a really cool thing. A more intimate, it's into me see, did you hear intimacy and to me. In other words, look into me and see well if you want to hear God's voice. You need to look into him and see okay but you how you see with God has much more to do with your ears, but it has to do with your eyes many times have you lived in the same right and so God gave me this is far as I start looking in the Bible. How many times he tell you as a ears to hear how many Scripture references, which by the way, starts in Deuteronomy where he begins this whole idea of he who has ears that are tuned to hear how may times he say 24 Scripture references to he who has ears here so we must think it's pretty important out the thing the Holy Spirit to slap me upside the head. I believe it seems to me the Holy Spirit slap me upside the head. This morning said Robbie what was the last healing miracle that Jesus did before he went to the cross guys here back and correct. That's might you know I could be wrong but I think that's it. Always there like you see that might be significant that that we need our ears man we need them tuned, tuned, tuned, but I do think that you can hurt a lot of people by saying that you heard something from God that didn't. You didn't actually hear from God.

And so even in acts 15 you might notice this beautiful thing where they said it seemed to us. Acts 15 glitzy Scripture or similar acts 1528. It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and us not to burden you with anything beyond the following requirements.

In other words, if not sin.

They definitely heard from the Holy Spirit.

It seemed that they did and and so I've heard a lot of people by times and I think God said this to me.

I instead of saying, I think. It seemed like God said this to me because do we really know. I don't know but I do know this problem. I had cancer right. I bet I had 15 people come up to me at least, and said God told me you need to take alfalfa sprouts.

Okay God told me you need and the one that I'll never ever forget some. He told me God told me you need to be on the hallelujah diet go perfectly with the hallelujah chorus Osowski about the hallelujah chorus I heard and they told me God told me to go on the hallelujah diet will as I looked at the hallelujah diet that made all kinds of sense and I study didn't look beautiful and I went on the hallelujah diet for two years. I didn't eat any meat. I ate all raw vegetables in the hallelujah diet I'm telling pretty blatant little different. No dairy know I'm in it was it was extreme while after two months in the hospital with kidney stones because my body. Other people may be able to do the hallelujah value diet wonderful.

But I mean it almost killed me.

My body makes glycerin for whatever reason with the kidney stones up because he when I had so many that it was just unbelievable. As a result of the hollow do you really think they heard from God that I was supposed to be on the how are you.I'm not thinking they did and so we needed to not bomb so I heard this beautiful beautiful sermon by David Pastor David Busby. If you have a chance to listen to him on YouTube is going to be the Lord now and so he can hear God good and that he said something that is also important when it comes to tuning up those years. He said you know if you want to go fishing, do you wait for it to rain real hard and then go out to a puddle in your driveway. See if you can catch fish times that work at about say if you hear the voice of God you you want to go where there's fish, manners, lots of fish. Where would that be and you might go with the you know the whole word of God. It it know there's fish all over that time.

Okay. In the Bible you know I don't how many words total. But I mean there's a lot of words, God) there all right there. And so as you get more intimate right as you look into me see with the Bible and the more you go there, the more you tune your ears to hear what he sounds like a foamy but what's even more critical. I think if we talk about that is that in the beginning was the word and the word was flesh.

In other words, what John telling us is the Bible is not just like words on the paper.

It literally is God and so what you think about when you read the Scriptures and something just flipped off in your mind like oh well, guess what you disturbed.

I can assure you when all of a sudden the light came on. You understood the Scriptures you just heard the voice, I'm guilty of listening, but not hearing and often tell me tell me tell me and just as my wife shall verify that we have Wendy in Utah so we definitely want to hear Wendy and we want your calls. When did you hear from God. When did you hear his voice or when it's only tell you they heard and it clearly was not the case.

We would love either of those 866-34-TRUTH 8788 forwarding a 20 yet will get her to her right after the break, when did you hear or maybe when somebody told you they heard that although good work ethic. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH turnout today have your listening to the Truth Network and need me morning when you mean when you see we mean bad about that but I don't want people standing up does make you want to stand up and it's just one of those really really outstanding things today on a Christian Car Guy show we are tuning up. I because you know cars need a tuneup.

Well our ears. We need a tuneup so that we can hear the voice of God.

He's our Shepherd is a good Shepherd and all my goodness, when he gives you a piece of direct insight. When you know that came from him which often comes from his work and talk a lot about that and I'm so excited because we have Wendy's in Utah.

She's got ears to hear, I think so windier on the Christian Car Guy show good morning, good morning.

Thanks for letting me I've been thinking this last week, things that Jesus said in one of the things she said with that, he wrote. He spoke in parables, so that the unbeliever would not understand, and that group of people quite prevalent in the church today that really the parable of the week in the head now estimate that because and also the passage about the two women in the field and the one with taken father and Jesus with both feet Scriptures to explain both of them very clearly that is that yeah and the Fed was taken with taken to the place where the vultures gather and but not in a good play no and so many people today believe the heresy that was started 800 years after the time of Christ.

But I am mentally whipped out woman in Scotland that it's very popular because it seems to promise safety and security said which it is absolutely wrong and the detail I mean this with both feet in the Bible. Even back in detail the talk about the foolish women in the pillows than the fly off that all that stuff that Jesus made it clear that the character would be taken and the wheat would remain which is the fact that of what people are trying to believe today because they would be comforted. They would have to go to the tribulation and it's interesting because I sent out emails with a really good: subject to said positive high level positive and they will not return my you know they will not comment did not become I think it's really cool. So what you what you're saying Wendy is on listening and said that ears to hear you.

I think what you're telling us is that people who believe in the pre-tribulation rapture are thinking the backwards of what may actually take place, based on the Scriptures that you just referenced whisper pickup across it before.

Some day and and what's interesting is that many people believe that I tend to believe that the antichrist will be no one other than Satan himself because he'll come here promise P show great miracles, and the people who believe in the flyweight. Will think that you come back and so they'll be deceived and we should be very careful not to go for the fall, but wait for the second Scripture that talks about "the women who were pregnant and that day and symbolic meaning you give Marriott the fall flat and got pregnant and you're pretty embarrassed with the real one comes the line while so here's the thing. Like when you're interpreting Scripture right and that's a big part of what you do not see you your reading it and you trying to understand and so to me, insist absently critical.

It was given to me when I came to faith was if you can understand the Bible, you gotta pray because it's can be the Holy Spirit.

This can help you interpret high exactly and so the more you become intimate with the more you study it, the more you see, the more clarity you know that that working to get some thank you, Wendy. I'm so grateful that you you share that insight with SMF to study up on that stuff that's pretty cool. Yes, always like I was. They connected the dots like oh that's where that connects to Ezekiel and that it connects to Deuteronomy and like oh I get it. I didn't even tell us all along.

That's so cool thank you Wendy God bless thank so, Bob, that's pretty heady stuff right there man I I have to ponder for a moment when when somebody gets so yeah I was with a lot of men in the and they were really really trying to hear from God.

You know, and in the course we were. We went out there with our Bibles and whatever and so what is worked for years and years and years for me is to have this time in the word every morning is this is because it tunes my ears. This is an and here's how it tunes them. It really really does okay because I'm reading a passage and all of a sudden a word or something jumps out at me just jumps, and when that jumps when I see I don't understand that and that's what usually happens is I don't let it make sense to me out and that's how I know that the jump in and started because if I knew the stuff that obviously God would need to teach it to me and that's why the LeMat is so incredible when it comes to loving and learning whether such a connection because as all of a sudden I see I don't understand that. Then all of a sudden my heart leaps because I go To learn some and I start digging will years ago when you tell me you prayed to understand what you were fixing to read before you read it that this really rang my bail.

I'm I'm not asleep in the Bible is that should be and that but that was just as EL some for me and that's a big part of the tuneup man.

I mean, the good news is you know you got the Holy Spirit is going to twist those knobs on the end of your get your and and and if you go all optics to learn some and you begin the study. When that light comes on.

And here's a perfect example. Okay, I had an opportunity to interview over 100 counselors at the American Christian counseling convention that this was a number of years ago that is going on in Nashville and they were like Robbie, we want you to do over 100 interviews in a weekend and I was like, man, how can I get good content so I began to pray to my ears when we come back. You can find out what God gave me one of the biggest miracles I can ever remember, brought you're listening to the truth and need me when you tell me tuneup today Christian show were talking about. How can we tune our ears to hear God's voice, which I think is absolutely critical aspect. From my perspective of how I have enjoyed my relationship with Christ, both in hearing and through his word and hearing him. Sometimes in situations where I had Artie studied his word and I knew what I was hearing when I heard it but if you think about tuning up the car for minutes just to make the comparison. Since I made it. You know, it's obviously the Christian card I shall see you tuneup a car now Bob can you imagine in a million years attempting to change spark plug wires if you didn't have a manual to find out what firing order will always dated replace one at a time and that way kitten I had a better chance event because or now let's replace the spark plug and not know what the gap is supposed to be right if for those people know spark plugs have a little gap between where the electrode is an and in the two things. It's gotta throw the right amount of spark well it then where you get that information on what the gaps can be on a spark plug or were you get the information on what kind of wires even use or or you know all these things are found in the owners manual gray or the service manual but I can assure you it comes out of a manual and God gave us this manual has everything to do did tuning our air, so to get the story that a metric for the brick I'd been asked to do 100 interviews of 100 counselors over a week and so as you might imagine, I'm in Nashville and and I study the word and for whatever reason that morning God puts me in second Corinthians chapter 1, which you may know, is essentially no the God of all comfort comforts so that we might comfort others with the comfort that we been comforted with out maybe that's just a coincidence have to be there that morning. It may be just a coincidence that felt like oh my goodness that's exactly what always people are doing their comforting others right there counselors and I wanted to see where this goes because obviously God you've given me this let me just see so one by one the counselors.

I can only I can only interview him. But the thing was he nudging my interview for Sunday for five minutes how to get something good how you get God out of an interview in five minutes. And so, as they all came up.

I said well you know how in second printing chapter took numbing chapter 1 it says God comforts us and I would say with this idea. You, I would say how does that play out in your life, and thence buckle up. I'm telling you for the all weekend long.

I heard story after story of people that did work abortion hotlines it had abortion people that work suicide hotlines that it attempted suicide. People that you know did marriage counseling that came from broken homes, people that I mean it was one thing after the other after the other. Okay. And I thought you know this is this is almost too prime and I just can't leave every single person so finally I thought here comes my theories can be busted. The stooge sits down and he is a full-blown psychiatrist right and he looks like Sigmund Freud. He's got it. Three. PCPs got the Univest right and little guys got glasses.

He's got the goatee. I mean, he looks like Sigmund Freud. He's got the whole image and I didn't really know what it was like okay well here we go we now insecurities that a lot of the got all comfort you and I told the same thing and he looks at me as eyes glossed over the goes I've never told anybody this, which is what many of them said by the way as they start and end. That's an amazing thing to me like because her counselors and you're on the radio in the first time you tell him out there okay the first thing he said yeah and so I was like okay and he said well I went insane, as had just been married for a few months and he said I really thought that that red light on the wall was Satan and I could not get my mind off of it and there was in my hospital room. There was red light and I was sure Satan. I was focusing on that in my new Brad bride sat down in the bed with me and she looked me in the eyes and she said you know I can't live amount so can you tell me how I can become insane so I can come and be with.

While well and he said it was like God had sent this angel to make me fight for my sanity and I could not leave her alone so we talked about that this in no like oh my goodness it seemed to me that God gave me that scripture to use in those interviews and I thought about it for years but every time I see a counselor I'm out.

I was like doesn't throw it out there was a year peak don't know. I there were lots of neat stories and and I've never ever forget forget the whole weekend was just like one after the other after the other. There is another one this this poor woman had an abortion.

Her husband was sitting there, and she'd never told anybody including him and she's on the radio and you know I just throw it out there and oh my goodness outcomes.

This right and and and I'm watching that drama play out right in front of me and just like okay God.

Apparently this was this was a boil that need to be pierced and there that that needed to come in the light and you know and I watch how the husband reacted and logged on his wife and old. There were tears in know he was so sorry and I didn't have the impression this was the end of marriage at the big depression it was beginning to getting so again don't don't don't don't don't miss that. We got a start at the very beginning right. There's all these letters that make up these words in that letter of the med which means love it. It's a heart if you could see the picture of what the letter is in Hebrew.

It looks like a flame that is reaching for the sky and it's a picture because heart also begins with a lament in Hebrew, and it is a picture of your heart, which is on fire, reaching for intimacy with God. Okay. And it has to do with learning and it has to do with loving and as you study God's word, just like Wendy said it earlier in the show. Then he points out things to you that show you how to navigate your life very specifically as as you go to him. Believe me when I tell you he love love loves to throw words in her mind. Often they're not like Rob, you need to go save the world is like Robbie to not much I love you. The other big bass you discard or you know, I just saw that ego in the air swooped down it now and is your ear becomes more tuned in as you study God's word more and more eagles mean a lot more to believer in my opinion is they studied how many eagles right you will want to soar on wings like eagles right will if you see the ego how much more beautiful is that. Then, if the to read about eagles your whole life you've never experienced an eagle.

I mean, you know what I'm saying is pretty pretty profound at the Belize Creek. There's a couple of places we see the big nest. Some people, me go. Some people, sprays their water. Their file that feeds the water and let me tell you about this eagles if you had you seen him close up not me. Maybe 20 feet. Yeah, they're fine, right alongside the boat and if they're not eagles, bald eagles, I'd be shocked because I mean they got a big bright yellow beak and I tell you, might my story, please click click is just beautiful. Never ever forget it. I caught a bass and it swallowed the it it it caught it so hard it swallowed a lot, you know, a big allure with all those hooks down in it. I did my best to get amount doesn't want to kill the Basque put it back in the water, but I was like man I don't think he's gonna make it so he flopped around in the water and mud my daughters like I can't believe dad that you killed that fishing island and that fishes and all of a sudden out of the sky right comes one of those which I believe is Golden Eagle. This thing swoops down at 10 million miles an hour picks up the stag and fish and flies off. I mean and thought in a like from here to your car means just just bloom at close to the boat when it did it and it you can see those talents reach now and on. You've seen them that it was that we were at the beach last weekend was fishing in the vetting had been fishing will in heaven. Let's let in the girls behind Lori and his license hey the birds are catching fish this live data got a VCR. I really have somebody call and then we got you could call in with your story.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH only combat you're listening to the Truth Network and meaning when you mean we don't mean tuning up today on the Christian Kardashian tuning how you tune your ear to hear God's voice and I should tell you that coming up today on the Truth Network with the Amy combo she's going to have a wonderful show with American Rose Rosenberger Rosenberg actually did talk about personalities which inlets can be a live show on the Truth Network today at 1 o'clock so you don't want to miss out on that. But speaking of tuneup we got all these people can attune us up. We got Angela is in Burlington so Angela Your Honor Christian card I show the morning good morning Robbie.

First thing I wanted what to say thank you, Bob and I will want to play thinking about our get together on the show and I appreciate you and love you so much.

Thank you very much and so the next thing I will tell you about is how God spoke to me.

You know sometimes God does use other people tell us something and for the last little while on being going through a desert experience and I would try to pray, and I just couldn't do it so I stopped praying and and a lot of stuff like that and but thankfully I did stop going to church and said this past Wednesday evening at our prayer service. We were we were preparing to go home very last words it was spoken was somebody in this room is under oppression and that oppression is being lifted nail and that word was definitely for me and I know getting ugly.

It was from the Lord and split it into being progressive God is doing his part, but now I've got to do my part and just this morning as I was listening to you and Bob. It came to me television in your tablet you have allowed them to become when you should be speaking to me you're going to do television in your tablet so that has to stop and I know that nail and how can we can we pray with you Angela with the I was personally so Jesus, thank you for Angela and her courage to call us this morning. Be honest with you and share her need all of us are listening. Lord we ask that you would be intimate with. Let her see into you through your word that she would spend some time looking back into the Bible and the fresh new ways that you would speak to her in volumes so that she would sense your presence in her life that she she wouldn't be lonely and she would feel that you were there with her and and and thank you for her faithful, listening to the show for years and years and years and and help her to know how much she is in and how much she is understood and how you were waiting there to speak to her tune her heirs to hearing Lord and and I asked us in Jesus name Bob, a man rob it for you no good for years and years we changed the name from Robbie's hobbies and pursuits have been written to you.

Good when you change the name of the program. I think this is the ninth year of King series. If I'm not mistaken I that I didn't realize that Robbie's hobbies was on for another year you know we change that the kingdom pursuits but it's it's been a long time and I know that it's been at least seven years. Angela but wow thank you number so we will be praying that that that. Thank you and I think that's an awesome thing that God I think you're gonna find it, man. He's gonna be waiting on you with open arms.

When I was thinking like all my what depression is like you know he really loves me the biggest mass. That's what Satan would love to let you think that but believe me when I tell you he he he is to spin weight in Layton and he is is dying to see you and I can tell you yes I can hear your voice. I'm going to hear that. Thank you Robbie.

Thank you Angela got will talk to you soon dear friend Amanda is asking me one day less talking about, I didn't feel as close to God and the man's is one who moved and live where we are and do our best bet is and all that in Huntersville, North Carolina.

She's got a poem about hearing from I'm very excited to hear the same and I went on a vein about before you read that you have your radio honors on the back. Now, now okay well it sometimes are computed just as that maybe the straightman payments are gladly diploma and #. I believe I by having dad would grout the next day and that now. I thought what he can do that but tuning up again and it would surely guide me want it cut off a tree and gone and shape all no connection to the tree but God can build America Lane candlelight reconnecting to the tree. The tree that held at present Lloyd across Confederate dynamite Donlon but connected the tree and got to know that I'm 150 black non-reconnection tree came today and got me let in my life.

Every tree that I can't even tell you what that means to me. It's so beautiful and so true because her so much would in the Bible that would indicate that that was know how he was going to reconnect this. Thank you God bless you for calling today. I hate we got a run, but it's always great to hear from you get back.

Bob sometime today brother for having me here last, and we got this keeps showing up and showing up is so awesome, so as you go through this week. Don't forget where you can get your tuneup because you can actually get the word every single morning begin to start your day with that idea of what is he sound like it's up it's a beautiful thing a lot of fish in that particular lake just saying very reverent slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere he went, got all done in 33 years. Thank you for listen Christian God. I show

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