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Bible Wonders - The Wonder of Milk

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 13, 2021 10:56 am

Bible Wonders - The Wonder of Milk

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 13, 2021 10:56 am

The essence of milk is in the Hebrew Spelling

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As of today's Bible.

I am walking about milk after last episode on a woman's body and we talked about Milton, and I was thinking about how much milk is in the Bible. I mean there's just milk all over the place.

You might remember that that was one of the things that Abraham would feed his guests and that when Jacob blessed Judah were Israel blessed Judah part of the blessing is that his eyes would be like wine in his teeth like milk and then of course, how many times in Exodus, are they promised that they would be taken to a land flowing with milk and honey in order to have that it be a lot different than the mountains that they were the wilderness of their runaround and because animals in order to have plenty milk obviously going to have great grazing in order for there to be honey. You gotta have flowers and bees in and so it's an interesting thing.

That's just commonly used throughout the Bible and then you know several authors in the New Testament. Paul and the writer of Hebrews mentions a couple time and Peter talks about the milk of the word, which obviously the word is a huge thing so when I looked at the actual Hebrew way that the word is made up I saw something that I didn't think was worth wondering about and that is the very first letter in the word milk in Hebrew is what's referred to as a hat. We talked about it before.

It's a male energy coming down in the female energy going up and then it has sort of that had to enteric across the tops like a hoop and it very much means marriage and it means life, and I began to wonder immediately.

Like oh yeah in order to have milk there has to be a union. So for us to get the milk of the word right. We have to be united with Christ and the Holy Spirit to show us you know what the actual nutritional value of the milk is before we can actually process it so how beautiful that that is the first letter in the word milk because in order to have milk, you know, in any species that I'm aware of their first has to be a union of marriage that begins that process where unity obviously you have a baby that would need the milk.

The second letter which is not unusual.

I think about how much my wife loves milk is a little mad and this letter has to do with learning and it also has to do with loving it's also the first letter in the word heart so when they say the milk of the word, and that's learning you met a beautiful thing and we need is this marriage that leads to learning and the third letter is a bet which means home and we talked about many times on the show that you know there are more songs written about. I want to go home then broken hearts, and so when you put all of that together you get this wholesome feeling like men. Pat may not advertise Vista so as we take in the word and today's word might be milk we think about the natural union that you gotta have with Christ in order to take in that milk again were hopefully get to be prepared for meat later, but first we obviously need to wonder about milk

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