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Bible Wonders - How To Get Your Masters In Repentance

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 7, 2021 9:40 am

Bible Wonders - How To Get Your Masters In Repentance

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
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The Christian Car Guy
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Today on Bible wonders I want to wonder about getting your masters in repentance, which really is spoken to at length by Jesus in the story of the prodigal son and his older brother and the father.

So don't miss that both the ball to Schuller that we can talk about at length and the ZD are in this story that concept is something that the Jews have taught from Scripture for I know. I guess from the time of Noah, the concept, they referred to it as the prodigal son would be called about all teshuvah and that all to Schuller, the ball kinda is always gotten a bad rap because we think of the people that were said by all the was a false god.

But the concept about all is actually a master of something. In fact, the word is used for Abraham in Genesis but about all is a master. So when you put the ball in front of teshuvah at teshuvah is one who repents and what the Jews have taught for years is that the all teshuvah gets the higher seat at the table, then that is the is that each now.

We talked about above all teshuvah budget is that each is a very important concept as well.

That is, that equally talked about before the show, but I wanted to revisit it. It means the righteous one and and someone that serves righteousness, and certainly it is a picture of Jesus, but in this case it's the older brother.

Okay so when you talk about the ball, teshuvah gets the higher seat at the table than those that eat what it's saying is that those who are righteous are one thing, but those who have fallen and found their need for God. Like the prodigal realized how bad he needed his father once he was sitting in the pigpen. Then they have a Special Pl. in God's heart because those who have realized how badly we need God is a really special idea. So the two words again are about all teshuvah which both had to do in this at each which both have to do with righteousness but one is finding righteousness after these phonies coming back towards righteousness and the other person sees things and they want to make them right. If you've ever been around somebody who has to have all her close and certainly in the closet or their shoes lined up a certain way or maybe there's a way that they want the dishes in the cabinets, whatever that may be you're looking at is that eat somebody that wants everything to be right and quite often in your family. It was certainly that way. Mine, that was my oldest sister right.

She was is that eat and she had a certain way that she put things in her closet. My dad was is that he can and he had to make things right with the challenge with those people who do everything right all the time and they make everything right as they begin to think that they are right because they do right and tell a fall like the older brother to write it fell and that he didn't realize how much the father loved us the sun and he didn't share his heart for his father. It's a beautiful concept to see, but it happened so often in the church and is Jesus was teaching this idea of the bald teshuvah he was actually talking about the older brother being Israel.

The older brother to the Gentiles that think they're right because they do right, but they didn't see that they are actually falling in their desperate need for Jesus so I find it fascinating that it's the Jews that teach this that the bald teshuvah gets a higher seat at the table than those that eat and I think Jesus made it clear in the case.

The prodigal son. He is the one that got the calf dinner with his friends which the older brother complain so much about. It's absolutely amazing. It gives me an idea of how God is the one that really makes me right, and by growing in his word and consuming him.

He is actually in of the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world the beginning letter of that lamb is is that each something to wonder about today on Bible wonders

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