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Bible Wonders- What's Up With The Fat On The Liver

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 6, 2021 9:02 am

Bible Wonders- What's Up With The Fat On The Liver

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 6, 2021 9:02 am

In Psalms 51 David cries out, "Behold, thou desirest TRUTH in the Inward parts - The Caul or the Covering of the Liver's spelling reveals something magnificent David knew, both as a shepherd and someone who saw the essence of things in Hebrew.

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Bible, so I am wondering about what's up with this crap on the liver that you read so much in Exodus, Leviticus, in fact, is there 11 times and when I was given the tape set on the power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. He said for you to get up every morning and read the Bible for one hour and so I needed to pray before you did that to get some understanding which was extremely helpful so I been just young car salesman, not a Christian at the time. I said well I guess I spent $100 on this tape set a figure out how to get the power of positive thinking by reading the Bible so when I got to all the stuff about the covering on the liver.

I was quite certain that this was not help me sell cars although I push through it, but the concept is always intrigued me. Of what's up with this covering on the liver well in Psalms 51 verse six. Specifically, when David is certainly no repenting over the whole issue with the sheep and her husband, you know, I can't even imagine what he was going through. But in Psalm 51 six he said to hold now desirous truth in the inward parts, and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom so fascinatingly being a deer hunter and having actually harvested many animals and including sheep when I do the Passover Seder's that I get to do like a distant here in a few days ago. See you, you see that when you first look at the inward parts of the sheep or a human being. From what I understand certain animals have this part called a call at CA UL and it covers the stomach. It covers one part of it covers the liver and it almost looks like lace but it eventually it essentially is is a membrane that includes fat, but also include something very, very important. If you read his sexual function is, it has big function in the immune system and has these big blobs of white blood cells which fight off infection and in fact this covering will first part of the intros gets terribly infected will actually isolated if necessary source like you have this covering over your stomach and your liver and your and your upper intestines. That is, there is almost like a shield and inside of that is in immune system which when you think about it. What is the biggest thing of our inward parts of our soul.

You know what's the biggest enemy of zip it is a type of infection but it's called lives. It's things that we believe that were not pushed into our system. Somehow, that we took as truth like Robbie, you'll never be a success. Or, you can never get along with people. There's no such thing as love all these things that we took on is what we call agreements with Satan are the lies that are the infection that we actually live in, and so clearly David in order to have this affair with Bathsheba and what all took on he realized that a lot of lies and gotten in as an infection in his system so it's an interesting that this very holy part of an animal in Hebrew is spelled the way that it is. I just looked at it this morning and we just sat there and wonder if you look at the word call, which is this covering, which is almost like a shield for you.

It has in it to time, so it's a good meeting in the hand of God and then a ton of which means truth and then a rage which means like the head of something or innocent. Essentially, the spirit of something and then another time, of which means he got to Thompson here, which is like truth, the head of truth and so that word call when God said that when you sacrifice these animals. He wants this very special part to be sacrificed and burned on the altar is a smoke if you can see that going.

Now, not coincidentally, I would point out that if you study calls unifying that to this day many many many cultures prize. This piece of fat that the Navajo Indians.

They use it in the dish where they cook in a very special pot with a cover intestines.

Actually, with this call in order to eat it in the Swedish have a dishware that the Russians have a dish usually they're going to cover a tenderloin piece of meat or something because this particular piece of fat is so delicious, so as we wonder about this beautiful thing that's inside of us. We know that David knew that because people like David that harvested animals were aware of what that was and how precious it was and how much it represented truth in the way that they could read it in Hebrew. They could see something that we can't see, both culturally and they could see it because they understood that Hebrew was giving the essence of something in here you have inside of you. This truth it protects your body against infection and wow we need this shield to protect us against the infection of lies that we would believe in and we need to break those agreements and agree with God on what our call really should be in that's CLL.

At some to wonder about today

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