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Bible Wonders - Who Would You Ivite To Your Last Supper?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 1, 2021 11:51 am

Bible Wonders - Who Would You Ivite To Your Last Supper?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 1, 2021 11:51 am

Who would you invite to your last supper - What truth would you feast on with Them!

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Today on Bible.

Wonder I want to wonder about today being Monday Thursday but if you were going to have your last supper tonight. In other words, you knew that this would be your last meal that you be able to share who would you have your table coming to take a minute and think about that say you had a maximum of 12 people in you knew you were going to share this meal. Who would you want at the table with you and him and I guess like many of us see that you would want your family there and we talked about family a little bit on the episode this week talking about family and banquet him how they come together on the whole idea of consuming but hello if you ever thought about this but Jesus was celebrating the Passover, when they had the last supper today Jewish families celebrate Passover what they call Pesach together and that's usually done in families. As a matter fact if you go back to Exodus 12 words describe exactly how you're supposed to have this dinner. The Passover dinner you'll see that it's each individual family didn't have a great big huge festival, though they had it for each house they had the blood of their Lamb and then they celebrated that Passover as families and so that Thursday night before Good Friday Jesus had this supper with his family. What he would consider his family.

Certainly the 12 so he had to pick as we are talking at the beginning of this episode. Who would you pick to celebrate the Last Supper so is no coincidence at all that there is a Lamb involved at this Last Supper, and there was a Lamb involved that night. And guess who was dinner.

Guess who was being represented by the dinner itself. It literally was Jesus and he explained that as he began to break the bread and give thanks for it.

You might remember.

He said to eat this and do this in remembrance of me that this red was his body so he literally was the supper and if you are familiar with what all goes into the Passover Seder. It's always unleavened bread, and there's his word called after Coleman that they literally save the best for last, with their dessert and they will wrap this one piece of matzoh like Jesus was wrapped in the tomb and go hide it in the children go find and so it's a beautiful thing to think about the Passover and what happened that last night as Jesus was having his last meal, and if you could have the people around the table who would that be and it would most naturally be your family and so the word Passover itself I think is absolutely beautiful and when you think about what happened that night in Egypt that literally the angel of death would pass over each of these houses as a result of the blood being on the door posts in the blood from the Lamb that they had all consumed that night in their house for dinner and you may know that in order to roast these lambs they had to be roasted and they would be roasted over would. And so, yes, they ransacked a sacrifice. But there are also what involved in order to roast these lambs before they ate them in course there would be what involved with the Paschal Lamb that takes away the sin of the world and that blood is we know from that night.

Jesus said government and establish a new covenant with you at this blood right do this in remembrance of me and you and I could proclaim the Lord's death until he comes by drinking this blood of the new covenant. Again Jesus was celebrating Passover with his disciples on that particular Thursday night of Pesach which would bring them all in the freedom and then as they crossed the Red Sea they would be baptized, so to speak in an repair to go into the promised land. While the church enjoyed that Passover that night with Jesus. They ate the unleavened bread, by all means when Jesus broke that bread and they drink his blood, by all means when he offered the cup and it wouldn't be long that at the feast of weeks, what we call Pentecost, they would be baptized in the Holy Spirit in the church would come into the promised land. The word Passover in Hebrew. You may have heard her call Pesach and is simply a pay which is the face of God are Samet which we talked about last week is a marriage it's a wedding ring itself and then hit which again is is is sort of a picture of marriage.

It's a male energy coming down a female energy coming back up and hope over the top of it to reflect God's glory coming down God's glory be reflected back up by us as his image bearers right in a marriage so the Passover was literally God supporting his children so that Jesus would be able to come think about it, if that night the angel of death had not avoided the tribe of Judah's house Jesus's great-grandparents would've been there or Elijah's great-grandparents for Isaiah's great-grandparents. In other words, God knowing what was coming.

Supporting his family that night and continues to support us because here we are part of God's family. To this day with the ability to celebrate this Easter God's bringing us all into freedom at the resurrection of Jesus Christ

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