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How Did God Repent?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 20, 2021 12:43 pm

How Did God Repent?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 20, 2021 12:43 pm

What a great question!  How did God repent?  The entire show is sponsored by the Hebrew Letter Nun by the way.  Ted Ryan from the Ford Motor Company shares a fun thing happening and Katie from On Star drops in too!

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This is Andy Thomas from the Masculine Journey Podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the Truth Podcast Network. Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show. I say this calls for action and now, nip it in the bud. Nip it in the bud.

You got to nip it in the bud. So yes, today on the Christian Car Guy show, we're going to nip it in the bud. Specifically, how does God repent?

How does he nip it in the bud? Did you ever wonder about that? Because there's several places in the Bible where God mentions that he repented, and we're going to talk about that.

But interestingly, the word comfort and repent in Hebrew are synonymous. So that's going to be really a fun discussion. And in that, today's show is brought to you by the Hebrew letter, none like they do on Sesame Street, and as always by the Truth Network. But we have so much for you today. We're going to have General Motors and Ford. One segment we got General Motors, one segment we got Ford. We're going to have that and some people from the CLI Prison Alliance. What a lineup. And to begin with, we finally got episode 12 of Christian Car Guy Theater, A Plymouth's Progress.

So sit back and enjoy. And now, time for Christian Car Guy Theater with today's episode, A Plymouth's Progress, Chapter 12. The Plymouth's Progress is purposefully and completely based on John Bunyan's classic, The Pilgrim's Progress. Today's episode 12 is at Both as a podcast with episodes one through 11, so you can easily catch up with the series, but also so you can follow along with the original book for today's episode and most importantly, the scriptural references that go along with today's episode. And those help greatly in the interpretation of The Plymouth's Progress. That's all at Then Jimmy saw in his dream that Plymouth Valiant drove on thus, even until he came to the bottom where he saw a little out of the way, three sedans fast asleep with police boots on their wheels.

The name of the one was Suzuki Simple of another, Sob Sloth, and the third was Peugeot Presumption. Valiant then seeing them lie in this case, went to them if perhaps he might awaken them and cried. Well, you are like them that sleep on top of a mast, for the deep sea is under you, a gulf that hath no bottom. Awake therefore, and come away.

Be willing also, and I will help you off with your wheel boots. If either driveth about like a roaring lion comes by, you will certainly become a prey to his teeth. Suzuki Simple said, I see no danger. Sob Sloth said, I just need a little more sleep. And Peugeot Presumption said, every car needs to choose its own road.

You need to mind your own business and not meddle in ours. And so they lay down to sleep again and Valiant drove on his way. Yet was Valiant troubled to think that the sedans in that danger should so little care for the kindness of him that so offered to help them, both by awakening of them and offering to help them off with their police boots. And as he was troubled thereabout, he spied two sedans come tumbling over the embankment on the left hand of the narrow road, and they caught up to Valiant.

The name of the one was Frasier 4x4 Formless, and the name of the other was Hupmobile Hypocrisy. So as I said, they drew up to him, who thus began talking with them. Gentlemen, what's came you and whither go you? We, we were born in the land of Vainglory and are going to Mount Zion, where we expect to receive both praise and honor.

Well, I don't understand. Why came you not in at the turnpike, which standeth at the beginning of the way? Know ye not that it is written, he that cometh not in by the door, but driveth by some other way, the same as a thief and a robber?

They said that to go to the turnpike for entrance was, according to all the countrymen in Vainglory, too inconvenient and round about, and that therefore their usual way, and a much faster drive, was to make a short cut of it, and to climb over the embankment as they had done. But will it not be counted a trespass against the lord of the city, whither we are bound, thus to disobey his will? Sir, you needeth not trouble your head about this, for what we did has been the custom of our fellow cause in the land of Vainglory, and we can show testimony and prove, if need be, that it has been thus for more than a thousand years.

Huh, I see. Yes, a thousand years. Will your custom stand up in a court of law? Once again, sir, this custom of entering the way by taking a short cut has been going on as a long-standing practice for more than a thousand years, and would doubtless now be admitted as a thing according to law by a fair judge. And besides, as long as we get into the way, what does it matter how we get in? If we are in, we are in. Thou camest in through the narrow gate, but we are also in the way that came tumbling over the embankment. Since we are both in, who is to say whether your chosen road is better than ours?

I do believe it is better. I drive by the rule of my master. You drive by the rude working of your fancies. You are counted thieves already by the lord of the way.

Therefore, I doubt you will not be found true sedans at the end of the way. You come in by yourselves without his word, and shall go out by yourselves without his mercy. Look to yourself, you goody fortires, as to law and rules.

We doubt not, but that we should as carefully do them as you. Therefore, we see not wherein thou art different from us, but we do see that the coat of paint which is on thy top may very well, we believe, have been given to thee by some of thy neighbors, tied the shame shame of thy nakedness. Listen, by laws and rules you will not be saved, since you came not in by the door. And as for this coat of paint that is on my top, it was given to me by the lord of the place whither I go. And that, as you say, was indeed to cover my nakedness, and I take it as a token of his kindness to me. For I had nothing but rust before, and besides, thus I comfort myself as I go. Surely think I, when I come to the gate of the city, the lord therefore will know me for good, since I have his coat of paint on my top, a coat that he gave me freely in the day that he stripped me of my rust. I have, moreover, a mark on my windshield, of which perhaps you have taken no notice, which one of my lord's most intimate friends fixed there the day that my burden fell off my rack. I will tell you, moreover, that I was also given a scroll to comfort me by reading as I drive in the way. I was also instructed to give it in at the heavenly gate, as an assurance that I will be welcomed into the celestial city.

But I doubt that you have any interest in all these things, since you did not come in at the turnpike. To these things, Frasier and Huttmobile gave Valiant no answer, only they looked upon each other and laughed. Then I saw that they went and continued on their way, save that Valiant kept before them, and Valiant had no more talk but with himself, and sometimes sighingly, and sometimes comfortably.

Also he would often be reading in the scroll that the shining ones gave him, by which he was refreshed. Tune in soon for more adventures in the Plymouth's progress. Now, here's Danny Dipstick and Randy Radiator to review today's episode. Randy, it sounds like Valiant found himself in a boot camp for the sleepy. Yeah, Danny. Boot camp. You know, Danny, that boot that they had on their tires, you know, that's called the Denver boot.

I grew up there, and I had a boot on my car all the time. Oh, oh boy. Yeah, Danny. And you know, when I would get a Denver boot on my car, that's when I wish I had a boot scoot boogie.

See what I did there? It's a country song. Oh, boy. Yeah, Danny. Speaking of another country song, family crux that took no offense.

Oh, boy. It sounds like a country song. All we need is to add a pickup truck and a broken heart in there somewhere in the lyrics, and we got a hit. Say goodbye, Danny. See you later, Radiator. So we have so much Christian Car Guys show coming up for you again.

We got Ford coming up in the next segment. We got Christian Prison Alliance, and what they're doing is just more than amazing. And then we've got General Motors all lined up for you today on this show where we're talking about how does God repent? I mean, how exactly does that work? And the very cool way that through repentance is comfort. This is the Truth Network. So today on the Christian Car Guys show, how does God repent?

How exactly does that work? You might remember that God was, you know, kind of ticked with mankind in general, and it says he repented, that he made man to Noah in Genesis chapter 6. You can check that out. So this interesting thing, very interesting in my book, that the word comfort and the word repent actually are completely synonymous, and we're going to get into all that a little bit later in the Christian Car Guys show. But speaking of, like, comfort slash competition, we have, like, Ted Ryan on today with Ford Motor Company, and they have this, like, competition that I'm hoping a lot of people will get comfort from, because I know you've been wondering, Jerry, for a long time. Like, if you had an all-out race of some kind between a Model T and an Escort, right, wouldn't you wonder what might happen in that situation while we have Ted Ryan with us? He's a historian.

It must not be what I think would happen. I love what these guys are doing. So tell us, Ted, what does this mean? What is Ford versus Ford?

Hey, guys, thanks for having me on. Ford versus Ford was a way to have a little bit of fun. We've all had a kind of a rough-and-tumble year the last year, and with the basketball tournament coming up, there was a—we saw an opportunity to let people compare the different Fords over the life of our 117-year-old company and vote on which favorites should move forward.

So this isn't—this is a race for—which is your favorite? Correct. And this will be going on over the last couple of weeks.

The first round actually ended yesterday, and the second round will be starting later today. Later, I'll give you guys the website to send everybody to. So you can go and you can see the different Fords. So in essence, what we did is our crack communications team of about eight comms people from Ford put together a list of 100 cars, 100 Fords over time. And then we voted on them, and the ones that got the most votes got the highest seats, and the ones that got the fewest votes, the lowest seats. But we set it up in a bracket style, just like the NCAA, and we made it open to the public to vote on Twitter. And it's been so much fun.

And some of the brackets are hilarious. So the 1970 Mustang bought a famous U.S. car. It was up against the 1984 RS200, which most Americans don't know, but in Europe, they are passionate about that car. One just sold recently for $235,000. Well, unfortunately for the RS200, it got taken out by the boss.

So it's comparisons like that that people can go vote on. Oh, it's so amazing. Yeah, I'm gonna guess that in the first round, the Model T wiped out the Escort, didn't it? The Model T wiped out the Escort, but can we have a moment of silence for the 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II? One of the classic cars of all time was taken out by the 1955 Ford Fairlane.

And I think there's a message in there, too. I mean, we only made $7,000 or so with the Continentals, but the Fairlane was every man's car. You remember your grandmother having a Fairlane. You remember, you know, it was the car of the everyman. So the everyman took out the super sleek and fancy Mark II. So you put these in brackets, you know, and I know this is a Christian Car Guy show, but I can't help but wonder, did you guys bet on this? No, actually, we didn't. And I was, you know, I sent out a note to the eight folks that helped get it all going and said, hey, let's put points on it.

Nobody would take me up on it. Oh, well, yeah. I have a friendly wager that doesn't involve money and involves who gets to drive dad's Model A when I'm back down to Ford the next time with my father. And it's funny, too, my wife picked the brackets based on the cars.

So are the stories around them. So she took the 1959 Ford Pretech over the 2005 Mustang, because she just loved the name Ford Pretech. So if I'm understanding this concept, which I really think is brilliant and really fun, too, Jerry, when you think about it, is that now we've got round two going on, so we got the winners are paired up, you know, based on, you know, the bracket that they took out, right? And so now the Model T is up against somebody new. The Model T is up against the Galaxy 1966 Galaxy 500, which is Jay Leno's pick.

Jay Leno was one of our guest contributors, and he picked that one. So and I've got the website, it's,, forward slash Ford Frenzy. Or if you just put the word Ford Frenzy in your Google machine, it will it'll take it to the brackets. So now we can, Ford Frenzies.

Oh, yeah. So Ford Auto Show and then Ford Frenzies. Yeah,, forward slash Ford Frenzy. And I'm sorry, I misspoke, the Raptor Ranger is what the Model T will be going up against.

I still think that the T.O. and the 66th Galaxy 500 is against the 1940 Lincoln Continental. That's a classic match up. That's fun, Jerry.

We got to go take part. It's going to be cool to see who wins the overall, but my money would be on the Model T. How about you, Jerry? I don't know, because I think you hit on something.

It's really, when people start voting this really going to be memories. I mean, I think that's one of the things that's going to bring out is, you know, you look at it, you thought, you know what, that was my grandfather's car. Is the 65 Mustang in one of those brackets?

The 65. So the Ford number one seeds are the Model T, the 65 Mustang, the 75 F-150. So the very first F-150 and the 2017 Ford GT. So you've got a modern, super small Model T, the car that started it all, and the 65 Mustang versus the truck crowd. And I totally agree with what you talk about. Cars are memories, which is the reason why you're talking about them on a Saturday morning. It evokes emotions that you can't find other places or other ways. And we did this with the spirit of fun, not the spirit of betting.

And I just hope that people will go and pick out the cars that appeal to them and keep tracking it over the next couple of weeks. Oh, that's so fun, Ted. God bless you guys. Thank you so much for that. I'm going to have to check it out. Ford Frenzy is a way to Google it or, right?

And then just go to the... Yeah, Awesome. Well, we're going to be back with a lot more on how does God repent?

We've got CLI Prison Reliance Alliance and then General Motors. So we're getting everybody a chance today. We're looking forward to it. Stay tuned. This is the Truth Network.

So, how does God repent? Today on the Christian Car Guy show, along with Ford and General Motors and CLI Prison, we've got a whole lot of stuff for you, as well as Christian Car Guy Theater, which, by the way, I want to mention that we now have a formally released Truth Network Kids, okay? It's a podcast which has all of the episodes of Christian Car Guy Theater clear back to Lazy Sammy, star of the very first one, as well as Storytime Memaw and all her stories. And you can find those podcasts now wherever you get podcasts. It's under Truth Network Kids, but both those, Christian Car Guy Theater, all those episodes are all in order now, where you can just go to Christian Car Guy Theater on your podcast, whatever it is, and you can listen to all those from episode one clear through today's, which I think is 44. And some of those are marathons that all sorts of episodes put together. So, getting back— It's like a whole weekend right there.

You can just take the weekend and just kick back and— Well, the idea is that, you know, the next generation is the kids, and so we got to get, you know, this, you know, God's given us his word, and we can share it in really fun and creative ways, as you'll find in both those podcasts of Storytime Memaw and Christian Car Guy Theater. So, again, getting back to, I know that question you have, so you might remember in Genesis 6 that it says, you know, right before God named Noah, Noah, or, you know, his father named him Noah because he would comfort his people, it said God was, you know, grieved, and he repented of making man. And so how exactly did that work? How did he repent? And then again in Exodus 32, you'll find when Moses is arguing with God over the calf issue, and he says, step aside, I'm fixing to wipe everybody out, and again it says God repented, and what exactly does that mean? Well, it was something that really, really, really had bothered me for years, and I just was trying to understand it.

I knew that he did it because it said so, but how did it work, essentially, that this would happen? And so when you really study the Hebrew language further and further, you get to the point where you realize that these words have, like, building blocks in them, and they make up a concept. And so when you look at the word repent, any place you find it in the Bible, you will find it is absolutely synonymous, the word is, with comfort.

And the reason that that is is the reason that this show is brought to you by the letter Nun today, okay? The letter Nun in Hebrew is also synonymous with faith, and it's like a seed of faith, but it's faith. It's like what you believe, what's in your heart, what are the seeds, what do you believe, okay? The second letter is a het, which also, like, synonymous with living or life.

It really is really a deep word if you go to my podcast, Bible Wonders, it goes into great detail of what a het is. But just go with me, use the word living, okay? And then the last letter, in a three-letter word of repent or comfort, you'll find is a mem, and that mem is exactly equal to Jesus or water, because Jesus is the living water, or the word, or the Torah, however you want to put it, all three things completely synonymous.

So put the three together, what do you got? Faith in the living water, okay? It's just the way that words build, and that the reason, one of the beautiful places you'll see it translated, this word in Hebrew is nakam, and you'll see it translated as comfort in the 23rd Psalm. You're all familiar, even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, why? Because his rod and staff, they repent me, okay? They comfort me.

How does that work? Well, if I have faith in the living water, then no doubt, here we go, it's going to work out. So now God is, take, let's go back to Genesis, when he's upset that he made man, grieved him in his heart, all the shenanigans that were going on, but then he thought, wait a minute, Jesus, the living water is, he had faith in his son, is going to fix this. All of a sudden, he just comforted himself with the fact that he knows the plan, he knows what the, he knows the end of the story is, Jesus fixes this, okay? Same thing with Moses. All of a sudden, God went, wait a minute, Jesus is going to fix this. I got this.

Yeah, I got this. It's the way that we get comforted. Now, we're so blessed to have with us today, Heath Plachik with CLI Bible Alliance, and it fits so quickly and well with what I'm talking about, because these people in prison, right, they need comfort, but they also need repentance. Well, it comes in the same package, which is called the Bible. And so you guys have a big campaign right now to get Bibles in prisoners' hands, right, Heath?

That's right. Through April 4th, we are hoping to raise $50,000 to purchase CLI customized life recovery Bibles, and those are going to be distributed to inmates all across the country. So Heath, I mean, this is one of the neatest ministries, and personally, one of those that I support, because I've just, I can't tell you what a fertile place for people that need comfort, that we can put God's Word in their hand, and it completely provides this concept of repentance right there in the same package. So Heath, have you got a story for us of one of those inmates that you're familiar with, that this literally changed their life, which would change generations?

Yeah, that's a great question, and there's definitely an inmate testimonial that comes to mind from late last fall, and it was an inmate who had been in and out of prison. Much of his adult life for drug-related offenses, and he was in his holding cell, preparing to commit suicide, and was literally in the act when a prison guard came by and shared Christ with him, and interrupted him trying to take his own life. And in that moment, he wrote in a letter and described this process to us. He felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to look under his cot, and he found a donated Bible cracked open to Romans 828, and we all know that verse.

It says, And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose. And he got down on his hands and knees and wept profusely, and in essence prayed the sinner's prayer, you know, confessed his sin to his sin to God, recognized that his sin deserves God's punishment, but gratefully rejoiced that Christ had paid that price on the cross for him, and he declared that he was placing his faith in Christ, and he believed he was saved in that moment, and he wrote in this really powerful letter sharing that with us, and at the end, in the postscript, he said it was a Bible that had been donated by CLI that was the Bible he found under his cot. So I just love that story because it's authentic, it's genuine, it's God meeting that inmate in his darkest hour of contrition, it's the provision of that Bible meeting the faith of the prison guard, and then of course, the Holy Spirit doing the work of regeneration in that inmate's heart. So all glory to God, but that is just one of those stories that we just really love as we're in the middle of this Bible campaign. It's a great reminder that the power of the gospel resides in God's word.

No, it's so really, really awesome. And let me just say that it's CLI, which is, you know, CLI dot world. It's how easy it is to go, you know, give Bibles and, you know, the Scripture is so clear on this, Jerry, that, wow, maybe it's tough to visit prisoners unless you're on their list, but God says, how can you—well, you can visit by, you know, supporting this CLI thing, you know, right now. It's CLI dot world, Bibles for prisoners, and there's a match going on. Right, Heath? That's right. We have a very generous anonymous donor who is offering to match dollar for dollar everything we raise up to $50,000, and I'm excited to share that we are right around $37,000 with a couple weeks to go, so we're hopeful and optimistic that God's gonna draw up people that have a generous heart to see God's word dance in the prisons to meet that goal.

Yeah. You know, when you're speaking, and especially talking prison ministry, so many times we all look, you know, where the mission field is, and we're thinking about, you know, in foreign countries and different areas, but very seldom do we always remember that, you know, our prisons and our jails are certainly a mission field, and we have to—I know I have to remind myself so many times that, you know what, none of us are out of the reach of God's grace, and what role do I have in that? Yeah, it really is so fertile, is so fertile, because here's somebody that realizes I'm not headed in the right direction, and they're looking for answers, and then, like we just heard in the story, that there is a Bible. That's—and I've heard some amazing, amazing stories out of CLI, which Christian Library International is what CLI originally stood for, but right now it's just so easy. Bibles for prisoners. You click on that.

It's so easy. You know, someday you'd be hearing a story, and it's like, oh man, you know, we'll never know this side of heaven now. God blessed, you know, where we were obedient to Him. CLI, that world we've got. General Motors coming back, so we got a lot more.

Stay tuned. This is the Truth Network. How does God repent today, which as we talked about earlier in the show, He does it because it's synonymous with comfort, right? And so when you think of the word comfort, you don't necessarily—I don't know if you've ever put the connection together, but go do your own Bible search.

Look in your concordance and see where the word repent is, and you're going to find that it's completely synonymous in the Old Testament because the word is this idea of having faith in Jesus. I mean, that He's going to handle, you know, this situation, whatever it may be, but it does require turning to Him, and sometimes that requires turning to Him with your money. And so very interestingly, Amy Cabo has The Cure coming on at one o'clock on the Truth Network. She's going to be talking about money issues today. That show is live at one o'clock. You can call in and share there. But also in the Jesus Labor Love, which is the car repair labor for single moms, widows, and families in crisis we have here with the Christian Car Guys show, a lot of those people turn.

They turn to Jesus to get comfort. And as they do, right, your donations of cars, which we've been—since the show you did, Jerry, a few weeks ago on people donating cars, oh my gosh, I got a yard full. I was like, Robbie's used cars out here. All the cars that we're trying to work through to get them repaired. And I do need to mention for somebody, if you know somebody that lives in a county that doesn't require emissions inspection, if we got an older Pontiac that wouldn't have to—if somebody lived like in Rockingham County, North Carolina, or certain parts of Washington or South Carolina, they wouldn't have to have an emissions sticker, and this car would do fine, except the check engine light, it's just a long story.

It has to do with it needs a new instrument panel in order to get the check engine light off, but it's not putting out emissions. But if somebody lives—we have a car for somebody that's a great car, and all you got to do is just contact us here at the Christian Car Guys show. So one of the ways that we are comforter, I know me personally, I'm comforted with car insurance. Like, you got to have the stuff. But man, is it expensive.

Isn't it expensive? And I got to tell you that the people at General Motors have been working on this, and they want to comfort you with lower rates, because OnStar has data that they're using. And we have Katie DeGraff, who's here with us with OnStar. Katie, thank you so much for joining us today. Tell us what you guys have come up with. Oh, great.

Thank you so much for having me. So what we're working on is OnStar Insurance. You're right, General Motors is a pretty unique position when it comes to auto insurance. GM, we've actually, we have a mission to eliminate all crashes on the road. And we've done that historically through building safety capabilities in the vehicle, things like the backup camera, the automatic emergency braking, the lane keeping, right, this technology that's within the car to help keep you safe during your travel. We've also shown our commitment to safety through OnStar Advisors.

That's that little blue button that's been in Chevys, Buicks, Cadillacs and GMCs for over two decades. And even still today, that OnStar Advisor, those services, they respond to over 6000 crashes per month to help people at the time of a crash. And so now what we're doing today with OnStar Insurance, you know, what better way to show you that we care about you and your safety than to also insure your vehicle. So you're right, we understand the components of auto insurance are it's mandatory, and it's confusing, right?

It can be expensive. So we want to reward you for safer driving habits. And even today, through OnStar Insurance, you can get a discount of up to 20% just for being demonstrating safe driving behaviors. Well, Jerry, this is right in your area when, you know, I got to tell you, Katie, I don't know.

Jerry is our Christian body shop guy. So when you said we're trying to eliminate all crashes. We want to concentrate on the safety part.

But I know, if there's anybody I know, as hard as he would, he would be right with you, that would be wonderful to eliminate, eliminate crashes. But what a beautiful thing that insurance in so many ways incentivized by people driving safely, right? The more we drive safe, the more stuff that there is out there, like what you guys are talking about.

And you're incentivizing people to not text and drive, right? Because OnStar knows what you've been doing. They know when you've been sleeping.

They know when you're awake or speeding. Right? Because you guys have inside information, don't you?

Yeah, exactly. We use this technology to understand vehicle performance, right? And to understand safety. And right now we wrap around it, this experience with insurance. And, you know, I personally, I've spent over a decade kind of obsessed with this problem of understanding driving safety on the road. And my own daughter, when she was learning to drive, we used every sort of technology available to us. You know, in the early days of learning about this, we didn't necessarily have this OnStar data available to us.

So we use, you know, different aftermarket hardware, we use smartphone apps, we use all this technology. And what I learned in that experience is that just by starting that conversation with her, and having an objective source of information about her driving safety, that it really just it changes the conversation, conversation about driving behavior, right? She was more aware of it, she was more aware of safety. And even today, when she's away, and she's gone away to school, she's in Colorado, and she's still she's very aware, like you said, that the risk of distracted driving, she talks about it, she doesn't use her phone while driving, she mentioned things to her friends.

So again, it's just sweet, you can just sort of normalize the safety from a really, you know, young, influential age to, to ensure that we can, you know, eliminate crashes. Oh, you hit me right in my heart, Katie, because, you know, I have a tea. I'm not at she's 22.

Now I call her teenager, but she's in college. And, you know, every time she drives to Alabama, you know, I'm, you know, I wish I had on star guiding her. Actually, wait a minute, she does have a Chevy, I forgot. She she does have on star. Oh, wow.

How cool. She has some protection. But what's interesting is that we can give this objective feedback back to them about safety, right? A lot of times, you know, if you're teaching young drivers, or may perhaps, maybe even a spouse or friend, you may have some reaction about driving behavior.

But normally, it's really subjective, right? Like, I feel that you're risky. I feel this isn't safe. But this gives us actually, some some real objective, you know, here are some risky behaviors that we know cause cause crashes that you can eliminate. Yeah, and you can really, you know, argue with the factual information and stuff, because everybody, nobody really realizes they spilled or nobody really realizes they power break when they shouldn't be.

And just those little things that we all do. Let me ask one question, though, when we're talking about this, and I'm going to my body shop mind here. So you're talking about y'all will have, I mean, the own star is an insurance, so you'll be the carrier and then you're using that data. And if you're using that, that brings the rate down. Is that am I right?

You got it. And then to even extend it to repairs is we can identify how to get a repair faster, right? Yeah, I hate to jump in here because we're out of time, Katie, we've got to have you back. I mean, that's really, really good stuff. I'm so grateful that you made time on a Saturday to come be with us, as was Ford and their frenzy and see a lot of prison alliance. We had a great show today.

Thank you all so much, Jerry. Again, OnStar is part of General Motors, and I'm sure if you just go to, right? Where would people find out about the insurance, Katie? Thank you so much for having me.

Oh, yeah, Now remember, if you want comfort, right? There's a repentance involved. Just turn back to Jesus. Just put your faith in Jesus, the living water and it all comes together. You got to slow down though. Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done in 33 years. Thank you for listening to The Truth Network.
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