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Bible Wonders - How Does God Repent?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 17, 2021 9:42 am

Bible Wonders - How Does God Repent?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 17, 2021 9:42 am

Gen 6 - Exodus 32 it says God repented - hard to understand - hopefully our study of the word - NACHAM - repent and comfort will Help..




So today I am wonder with you about how did God repent for your maidservants and something that is puzzled me for many years and fascinatingly God kind of showed me how it works today. I'm so excited to share with you.

I guess it gets down to you know the very word repent and understanding that word, and so there is a relationship that I had never seen before but between the word grace. The word Noah and the word repent that I would say all just will connect so many dots for you. I think it certainly connects a lot of dots for me so the word repent in Hebrew. It's kind of interesting to note that it is synonymous with the word comfort and so many places you'll find the word comfort with the exact same word so the word is actually Netcom and expelled with a nun and a hat and Amanda Morgan spent a lot of time that eventually but right now I just want to mention that the word Noah starts out exactly the same way with the same prefix. It's a nun and a hat and so here's part of the connection is in the beginning of the story of Novo Noah when you look at it in chapter 5 chapter 6 of the Bible. You'll notice he was named to Noah because he would comfort his people and that word Netcom you're gonna find it when Isaac lost his mother when Rebecca came, it comforted him is the same word as repent and so in the story of Noah. The Bible teaches that God repented that he made it man, and it grieved him in his heart, which might well so how does this word repent also mean comfort becomes all of a sudden this big huge puzzle and just to add to the equation for you.

Something absolutely beautiful is when David is in the 23rd Psalm it says his rod and his staff. They Netcom me big comfort me again the word could be translated either repent or comfort. So eat, you may have heard the age-old discussion does repent means to turn from sin or does it mean to have faith in Christ and I think that when you really this study.

This word Netcom you can see why definitely means comfort, and it definitely does mean faith in Christ because if we just take these letters individually and say okay what is this package tell us well.

The first letter being in nun means faith if it synonymous with the word faith. It can mean seed, but in this case it definitely means faith and the second letter, which is a hat which is synonymous with the word life in the third letter we talked about in several episodes, including yesterday's is a memo which is again synonymous with Jesus synonymous with water because obviously he's the living water. It's also synonymous with Torah or the Bible itself, and so we put those three synonyms together its faith in the living water. Okay, so when God all of a sudden was upset that he had made man think about it all. Wait a minute.

I have faith that Jesus is going to get this straight. He had faith in the living water, or the living word right because it's it synonymous the the living Torah and Jesus and said, in other words, again, you'll find it in the story of Exodus 1, you know, God got all upset about the golden calf and you might remember that Moses goes into that famous discussion in Exodus 32 where you know he begs God and it says that God repented, which would kinda mean God was comforted once again God was upset it man. God came back to the point with. I have faith in my son. I have faith in Jesus is going to fix this. Just like David realizes that the rod in the staff sometimes is Rob's used on you L it's used on you, so that once again you will have faith in Jesus you have faith in the mitzvah's are the commands of the Torah right that these things will work out for Jesus coming to rule and reign Netcom that is the word that we talked about today for repent. But again, I told you that Noah's name itself is a nun and a hat which when you hear Noah. That's the way that is why the Jews of talk for years that Grace spelled backwards is Noah, and Noah was the first one that found grace in this father's eyes right if you look in the passage again in in Genesis 6 I believe where this is going on. You'll see that the word grace is spelled. I hat and then a non-meaning life a for the word know it is spelled nun and then head will. Interestingly, if you take the word repent and you turn it backwards you get this concept of faith in life of the Mem of Jesus, right at at and so think about and how many ways comfort and grace are connected. That when you know that your God's favorite. It's extremely comforting and it's extremely faith building and that you believe that God has this plan for not only your salvation but also that things were going to be made right in the world. And so with you know in in John chapter 1 were kept on saying he was the light in his light was the light of men that light that's of life. It's in the word grace and it's in the word comfort and does not just flip your switch. If you experience Jesus's grace just like the prodigal son since he came back to his senses when he turned to go back to his father. He put his faith right back in the living water which he knew his father represented and steak dinner for him NMB steak dinner for you when you repent when you take comfort in God's plan. Think about the classic difference between Peter and Judas right. Likewise, the question that both said that they both were very grieved over there sin. But why did one of them beat why was one of them redeemed and one of them committed suicide because one of them turned and put his faith right. He put his faith in the living water while the other one was just a disappointed and where he thought was life was coming from his decisions. The ultimate comfort from our sin is once again to believe that Jesus is got you covered. It just does. And he did it through his word and as he is truly living water, so how did God repent, as we wondered today. Well I believe now that God is simply renewed his faith in Jesus is living water

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