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March 13, 2021 12:32 pm


The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 13, 2021 12:32 pm

Not just been one.  But THE ONE!  Today's show is brought to us by the Jewish letter, ALEF!  How did you know that something was the one.  The ONLY one?  When did you realize that God was THE ONE for you?  Sweet Sara Linda calls and talks toast.  For real!  And wait, is that the voice of Ms. Ann Ault??

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This is good Truth Network what happens if I cannot get in this class. Welcome radio show John Ginter Jehovah Ella hi is the one yeah that's the name today show here you contenders Garrett Jehovah Ella hi is the one right in today so I need to tell you to the beginning of the show is brought you by obviously the Truth Network but also by the letter aleph so we can be talking about. I like to do that is like Sesame Street, how slick it to look like a big bird. This in so many ways. Yes, the LF so we can talk about that but you might've noticed Marlon Brando at the beginning of the shortage another spill net oh yes okay and that was from Vinny Menino my good friends favorite movie and all the world. It was the waterfront and there he was talking to his brother about how he could've been a contender right but I don't. If you ever put this together. I really had never in my mind until this week realized that when you hear the beginning of Deuteronomy 6 forward says here oh Israel, the word Israel means to contend with God, which was what Israel was doing.

He was Jacob was wrestling with God. And that's how we ended up getting the name Israel and wrestle with God.

While every kid you ever met every little boy you never met loves to wrestlers spends on their dad, mostly boys love to wrestle with her dad why because they love to test their strength and I and I remember that wrestling with my dad when I was little I always felt like was wrestling with Iron Man because many was so strong, and you couldn't get a leg up on, but that contention that wrestling with God and so many different ways is very critical to what what God is saying to those of us who wrestle with him and and is not just talking about.

Obviously Jacob's individual family Seabreeze really talking to those people who wrestle with the menus. Tell me some very significant air and we heard that from Taylor Swift right the one you could've been the one or coat a line that's a really cool Irish group. That song of the more I hear it the more I like it. It's called the one also. But it's the stuff of a thousand Christmas movies and you know I love romantic comedies right the one who is the one right so today's question right on the Christian card I show you could call him and share are dying to hear it. How did you know he or she was the one I mean the one I'm talking about.

How did you know that that car was the one very cool this week last week showed we had a wonderful caller call in from the Seattle area right bedpan sheet. Her husband was nine years old and suffering with Alzheimer's.

She needed help to buy a car and she didn't want to get out of the house and so she called me and I had the wonderful adventure this week of helping her get the one that I love listening to her tell me all the things that she was hoping for the car. The car that you know she would be able to take her husband the hospital.

All these different things and she had all these qualities of the car needed to have in order to be the one. So you know how did you know that maybe God was the one you have a story like that. Maybe it was a car. Maybe it was your wife. I'll timeline real quick. Bill Tim and I were a blind date okay and honestly didn't know she was the one fairly quickly when sheep she had smiled my wife 5 feet tall and I'm 6 foot five so it's just not that looks weird with his. That's when she met me on this blind date. I came up to her apartment. She was standing on a stool because my friend said that that I told her that I was six, five and so she literally was standing on a stool in she had very distilled through the entire area. She didn't get there once when I open the doors this girl standing on a stool and it was quite a comical thing which that that that helped me see that she was the one that that that gives you an idea Tim is personality some extent puts on a pedestal and not right. What we had kept her in the right state of mind for you rest your mirror and we went to the comedy club which no less can speak to my hardening, but it missed me in Raleigh. I was her first date and when Tammy ordered a steak medium rare okay because in those days when you date and I don't know what it's like to because I dated a girl over 33 years. Obviously maybe 34 years, but she ordered my wife on a date yesterday in order tofu. She didn't order sushi. She ordered a steak medium rare was that the biggest cake.

I had a letter that yes it was the biggest take I had in the end, and it was just like pitching because you know it immediately goes through your mind as you know she's not can have me and all that other stuff this one right here there anyway you have that story we would love to hear it. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. How did you know he, she, the car, how did you know it was the one. But obviously, this actually does lead back to God. Okay, because when you think about it what God is telling Israel to contenders right here is on the one okay when you look at the beautiful thing about that word and one which is a cotton in Hebrew, which is why today's show is brought you by the letter aleph, which that's the beginning of that word, which is the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet.

That's not surprising since it's the letter Walkman number one, but when you think about the number one just in any language.

It not only as an but it's also an adjective and has phenomenal power. The concept of oneness. If United trying you can be united in one unit.

It means best or first right and like note were number one whenever want. It also can be singular.

There's nobody else but one right and that is kind of like an indefinite article because you can say that's someone you could say that someone and incomparable, which has to do with the limit were talked about today.

It also can make a reference to time, like once upon a time I just gotta go there. It's just it's it's cool to actually when you're saying the Lord's prayer and you say your will write that that word in Hebrew is Redstone and it actually means delight and the idea is that God's delight is completely oneness right that the church was in one accord in the book of acts. You might remember that that's the whole deal and when Adam spoke over marriage and it is in right after he saw. Even he went wild and who could blame them. He said now this is bone on bone and flesh my flesh but then he says, for this reason because he still pretty pumped up about this whole thing even though there was no father, mother, at this point in time. He says of father. I'm up for this reason a man will leave his father and mother and the two will become what one you got this Ali admit up to that point was God of the bunch animals lit but Adam's name also starts with an Alice because he was from a gum standpoint, a man who was he is number one minute.

The rest of his name is like Adamo which has to do with dusters. There's there's all sorts of interesting things and you come to that aleph but father is also the one of the big things about at the gala if it is, but you may of heard that you know that the Jesus cried Abba father that sound right there.

It's the whole idea the alpha male line and that bus but sound. Abba is a debt which means home so is head of the house and that aleph is is this beautiful thing so come on our dime here. These I'm really really excited about this.

I am on the hated him and how did you know he/she the car.

Whatever the line was the one 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH so much more. This is the Truth Network you know that when you look at not being with you my close I love doing the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night.

I came in and I'm when you realize what is meant the rest of your line wondering begin the contenders Jehovah at a high is the one he is. He really is today on the Christian Car Guy show and we are trying to determine how did you know he/she orbit that perhaps a car was the one right billing your case where what where it can undermine their three different diced on and I got it great when about how I accepted Christ in my wife is just I wish I'd written with that gentleman just cheered with us but my car I knew it was the right one because the person I trust the most with anything automotive sold it to me and I may. It is just been the most wonderful ride, as long as I never have to sit in the backseat.

It's been just the most wonderful and dependable and cost a family that that will it still got a Robbie Gilmore license plate in 1615 years you it was the one.

It was the one. It was the one and so have fun today to think about those those ideas we are going to get to find about how we found out Joni was the one and certainly want to know about how you came to Christ is the one. This is your chance to share 866-348-7884 and I couldn't be more delighted because I have a good friend from Port Washington, Port Arthur Orchard, Washington. Sarah Linda is back with us. We missed you for a few weeks. Sarah Linda how are you. For now I will Learning for authority this morning because I was thinking about and it is still wrong about that and I think it about a character and it made it so that it was about that you know what I'm working on the beginning and I been right for a long time. For years, but how do I begin at all out there and you gave me the beginning, really, to go with this talk I got this morning I was working at 200 it was when my found the line indicated.

When I wrote my caregiver speaking in 1951 and my is what I wrote.

My dad always being the line family mom like that kind. My dad always get all the kid accepted my heart, but now my one lead, but Mary didn't 1947 it was already four years and over and over heated, who was in our family get out. One morning I can't really didn't like morning Mary before I had to all about.

He created that you know everybody pray we were going to college as well as he was peaked at that. Anyway, we live needed to get me going to college and we had everyone praying there. It was Christian. Basically Christian college week by praying for my dad and aunt morning when I went to visit them. You would get started raging against Steve and I felt the prayers of everyone around me like a blanket general and I was an account is looking to the Lord and I could see I saw what he intended to be my dad. I need to be an and delete when we lived in Seattle at the time I had to leave to get the ferry home and killed but there all the walls of Jericho had come down and see what the line and the strong. I went down to Arizona to Karen and vacation together and I gave mom and dad one morning early in the morning. My dad pointed out at the cross that was in here with what I wrote it with my dad. Well here is the poem I wrote there this morning on the way, anyway. There was a toaster bill. You could click on each side and you turn it to turn it over was not a bad egg and my mom would always get back to Nancy about Now to tell you everywhere we went. Little place their last sound and I had to jump in here right in the middle of the half-dozen toes. I know everybody like me like I gotta find out what toes has to do with a lot but I know it's good to be awesome. Please continue stay with this until we come back to find out about you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. How did you know he was the one she was. This is the Truth Network. What happens is I cannot get this class. I could've been somebody but I have another one today on Christian Car Guy. I show here you contenders, Jehovah, high is the one and so it is the stuff of honor. How many Christmas movies or how many romantic comedies.

I do have other typical quotes want to do before we get into the rest of the toes story, which I know you're dying here and I'm not in your story 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

So here's another couple Christmas movies.

I happen to love one's called a bride for Christmas and here's a quote automatic says I think when you are truly in love the idea of spending the rest of your life with someone should make you the happiest you've ever been. That's the one line and I like to sing from the same movie. There's a lot of people you can live where there's only one you can't live without that that would be God. Yeah, I put you right back up on that. You know, but it's all part of December 1 this show today is brought you by the aleph which is the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet, but it also has to do the office and all those things but speaking your talk to Sarah Linda about her dad, which was number one in her life for a lot of years and then here we come to the toes story slowly left her hero, your mom and cook the toasted was burning. I love the Edison toaster that had to be flipped over manually.

That's a great picture and all of our minds. So what happens then got this morning not knowing no white weekly with anyway, we would had black and white coat. The smaller version anyway.

And here, but I won't thing it on the wing frame smoke spoke of love, not blame like God weighing down God's spirit spoke love it with my dad and he pointed out the cross, which should morning sent Bley amount back in the day we were at. We were at times bring an end. Anyway, that was that morning and he pointed out that crime and did it was it was like back at home only my only now there had been a dramatic change in my father which I spoke before that before there was an undercurrent of the Tiger is going now like a lamb the boy to the father God and overcoming love is what my dad said Dan was antsy as the smoke room that was said oh my gosh. Now the word don't count but it said it would help. It would greatly elevated the look he said. Sacrifice and we were looking at that such a beautiful story and it really speaks to really when you think about what we can talk on cell and essentially amazing because for all of us. We had a dad who was the Alice in our life. He was number one, you know, before we came to know God and in and then your husband became, you know, a big party life that Christ became a huge thing in a and I can't help but note for myself but Adam had this relationship. In other words, he really was number one in his life before Eve came about, or anything else at an end to some extent. He is our great great great great great great grandfather and he's passed on that connection that he had that number one this to all of us when we come home we can help but note who truly is number one so I can't begin to thank you enough for your poem. Your call this morning and just to hear from you because I was, one might learn from you in a few weeks, but thank you so much for sharing that today Sarah Linda we love you all have a great weekend, but it's a bill you you you do look like you're about to Alice me here, so go for it. Well yeah I was thinking originally that it is a whole lot better to be in contention and communicating and involved with one of your children, then to be disassociated with Brad God would much rather us be upset and frustrated and arguing and carry on a conversation than ignoring God so I like the idea that being connected in contention is not necessarily a bad thing and I was thinking yeah there were times when Adam and Eve just walked off and had their own conversation thinking God wasn't a part of it all, which sooner Linda all the problems that followed that you know so it's good to be connected. It's good to have an open conversation is not necessarily good to just accept everything at face value and go along with it. You know it put this in my mind that that I guess God was using it to drive it home. I nail in my head was my daughter Mariah, my youngest daughter called me two weeks ago and she said that I have questions I need answers if the AC said it. Here I have redheaded in this and it's just like that since.

And I said what kind of question she goes it's about Leviticus and I went about Leviticus and so I was excited like okay what's the question answer sheet. My daughter's a deep thinker and and she's been studying the Bible through this yearly plan. She's been to know her father that didn't surprise me to and she says I want to know why it's not fair.

I'm young, I want to know why the women when they were menstruating couldn't come into the temple right should they were allowed until they were cleansed.

She goes this is just totally unfair. I can't believe God has that in the law and I can't believe this is what's going on so when she was doing that I was just like my heart was delighting I was going.

How cool, how cool is it that she has this frustration with God because it is like her father, because I remember reading some of the same stuff and getting really mad at God like why would you do this and why would you say that and I was just glad I don't instruct. I really am to adjust the amount just but nonetheless it was a great question. It was great contention should mention it was like personally go to fishing as a contender.

Well, I was delighted that she was going God within them and she just wanted and so I prayed about summer.

I don't have an answer. So I'm a pray in it and I actually within a few moments called her back and smile. This is what I think but I'm in tell you right now I don't know okay this this went over my my league, but but here's what I think God hates death. He just hates death and I don't think it was originally designed this is just my opinion I don't think it was originally designed that those seeds would have to die and and so when a woman is menstruating. A seated time and and and she's passing this and so she is because you know I Levite priest couldn't touch a dead body you didn't matter who you were at UTEP, some dead, your you're not. You're unclear to get clean yourself and and so you know I don't know II really don't know. I know blood is is part of the deal and obviously very very important.but what I loved about the question is the contention right like she was being a contender and because she realized that she was very clear.

I know God has a good mother when she knew he was the one she knew he was the authority but it's like like you just said you you content with your when your kids contend with you it's a it's a it's a good sign because the wrestling they need to find their own strength rightly need to see where where they need to be build up.

It's a beautiful picture of love and I love it for what little it's worth for what little Mike.

My opinion on the subject's worth.

Everybody had the opportunity to take 1/7 day off, but you know mom had a lot of work to do for everybody to take the seventh day off will the menstruation that.

The time gave the women a four, five, six day break every month with a fellowship together. In that tent and they were able to get recharged and that sort of my my thought process. Alright, so how about you more storage 663487884.

How did you know he was the one she was 11 back, I would love to hear. Please 866348788 is the Truth Network you know that when you look I love being with you my close I love when the last person I want to talk to go to sleep at night. I came in and I'm when you realize what is in the right to begin the you hold hello hi is the one brought you by L of today and I need to tell you that you know come up later today on the Truth Network at 1 o'clock we have a Mikado in the cure in her show today is fake or real? Christians, real or fake Christians.

You deftly want to call in on that if lives are you be able to call in the same number you can call us today with your story, which really one segment left here it about when you knew they were the 1866348788486634 truth. We have him is in Huntersville have to be am although I know my good friend and you're on the Christian Car Guy show good morning Don and I have always friend of mine. I could have been a good time. I wonder if they really quickly that intends that the wine you know I do it edges and out of the thousand years ago and then when I came here to Atlanta and I able to be interviewed at Truth Network and that's I think that that you had maybe two, 12 to 13.

At that that that 13 you mentioned to me that you would kinda kick a man what you were doing. I think another ethical challenge that possibility, but then you said you were thinking of maybe delete that they like patient contact Linda be fun and if this is an example of doubt, the fact that this small beginning. I was finally 2015 you happen to have your show on and you are just beginning.

That very day you noticed you doing Christian and I can't put me on contender. Yeah, I quickly ran and so we wait for Shelley to now we have an amazing team of volunteer that talent and shall add you know truly we can all be contenders that lead to God and seek him first and everything else that the rate today and I couldn't be with you more and and that God kinda brings that oneness when you when you think of the cast.

You know Jessica is playing right now that the voice of Christian will or will we call them valiant because but it's pointless progress was Pilgrim's progress. But with that voice and with that talent. You know you bring Alan in and all these different people that we both know as I sacked Ernest and it takes something and it creates a unity.

It it creates something that God really knew like the whole church would be in one accord when it just becomes this beautiful thing that you can't help but give him the credit for, because you know is like man look at all that the that the fruit of of what God has done in so many different ways. Just like you said because you were obedient because I was obedient and doctors can continues to all of it and 20 you know well, actually, over, over 150,000 downloads of different episodes. So yeah, I mean God's blasted in so many different ways and in but I thank you for your call and I thank you that I know that for you right you hold hello hi is the one absolutely what God what a mighty God we truly impossible at all that were ubiquitous that on the night didn't know it at all. And now we have everywhere everywhere all the time. The same thing number one. Thank you, and you have a great weekend. Love you by love you guys by so once again, my good friend Bill which is good to have you back. I've missed you for a couple months yes but it is far as my guess on Christian Car Guy show. I don't know if you know it, but Bill is the one I mean, he was deferred. It was the first guest regular guest. My Christian insurance guy Bill Mixon and so you are the Alice in on this typically thing which will save quickly. Now if we talk like last week show was brought you by. While it has to get on the top which means God can come about you going on the bottom which is man's hands going up between the two is with the call of love, which is sort of the slanted letter and it is the Torah, and so what's between God's finger reaching down and man's finger. Reaching up is literally the Bible and that is the eyelash. It's a beautiful beautiful picture of what the father so when you think of Abraham as a father Adam is a father when you hear that sound, it it it has to do with the out of amazing what you can learn on a Saturday morning shift. But for you, you know, in this culture. When God gave this gentleman.

Deuteronomy 6 speak to it as you work to me here a few minutes ago that it's good to have a connection even if it's contentious.

It's a lot better to be in communication with you children, then for them to be off on their own and not interested in making phone calls back. I've got one that just as if wonderful job checking in almost every day and another one who loves us dearly, but we need to call them up and remind him he has parents, but you are talking about the polytheism idea that well he would God was speaking to that yet. That time most of the people in the world thought there was more than one God, the Romans, the Greeks, the Egyptians, and that you need to some degree with this verse is saying is you Hebrew people. You're not like the rest of them with a bunch of false gods. You have one and only one true God. There is only one true God help you can call me by name that's but we we've got letters and can cite Dena Amos with some of the Jewish people refer to United, the name, but I am he.

I am I and I'm not all those other crazy gods were quite requiring demanding you do all these really awful things right so you have Alice at the beginning of the word Abba father. But there's also an Alice in another name of God told Adam not you can hear the sound again Adonai and and and showing the oneness in the first miss but but also when you think about it it's just absolutely a phenomenal thing that the first day of the year.

Russia Schama happens on Adams that when God created Adam from that standpoint time you can begin when they separated the light I love you but there's just another little thing about you my letter out today. Remember you. Thank you for your stories and maybe can write me with one that you didn't want to share how we want to do that if I noticed that my website Christian Car Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms and families in crisis care Christian Car now slow down. Jesus looked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 years and am so grateful I really, really him. Listen another program powered by the Truth Network

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