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Bible Wonders: Brought To You By The Letter Yud

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 6, 2021 12:46 pm

Bible Wonders: Brought To You By The Letter Yud

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 6, 2021 12:46 pm

Robby is back from COVID!  Full of Bible Wonder and a God spark.  Andy from Trans World Radio stops by because Africa Needs Jesus.  Really, don't we all!

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This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds.

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This is the Truth Network card radio show is the name. So Bible wonders.

I guess you did not wondered too much what the show might be about today but recently I started this podcast I do every day called Bible, wonders, and I just been wondering all week about all these wonders have been doing the wonders of God's different names, but as I come back from Kovic. 19. I definitely was wondering quite a bit well at left without it. And so if you're the very beginning of that if you ever seen the Bible arming the truth project with Dell Tackett. It was done by Focus on the Family just absently marvelous. And that was a little part that they used them in the truth project. I've never forgotten this little girl that wondered about why blood clot and all these different things and she was so cute and so she wonders about those things like I wonder, and I left and then of course if you heard it, but that that that was it. A group out of Africa. It's a young, talented musicians are based in Nairobi who are called the saints, ministers, and have YouTube channel and I just love you know their harmony and all. And on the wonder of it all and course you could miss Elvis in that so as we wonder today. I just want to mention that you know like on Sesame Street. They say that today's broadcast is brought to you by letter.

While today's broadcast is brought to you by the Hebrew letter you set up I thought would make this real simple. And talk about one letter today as we are wondering about so many different things. So today is brought to you by that but actually the FCC requires now that we talk about who are our sponsors actually hard so if you ever wonder who the Christian car it was brought to you by its brought to my the Truth Network they actually are the ones who bring you this show so whether you're listening to another network or not is still the Truth Network is bringing it to you and those people are through the grace of God in him carrying it on their stations as well, which we really really really appreciate so to say. It's great to be back would actually be a gigantic understatement because and I'm so many levels because there's no doubt in my mind really isn't any doubt my mind that in a lot of the reason that I'm here today is because of you all of you who prayed for me. I and the cards that came in like I couldn't even believe the wonderful stuff that came in. If you not heard the show before I was suffering with colored 19 for couple weeks and so this is where it came from. And so it wasn't you know some people have not a big issue would tell that I was not the case with me, so I just want to share how precious these prayers were because what actually happened was immediately after I was tested positive. My blood pressure skyrocketed, which I did not know was one of the things that could happen with coveting it jumped up to like 210 over hundred and Xanten in my leg started to swell and I thought that I might have a blood clot so went the hospital and here we were in a course they do blood test unit when I do this and Artie knew that was a positive and Artie knew that a positive is not the blood type you want to get COBIT on top of that I'm diabetic and on top of that I have high blood pressure so and I'm 65 so all the things that that you don't want it have got of it.

That was the case when they did this blood test with the new technology that they have these days I'm getting on my phone my my my my chart that my blood test results are in and out before I've even seen the doctor. So I'm laying there hooked up to the blood pressure machine waiting on ultrasounds all sorts of stuff and I get this test results when I look at these test results. I'm like oh my goodness, what's up with this because my white blood cell count had dropped out lower actually been when I had cancer and I was I was looking at my white blood cell count and I was looking at. There's another number that was in reciprocally high because of the white belt blood type cell count going down slow and oh my goodness already. I like you have always wanted Robbie's desk. It's getting highly ranked.

This this can't be good. This this can't be good at all and so I say all that just to say oh my goodness. These prayers made such an impact in motion a few minutes. A little bit how I felt that during some of the other symptoms that I experience bullying right one of my favorite quotes of all time and maybe you've heard this is from CS Lewis. He said I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen, not only because I see it, but because by it. I see everything else right.

It's that light of the sun that fortunately, we can see the summit when you think about the light of God, you, you don't necessarily see it, but through God you see everything else. And that's part of the reason why the show today is brought to you by the letter you did so as I was thinking about that quote this morning I wrote sort of my own version of some more of that. And so there is a light that I believe, by which we see spiritually, though I see but it doesn't just come on and everything is clear. It grows in intensity by love's desire to learn and through learning, you get more dots of light that connect which bring the joy of Jesus presence in both their understanding, but even more so an application and I say that by like you know how when you're falling in love. Hopefully with your spouse or or you know when you hurt a child you can remember just sitting there and listening to that person that you love with in love with and learning new things that are just beyond cool about them.

And as so your affection for them grows and and and as you read the Bible and as we get to know God more and as we experience it more in our lives right. These these look this light comes on in our senses work better. In other words, I can see better today. As a result of actually colored 19 and maybe I ever seen before and so when you look at the elemental looming elementary aspect of the Hebrew alphabet. It gives a foundational connection between the creation itself, and God and of the ultimate reality is, in fact, God even though we can't see him is the realist thing that there there is. He's not only real in the present time, but he's real and past and present and future. Actually more real than the chair that I'm sitting in just, you know, like remember this in your rearview mirror. Things are not as close as they appear realities, like that right faith doesn't come from seeing it comes from hearing so like faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of God were using our senses in order to grow our faith, but interestingly the whole book of Genesis when you really think about the major theme of the book of Genesis. It's telling you, things are not what they appear right. You might remember Abraham told the king that his wife was his sister. Well, it was his sister. But it was also his wife right.

It was not as what it appeared Adam and Eve were naked. But God had to put skins on them so that they wouldn't be as they appear. You were close to date. You're not as you appear to saying in the course when you think about it. Jacob put on the hairy arm so that he wouldn't be who he appeared. He wanted to be Esau his brother and on goes throughout the whole book of Genesis that things are not as they appear.

And so when you begin to think about what coven actually does right.

It takes away your senses, you lose your sense of smell. A lot of people did. I certainly did, and the other thing that a lot of people told me about was that it gives you what they call this foggy head like you don't have any real focus. You can't even think and so for those of us who love to pray and study the word of God.

I was in a really strange places. My world started to shrink because I couldn't focus long enough.

I couldn't think long enough. I would just those off in order to pray or in order to study the way that I normally would and so my senses were being reduced and then the next thing I know I get this horrible horrible arm vertigo which makes the world started to spin. As you may know, when it brought on all this nausea and so now my reality. If you think that what reality is.

I know it's not real is not spinning but for my respective I'm going round and round to get to how all this connection to the gear is going to love it. So stay tuned. You're listening to the Truth Network and where no one understand me where everything is in Bible wonders today on the Christian car guys show we got plenty to wonder about talking coming back off of covert and I thought that God taught me some things along these lines that I wanted to share with you and and and hopefully you can wonder with us and begin to wonder about things and talk about and see where you've experienced some of them and and hopefully light up other people's world with your unit that we can talk about today show is brought to you by the Hebrew U head which were giving it to you in a minute but survived unless we left her here. I was starting to get vertigo.

And as I got vertigo. Then all of a sudden my wife by the way, had coven to fortunately she didn't have as bad as me but she had no smell, no taste, and she was sleeping and she was in bed and I was in bed but with the vertigo. I couldn't turn on the side that I would normally look at my wife. I had to turn away which made me feel isolated. Then I had to get in the fetal position because I just thought I was in no nausea and always just more than I could take. And so there I was like I really didn't like it to pray.

Normally I could.

I had coven head. I had no sense to send mail no taste. In other words, I will have no real in touch with what was reality. However, at that moment God broke through This is what happened. My iDisk understands that I was laying on the my head was in the fetal position is anything I was laying in Jesus's lap as well as laying on my pillow and asked that went on he floated and no doubt in my mind.

Colossians 124 which is a verse that you may know, I teach special needs Calvary in a these are people with down system didn't down some Roman and all sorts of things along those lines. Autism and these are older folks and I done this for years but I remember it really really enjoying teaching diverse. Colossians 124 because it's very difficult first understands that it teach it to people at the level that we can all understand it really helped me to understand it in so God now uses this verse on me to help me understand a verse that one time I really struggled understand. And here's the verse now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, and in my flesh. I'm filling up what is lacking in Christ's afflictions for the sake of the body that is the church that think about it like weight Jesus's sufferings when enough follow-up. What Paul is saying here clearly is that we get to as we suffer and just like Stephen suffered when he is being stoned. He is continuing to fill up some level of suffering that has to happen for the the world to get to the point to Jesus comes back and even though it didn't seem like all the suffering I was going to write that minute with covert had any real value. Jesus was just flipping that verse back in the my mind to go okay Robbie, I know, the same easy behind your filling these sufferings with what's going on whether you lost your parent, which I have recently are lost to let a child like Mike Bob left there so many different kind of sufferings that are bitter that are going on that really really have a purpose in the body of Christ. And Jesus is knocking out not let you know that so here comes a reality in a place where I had no senses to receive it. In other words, I could dismiss not something I heard with my ears or or smelled with my nose or could even focus on to reason through yet here it came through.

And therein lies the letter you so as we begin to talk about that letter for minute it is the smallest letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

It's actually the 10th letter in the number of it is 10, which is actually significant but we think about this unit. I just want you to think that when you take your pan and you put it to a piece of paper that very first You make is a good and in the way that the Jews explain this is that it's the little that means a lot that if for a finite I mean for an infinite God that is way above our reality in time and space and everything else to create a finite world where he could exist where we could put up his feet and relax.

He had to shrink himself, just like Jesus had to become a man in order to come down low for God to make the world initially he had to condense his infinite nest in order to create something that was finite and this is the idea of the good that actually from the letter standpoint, that's the letter that builds all other letters and I like to call it the God spark. Okay, that that little thing that's in there that from everything else is built.

And so when you think about this unit and it starts with a Y and it's a UD but when you think of the words in Hebrew that start with this letter.

First off God as Yahweh right it that that's a biggie that out but also you should do it.

Jesus starts with you. Okay, Jacob, and many of the other J sounding names that you've heard in the Bible Joshua. They all start with the unit but also the word hand starts with United and the word intimacy starts with you and so the idea of this letter is it is the beginning spark of so many things that is what my dad was a boy. No doubt he loved his dog, but if you'd seen my dad when he was in his late 80s, the love that he had for his dog was unbelievable. And from my perspective that's that God spark like how is it possible that this dog love my dad so much and it was clearly obviously did and it was clearly obvious that my dad left him. Here's a reality that makes no sense to some extent. Yet, there's that God spark of her reality of a relationship and it's there and you can see, you see.

And that's the point I wanted to go after today is where did you see something that wasn't seeable. And when did you hear something that wasn't here when did you taste something that wasn't testable right. I remember one time I got a smell that I know it wasn't smell about, you know, these are things that God is got a reality that way supersedes our reality and and that is the good so we are talking about that today that's really cool just coming by to show, so stay tuned without so much more Christian Kardashian, Collison 866-34-TRUTH 87884. What did you see what did you hear you're listening to the Truth Network and the we are wondering instantly different ways is just one of the beautiful things we get today was wondering about how could God love us and what is it really look like in an and how is it that we get to see things through our relationship with God in a more more clear way as we study the word of God as we grow closer in our relationship with him and other people and you know one of the wonders that I saw and I really when I said it treatments God wants to call me with your wonder story of when you heard something that was on here bore when you smelled something that wasn't smell a board you tasted something that wasn't tasteful. I would love to hear that it really really would so that numbers 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Would love to hear that story. One of the things I wondered about his is the first show that they did while I was out on covert was with Jerry and Bob were gone on and on and on and on and on and on about the Jesus labor love and the different aspects of that ministry, which was really when I was listening to it almost turned it off because I was like I don't want any of that. I did this think it was completely him you know and it was a little hard for me to listen to honestly however the fruit of it was like we had three people donate cars like last week because all these people heard through what Jerry and Bob and all were talking about the Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms widows across the country. All that that these guys were sharing in the fruit of fat was like oh my goodness, that little you that little God spark right that little fire that people heard in it and it spreads like wildfire because one person loves one person sees. I have to tell you that one of the people that donated a car. I spoke to yesterday was the sister of one of the people who'd received a call and she said when I saw what it did for my sister's faith because she'd receive that car. Then it was something that I felt like wow I could do that for somebody else night tell me that that isn't that isn't of flame that starting a fire to help somebody that that you never never heard of. So I have a very neat gastric may have had among different shows before, but I've never had among the Christian Kardashian so I have Andy with Transworld radio and talk about the place where you can start a fire fight that group that you heard singing the wonder of it all were there from Nairobi right now. How did these people in Nairobi hear about the wonder of it all I can tell you one of the places that I am very aware of that they might've heard it from his Transworld radio has transmitters in the in in Africa that over 100,000 W, or is it a million watts.

I forget we have so many transmitters that I cannot keep track of the wattage of the different ones I can tell you that there are some of the most powerful in the world right and I know I've heard from a million you whatever they these are transmitters and so people are hearing the word of God in their hearing it through radios and so right now I mean through Transworld radio there there on a campaign because date. They do these radios that are that you wind up in order for them to get electricity another with these people don't have to have electricity or anything else. The radios himself are self-sufficient create their own juice, so to speak, so that these people throughout the world right to get this and so you got a campaign going on right now empty will. It's one of those things where we we realize okay around the world, and TW are is in 190 countries.

270+ languages we have these extremely high power transmitters. But what about the people at say in Africa. We got the signal going out to the airwaves, but they can afford a radio to be able to pick up the signal and hear the gospel, so some of our people in Africa said can we raise money not just for transmitters but to put radios in people's hands so that they can hear the gospel so that they can be discipled. So that's what this radios for Africa is all about, and we use wind up radios because either people don't have electricity or they can't afford electricity or they can even afford to grant by batteries or they don't have access to a store where they can buy battery so wind up radios are the way to go right and we want to give you an opportunity to share yet here of God spark we want to give you an opportunity to do that in and so you can obviously go to radios for Africa and Transworld will pick that up but that you guys have a one 800 number you got operators right we do, and that number would be in and it's easy to remember, 888 and then 988-5656 you say that's not that easy to remember, maybe okay, jot it down, 888 988-5656 or what is really easy. Africa needs Africa needs That really is easy and we have Jean is in Charlotte. I'm dying to hear her stories of James you're on a Christian card I show good morning, so share what if you got for me on my back, I'll get my story I comfortable doing it right now. Wonderful stories in my life and dedication to help others when I need it now. My car body.kind enough to get me a car, which I am eternally grateful to be able to help others in my life always been Ignited with candlestick fundraising and donations counted making blanket.coat pantry and shout it, and it's making and donating guard and cause I have made are collected all my life at all. It being getting in line I need in my account cannot be in Scott with their army to continue to get around and continue helping all your I'm so grateful I like grateful for the chance to call and an aspect of art and I'm so excited to see you brought up some I'm dying to know about. You said you dog coats Eric but there always shivering and carrying on Well, next.coat: and not nine. I do DM blanket you actually need you. These dog coats. I know them so terribly at and it seemed so donated down yard material W, I work with and donate a lot of things to that yard material style.

I'm going to be busy for the next few months making things very different painfully. You know somebody I'm cool because the severance just you and I can't help it save it's okay Scott feels exactly like me like I am totally the middleman right that that God provided the car through a unbelievably generous donor that I just happened to been given a platform of radio shows that I could make known the people that we have these needs and then God provides the people that have the needs and then all we do is we kinda connected to and in the same way that there is no doubt in my mind and I know that makes Bethann smile it makes me smile to think that there's a dog right out there right now it needs a coat in God and God is not. He knows this dog needs a coat and so he gets the VFW to put together this fabric and he finds Jean and we knows has a heart concert and boom ease ease he's providing a coat for the dog and the good news is the dog at least knows where it really came for right now is just absent live beautiful and are you and I'm I'm just trying to put this together.

My mind are you the Jean that I met in Marksville that we drove over to the gas station put gas in your car will then this just makes my day Jean, I gotta tell you that is a beautiful story feel good. Got in your car and helping you do it is not.

I think make thinking you gave it that people do provide that and I know got it in my corner and he really is Jean.

Thank you. I do, you have made my day.

No doubt God bless you and your work will be planned for those dogs and for years, your ability to continue to help so many people in different ways. God bless you so much. I am so thrilled for this opportunity to have this call and we need your call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH you're listening to the Truth Network and is we've got some wandering left to do today on the Christian card I'm so glad you joined us, and I can share some stuff and I was coming your way, but first I gotta mention that today at 1 o'clock we doing Amy combo in the care, which is also a live show and they today are to be talking about living a life you want with Rick Rex Sykes so you want to miss that's coming up at 1 o'clock on the Truth Network but getting back to wondering and this show today is brought to you by like Sesame Street. The Hebrew letter you would write it and so that a couple more fun facts about the Hebrew letter, yet it represents 10 in Hebrew language all their letters have numbers that correspond and I want you to think about what you heard from Jean or you've heard from others that have been blessed lightly and God multiplies by tens. I don't have you ever noticed that this number 10 is a really significant number in the Bible.

You obviously know about 10 Commandments and maybe the 10 test of Abraham. It's all over the place is a very scriptural number but interestingly, when you put a unit and more. In a word, it multiplies everything by 10. It does okay in numerical sense. So think about when you give a radio okay to that person. Africa, the God that we say we give them right.

Actually, God gave you a blessing so you could give this blessing to the person. Africa will I can assure you that spark that you start in that person when they get that radio.

It will be multiplied by 10 and that's why we give back a tent because at the time that it all is very connected back to the spark that you would. Okay and and then Andy while he was listing to Jean was thinking about a passage in you and would love for him to share his insights on that will when I was hearing Jean say she said God is in my corner God is helping me do this. It's not you know she didn't just say it's in my corner. She then said God is helping me do the ministry work that she's doing reaching out to others, including even sowing these dog dog coats God helps us, God provides for us. God sustains as God walks with us. I'm reminded even when were were you know and not in a Bad Way in Isaiah chapter 41 verse 10 the Lord says fear not for I am with you.

Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will help you I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. God, in jeans corner. She put it reach down with that right hand and helped her and lifted her up, and he used other people, even to do that will nab Jean with the Lord in our corner is out there with her hand helping with other people up and it's not Jean doing it in her own strength. It's a she put it got to the corner helping her do this and I would point out that the word hand in Hebrew is he had. And guess what letter it starts with.

It is a unit and that we do know that where Jesus got the nails okay right but it does right hands are by the way, how he cleanses us so that we can elaboration ship. I mean, it's absolutely this phenomenal picture of what God blesses us with whether that's helping out the Jesus love in prayer right what you do when you pray, you put your hands together on this saying it it it all has to do with these things. But let's give out a number and number again and he said that people that want to call in by the way, you can get a radio for one of these radios and special radios are $50 so you know, if you give 50 you get one radio or 100 to get to its etc. etc. and the number to call us if that number to call is 988.

Currently, backup, 888 it's a toll-free number, 888 then 988-5650 6888 988-5656 and I know you're talking about, that multiplication idea that writing to be multiplied by 10.

I often call it the ripple effect as as you give a radio and it's $50 per radio and and we carefully select the people through a pastor on the ground of the local church in Africa. He will say in his community. You know this guy over here. His family needs a radio they can afford one, as you put a radio in someone's home for $50.

That person if they don't know the Lord could come to know the Lord or could be discipled if they already know Jesus or a pastor could be raised up and we have testimonies of that so you place that radio on someone's hands may be God's can use that radio to lead someone to Christ, who will become a pastor will be trained as he listens to TW are then he has a church and a congregation in these ministering the many other people.

It's that multiplication idea.

Who knows how many whether it's 1000.

God could use these radios to do exceedingly abundant work above what we can even ask or imagine.

Let me tell you because for me personally and you know when I first became a Christian when I was in my late 30s with one of the first things I turned to was Christian radio. I used to be a huge BBN listener before the Truth Network came on and that's where I gotten much the discipleship in those early years that I received like I wonder what my faith would be like today with our Christian radio and I'm I'm sure that many, many, many live people listing right now that have enjoyed this kind of programming for years and years.

Think about while I have been blessed and I know what it is meant in my own life that absolutely the believers that are over there in Africa right now can get you note discipling ship discipleship in their own language, correct in their own culture and and the differences, their life is transformed, then they are just like Jean God used, even this program to help Jean, and now she's helping others as we are discipled as we are equipped, then we can we do ministry we tell other people about the Lord. I mean really, when you put a radio on someone's hands in Africa so that they can then hear and learn more about God's word is can make a difference beyond just that person's life, but in their family.

I'll give you a quick example. We stopped at someone's home and and really was just one of these when we were in Malawi and in southeastern Africa were driving down the road. The director for TW are Malawi says let's drop off a radio at this person's home and really he randomly picked it drove in similar with TW are do you have a radio, and the lady said no he said would you like a radio. She was thrilled she already knew about TW are even though she didn't have a radio, how do you think she knew about it because her next-door neighbor had a radio listens to TW are and when they're working side-by-side out in the field.

She's listening to her neighbors.

Radio now.

She has one she can grow more in the Lord and she can share it with other people to me when you give a $50 radio. It is blessing, not just an individual or family may be other people growing their their food out in the field witness well. Just think about that out in the field you write so clearly they they need to wind up radio out there may nonetheless extension fourth author knows how available batteries are out there so I mean this a beautiful thing that obviously out in the field she heard about that. That's just the remarkable thing is out and quickly her home made out of homemade mud bricks mean that's what all of their homes are made out of the at and and I talked about this yesterday when I was on the Truth Network the minimum wage in Malawi yet I corresponds to US$34 a month, and if so how can you afford a $50 radio Exide is 34 a month.

It's obvious Africa needs Jesus out. That's the name of the website, Africa, and the number again is AAA 9886 56.

There you go.

AAA 988-5656 if you want to take part of that. Of course you can always go to Christian heart that I can't find out more about Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis. And remember to slow down.

Jesus walked everywhere with all the 33 this is the Truth Network

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