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Bible Wonders -7 Names Of God Part 5

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 5, 2021 11:00 am

Bible Wonders -7 Names Of God Part 5

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 5, 2021 11:00 am

The God of Psalms 91 - Elohai - Plus the Story of The North Vietnamese Pastor that Lived Through Him in a Prison Swamp.



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Hello Spain and the Bible wonders what kind of feel like I'm treading something was extremely holy my muddy boots. This particular name of God, believes the place that you could study in orthodoxy, so to speak, because Strong's concordance doesn't have this particular name of God. Although it's clearly in the Bible and what Strong's concordance does is it lumps it in with the name Elohim, which is what we talked about yesterday. However, this is clearly not the same. It is certainly not spelled the same, and so if you don't lump it in is the same, then what is the difference in what's the significance of it.

So again I feel like I'm kind of in uncharted territories because it's not spoken of them in a concordance and you rarely see any Christian commentators speak to this particular name of God and how it's different and I'm just going to name it the God of the 91st Psalm 91st Psalm we see Moses once again choose this name to describe something very unique and also the Jews choose this name whenever they do their blessings. When you hear them say Blessed are you, Lord God King of the universe that particular prayer that begins only satyrs and different things you say that's the name of God that they're using there. When they say out of my at Ojai Elohim in Ojai is simply there is no ma'am on the end of L Ojai, which when I originally started to think about it I I went because I knew there was no way you can look at this word in the concordance because again strong's lump sum all into Strong's number 430, which is Elohim, but I thought of what Jesus cried from the 22nd Psalm right, Eloi, Eloi of the kind of sounds like that but interestingly there there's an Alice in element. Like we've heard L throughout in our discussions of these names of God and then there's a good but this doesn't have the hay unit that the L Ojai has that is to again the from the Jews perspective. This is the fifth of the seven names of God that they isolate as being those that you get last if you didn't spell right so I misspoke yesterday. A little bit in yesterday's episode about this being the fifth because yesterday I said that Elohim was the fifth will actually it's the fourth because they lump together both Yahweh and Adam is one and then the number two is L and then I will walk and then Elohim and today L Ojai Exley could see many of them have this L beginning in again.

The concordance doesn't separate this one out, but we do find it throughout the Scriptures you confided in Exodus, you can because again, this is something that Moses was using when he wrote the 91st Psalm you may know that the midrash teaches with the Jewish story, so to speak, is that the 91st Psalm was written by Moses as he had finished the tabernacle and he ascended the hill that was covered by the Shekinah glory so as he's walking into the Shekinah glory.

He is writing the 91st Psalm, according to what. Again, the Jewish oral tradition is on on how the 91st Psalm came about. Well, when you look at the construction of this L Ojai it's different again from Elohim, and it does not have the minimum the end. And so it's an Alice in the limited which we talked about is at L idea of father and then this love learning sort of shepherd person and then you've got a hay which we talked about at length is an expression and then interestingly we just have the expression of the unit never yields a very very significant letter in the Hebrew language. It may be the most significant letter is the little that means a lot. It certainly the smallest letter when they say there's just a job. That's the letter that they're talking about is actually this good and numerically it is the number 10, which that's hugely significant because of all the numbers you think that things multiplied by 10 is a big part of the whole idea of math, but the idea of the unit is that you have this infinite God who had to shrink himself down in order to make a finite world and there you have this concept of the God spark and so when you look at this little United that conceived the hand of God coming down was actually a spark or just something that is essentially the particle the God particle right and you'll find it at the beginning of the word Jesus right because it's you sure in any of those, like Israel, are you there you find a word that begins with you. It or Jacob, or so many of the of the Bible words that we know that start with "j" are going to be this good. So here we find it being the last letter in this particular name of God, and it comes after this hay so it's telling you that it's expressing the unit and Moses clearly is making reference to in the 91st Psalm, as his God, that is expressing this God spark and again I just feel like I've got muddy boots and clog around in here, but I do know one thing that I wanted to share with you is that the 91st Psalm for so many people is the distant near and dear place in their heart and one time the Billy Graham Association it asked me to interview this man who would come out of North Vietnam. He was a pastor and the city had quite a story. And so I was hosting of the time it was called King.

It was called Robbie's hobbies back then, but today the shows poking pursuits and they'd asked me to do this interview and I thought was interesting because it Billy Graham associated never asked me to do an interview and so he came and when he came in he had several interpreters with an none of them actually from my perspective spoke very good English. And so is very, very, very difficult to communicate with them and somewhat comical because you know, as he sat down and I would say these things people would go speak back and forth in Vietnamese which is just sounds pretty bizarre and then they would look at me every time I ask a question like, I don't know how to say that and so this is gonna how it went, but it was one I will put it down is my most amazing interview and probably my favorite interview of anybody I've ever interviewed in the radio and all the years I've been doing this and so he sits down and I said so the Billy Graham Association you had you come in. They must have something that they really wanted you to communicate to our audience know what is your story and so you know course, they all spoke to him on what I had said and he just came back with one word like you know in a interpreted as he was imprisoned and I went he was imprisoned in North Vietnam and they said yeah and I said that's interesting because it probably had been, but a few weeks and I'd watched Rambo for whichever one it was. But remember Sylvester Stallone was put in this little swamp and hung there with all the leeches and stuff and so I said what G when I think about prison in North Vietnam.

You know I can't help but think of Rambo for where you know Sylvester Stallone was in this little swamp and you know we had leeches all over him and they looked at me and I said yes swamp and I said what and he goes yeah swamp so I said explain that to me. He was in a swamp. Oh yeah how long were you in that small.

It was like six years. I can't remember exactly the time, but it was a long, long time, longer than you would think, and so I said you are in a swamp like how did you sleep in the swamp. How did you eat in the swamp. You know all these things that that had gone on and an ice and heat what he described from thereon was that all these people that were in this horrible infested swamp were dying every night. Now if you want to read something interesting. All these people all these other prisoners were dying all the time in this one and I asked my civil what were you eating and he was like what was in the swamp and I was like well and what were you drinking and he said what was in the swamp and I was like wow how in the world did you survive that and he said oh, there were people drop in all the time and of life expectancy wasn't long in this one. So as I begin to understand the suffering that this man had been through all these years and this North Vietnamese swamp. I asked him question I'm pretty sure the came from the Holy Spirit. I said you know I've had a chance to suffer through some things that God is loud in my life. You know it's some cancer in car accidents and and and things you know that look pretty scary, but every time God allowed something in my life like that he always gave me some special provision, something that was just supernatural that he gave me so that I could make it through that. I said what did God give you so you could live through the swamp and he told me some I'll never ever forget. He said he gave me the 91st and I said I'm in.

He gave you the 91st Psalm, like the words of it. He goes exactly you know that from the way it was described to me the man did not know the 91st Psalm when he was when into the swamp. But somehow another God gave this pastor 91st Psalm supernaturally so that he had in his heart as he was experiencing these years and this one, and so I was just wondering what how did you get out of the swamp and he said you know all this went back and forth in Vietnamese. He said good behavior and I said what you was that mean good behavior.

Well, he kept on leaving other people in the swamp to Christ and they didn't want a bunch of Christians on their hands so they got them out of the swamp so that he would quit leading people to Christ. So as I was pondering that in my mind thinking about the 91st Psalm, which I picked up immediately them on my computer while I was doing the interview and I began to read it and as it began to read it.

I started to cry as I was thinking about the Psalm from the standpoint of being in the swamp. And I thought oh my goodness this hello hi, I wasn't terribly surprised that he could keep this man alive for six years in the swamp. But what absolutely blew me away. Was he clearly sent this pastor into this essentially death whole for all these people that may belong there. I mean that you know rapist murders. Whoever else was in the swamp.

He sent these people are pastor a way out that they would be able to have everlasting life, and so let me read that Psalm, especially the first few verses were describes this hello hi God that Moses chose to describe this experience. It is he that dwell within the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord he is my refuge and my fortress, my God, and that's the word Ella hi right there in him will I trust. Surely he shall deliver the from the snare of the Fowler and from the noisome pestilence. He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust his trust shall be thy shield and buckler and now shall not be afraid for the terror by night. Can you imagine in the swamp. With all these people dying nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that walk a thin darkness, nor the destruction that waste is at noonday thousand shall fall by my side and 10,000 at thy right hand, but it shall not come 90 moving on the last two verses. The judges dearly love.

He shall call upon me and I will answer him. I will be with him in trouble. I will deliver him and honor him with long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation.

While this him if this hello hi this God that expresses everything that has life in it in a dark world.

Boy do we need something to wonder about this is a C

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