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Bible Wonders -7 Names Of God Part 4

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 4, 2021 3:29 pm

Bible Wonders -7 Names Of God Part 4

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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I wonder wonder who today on Bible wonders were continuing on this whole seven names of God concept as we wonder today actually about the fifth name that's on the list of names that the Jews teacher the seven names of God that if they were to misspell in the Torah when they were doing the scrolls they would be last. Since these are pretty significant names in today's name is the one that we first see in Scripture is Elohim and you know in the beginning that whole idea of their sheet that you'll hear the Jews speak of. Quite often the first letters of the Torah are very significant to them but in the beginning God in this particular God is. That's the one that is Elohim Elohim is in the Old Testament 2616 times so it certainly the second most popular name of the seven names that they list their but the first most popular name would be over or the it's listed 6510 times but you don't actually get a chance to meet your hope in the Old Testament until Genesis chapter 2 and you'll find that that's usually translated Lord so Elohim is quite often what's translated God and in this case.

That's what were seeing currently in Genesis chapter 1 and the thing that I can't help but ponder when you look at the letters of Elohim.

We talked about L because it's the beginning of the word L itself and we talked about and yell off like we talked about yesterday and really get the LOI tomorrow, but today were in Elohim, so it's very similar to the way that their spell because they'll have that all of and then the lament which you can it's this whole idea of the aleph meaning the father sort of figure plus God's hand reaching down the man's hand reaching up then to this, the med, which is the L sound that your hearing in L which is love and learning and the very much shepherding SOL just by itself is very much a picture of a shepherd now organ at today. This idea of Heem. Well hey we talked about so much yesterday. That's at the end of the other words is it's is absolutely beautiful letter that means expression and then the aim sound is actually the word for CC is an like ocean so it is very interesting when no.

In the beginning God let that hold their sheet Elohim. What's gonna happen now is he's going to make light that is to separate the light and then is going to be hovering over the waters on these to separate the waters and so I just marvel at the whole concept that God himself in the I am statements of Jesus made in the book of John Wright I am the light so here he separates light night into darkness, but he also sets the sun over the day in the moon over the night, and similarly with the waters which very much always points to Jesus with this man that's at the end of Elohim is. He separates first the firmament Ryan. So this idea of heaven which we talked about of a couple episodes go about heaven being Shema.

I'm letters that I am sound and in and so there's this sort of see that's above the earth. When you look up its evidence.

Blue you taste it like you would a name every single time you breathe.

But then there's also the sea on the land and he separates it again because he separates when he puts the dry land. In this waters are separated once again so is fasting. To me that that light is separated twice in the waters are separated twice and again this is all being done by Elohim, which, as we talked about in the song that begins to show who wrote the book of love you. Nothing was made that wasn't made by him, which is a picture of Christ to the beautiful thing I note here is that what we have is a very elemental you know that it's very elementary. What were discussing here because God is made of these elements, the olive when you look at the word life light is in all of NMM in a race and and so the very letters spelling out God in different ways are the same letters that are the elements and here we see them again in Elohim being the sea or the waters that end up getting separated again as its elementary but it's very very amazing to me that God himself is these elements again speaking to what we talked about in a number episodes again that the most real thing in the universe.

True reality is God himself.

There is nothing more real. Although you can't see him. He is in every single element and later on we get to Genesis 2 were given start to hear about the Lord Elohim or your whole valley.

He and and so you know it's a picture when you know God forms Adam and when he puts the text of ribbon makes either always saying Jehovah Elohim when it comes that particular thing, but in this part of the Torah jury wonderfully.

We just see that it's in Elohim himself, that is the one the separating the waters. The one that that the spirit of God is hovering over the waters. These are the things that have to do with this idea of the see anything about a Jesus was very clear.

He's living water. The wall woman at the well and and so how beautiful can it be something to ponder that one of the names of God here in Elohim is this whole God that is expressed through the ocean or through the seas and, like you, but you can go to the ocean anytime you want to and just watch the people mesmerized at what's going on as they stare into the seas. The waves crashing at and the whole scene is truly something that we all wonder about them if you don't see God there. You know, is, like, you can taste God when you look at the ocean something to wonder about Elohim today on by the wonders. I wonder wonder will

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