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Robby Is Positive In Many Ways

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 21, 2021 8:15 am

Robby Is Positive In Many Ways

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 21, 2021 8:15 am

Robby & his wife Tammy tested positive for, dear Christian Car Guy friends fill in.  Wonderfully encouraging and heartwarming.  Take that devil!!!

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This is Robbie Gilmore from the Christian card I am king in pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it and share it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the truth network. This is the Truth Network are no rules on this trip, remember, is hidden from the Pacific interregional plan. Who knows we were going to be delivered to the via think of this GPS in my phone of the trip to discover America, you need a bike you need the road okay freedom all Christian radio show good will welcome the Christian call got radio this morning. If you're trying to knee and expected to hear the voice of Robbie Gilmore this morning. You can hear Jerry Mathis with Rice body shop and wrecker service. Also in the studio with me on my blaster.

What about the guy that All-Star sit in front a minute on Bob Young the Christian junkyard man affirm from many many years and also the are singular amongst us. If you can really collect thing happened.

I got to hear this line. Jerry good to have you and also my good buddy Mark Garreau had that they want whenever marks at the shop Bob at the funny thing is to be people in office and you walk out no go for that voice sure sound. Well, if you listen to NASCAR and racing you're going to know who that voice belongs to that is more Garreau the voice of NASCAR PRE and racing and network and good happy with this mark it's always good to be on truth, radio, and the Christian car guy and I was stop by Jerry's place have went Wednesday mornings with Stu Epperson Wednesday in the word we do Bible study down at Dario's area and all the areas in the area have one on Wednesday morning Be around one 8 o'clock to give you free breakfast and and Bible study.

I guess that's my advertising but sometimes it speaks to tell me as you and that sometimes I get done that and I'll just hang a left coming out of the Dario's on Clemens Hill Road down to visit those guys for a grab coffee you know you are running low on donuts or something and I stop and say hi ass always and then they come and get me out of ditches and truck every now and that is not just a social visit every once in a while for this and like you said this morning. Robbie is not with this. He was diagnosed with a COBIT virus and also Tammy and so this morning I just want them to just ask everybody all the listeners who Robbie is meant a lot to me like all of us in his room and really done a lot of been been on his knees a lot for I know for me and or Bob said a prayer to you from that man, that's for sure. So this morning I just asked that we take a moment of personal prayer time in just just say a prayer.

The guy though, bring them to this have a quick recovery and a full recovery in probably is that as uneventful of a recovery as human Tammy can have an forget them back in the studio and if you don't want Jerry guest hosting again. Pray hard right now I have a real hot tonight with a playwright and had this morning. One of the things that I thought would be kind of kind of neat.

Whenever I was thing about Robbie yesterday and he told me what was going on and that Yep I got you covered stuff but I really didn't have anything going on, or planned, except for new Bob is on a be a process that okay. At least I got a lifeline because they want is a blessing whenever I get to do a show with with Bob Young, that's for sure and I called Mara because he was involved in the Jesus labor of love event and will go talk about that next hour some but what I really thought would be needed just kind of talk about you know what we're going through is a country and is the world and as Christians what God would have us do, and we all have platforms and I miss or read something out of wood at Pando Christian church were doing a 40 day devotion and owned one of the days. I suggest a promise and a read real quick is Isaiah 35 and it says strengthen the weak hands and make firm feeble knees say to those who have been who have an anxious heart. Be strong for you're not behold, your God will come with vengeance and with compassion with the compassion of God. He will come and save you in the ass of the blind shall be opened. The years that the death then stopped. Then shall the lame man leap like a deer in the tongue of the mute singing sing for joy. The waters break from the wilderness and streams in the desert you know is sort of like I think all of us feel like we been in that wilderness and desert over the last 12 months where you know everything is just been so different I mean there there's every day you wake up Elyse I wake up in his what what's what's coming today and and is upset to read to the devotion. Nothing I wanted to share in this this one day was part of it written down here says everything in life is temporary. Everything whether is high or low it won't last. Ask anyone who lived through the depression survived the war came in first place, landed the dream job. Life is unpredictable and ever-changing. But here's the greatest news which this is the greatest news.

God is not ever-changing is the same yesterday today and tomorrow you always be there in the lowest lows and he carries us in the house has he holds us without him has lows can seem unbearable in our house can seem unstoppable yet with him. We become unshakable to me when I when I read that and I just spoke to me and I just think you know what we all have a platform and this is Christian car guy radio so the platform that that I have. You know you have a platform at church and have a platform on the air. Really, my biggest platform is in the automotive industry where somebody comes the ends had an accident. Something is happened there in the middle of a crisis to car needs total and and Alice and they look is a raised body shop wrecker service or give them a call, but also that's an opportunity to share the gospel and it may not be necessarily want to preach to them as they walked to the door and and had the Bible stand an F at a pulpit and talk to them but I hope that my actions and the actions of my employees reflect Jesus Christ. I use that platform and I know for for years and years of dealing with Bob. He did it every day.

Also, and continues to do that. It was it was a great thing for me back when we had the fire we begin to pray every morning before work, and some of us will hang around and pray after work forwardly. We were inspired to start flying Christian flag and we did it for years and years and years and it just made such change when you have an event that being no one got as much as a blister. There was one finger that got mashed my son was trying to rescue his old rusty car that it had me tied up in in one of the commercials and that was only incident and only injury we had after burn in the place to the ground and you just need that God was all in it he was all around it and he was carrying this forward in oh after the flames went out yeah and I know I can think of multiple times we have called Bob and Nazism made it a 109 because of a written didn't have money needed apart and Bob always worked with them and stuff and that was never heating go over and tell him reason he did is because he's a good guy. Stephanie reflected that Christ was in his life and stuff and that and that that that's that platform we have and more. I mean you're you're reaching people, not just you know on the air just in airports and and at the track and own and own where Jesus Christ shines through and that's pretty that's powerful. You know II have a platform on the radio that gives me a certain bit of notoriety but I like to use my own hands and mound legs. Whether it's a group home special needs. I call them kids there all 3040 5060 years old, but I call my kids.

I've known her for like 30 years and just to drive up to Vesta Virginia go to Stuart Virginia buying pizza, soda, and I'm not even allowed to visit them anymore right if you just bring it to the front door, bring it onto their porch just stuff like that. You know I I'm a big believer and putting our hands and feet in the motion. Yesterday I was in again this is not to make me sound like anything it's just like, okay, this is these little things we all can do, and things I had never thought of in God gave me. I feel of birdfeeders in a nursing home right because one of the guys went to visit the bottom 50 pounds birdseed button during COBIT. Nobody would bring it out right wing, and we always go visit we grab a little bit with Philip is feeder and I'd forgotten all about it six months for down the road and I was talking to him on the phone smasher which suddenly would put bird feed my feet. I love watching the birds and so then I get down there do him. He said can you do Ruby next-door you know Siegel, Philip rubies and you see a couple more empty, so just little things like that. We can all do you know it's no big deal, it doesn't cost us a lot of money, but my whole thing is yeah I'm on the radio and and I do reach a lot of people that way but I really feel like God wants me to yell on the ground, boots on the ground where the rubber is like this in racing where the rubber meets the road. You charms you use your own legs absolutely will be back in a mom of a Christian because I radio in the again you gotta got an All-Star room in here and I am just excited to see what God is on unveiled to see if you have that story give us a call. This is a calling show you're listening to the Truth Network and will welcome back to Christian car guy radio and again as I said earlier, this is calling show, to what I want to do.

I want to share the number that is a great idea. Hello Larry, what is the number today what the number is 63487884 again, 866-348-7884.

I'm so used to Bob given the number on his come early.

Let's dive buddies and I think I have to work on all my God. Also as a football commercial man that so many times are going well, that was a big divorce sure that is he next time as they had to get a union card at thing was on the TV so many times now also this morning. Well this afternoon at 1 o'clock Amy Carbo with the cure will be on Truth Network. I encourage you to make sure he stay tuned in here that Amy really has some interesting guests and stuff just talks about what just just recovery from a lot of different topics and stuff.

So I encourage you there's a lot of truth on the Truth Network every Saturday morning to make sure you tune in 1 PM for the cure with Amy Carbo.

I listen to this all the time. I really do at any point that I'm in the car poppet over and it's really weird how God does certain things right if he needs for you to have a certain message and that's reason why was in my truck listening from 930 to 10 or if there's something else you want me to know. That's why was in my truck from 1111 30 or 3 to 330 or or whatever the case may be, so it's always interesting to me. You know how I get these messages that I that I really need and you are talking a moment ago about you know God's always there. There we have. Life is seasons, and for me a good part of the last five years and then winter it's been winter there's just there's no way around it and you know when you go through a divorce after 23 years of marriage and you know you are in it to win it. You go through winter and with the one thing that I found through all this process.

You were always told if it ends up just you and God on some deserted island right that's all you got. That's all you have. It's enough and you nod your head okay I get I get well guess what, you know, there are times in life and I found myself in that position where it was just God me and guess what, it was enough and it was a great revelation and it slowly, the weather starts to warm up you know the sun comes back out and you get to switch out out a winner, you know, and it is sometimes a long process. Sometimes it short.

Sometimes we go winter, spring, fall summer winter spring. You don't you just go through it right at you again and again and again, if that's God's plan, but you know I I've certainly learned that you know if you just have hope and you continue to carry that hope that you know things will get better. The things in your life you feel you need need to get better or the ones that God hasn't indicated to you yet that he's going to make better.

You still have to keep that hope and at our church, Union Grove Baptist Church, we just lost her pastor Ken Harris and he was a guy who talked about you know God is good all the time and he always preached about hope and even as he went through COBIT and it took his life. He was all about hope and and I think as Christians we just can never give up that we just never give no, no matter how deep you feel you are in winter how cold the temperatures how many feet of snow that you feel are backed up to your back door.

Never lose the hope that you know really when when I think about that what you're saying Mark and and them looking to Bob to on this because it been there and that we've all been there, where you just feel like you know what can get worse. I mean if it's something that a loss of life for our our divorce are are you note you when I did this morning. Turn the switch on your car, try to crank it up and adjusted within the click I mean NS the day you needed that car to get to work or go pick something up for Swinson to break down the go on the tires flatter you been in an accident, whatever it may be you sit beside somebody in the in the in a bedded hospital ones. I feel sorry for those that don't have a marker just talking about is hope because we all know that that that through Jesus Christ we have hope and God sees things through eternity. And that's why he wants us us to see things so many times we see is just to the temporal stuff and and that's that that's it.

That's a sad place to be when you don't have that hope was so many times skews me. You don't realize that God is all you need until God is all you have. I like that Right that's a bumper sticker right there baby the trademark that I heard that somewhere along the way that it is just so true. You know you you go through life and things don't you. You don't have any problems in an you're not growing during times of not no problems.

You know anybody can thrive through good fortune and then, and prosperity in all that. But when are you that's up eyelashes get out and eat you. Learn to count on God did to get you up in the morning give you strength through the day. They help you make good decisions because it has to be a lot of decisions made during a crisis. Absolutely. And you know it is just coming to one of the things that for me that that has grown me is you know when we win me how. Save me realize that there's a lot of things that go on in this life, this side of heaven that are out of my control walked out of your control that out of your control Bob out of everybody's control. We can't control the government. We can't control unemployment. We can't control things. Accidents happen. We can't control sickness. We can't control their one thing we can control we can control loop coronavirus I mean that look at those numbers every day. If you do that is to be very depressed because of their up-and-down up-and-down you get hope the know of up-and-down we can control any of that.

The one thing we can control the one thing I can control is how I'll react to those and how I'll react is only determined by how close I'm walking with God.

At that moment and you know this all the stuff going on in this world today. I mean, as I said we as followers of Jesus Christ need to be that light on the hill right now because it's a dog and we need to be make sure I have lights on cars are bright and also our faith is bright.

Again, this is a calling show. Give us a call. What is a number I just get Bob to sing it 8663 foray 7884 back a moment you're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to the Christian Car Guy radio show it again with the Bob Young and Mark Garreau in this segment will take a moment just speak little bit about Jesus labor of love. This is a ministry that Bob, do you remember when this all when it kicked off I can't give you a year. But when Robbie first mentioned it outside. That's a pretty big undertaking in the he grabbed it by the horns and he wrestled that will write to the ground and he's done a great job with it and and is helped so many people and given a lot of people an opportunity jump in and help. I know your business is Hampton, and several others around that helped and and now it's nationwide. There's so many people all through the country that are that are helping out with this and there's been some very generous people and some people have donated cars and Robbie shipped a lot of people get a vehicle or get their vehicle repaired is just been a great ministry and when he first started selling absolutely huge that Robbie star Freddie had his gaze is not afraid that God put it on my heart out.

If you remember, first, I might run across some of his first time he had passed across your plate tends to talk about a week, he called and said I want have a lunch with you and Bob and went somewhere that you frequent summer down towards Wahlberg or something for lunch and he that through that out there and I was like, I'm like you I like you. You take a pretty big bike there you lecture that he chewed it well and digested it, and it's been a blessing to so many people, absolutely. And one of the people that it's that you know it is been a ministry that that so many people been able to get involved in and and if you are looking to get involved in a ministry of snow more than just being one of the prayer warriors are, or if your service facility who would like to partner with Jesus labor love go on the website as ways to get connected. Also, if you're someone that that is in need go on the website Jesus labor of love and it's got a form there to fill out. I just want to other pizza people just don't realize.

In today's time. Just how important an automobile is because our parents would talk about you know that there were an unusual for a house only have one vehicle or sometimes not even have a vehicle but now the vehicle is almost everything is hard to function without one. So if you are without a vehicle mean it just just just has your hands in so many ways in but do that Jesus labor love what people ask, and so show the need and in generous people who are willing to to meet those needs and on the line. I have someone who had that need met some nominee Ellen I'm not even try to say her first name said that it means sunshine's offices color sunshine but also in the studio. One of the guys in the studio is Mark Garreau, who this week.

I think also helped meet that need. For hey sunshine I'm doing well, so give us a shot.

How is it super sheeny how how do we say your name. I'm all for the sunshine. I can work with what I was going to take one shot. I was a brave number to go. I did not use so I took my wanted on already and I and I absolutely miss, but she doesn't she does radiate sunshine, you know, I tell people all the time, that if Jesus is really in your heart it shows to your face. It shows. More importantly, in my opinion through your eyes and and sunshine you. It shows through your eyes helped me all we would love to hear your testimony now that hundred and 33 pounds in my why I tell people my card running the company time. I got so many of the main thing but he basically a knocking at night.

I couldn't tell. I about died. My best friend that told me. Please give them a call.

I might hide. Gary: the Washington DC Montebello died people into that lot that the bank my contact at BMW and I think the article my and got the money came from not ending talkback and I wanted my card with 1700 out the racking problem I have come a thing about the I found out about picking card type: Scott meeting, but need back down to call me know a labor, but many now see my ranking opinion. I called him back and bring it back. I think the free labor like I do not rate the faith that racking and cooking card. I hate my labor bill by thinking hello my entire problem Apple freight but I get caught by Robbie and I would like the main thing that people like Robbie and I think I'm like you got the highest in light because you don't have a job. God put the pot file that we have a compact and not economically compact the wealth of the fire right absolutely my carpet time. I know why because learning Robbie Hart.

Now I know that one time to time but to come back to me or I could think unlocking on my walk with it at the meeting tonight.anyhow, let me tell you like hot I great and I woke up and got pretty clunky back then that some people don't need my phone back because my heart hi early that that Mark Garrett is beautiful 1998 file and some lady I want to get high and not look out anything that I know I open my brother and I might not, make beautiful blue. My favorite you tired break that everything done. We walked back off. It and I called that topic, but I think give me car because I can afford to have a car and David them. If it a break like that and took my clock driving.

You I 40th looked 40th in the block upright in my long that it's hard to believe. I met my father had.

I know nobody got people don't tell you, you meet God when you are born again you and not allow that File it being my main thing on deep value most people left me thinking something wrong with me but I've been following high placement, but how the back. My long Valley because that's where I met now. I walk with beautiful people want. My father Michael and people will be walking to the board and I'm delighted that not that bad. And here I am talking to Quicken cards. I think my father got me to go to file and so I think the impact and be kind, now in the minute backing father kingdom. They died. I'm going to proclaim about your goodness and got good and that the beginning because the back yet to come.

And I just want to thank you, Mark Garrett for getting me that beautiful 1998 Buick dining on baking. Not every day.

I called Robbie my and Scott and thank you father, but the help of the 40 that we get this and to proclaim God's making any living. Good night. Like the end of it is very fitting for the fix and wrap in a break or more say settle for go stick with the sunshine will be right back your listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Christian Car Guy radio show got sunshine on the radio and also marking the studio so Jesus labor of love, put them both together and as I told Mark going to break some us of the things he had done to the car to let me and Bob about really. He didn't realize he thought he was doing this for his daughter a few years ago, but he was doing a really not had a whole other plan in store for him. Such are you still there with us. Yes, I I say the same here.

You know you do stuff and you don't always hear appreciation. Yeah, that's not why you do this right.

I mean, you don't. Do you just do what God leads you to do whether somebody says thank you, whether they appreciated and as a matter fact, one of the great diseases we have in this country is a lack of gratitude attitude and all that.

And so it was so nice to have somebody get the card that that a appreciated it in and number two, you know all the stuff that I put into it, was to make sure it was safe for my daughter that I felt good enough about her driving down the road it said it's an idea Buick but was owned by Guy my church's wife just drove it literally to church on Sunday and then she passed away. Daniel both ways downhill both ways and and so so the heart of the car has always been treated like with no kid gloves and so but I put a motor and brakes and tires and struts in air conditioning and all that stuff in it to make sure that it was going to be good for my daughter as she got her license like hey if you want to go up bang up something bang up and 98. You know, Buick, and then we'll go get some good when you got that all out-of-the-way or better out of the way and so it just never worked out, so we just sitting there, so I'm glad it's finally use a good use. I think I found out tonight, but I don't your heart that I might drove like my light and that you know I got you know you your daughter but I am the daughter of the most high God and father had a plan at the main thing I was driving and faith in God for that card and I will keep it and you know and down. Thank you, because you will need a good got how God the body of Christ might love the Lord, the thought of a hot dog might let that happen. That part yesterday that you guys don't need the love of God, and in fact people love of got me yeah that's that's either that's the one thing I want to get across sunshine people lie. I have this on my Facebook page they call. What an awesome guy you are and I'm going like no no no no no this is this is a God thing right, God orders my steps and hopefully get most times I'm not saying all the time, but most times I try to follow those steps follow that voice to this a God thing this there's not there's there's only one reason I fixed up this car.

It was eventually to give it the sunshine already know that you know when all this so edit and again so I just want to make that abundantly clear. Yeah. Like on my face with all your note.

No no no no no I serve an awesome God I serve and I and God, and then that's how these things happen. Sunshine online looking time.

I put my thought like it.

Take care all you need. I'm not quite done by Dr. from not being told to give glory like I have that not and I am I think that the highest I go out and let you understand why the main thing like that so they could bring people into God's kingdom and that got right absolutely, absolutely.

And I tell you what it really comes through.

You know and and as I was telling them early in the show is somebody who you went through a divorce after 23 years during winter and how you get out of winter right you do things that God asked you to do.

Use your arms usually legs your blessing people and grant highly gradually you get to move in the springtime I and I'm sure at the beginning of spring. I'm hoping to get the summer during summer and the only way I feel like I can get.

There is just serving folks like you enjoy coming from not. I'm not at the meeting will sunshine thank you so much for joining us, but they're giving us that signal like we got a wrapup because the show was about to be over you.

Have a great day. Thank you for calling you and thank you for being willing to go on the air. Thank you Robbie for the whole ministry absolutely that that's kind of you know, one of the things to go back to with with Jesus labor of love it. So many people just just that she mentioned Scott when people call introduce applications.

One of the things he's doing is praying with them and talking to them and pointing them to Jesus Christ and over the years. I can't tell you how many times Bob is that it has been part of that ministry and from some I need an alternator to brake booster to help them move a car help your car donated and also still involved in it heavily with just all that the bookkeeping of it all and then all the sudden you know God's people and puts them in place like like just like with Mark and stuff where he had something there, and God put it on his heart.

Somebody needs that I conducted, bless somebody through an automobile and he did it and that's what we see. I want to remind everybody that the fuel that keeps this fire burning is your donations. So if you want to go to the website Christian card, and it'll show you on their how to donate to Jesus labor of love.

And if you have a car like I did it just kinda sits there not doing anything.

Think about what it could do for somebody. A man in your your hearing all this you think you are, you know I'm I really don't have a car and I don't really have any extra resources. What go to the website and enjoying the prayer team and and just just pray for those applicants and those that are in need because we have that. That's just the touch of the iceberg for the need that's out there. You know Jesus labor of love, Bob.

You can't.

You can't touch everybody mark you can't touch everybody I can't touch a buddy Robbie can't remind me that the store the Gore got going down the that the shoreline with all the that the that the tossed starfish on the on the Shorty stove one back and they said why you doing that and he said because I just don't seem sit near Donnie goes will look at all these starfish you can save about these, but to save that one nestled what God calls us to do whatever our platform is and for her for me is through the automotive industry body repair and Dan Tobin and Bob with with his been in the same business I'm in for years and years and and was able to meet those needs. But now his hit. His point of contact and platforms change, but continues to carry that own more Giro in the racing world and stuff you know God is in the uses and in whatever way where he places a summary times so many people. As far as Christians go will say I'm looking to see what God is using most the time I supplanted UAs on the you to step up. I know the music means were about to end the show but Robbie just text me hey great job guys that's high praise band. I also keep Robbie and Tammy in your prayers. And again you know what tomorrow morning if you're not able to go to church. Please go online and get plugged in. Hey we need to start roaring start. The Christians God wants to where we are in a dark season. We've been in the winter. God tells us come out of that and to go ahead and be proud and be bold and let your light shine and don't forget rock for another hour. I Locally in most networks to pick us up in his own kingdom pursuit to what we kinda flip the show, hoping to receive this morning to talk about what about racing and stuff because that's been said that they were from the south in this area and filled world. We love racing again great show. We miss you Robbie Christian Car Guy you're listening to the Truth Network and hi, I'm Jerry McGuire I'm here to help you understand the urgency and how much fun it is to share your faith in the eyes of the layman it couldn't be more urgent.

The rapture could happen at any moment as we speak their force behind the scenes focus on destroying America in the eyes of the young people to usher in a new world order, an agency of the doing pretty good job. If that's true, the rapture could have at any moment that speaks of urgency. If you knew the rapture is having a 60 Minutes who would you call what would you say with any hesitancy or fear of offending of course not, you need to make a list right now. Unsaved friends and loved ones. You don't want to be left behind start nudging them closer. That sense of urgency to be your highest bird beginning immediately, because any moment we could be 60 minutes away.

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