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February 11, 2021 3:45 pm


The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 11, 2021 3:45 pm

From Adam and Eve to Joseph Clothes demonstrate clearly things are not as they appear, what is God trying to teach us?

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So today I'm Bible is. Let's about the word close as one of the major themes actually in the book of Genesis is that we take that up obviously with Adam and Eve, where you know.

Clearly they didn't want God to see the naked, so they made themselves fig leaves and then God made them these phenomenal close of skin, which is really something improper about just on its own, but when you look at the word close in Hebrew. You have your choice because both words are spelled this way of either saying the trail or deception but really betrayal or saying close well I don't have you ever considered how much closer sort of the deception that Adam and Eve were trying to deceive God in the what they really look like by putting on these fig leaves and he then made them a different, concealing tried to cover them obviously would be skins from animals. You don't have to read much further in your gonna find it close become betrayal. You know, constantly throughout the book of Genesis, you know, another classic one is obviously when Jacob and Esau you know are wanting to get the blessing in Jacob's mother Rebecca has Jacob dressed up and Esau's clothing or another cool one is when Joseph gets the coat of many colors in their brother and his brothers take this clothing again put blood on it in order to deceive the father Jacob that something horrible is happened. You also have the case of tomorrow or right being Jude as a daughter-in-law that wants to have children and you know Jude is not giving him his son giving her hymns. His son and so what is she do she dresses like a prostitute again deceiving Judah into no sleeping weather. And then there's obviously the close that Jacob's life Leah wore that first night when she was he was being deceived that he thought he was marrying Rachel and interestingly, when you see Joseph later with Potiphar's wife. What is she do. She takes his close and then deceived her husband into that he was that Joseph had tried to rape her and so he threw her in jail again once against deceived and then you see later on, Joseph's brothers are deceived by Joseph's appearance because he's dressed as the viceroy of Egypt right so they don't recognize the students these viceroy close so here you have this word, it means either the trailer deception and you have this concept of things are not as they appear, which when you think about it. Faith comes by hearing it income by seeing though when you read the word hopefully your praying, along with the word in your hearing a word, and so overall if you climb to 20,000 feet what we learn here. All these different times that people are deceived at an we see that you can't necessarily believe what you see but hearing from God is where faith is right.

Faith comes from hearing, and hearing from the word of God with the other deception actually can work in people's favor. In other words, I remember when I became a salesman. They had me dress a certain way and you kind of fake it till you make it right because I look like a salesman. Even at that point, wasn't one that I had on the loan tired I had the suit.

I had my day timer in my pocket and I had myself all disguised.

That might have a car salesman. Well, it didn't take long, and I started to actually ask except the image that I was actually portraying and begin this and began to study that kind of thing and and so is long been Jewish tradition that are you to dress a certain role so that you can begin to accept that identity because how you dresses very much, as to do with your identity and that is deceiving the people. To some extent, but at some point, you can actually deceive yourself as you step into that role. And you actually become more godlike. Well if you think about when I first read the Bible. I had this concept God was real I had all sorts of things is definitely doing the thing like I knew what I was doing I was faking it. But as it turned out, the more I read the more I became convinced and I actually began to take on that identity of reading the Bible and take on that identity look about learning God through his word. So if a nurse puts on that traditional white hat that they wear and all that stuff.

Think about how they grow into that role at as part of how God can use them, so it's no accident. I don't think that the word for deceive, or the word for betray is the same word as close especially since Adam and Eve had betrayed God and so they needed to be close while the beautiful thing is when you think about all the close that you get to where you will get bridal close and have a negatively white as snow. But in order for you get that the first thing you gotta do is to be covered right in Jesus's blood, which then you walk around and that covering for very long, and use begin to be the person that God is showing you through this covering that he's giving you the blood of Christ

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