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Live From 2021 Men's Summit

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 6, 2021 11:38 am

Live From 2021 Men's Summit

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 6, 2021 11:38 am

Christian Car Guy

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This is not a typist so why don't you meet on most. I will not risk opening will open doors upon you when you would risk it. I'm not welcome in coronary radio show and blood open or is upon you, whether you risk it or not.

Today I'm a Christian card, I show how fun you got a bit and then you know you gotta love that song remind me who I am and so we have a really really really cool.

I think it will be so glad you're tuned into the Christian courtesy model where we live our lives from the men's summit which is your North Carolina were live with the team from lantern rescue. Some of you that are listed on the Truth Network. Originally, lemon rescue and what they do and the sex trafficking field going around the world helping out in this area, but some of you have never heard of because you're not unnecessarily the same network so we have the team Mark Graham TC and Alan with us, you know, one of the rare opportunities I get to do this so I thought wow cool take him on a Christian card I show and go live so if you've ever wondered about the stuff in the steam goes all over the world, rescuing people from this and you hear so many stories along those lines, and so what want to start off with friend so think is having lantern rescue organization that travels the world and rescue victims of sex and human trafficking, ego, landing train local law enforcement to become counter trafficking task forces, and they are able to continue the rescue.

But where either in another country are back home in America and we've really been blessed the last couple of years. Many doors open were operating about six countries. Right now, and we've that incredible growth and just amazing things happen, and countless victims are rescued every day and it's really it's really been amazing work probably as well and spread our message through the Truth Network and God's work in this so cool with Mark. You guys have your own is a car show so it's okay. We got some car stories like can you imagine. In some countries it takes to mark two short, you know, we were just as a team talking before the show that we're trying to remember if we ever had a vehicle that it had air conditioning. First of all, and I know that we could put a pretty cool tape together of sales that all our cars make their you know everything a mechanic and everybody on the Christian card I show would say that God is not going to make it another hundred feet. All of our cars make all the sounds interval countries anyway but yet we know we broken down in the midst of operations.

I'll just recall one recall about. I recall you are in the Caribbean area with some overnight were were headed to a raid about nightclub to remove extracts children some victims and the car breaks down. I wasn't just a flat tire TC come from rocket. It was bold everything you know, here we are in pitch darkness, trying to strap this vehicle back together and use use duct tape right I knew the whole wheels coming off you something that we we use like duct tape is still somewhat non-smoking people and places way down so TC it's easy for us to go well.

I've had a flat tire this situation right you got people to going in the harms way. They need you.

You guys fell behind them was there some communication that went through the barely communications were deafening convoy.

We had we actually perform several ops taken some of the victims back and we are headed back out into pretty rough area and that we were held up her book. But in one of her teammates are super good.

Like we said, in a bubblegum and rubber bands and will duct tape so Alan you see Alan if you're sitting next to him like me like I get a chance to talk to Mickey to call off this kylix makes the key to look like a small guy so I guess they didn't need to check out the car will fortunately they tackle box stationary platform to change tires, whatever that is. You actually look for rocks the jack up the vehicles and that's a good idea. That's really quite brilliant like your own. Jack stands well, it's not like his original idea because I saw other people doing on the way to these task operations you'll see some he broke down on the road, not five rocks piled up using a stick project the truck up with does have value in it to pay attention to the area written the locals operates somehow fun. Today we are again at the men's summit here in North Carolina where they are really talking today about kingdom men activated and so our hopes for the show today will talk about cars little bit but for the most part we want to talk about what God is doing around the world and in your heard at the beginning of the show that seeing from Lord of the rings working Fadden doesn't want to risk open war and peace told you know open wars upon you, will you risk it or not, what, when you look in the full armor passage in Ephesians 6 there's many times I member read it for you.

Just real quick so that you track with me for minutes and finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and the power of his might.

Put on the whole armor of God, that you may stand against the wiles of the devil. We don't wrestle against flesh and blood. Blood, but against press counties, against powers, against the rulers of this darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand the evil in the day, and having done all, to stand, stand theme I noticed that the word stamp comes in there several times so open wars upon a spiritually whether we were brisket or not and it really is around the world as our eyes are open more to sex trafficking and other things you might becoming aware of in our country and stuff lately wow there's a lot of people out there and seriously evil. So what's my role is a Christian.

Is this open war is a promise whether risk or not.

And in here Paul is instructing us to pray and very specifically to stand what we look at that word stamp in Hebrew.

It's a beautiful thing. It starts out with this unit, which literally means here's the hand of God. It's coming down okay when you do you take all of it right.

What is it got on the nail marks.

It's got his blood. So as we take hold of God's it's a really significant thing so is your standing.

The first thing you're supposed to do is take hold of that mail and the second thing is, it is static, which means righteousness. So when I look at these guys is blessed to be able to do these guys stand in the why are they able to stand because I know the right thing on that you not supposed to take little girls and boys are taken into slavery or sex slavery or you know they're standing there holding God's hand in righteousness and and then the last letter is this path which means the kingdoms of the kingdom is coming in so look up where is it coming from. It's coming from heaven okay and so this word stand. If you can picture it with me to stand against the devil to stand against this evil which is real all over the world coming up against the church to stand there holding on hand in righteousness and his righteousness right at him comfortable his righteousness were standing in an and were looking up consent for help come from. In reading that passage, I can't help but think of the team here. First of all, people often ask us asked me as well. Like going out are you at war UN war truly were in a war against human trafficking. Each one of us has been in a war since the day we entered this earth and that's what you're trying to describe their people understand that you know the devil and those things to fight against as they want to destroy us completely destroy us and we are in a war, but that passage. It also has it directs us to put on the full armor of God, right now we are for individuals who live in the great majority of our lives wearing body armor okay so when we read that passage we really know what armor does and how it should be put on and how it is addressed. How is you don't want to miss you. We are at the men's summit is alive today.

The show is open to you whether you are so right on. I will not risk open war open wars upon what you would risk it on open wars upon it or not today on the Christian card I show are so blessed. Real live at the men's summit in Kernersville, where they are talking kingdom men activated and so as we wake up to the battle this afflict in an and wake up to the evil that we are really born into his mark was just talking about. We have laminate team from line and rescue its lantern where you can find out wow how you can pray for the team. If God puts it on the heart to support what you hear a lot of cool stuff.

Remember when we left our heroes from lantern Masco rescue or Esco restaurant there. Talk about opening up for Alan. As we left it where we talked about her. Mark was talking about this before armor and what that's like and are tactical guys with lantern rescue Alan and TC TC you want to explain for our listeners what that might feel like for you absolutely want to segue little bit just grab on the end we talk about. I think if people believe that evil and darkness is going to prevail if we watch them watch them watch that he started to get discouraged, but in Romans eight Paul tells us that if God is for us who can be against us like there is zero. Things can be done against us. And then Jesus says very very clearly that the gates of hell will not prevail against church and so we got his light and so when we do that one of things we do is we kinda suit up with the armor of the day, so to speak, and so will advocate and depending on the country the characters a little bit the base of the kid is its ballistic.

Depending on what you're wearing you to stop Ralph around her pistol around. We get all get all wrapped up in that.

So far we have worked in a Arctic country so he gets a little warmer so you don't smell as good as we started rounds inside of us on the set free-throw line that make it but yet we we deftly go out and track.

The reason is maybe not were afraid per say, but that actually it actually prolongs the mission and it's it's it's good for my teammates if I'm whole physically. If I can function better for the crew to so every throwdown. Yes, what TC's document with the Army you always hear the armor of God is really the same concept. Most of us on the team have grown up in armor, literally 17. I was wearing body armor in the military rating special teams moving through but that that armor can changed on issues you face so most countries were looking at pistol caliber rounds were usually usually wearing a soft armor, which sounds kind of cool but it doesn't breathe very well nothing is actually what would happen in Africa were there last.

I just came out of the claimant was like 20° and 48 hours later, as in the claimant was 110° so I didn't get a chance to test quantized and we hit the ground running. But how degrees to our kits without started teaching these people and I'll send you a little woozy and realize it yet assert and take a lot of water but the kits they consist of other soft armor plate armor and that's usually for your upper torso most of his time, whether it's a smart idea or not. We don't wear helmets and there's various reasons for that, but remember you have a leg rig which is a drop poster which accompanies whatever pistol you can come in contact with in the country's not always a pristine pistol it's always something other than pristine will to say that and if there's a long God may not be the kind used in a long rifle and these are all subsequent want to work and you truly are.

But it is more than a defensive system we have on us, not an offense of although we can switch that gear and get into an offense of will is going try to go in less aggressive manner to these things, so we don't miss early going with guns drawn, but we do have that ability to go to those tools if needed. So one of things I'd like to bring up his we try to prepare herself as much as we can. Prior to going to these operations but unaware her to set up at that guy doesn't always have the equipment equips no success so we find ourselves in these countries and getting covered. Sometimes we don't have to add to God always does equip us properly for whatever circumstances were and from a spiritual aspect when you think about that and was I'm just listening to you. I'm thinking while you know if if you weren't going up against a really enemy. I mean like if you're not up against something serious. He wouldn't have to put in armor right if they think it's can wear you down for no real reason. So like he's got he's given us this stuff because there's a real enemy. And there's real battle this coming in and you definitely gonna need that all absolutely… The physical armor that we were talking about others spiritual arm of more often equips us with their these places that are very dark. You can have a tendency to be blinded by the darkness lose your mindset on what is, therefore, and that's where God steps in and opened your eyes to see the girl in the corner not notice the five other people are partaking in other activities less than desirable, but he guide you spiritually to those areas that you need to be either on operation club or brothel in some cases the border that was a whole different spiritual awakening used working in those clubs environments very dark, very loud and now on the border varies specific country and it's it's lit up now were not used to so we are actually looking at people daily different sector sensor having a meeting with team ran out when you get. Imagine now the armor about that what it feels like for you to armor when you have these other guys on missions alongside usually this is not the type to some right on this. I will not risk open war. Open doors upon what you would risk it on. Welcome back to risk it or not, were live from the men's summit here in Kernersville or Carolina would write you this opportunity to call these guys you got questions about this, maybe wonder you know what they're involved in are some like that is your opportunity really call and talk to the team or tell your story of when open war was upon you and you didn't see that one coming 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 this number to call in and you know how much I would love to hear from you and they within the team would love to hear from you. It's hard sometimes in radio you think your talk in the air itself. It's always been what I get a call very very encouraging because like these people are engaged in their listing. So when we left our hero ran with lantern rescue. She was talking about what it's like you know we heard from the guys put on the armor but here we have young lady that's going into this Third World country. I'm picturing the scene with my own wow what what is it like for you so a lot of times in these countries. When I show out. They're not used to having females in these roles and using a shot like administrative role or understanding watching whatever on my my cat and I start the guys. It's always like this moment for them when they realize it's going on helping them clear weapons and all that, all that jazz.

So it's always at that moment interesting and entertaining, mostly in these countries leadership role in law enforcement or military. Whatever you never want to have something that your guys below. You don't have a lot of time. I think the only one then you're in this dilemma of designing be safe for you. I need them either at so we've been really fortunate and it's been really credible and can't really bless a journey that last year the title company donated about 12 for I talked about starting overseas, we are able to equip them and we been able to equip teams in line with the need to be harvest were going these countries and we as Americans and as our back on my fourth we have our own armor by don't and there even in light of that, not having their going into these places where they know there's weapons. And we've done rates and found 11 falling out of the crack easily during these missions, knowing that they there's weapons. There's a great to be able to equip them with it as well. Really feel that and you guys talk about it really God story fairly recently had this open door in West Africa and tell us about you know Frank and what's going on because I know our listeners are just to be so encouraged what God is doing about six traffic and Yankees are not connected to one of the other shows we've done. It's fascinating God story you know Martin gets a desire to be somewhere either as individuals or as a unit to operate in a certain area that happened to us about three years ago and now the whole contact to come to West Africa from an amazing individual calling him Frank to his family member had lost three children and trafficking. He watched her suffer with a stroke at the age of 30.

Because of the distraught life that she missed her kids and he had to do something about it within his country. He started to go to the border to try to intercept kids who are being attracted being taken to muzzle drive taken domestic slavery being taken force bridal situation sex slavery and he was arrested every day for four months. They Send it back to his city thing you get well after four months the Inspector General that that nation called him up had a meeting with him explain yourself. Are you doing and why would you give up any told him why and their response was basically saying listen. We've never done this but we put you as a civilian over our borders and the antitrafficking efforts of our country is now the very police who arrested him are now working under you know if I keep right-hand policeman that we met really does a lot for the IG's office and him was the guy who arrested and you know he's not paid to hear. He now has authority just well-meaning individual scats, seven volunteers were Christian pastors and other things were also now going up to the border with buddies. He has no money.

He has no car. Okay the vehicles that he broke down you know anything he hears about us and learn thrust through our network and also to you in any context context is no long story short, we can't believe is really camp we were real we show up in country tells us the greatest day of my life and now we understand why this may have suffered trying to do this work.

So Lena rescue was able to arrive and to immediately get to work make that he had all the right relationships with governments, you know, stuff that would've taken us thousands to tens of thousands of hundred thousand dollars in years to develop. It's Artie developed and we immediately are able to do what we do and that is Alan. This is an x-ray that we are able to get 15 to 20 policeman began to train.

The train that intelligence team and immediately put them to work is just a God thing got ants and you can imagine Frank). Like all the sudden your prayer plan everything God help you got because you know one of the reasons that these kids were were essentially taken into slavery's because they were Christian and Franks is phenomenal Christian frame frame every day and then all the sudden God starts come alongside you puts you in this position of authority and then unlocks the 18 love you so like these would be my guys if I was that kind of work you I would come alongside me and you found yourselves right in this position of training and equipping these people almost immediately and fruit was just right around the corner. You guys went there 48 hours and you're out there work. Yes, the training and omissions valve very quickly and and that's always great to see the passion happen so that passion rescue victims. They had that that all the guys in the world is part of cell that was where we came in and they got dispassionately got this authority now in the border and they're already doing these missions.

The best that they can they know how. But there really just try to stumble their way around and figured out as they go says everything we did the training we taught in the tactics and how to do investigations and how to communicate amongst their teammates and start databases on the traffic. Get these arrests happening and get the kids yet is really incredible and happen quickly and you going these countries and days like their office is literally sheet-metal held together by string and have a cell phone that they were able to communicate with us and they've been sending us these videos and and just how we got there, it really is guys discovered here's a need for financial right you came back. Alan with this need for $50,000 right to try to get these people resources in order to not only obviously rescue the people come across the border, but they can't arrest the perpetrator think I have the training in order to intelligence ability in order to make that yeah my forte is obviously training so the house we do these countries. We usually run into the organization to train their fairly fit individuals younger individuals of all enforcement background pretty receptive to to tactics and training we give this case the first group I met that I was close to train triangulated car perspective was a broke down 69 Ford Dodge dart now or whatever, but it was not the high-speed data Mustang not negating these these people have hearts that are bigger than mine, but one of the persons was a patient, a grandmother working on the border.

She was probably mid to late 50s. Another was larger in size and she wasn't very agile and another guy was about. Maybe 100 pounds, but he was like 7 foot tall and so I'm looking at these people going good gracious, working here with what can I teach them so like the making of a great movie like you got it. Turn them into well, that's what I thought going into but in reality there jobs require dim different type of training them when I'm normally getting sows more get into how to defend themselves against aggressive individual would not release victim so once the Lord opened my eyes to you can't teach how to do a double tap. All I can stuff it was more hands-on, separate victims has not been clearly so you live is so right on this. I will not risk open will open doors upon what you would risk it on open Lord is upon you, whether you will risk it or not today on the Christian car guys show or talk the wonderful folks at lantern rescue which their website is lantern as we were talking about. They were here to raise $50,000 last night for this team in Africa that we been describing that was the 6 foot tall hundred pound man in the grandma you know when you see what they actually done the very first night there were four rescues and in and what what what you tell us Mark that the Frank and felt like during the time he had done this. How many people had been rescued will make his own University was being arrested every day and then go back and when they gave him authority when it the best way you they they were risking about 500 kids in that year span and people contact us eight months ago about eight months ago so we were early on learning about his efforts, you know, watching him and realizing he was like I need help.

You know completely what were doing. But one thing he does really well. I will say is the interrogation investigator part.

He's excellent. I spent days purposely in with him, watching him interrogate suspect and then ending gain information from the victim. When we taught them further how to separate what to do, but it really does really good job. Most because of his heart to pursue it until he gets the church. You can pursue it until he knows this child you know is is with someone properly are spearheading the right direction. It's so obviously there's needs for these people there and I'll need for equipment needs vehicles needs for more training and and and simply a budget because when you went there. Mark right he was at the end of his rope financially. Yet yeah yeah yeah no funding and volunteering in vehicles.

All of that so you quickly the Lord provided a vehicle and some motorcycles for them through us initially and then I got answered just that happened last night. This event, you know, we presented the work in our work internationally in a specific talk about West Africa, Gen. Boykin shared spoke, you know, with this and I explained that that operation to to support that intelligence team efforts are doing at the border gas everything you know, it's surprisingly not a lot but it is a lot it's it's about $50,000. You know, in displaying on the block.

I mean, for the number kids are being rescued this tremendous night they presented us a check last night. This is banquet $60,000 sent got Ari had it funded taking care of your and 1/2 ago that they asked that this individual to do a fundraiser for your team only do a small banquet. Do something you know course covertly got delayed and all that thing where you end up you know in Africa we learned about was the budgetary needs of this and then come back within a month is Artie taken care of that works now that obviously make it on your heart. If lantern and I think it really is. Every one of the team.

Alan TC ran and Mark is your prayers constantly until Alan then NTC will TC go first switch not Mike here, but we had a question from one of the people here at the summit there like you guys ever sense that that angels are among you is is you're going into these difficult situations.

Alan, initially but and I agree with him completely.

At the time just just doing her job. You there working on relationships are working on the work that is before you. But afterwards we talked about this in different ways. God is clearly doing the work. Whether it's making the connections making relationships funding will all of those sorts of things in and rest talk about this as well as it's a huge team at this point, but Greg is no way no way were that good, taking care of business so absolutely so again back to the Angel think so. One of the teammates was on operation and they want to put on a rooftop. I believe coming out what it was all said and done, I was a guy on behind him with a rifle.

Take a shot at any moment in time and I like we said before, you don't necessarily know that those sources are around you, protecting you, but when he looked back and bought it now and obviously that was Lord intervening because he was on a mission and he was going for his objective. The Lord was there protecting the six that some of the stuff you run into, but again you don't sit at the moment. Looking back, you realize Saran unfortunately started, much as we eventually fix today. We can go for hours but were run a little short so what'd you make sure you got told to the audience out there today yelling your thinking about you entering you today life your first time that I remember BMI for you guys, but what an honor it is.

I'm sure for on Western to see what God is doing in the link with you guys in prayer, but I know this is that on your heart you know again I should tell you got a lantern and you get broadcast back from the very first episode where they tell how they got involved in this.

What was on their heart. What's on your heart right now in this season that you would like a list he had podcasts and learn more about our story and what were doing really just, you know, look inside yourself and see if this is a Causey you want to support and keep you know this happens are seasonally work overseas.

We talk about that a lot, but it does happen here in America to sit being vigilant in your children and the people around you lives and make sure that this is happening to you now in a can come in and the weirdest ways you now some boy at school that is trying it. Talk your daughter and being out. He's her boyfriend and he's older and whatever night it's really seems like not a big deal at the beginning until it is and you know there's a huge prevalence of pornography.

They were trying to fight constantly in the world and that is really really develops human trafficking and sex trafficking. Absent father, lack of restrictions on stones and all the stuff that you don't think is a big deal you feel like you're overbearing when you're questioning the way friendlier looking at but you're not like you'd rather do that now and upset on then in a couple years later have to call us to come in and try to help you out so make.

Same as on in your children's lives and in the people around you and you know if you're wrong, wrong. But if you're right and you and say something that something you have to live with.

Well, and actually today at 1 o'clock for cures to be on with Amy, she is herself a victim of all sorts of sexual abuse is can have a show on mass can be lodging calling on that to where she's actually talking about how you survived because a big part of this Alan. As you guys know is to rescue him, but sometimes they don't stay rescue.

Yeah, we took the time the Lord laid on my heart just put this out there for everybody. How often you have to give rescued this once Lindsay always comes the risk you're like me, rescue me almost every so think of one and you know I can. The beauties of what you guys do rent from my perspective, is not only rescuing the people that are being trafficked your incarcerating the people that are doing the traffic.

Yes, a huge thing. They were very big about here. If you're doing is rescue a lot of organizations fall short in this aspect rescues that you're not arresting the traffickers tomorrow morning to not have her wakes up selling humans will just find new victims very important that prosecution. The rest, and again I know run out of times until people slow down because she is all done in 33 years that I wanted you to mention there is a website where people go about photography and this is one of the biggest you know you were fine trafficking is now you can sign petition see where there in the movement to shut down the sites that are using not only images of children, but also just knocking generally snowballed a lot and it's called trafficking okay there show is lantern there is always wonderful. Podcasts from the story actually appeared TC's wife and friends friends that helper. One of our generous sponsors here.

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