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Bible Wonders- TRUTH PART 2

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 4, 2021 11:34 am

Bible Wonders- TRUTH PART 2

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 4, 2021 11:34 am

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This is so today on Bible we've been talking to Ephesians chapter 6 specifically talk about put on the full armor of God. In chapter 6, verse 14 and the first one I did. Of these, last Sunday we are talking about putting on the belt of truth from one facet of the word of truth. When you look at it in Hebrew but I want to look at another facet today, which I find amazing as well so we talked about standing. One day we talked about what it means to be girded up and today when you look at that word truth. In Hebrew, the first letter is analogous and you may know that every letter in Hebrew in the script that is commonly used today is all made up of what they call you a heads and votes and so each letter has those letters kind of inside them is the word picture that that belongs to. So the aleph which is very first letter in the aleph that Hebrew aleph that the aleph has a united which we know from talking the other day is, like the hand of God. So the unit is the smallest letter. The Hebrew language and so when Jesus talked about that he wouldn't take away either a job or a tittle well at that little job is just that little you would that there are two of in the letter aleph so there's a united that is going pointing down and there's another unit that is pointing up. And so the idea that is taught in Hebrew is that that you'd coming down is is clearly God's hand coming down to touch mankind in the year that's underneath that is man's hand reaching up to touch God and you seen that picture by Michelangelo were the two fingers touching together one of the really neat things in the letter aleph is between those two hands reaching towards each other is of love and that valve is on its side and it's meant and taught clearly in Hebrew that that is the word of God.

It is what they call the Torah, but in our case we call it the Bible. So between the finger of God pushing down in the finger of man going up here you have this Bible, which again is the truth. When you think about it means it's essentially the way that we can hear from God at any date or time or whenever you want to just pick up the Bible and is your finger reaches up to find out about God. He's reaching down and he's doing it through his word so that Alice is the first letter in the word truth which is a Mattson's analysis and then MM and then a tub so the second letter is the minimum MM is the first letter in the word water is also the first letter in the word for Messiah. You can hear it must not let them sound and so throughout the Old Testament.

When you see that ma'am, you're looking at something that probably has to do with Jesus himself because he is the living water right so when you see this essentially hand of God coming down through the Bible to touch man and it's in Jesus that this is happening right because when you get really hungry for the Scriptures they call that thirsty and so we made living water which comes up and springs right for and that's the idea, in a behind the ma'am and I can talk about them and for ours but the that letter being there, is extremely significant, so you have an aleph, you have a ma'am and then at the end is this time of well it's phenomenally beautiful when you when you see the top of is this idea of God's stamp.

In other words, the stamp of approval in Hebrew is this letter and when you look at that letter in the ancient ancient Hebrew script. It is across as everything about those three letters together and little in the way that the originally designed is you have this finger of God, pointing down through the Bible touching man who is reaching up through the living water of Christ at the cross. I and so at the cross in the letter to of being the last letter mail.

That is, like the truth reveals itself through the end of the story like when you know the whole story. You'll know what the actual truth will let Horgan find that out. Obviously in Revelation.

So when we put on the belt of truth we think about that that we are to use the word of God right are finger reaching up God's finger reached down, living water.

Jesus through his cross. You couldn't find much more truth in that it pretty nice to put that on as we begin to pray to

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