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January 29, 2021 12:00 pm


The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 29, 2021 12:00 pm

Leviathan/ Satan has another way he takes a counterfit of Jesus' Sword to do hurt to Jesus' Bride.

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Is this today on Bible. I am wondering about Satan, the counterfeit Jesus. We spoke earlier in recent episodes about Satan's portrayal in mind, so you 1412 as being some of the morning and the idea of his light being dark light which is looking for the evil and things not necessarily looking for the good. We talked about yesterday how this smoke or the smoke of judgment, and certainly Satan is involved in this God has smoke of judgment coming. Emily comes on Mount Sinai and later in revelation you know this can be a smoke that goes up to be the smoking of essentially the seeds of Satan that is been planted. You know those seeds of hate and of lust and greed and all those things they have to be consumed or otherwise are to grow more so to speak, that we don't necessarily want the course.

Satan has his judgment and when he find something evil. He certainly accuses and he's been using his judgment, which also causes smoke, but it's the smoke of oxidizing seeds of goodness like those that Jesus describes in the parable of the sower, but the one were to talk about today is from Job 4121, which again were still speaking of Leviathan as we know as we know God is given us this amazing picture of Satan as he gives it to Joe so we get to Job 4121 this the verse actually reads his breath kindles coals and a flame goes out of his mouth and lifts weights translated usually that word flame, made me sit back in my chair when I saw what it what it means that sometimes it's translated flame or something bright and shining, but often it's translated sword just like in the book of Revelation right when Jesus comes there at the end it's going to be a sword that comes right out of his mouth while here we see that Satan has a sword that comes out of his mouth to win when you consider what that is, its lies right to use that sword most effectively for Adam and Eve and he's been using it on us ever since. And if he can sell a lot of figure so that kind of seed that God's not to come through for you or God's holding out on you, or God's mad at you if you can, so any of those seeds right they are very much a sword that goes right into your heart.

That's why the shield of faith is so important because if you believe that this is the truth.

What God tells he and his word.

You see, you have this shield that can stop these fiery darts which are clearly swords coming out of Satan's mouth so once again we see Satan is a counterfeit in so many different ways. What he does is the antichrist right it's the opposite of the truth.

Are these lies and if he can get you to have faith in his lies. Then he becomes your father. The father pride because are so many ways that we try to shield ourselves that we try to walk in our own glory, which means again like it says at the end of Job 41. Satan is the king of the children of pride. So getting back to the word of God being the truth we've got to do is hold up that shield of faith, that faith in God told us in his word that he loves us and that whosoever believes in his son, which is the authentic star of the morning. He is the real light of the world. He is the real bread of life he is the real living water and and so as we believe what Jesus says we believe the truth which in Hebrew the word truth. This is pronounced a mates which is an aleph MM and a top of which is the beginning of the Hebrew alphabet the middle of the Hebrew alphabet and the end of the Hebrew alphabet, so when you look at those three letters. And so when Jesus talking to John and he said you know I am the Alpha and the Omega. While that's Greek for I may aleph the minimum the tub.

In other words, on the whole story and I am the truth so as we get more and more into God's word and we begin to believe the truth wholeheartedly, then up comes the shield of faith in the swords that Satan has coming out of his mouth just bounce right off. Jesus help us to take up the shield of faith

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