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January 28, 2021 5:00 am


The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 28, 2021 5:00 am

Job 41:20 God explains to Job what comes out of Leviathan/Satan's Nostrils showing some deep TRUTH

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Bible wonders if you ever wondered what he looks like they really take a look about in Job 4120 as we continue our study of Leviathan of this monster that so clearly God is painting a picture of for Job to see what Satan really looks like. And really what some of his motives are, and perhaps even understand the impact that Job himself experienced at the beginning of the book where he lost his children, so Job 4120.

This verse is fairly short, it just says out of his nostrils go with smoke is out of a seething pot or cauldron so short is this verse is.

It's packed with understanding about statement as I have been processing this this morning when it says out of his nostrils important as it is to look into somebody's face. A big part of what you see in their face. Is there knows their nostrils and you're getting an idea when you see somebody who is full of rage full of hate that there is a way that they hold their nose their nostrils and there is a way that they like snort or believe and and so just to start off we get this picture that part of what is going on is coming out of the nose of Satan and it says that it goeth in the way that that word is very very common word in the Bible, but it's almost like something's being planted to grow and so out of so out of this Leviathan's nostrils as this seeds or plants that are going out there that are going to grow and then this critical word of the verse from my standpoint, is the word smoke so when you look at that word smoke. Interestingly, often in the Bible. It's a metaphor for hate and there's a reason for that because when you look at the word hate. It is a Shannon the nun and it almost has the idea of oxidizing seeds.

If you ever wondered why abortion is such a horrible thing to God because it's the seeds of humanity being oxidized or being murdered and in same thing when you see you know the smoke that's coming up from the judgment in the book of Revelation is that actually here were God is judging the seeds of of hate and seeds that Satan has been sowing in the world since he's been allowed to run free in so when you think about this word smoke, which means seeing or being able to look upon the hate okay and so when you think about Job's experience here. I'm sure the biggest devastation to him was not his business, but his children which were his seeds.

In fact, and so God is telling him here in the smoke that he's seeing hate that Satan hated you and what he specifically hates his seeds and so we see that in in the parable of the sower Jesus talks about that Satan is going to come pick up the seeds of faith. In this case. So then interestingly what were going to talk about this part of hate that.

Clearly, Satan has, and it's seething which means it's literally breathing so this really, really big breath that's coming out of the face like in Avera noted that when God breathed life into man. He breathed it in a into Adam's nostrils will now Satan is wanting to breathe these seeds into you out of his nostrils and so it it's these seeds of hate the seeds of wanting to oxidize all the seeds of goodness that God has and he's got a whole part of it well.

Interesting thing about the word pot. There is, it is the same word actually in Hebrew is David. And so it's like this whole container that in case of David would be used for worship, but in this case it's a whole container of seething hate and then the word cauldron which comes at the end of the verse is also just a fascinating study because the word actually means bulrushes susceptible. It's interesting see how Bible translators try to deal with it pot that maybe the pot was being cooked over bulrushes but I had a thought that was really beautiful is clearly the last word in the verses bulrushes so is this pot amuses bulrushes and so a lot of Bible translators of the King James version called of the cauldron, which pretty hard to make a cauldron out of bulrushes, but most translations they translated as this pot is being boiled by the burning of bulrushes which that might make sense because Jesus made reference to read that would not be snuffed out and when you think about reads they would make a great deal of smoke, but I thought of something else that he could be talking about here that God was pointing out to Job that there's a lot of hot Springs in Israel and certainly more hot Springs in Israel back in Job stays in the one plant that grows in hot Springs reads and so he might've been talking of you ever seen offspring of the verb in the Yellowstone and seeking what that looks like it. It's a lot of boiling. It's a lot of breathing and it's a lot of hot smoke. It's a lot of hot steam and so I thought about that as well is that here's this whole giant built-up anger and hate that is coming out of the nostrils of Satan and what he specifically hates and you can see it throughout the Bible. How many times he goes after children the ball all worship that happened were these people were literally offering their children the sacrifices and drinking the blood which has a unique chemical in it that actually is a very addictive drug. It's just it's a horrible, horrible, terrible picture of what Satan does with his hate. So the question you cannot ask yourself is what really makes me boiling mad when I get to it in my getting mad at the seeds of those things that Satan hates or those things that God hates the reflection as I think about it today. As Jesus taught to hate another person is to hate God seeds right that person is full of God seeds male and female are all kinds seeds.

So if I hate another person. If I get boiling mad at another person. I've totally fall in line with what Satan hates and so you know, God help me, I need your help to make sure that I hate the things that you hate and I love the things that you love one of our generous sponsors here.

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