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Picture Of A Lying Car Salesman

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 23, 2021 12:56 pm

Picture Of A Lying Car Salesman

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 23, 2021 12:56 pm

You'll laugh, you'll tear up.  Bob Young is back with Robby and great callers from all over.

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This is Jim Graham from the masculine dirty podcast where we explore relationship instead a religion every week their chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening you for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network since no fault 27,000 miles. We just give you a complete overhaul yesterday is nothing quite as that he never your life. We live in a way that they look so welcome card radio show and was born on the sun shine so the stall Paul said my body don't think I'll make those on file so the companies the picture of a lying car salesman today on the Christian car guy so which by the way, if you go to Christian Car and you look for the picture of it lying car salesman guessers their bomb. It's me poster job. So anyways you know what I start to think about this more tomorrow and I'll that's me, me. Yeah me okay so picture of the line car salesman today and you know you may have noticed in that introduction.

There one of the all-time classic movies. If your car salesman is use cars and Kurt Russell. There was to walk it into the ever so you know it yellow primer when the car was covered but was a taxicab in her lips painted, or just some great stuff if your car salesman.

But anyway and then you have a first wave of the tail by Kurt Ross Douglas in 20,000 leagues under the seat. You might remember him singing, but this is oil detail because with lying we get up we get an interesting picture of the King of pride which is described for us in Job 41 and in Job 41 that's God's gives this. He's giving Job a beautiful description of the leviathan which is in fact Satan so many different ways, and certainly the picture of a liar, and certainly the king and pride so we got all these different things get to do with Tennessee Ernie Ford, but as you might've noticed he was loading 16 tons and ended just I guess kinda set this up. Job got a problem. He he knows about God, but he has never met God he doesn't know he doesn't really know God, but he's been washing and worshiping him most of his life and then all of a sudden Satan goes wild as we know takes at his kids and his family and all this other stuff goes on in Job's got a lot of questions. I bet you got questions. I got a lot of questions but actually what happens is, God gets a miraculous conversion and Job by explaining to Job some of things he does not have a clue about in one of the things he doesn't have a clue about is leviathan. In fact, the description of the leviathan is Job, chapter 41. Well, you'll see Job's conversion right after God talks to him about leviathan because all the sudden Job see something he can't get done in Solomon to set up the story again will get to Robbie line will get to a lot of things here in a minute but you know years ago.

I wanted to dig a tunnel to China. I was probably fourth grade general on a dig a tunnel to China. That's where Tennessee Ernie Ford three stating right here, you might notice, and so I loaded 16 times in her little red flag that was digging, digging, digging and we got down about 4 feet. I mean this is a nice hole. It was weakened that about 4 feet and we this was in Naperville and I we come across as huge boulders, gigantic.

I mean is big around as we had the whole needle so we have this huge boulder in Africa to get to China.

We gotta move this boulder that's in the whole and on for five us neighborhood boys were dating we go get a pitchfork to Bing underneath it.

We take in out pulleys that we have and try to lift it out in always different things from the data move this stone which actually won't move up, it will manage nothing. Not one of my friends and traveled to a nearby state. Don't try this at home kids. Please, and had come across some things we used to play with back then called MAD. They have them removed and MAD's were really powerful firecracker sentencing morning years but me when they went they went and thought I was told that one I maybe was 1/4 restricted document and so we added it up and we figured we needed about eight of and we tied always, if you could picture it wicks together and let that baby and ran like you never saw anything in your life and you know we got about to the front Street of the house and when this thing went off. I mean the whole neighborhood shook it was a boom like you hadn't heard, and so we were sure firecracker for an illegal in Illinois. The times we were sure were busted to work on. You know what we finally after about an hour so made our way back to our holder. Hopefully see the rock had been removed. Sitting out here on the side as I was I that was architecture.

All that was was dirt all over our backyard and the rocket not been moved.

Now here comes a part astray. I wish it happened okay when I wish it happen.

As my dad would've come out there and sits on did you try everything to move this down and I would suggest we we dug we got pulleys we got in a we we did everything we possibly could do to move that stone in my dad would've said something very wise like no you didn't do everything you could to move that stone and I were sent home and he said he would've said you didn't ask for help.

You didn't ask for me to do it so here you have the situation was Satan okay. I'm hoping the story sinks in a little bit when you think you've tried everything you can to not tell lies in everything that you cannot to believe lies and all that other stuff.

There comes a point where guess what, we have to ask for help.

You see, there are things that we can't do and that's the beauty of Christianity right so other religions go do do do do do but Christianity says Don we cannot get rid of our sin, but Job found out as I did at some point my life that yeah I can take on Satan if I've have helped right because it is read the rest of Job 41 here to see that all my goodness a meanest thing is something to reckon with absolutely some minaret equipment. Really, I don't think until this week. I never really completely saw all the picture of what it is I'm wrecking with. However, I'm no longer afraid of it because beautifully in Job 41.

He not only tells Job what he's dealing with. But he also shows what's gonna happen to them in the end he tells him the end of the story so as I was looking at this in Job chapter 41 which really go through it does give Satan's job description and his job description has to do with these potsherd's are these big sharp spikes that are on his belly and with that he goes through the Meyer now you may know that Meyer you know if you fuse is its account at the bottom of the pond. If you've ever like back to when I lived in the mountains in Colorado and of the all the topsoil of the mountains would come down through the rain and it would gathering these ponds and if you stepped into one of those ponds you would go up to your waist and Meyer okay when you think about what that Meyer was. It was rotting material is its nasty the animal feces that wash down all the everything that was rotting your right in the Meyer okay and so when I looked at this in Hebrew. I was like okay so Satan is stirring up what will say Meyer that's a nice way to put it. So Satan's job is to stir up this Meyer so I started look at it Meyer in Hebrew, and you know what I found it was to baskets of goodness my considers two times which are baskets of goodness, but it's hidden goodness, you can't see but it's full of goodness. And then there was this unit which is, like this warship. Unlike how in the world to baskets of goodness, how to Meyer and under started to think about Joseph and how he said what you meant for evil God meant for. Could I started to look at Meyer in a holy way and so actually and today show.

When I ask you to do is call in and tell us your to baskets of Meyer your to baskets of goodness from something you thought was the worst possible thing that Satan whatever he did right.

He stirred up in your life or told you line you bought it and all of a sudden you got baskets of goodness.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH the picture of a line because it got so much. We need your calls 866-34-TRUTH 878] you're listening to the Truth Network and is no fulfilling 27,000 miles. We just gave the engine a complete overhaul yesterday. Isn't that the quiet is that he never your life.

We live in a manner that they look so was born in one on the sun didn't shine myself and my team number nine and the picture of the lying car salesman today as we are looking at a picture with Satanism. What he does in. I'm hoping that you begin to see where all these to baskets of goodness right so what I'm talking about some of the worst lies that you can tell are the ones you tell yourself absolutely right.

I can remember when I had cancer.

It didn't look like to baskets of goodness okay didn't know I got crushed by the Jeep. Shortly thereafter I look back in the year 1996 my own life. It look like anything but to baskets of goodness. However, it was a foraging of my relationship with God that I wouldn't trade for anything because I had nowhere to go. With all that except right there and to begin to walk with God in a way that I had not come anywhere close to prior to that, and actually look at my life today.

It never would happen without those to baskets of goodness or at the basket of cancer and had to baskets of the Jeep accident. They came together and oh my goodness, the fertile ground which the seeds were planted in exactly exactly. So we would love your to baskets of goodness. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH Bob, you gotta basket rather have got baskets and baskets anything and that you cannot three me this morning when you presented this in and he started talking about Hallie. We had asked for help sometimes and and that's where I struggle. It's it's just admit that I need help I thought I was in control and I'm supposed to being a toll onthe need help and that's the biggest lie ever told my staff as that I absolutely need help and God made it very crystal clear in my life that I needed help and a big part of the help I got is when he placed Lori and my wife in my life and it's just in when I'm smart enough to seek counsel with her and seek counsel with God my stuff because a whole lot better.

I got in such a habit of being in control for 20 years in and out I was the final word in the it's not like that anymore and I struggle every now and then and it causes a lot of conflict in me not to be in control and I had to remember that a lot of times when I'm not in control. Things do go pretty well was kinda cool that when I really think about this Satan is literally got these potsherd's on his belly where he stirring up stuff all the time and it's like when he stirs it up your check engine light should come on and say mean mean mean you know your your stirred up for reason there's some goodness that you have not oxidized there's there's some goodness that you have not realized what you've got in the power that is in that because of you think about a swamp right if you if you let it go through years and years and compression all at stuff.

What is a become oil. It's this phenomenal amount of power in rotting material and whether it's through growing plants or exploding through mean of gasoline that just took a solid work today. You know, there you go. You've got all this power it's it's to baskets of goodness, I can assure you that when you step in it and it pulls you.

Sheila didn't seem like did sine think your hand and then Aaron try to get you. She back at her while code via a this happened to me several times when we were kids there you go through the first year, the light will and and be the one trying to get machine muck in the marionberry grant we got Scott Barton's on the road is got maybe some baskets goodness force. I hope Scott you're on the Christian card I show a course if you don't know Scott is our labor of love. Jesus labor love volunteer that does all these calls for us and stuff but which got forced Scott out. Thank you. You are talking about.

I try out my old and metaphor that I like you recently I just bail and I broke my ankle and I got used to blasting learned with others. My job patient, Abigail, ED healthcare setting. I my job is to go in that he did make him laugh greatly dammit witness that attention to their needs and now when I balking at with my broken ankle. The first thing I when I go in a room. I try to elevate the mood and not how are you doing so many people course, mostly male doing better and you know the kind of man that would asked me what happened in my story story Get better that minor setback course I'm feeling now talking about everything but I think God Bert Meyer that trial metaphorical that's what great we too can software procedure called.

Thank you Scott so you know it.

Again, you've got this baskets are righted. Your mind and you can bless others to that that perhaps are dealing with the basket right now to think that while there is some hidden goodness in this you might be shocked, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH so actually what kick this off for me this week. God had me look at the passage in Genesis where Noah walked with God and I started to study that word walked in I realized that it was God was sharing his heart and his plans with Noah like it's gonna rain and nose like 1 Frame Way is good to be 40, but you know in any yet you can imagine this discussion. My like, but God you know saw that Noah was righteous in his generation and he began to share what he's doing and so it's really a clear picture of that rock story of like how cool would it be for God actually share with you why that to baskets of Myers currently airlines that we need to call 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH you're listening to the Truth Network and is no fulfilling 27,000 miles.

We just give you a complete overhaul yesterday.

Isn't that the quiet is that he never your life.

We was born in one moment in the sun didn't shine myself and my team number nine yes the picture of a lying car salesman and I would've talk about was the lies I tell myself respect about stuff that I think is the worst thing to possibly happen. God could not be in control here. Clearly, this couldn't happen if if you know in those lies are right, baskets of goodness yet to uncover and you know it's interesting.

I was telling you about is what God and he started to show me again rethinking you know.

Proverbs 433.

Excuse me. 23 through 20 forward says. Guard your heart above all else, right consider out of it. Wellsprings light will the next line it says keep away from perverse lips and lying times. Well, I started thinking Manley's lies and tell myself if I want to guard my heart. One of the things I can't do is start tell myself.

Oh, you're just a bone in a lot of the things I tell myself or are clearly lies and and really straight from the pride king himself, you know it will get more into that in a minute but we got Angie is in Greenville South Carolina. She's got her Meyer story force Angier on the Christian card I show them on Angie. You're almost there. She might've gone into can you hear me Angie. Okay, tell us about your story if you might want to turn off your radio in the background because there's a delay in it will confuse you and I really really Here and having a really hard time with my job. That year, and I never in a million years.

Imagine what happened here and look at and how God has blessed our marriage was restored. I've never been collected by and for which the hardest thing I've ever experienced in my life and that turn in my life when God became so real and he's been real to me ever seen it in such a huge way of turning out something that you think a document that that'll never happen to me and when things automatically garlic.

I got your in charge and you got and down changed my whole life and current wanted to be her Eagle.

He believed it to be extraction of my family and got you to forget it says that there blasting for him to make in your life that way. This really, really powerful.

Angie, thanks for sharing and address shall you know that just shows you the power of of what happens when we uncover these baskets that there's tons of power in that story.

If you just heard what Angie said you're like me, you're going all my goodness, how good is Scott as I can imagine that we was. Well I you not been in a marriage that somebody cheated on me. So I met my current one that my previous one and it just rips your heart out and it's so beautiful that God made himself real like never before. So thank you and you so great God bless have a great thank you so while we need your story, 866-348-7884.

You can see the power of the testimony that's in that when we uncover the stuff that we think is rotting away inside of us. The lies that we've thought about are actually all kinds of goodness I must story one of my stories.

The life I was laden was horrible and I had periods of my life where I was completely out of control and I was just radically say that there was just not much positivity in my life and I was just carrying on in this live in the wild live and just thought that was absolutely the way things needed to be and had to be going to be from me and I just it was it was said, just not a good life at all and then later in life when things settle down and calm down, and that I would doing a lot better and I things are were little more stable and I got asked about happen with kids church. Many of you have heard this story if you been with us before. I might do you know what I double scoop of poop. My life is that at just a few years ago and that I was convinced that there was nothing I had nothing to share with people or kids are young people in and that they would be making a big mistake to put somebody like me around their kids in that I just knew that it is this nothing I handoff them in the these people were crazy for for asking me to be a part of their children's lives, and God reached down and slapped me in the head in this and I like I that poop at double scoop of poop you think with them for some seeds in there and were gonna have you going to help some young people steer clear of the things that you wallowed through and lost tissue in the mire that you went three there's good and that Meyer Bob in and you're going to share it with these kids. And although I was not the most the theological person I can quote them a whole lot of Scripture I could quote them a whole lot of life and hopefully some of the young people that we were associated with for so long. Hopefully some of them their life was changed in and maybe they sell some of the stumbling blocks that I'd tripped over and lost my shoe in and said you know the first time ever told that story and it stayed in down in my soul I can quote it exactly right. So say at one time in your words because you and only Bob Jan can say before you say it God just showed me that the things that I thought disqualified me from working with young young people had uniquely qualified me to work with young people who better to talk to them about the that poop you can stand in then semi that step to now live it and tracked it around over right and what the Scripture that goes with that. If you look at second Corinthians chapter 1 said the God of all comfort right comforts us with all comfort that we might comfort others with the comfort that we are comforted with. In other words the stuff we stepped in the stuff that became indoor life that look like a terrible disaster my own recovery from cancer of the car accident. Whatever our testimony is about matter really are power. I mean that's how that's how we comfort others. So we got Laura is in Raleigh, North Carolina Laurier on the Christian card. I shall good morning area. I am excited to hear your story will go back. I licked my banking many different people was that what the devil makes for bad Laura can use for good and and and later on I found that it was similar.

Romans 828 yeah me one thing in 2005 was very rough.

I lost my mom even my cat-based medical think the that that in 2017.

My brother passed away down a great way but anyway and was very close to him and I didn't think I could get through it and have only good strength.

The Lord, and yet I still cry painful at times not even funny man anyway and there were years but it got me through this is no doubt in my mind is no way I could've done it and I just dictate comforted and I thank you so much for what you folks. I listened to treat radiantly. Not all the time not hear the cattle here and like to go, but thinking thank you for your story and you know God bless. That's a wonderful night. I I'm sure Bob you can relate to it because you losing your son absolutely and she said I am not sure how it was definitely not a great way that my son left ear.

I was able to give people some of my story and just so much more. We need here is 866-34-TRUTH 7884 Truth Network and 27,000 miles. We just give you a complete overhaul yesterday. Isn't that the quiet is that he never your life. We was born one on the sun shine myself and my team but not so today. Show the picture of the lining car salesman. I do want to share some of the things from Job, chapter 49 I think are very right instructional about liars, especially my own lives. Okay, so don't know where I started with. This was like I was guarding my heart from all that was going on in the media and all those lies were being told, and I realize that there is some ways.

Those are two baskets of goodness in that I think more people are praying for this country than perhaps have ever prayed and more people are saying God I can't move this rock and so when an opportunity we have it so as we look at this picture God gives us of Satan and what he doesn't.

Verse 12 it says I will not conceal his parts, nor his power nor his comely proportion which means essentially liars look good in souvenir Kurt Russell Doug about that in future steps clock arena.

It sounds good and in unfortunately the lies that are really the most dangerous to me are those lies that I think I look good and I'll tell lies to myself about how I look good and so rather than being honest with God and honest about my need you know I'm missing out on the opportunity for him to lift the rock out of my hole. I mean, you see the situation but it is a beautiful thing that right comes at the very end of the chapter it says he behold all things he's talking about Satan here got stuck about Satan. He says he behold all high things and he is the king of the children of pride. Now that word pride, there is the only time you will see that in the Bible.

It's only in the book of Job. First time is translated as a lion but here it's it's pride. And when you break that word down. It's really really helpful is it said he perceives high things, but when you look at that word pride. It has to do with making life out of your own self-righteousness and you know that's that. Do do do do do versus the done right and so I think and and when you think about food Jesus struggle with the most.

Who were the who were the they look good. They were in the inner Temple. The Pharisees and the set look so religious they think they tied and they would all just yeah we got the pie plates on her head and and all that stuff. Well I can just tell you that those of us who worship God.

Those of us who spend time with God. Get get it pretty easy that we start thinking we did that lately my own doing power that looks at and so I begin to not only share with people are looking at me that this glass look mean that this bullets would get on the outside but what's even worse is a begins not allow Satan to do his job when he stirs up that stuff inside of me I don't need to look good. I need to decide what is being stirred up and and why did God allow this and I'm not saying that God wants evil, but God does want you to pay attention to the check engine light in your brain like doing something is not right with the way I'm feeling here in one of the things it's clearly not writing the biggest lie that he uncovers in the book of Job right here. I think, is that this is not to work out for good. But if you listen to what God says about them in the fourth and fifth and sixth versus the so beautiful it says in his talk to Joe but he's also telling you what is going to do a Satan he says can you make a covenant with them.

We taken as a servant forever. In other words, Satan is God's servant forever and then he says will you play with them like a bird, will you chain them for your maintenance we see at the end of the book of revelations. If you think about what is got there he chains Satan for his bride, who is his bride. We are PCs telling Job look and fix the chain is God for you, but it could be a few years and then the best is yet to come, because in the six verse he says, shall your companions make a banquet of him okay what is he saying the wedding supper lame if you go look in Revelation 19. What what we going to do. We are going to.

We are going to devour the flesh of those that hated God.

You see it.

He's going to make a banquet out of Satan. It is just it is, is what's gonna happen. And so the lie that I cannot ask.

In other words, is I'm getting all concerned about what's happening in the country and all the stuff I've lying to myself about who wins this deal God is been in control. Yeah, steering is going on. I couldn't say that any clear stirring is going on. However, there are two baskets of goodness in that stirring if we search for bomb and how we respond to the staring that's where I've been having trouble they spend a few things started recently in an and I have not responded appropriately to the staring that's going on in my life and because I didn't realize that the there is two baskets of goodness in the staring and I decided staring and sometimes when you start in the mire. It has a fast mailing you get a little with of that you don't realize that there's there's goodness available to me if I just seek counsel and figured out lamp instead of just my reaction instead of my response and might my biggest biggest heartbreaks was from my middle daughter was 17 she fell in love with a guy wanted to drop out of school. She was in a Christian school and Mike what are you talking about became obvious they did need to get married and she got pregnant very shortly thereafter, which absolutely I was like, and then she divorced. She had no high school education that we got a baby edited out. But can I tell you all is that two baskets of goodness and then some.

My granddaughter Lila if you never heard me talk about me. This is one of the joys absolute joys of my life and what my daughter because of being a single mom. She got her college totally play for went back became a nurse. She's an operating nurse at Baptist Hospital has her degree all sorts of neat stuff that I see in her life and and then those two baskets of goodness in my granddaughter, are more than unbelievable is like I can't even imagine my life without love, but at the time.

You know, I thought, God, are you not painted.

This is mass not bad see just what parenting is hard to have that vision that when things are when you're with those hand when you're up to you Nick and alligator behind her and Emily came to drain the swamp. I had heard that Bob think that that's about this, and right there you can actually get that somewhere else is not a yeah I think we are experiencing that so different ways. So yes so I as you know, I have really really been thinking about how beautiful this is my hope you go read Job 41 and then see Job's reaction after God gives him his whole explanation of Satan and I want you to think about. One other thing that he shares about Satan's eyes and interestingly he he uses their eyelids, which is assigned for the start of the morning while Satan is the star of the morning okay and is a comment like that since a size that is described here that is looking for the bad right, but the kind of life that God puts in your eyes because if you have bad like your life is completely dark out there looking for the bad. If you're looking for God, you can look think I think you're looking for the bad and likely to change as there's goodness and everything change I have Outlook test. Thank you for having me here and I was always remember slowdown everywhere he went, got it all done in 33 years looking for your and look for some good find your baskets plan this week can be fun. Thanks for listing. This is the Truth Network

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