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Bible Wonders - ARISE

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 15, 2021 9:47 am

Bible Wonders - ARISE

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 15, 2021 9:47 am

So as the Sun rises sun rays come down - a new day dawns pregnant with possibilities if Jesus comes down.

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Did you ever wonder? Did you ever wonder?

I do. Did you ever wonder? Why the sun always rises, but the stars never fall?

Why dry land is never satisfied by water? And why fire never says enough? Enough. And I've been quoted as He came into the temple that He was here to bind up the brokenhearted and set the captives free. And the more I've studied this psalm this week, the more I realize it, the connection there between, you know what Jesus is saying is going to happen— in which, by the way, he cuts it off right at the revenge of his God. And so it's really, really just in this season of all that's going on, it's a beautiful thing to pray Psalm 68 and then look at all of Isaiah 61 in conjunction to it and I come away from that experience with a phenomenal hope in what God is up to in this season.

So if we looked at the actual beginning of Psalm 68, David, which clearly wrote the Psalm, is saying, he's asking God to arise. And so the word that I began to wonder on is arise. And when I looked into that word, I saw something in the Hebrew that is really spectacular. So the cough, Q-A-F is the letter, but it normally, when I've always looked at it, I've thought about it as holiness.

It almost looks like a pregnant stomach. But the original way that the Jews wrote this in the ancient, ancient script, I don't know if it was the original way, but the way of the oldest that we can find. Like if you look at inscriptions from the time of David, this was the script that they used for the Hebrew language and it actually was a picture of the sun rising. So as I thought about this, it's an interesting thing that from our perspective, when we wake up in the morning, we see the sun rise up over the horizon and it travels over and then eventually comes down. But interestingly, what's really happening is the sun rays are actually coming down. Even though the sun looks like it's coming up, what's actually coming is the sun's rays are now able to reach the ground. And I love to be out hunting when I see the sun rays begin to hit the ground, the animals come out to enjoy that, especially on a cold morning this time of year and you get a sense of, that God is showing up here this morning and he's rising, but at the same point in time, he's actually coming down. And so when I thought about this first letter in the word arise, I couldn't help but think of, wow, you know, God is, what David is asking is God, I want you to rise like the sun would rise in the morning, but I'm really wanting to experience those sun rays.

That's part of what I really would, and those were holy in so many different ways. And if you think about it, every morning is just pregnant. As I look at that letter, it's just pregnant with possibilities. And so especially if God's coming down today, this is gonna be a thing. Well, the next letter in the word arise is in fact evolve, which we've talked about before, is kind of like Jacob's ladder. In other words, it's something from God coming down. So we're really getting in a sense of God is coming down. And the last letter is a mem in the word arise, and in this sense of the way that it's an enclosed mem, and it can mean chaos, okay? And so I almost have a sense of this word arise. It's like, Jesus, I need you to come down into the chaos.

Help me here, as so many times my days just seem to be surrounded by chaos. So just check out Psalm 68 and then think about, again, Isaiah 61 as you read the entire Psalm. Hopefully you'll with me, join me in praying that Psalm, but be thinking about, wow, arise, Jesus. Like the sun, he rises every morning, and those sun rays come down into my chaos, or the darkness, right? You think about the sunrise. You've got something you can hardly see what's going on.

I can relate to that right this minute. And all of a sudden, as these rays of light, as they come in, and you can begin to see what's actually going on, and then if you wanna watch some animals getting comforted, some morning when it's about 28, 25 degrees, go out there and watch as the sun comes up, and the squirrels are some of the first that get out there to go bask in the sun, but then the birds come, and it's interesting to see them all delighting in those sun rays. Arise with me this morning, and enjoy the sun rays that Jesus is gonna provide for us. Do we have a render? Do we have a render? I do. You
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