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Bible Wonders - ABIDE

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 14, 2021 5:00 am

Bible Wonders - ABIDE

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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So today on Bible wonders. I've certainly been once written of this week.

You seem to get crazier and crazier on shortly been praying and God is put it on my heart specifically to pray that Psalm 68. I can't recommend I am out from so as I was actually praying that this morning I began to wonder actually about this verse where it's Psalm 68, 12, and it says kings of armies did flee apace and she that carried it home divided the spoil well when you look at that verse in Hebrew. It clearly is these kings and the way it says what it emphasizes things in Hebrew. It uses the word truck twice and so would says that the games are going to flee, flee to be leaving, but the one that got me was that she carried it home divided the spoil and that word carried it home.

When I looked at it in Hebrew. I almost jumped out of my seat because the word is abide and it if you were to look at it in Hebrew.

It is so beautiful to me because the first letter in this word, which would be translated, abide, or it could be translated sheepfold starts out within which again is faith. What you believe.

It's also pictured as a seed. At times a person's beautiful sense of faith, what you believe and then you've got of of which is essentially Jacob's ladder that's coming down. So you've got faith and what's coming down that is cool enough then it ends in the top of which is the letter the sign for a cross or the truth and site you got faith that what's coming down is the truth I'm a no wonder Jesus said to abide in him. In John chapter 15 have faith in what's coming down so she that has faith and was coming down but the beautiful thing about the way the words used here, so she that truly abides really is going be the one that divides the spoil who has faith in what's coming down and we do know it's coming.

It's the cross, Jesus came down and it's true. And so, not unlike Isaiah 41 that he who waits on the Lord.

This is he who tarries at home divides the spoiler. More specifically, she will why does it say she will in my opinion, is because we are the bride of Christ and those of us who stay at our post abiding in Christ praying seeking his face humbling ourselves.

We are going to be the ones that divide the spoil because Jesus picks us up. I got more on Psalm 68 coming up tomorrow, but I just clearly as I think about the beauty of abiding in the word literally. It's a sheepfold and and in some of the Psalms, David uses it like I was in the sheepfold and you'll see it translated that way. So he who stays in the sheepfold or she that stays in the sheepfold and waits on the Lord, who we know is coming down right in truth working to divide the spoil, join with me this week as we pray Psalm 68

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