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Bible Wonders - Heritage

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 5, 2021 11:21 am

Bible Wonders - Heritage

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 5, 2021 11:21 am

What can we learn from the spelling of Heritage in Hebrew

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This is sort of starting a whole new series by the wonders of Robbie Christian Car Guy this morning as I did, but prepare you room at the end of last year. I thought that was really fun.

Every morning I get up and I get a chance to wander with God. So I thought I would begin to share some of these women God puts on my heart to do that so very fun. This morning I was working on a show I'm doing with the messenger on the radio show on sort of the difference between heritage and legacy, and so as you begin to look at those words in Hebrew and I'm a poster using the show notes of this episode. If you look at the word heritage in the Hebrew language they use letters that were originally pictures of things. So the first letter in the word heritage is on what they call him and Emma mom if you would look at the picture, it's a seed like a plant that you would see in is really cool to wonder about because you think about your heritage in a clearly we all came from a seed of it's a beautiful thing and so it's also synonymous with faith almost in the Bible and so that none is is showing us that her heritage has to do with faith and it has to do with the seed that's been planted.

The next letter is a topic not to be confused with the toe of which means goodness but atop the last letter in the Hebrew language and it it's almost means like God stamp like you to know the truth. At the end of the story. And so it's also very synonymous with truth and so when it is to your heritage.

You know there is a story be holding you know we we tend to hear those you know after this for the stories been finished and so your storage or hit your story, your heritage is going in both directions you've inherited and heritage and you're obviously creating one and it's kind of cool that in the middle of that right see that there will be an end of the story. Will the really cool thing inherited from my perspective that the letter lamented which has this little like picture of someone's heart yearning for God. It also means learning but it's very much the letter that kind of means a child because when you look at the word child in Hebrew, you actually pronounce it valid and that that la la sound is the limit and when you think about your heritage. There's a seed that is going to end up being the end of the story and there's this child that childlike faith is so much pictured in our heritage and so as I was processing that this morning I couldn't help but note the word heritage ends in a hey which means to an extent and expression so were expressing this seed that's got an end of the story that has his childlike heart and there's also a sense in the letter hay of repentance. In other words, there's a way back to God. And so it is with our heritage in a matter where our ancestors landed our story can end up in repentance with God, and if it seems to be the challenge of every generation bring the gospel back, especially in our own lives of the people can see it so again I'm in a post.

This word heritage. There the show notes on this particular episode. I hope you enjoyed wondering with me today about the word heritage

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