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Horse POWER In The RIGHT Direction

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 2, 2021 2:09 pm

Horse POWER In The RIGHT Direction

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 2, 2021 2:09 pm

What's your spiritual engine?  Interesting car facts that make a motor run.  Air, fuel and a spark.  Robby and Bill Mixon - the Christian Insurance Guy turn it back on us.  First sweet call from Sara Linda and she has a GREAT idea!

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This is Rodney from the masculine journey podcast.

We explored manhood within Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just a few seconds.

Sit back and enjoy it, share it, most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network line 9 welcome radio show in the right direction, Christian Gargano shows so yes I think about that concept of horsepower in the right direction so you just heard them of all the horsepower from the Beach boys, 409) found a powerful and so I think about titles for the show.

I thought about you know God steering wheel and I thought of several things because all the power in the world as we all want to get if you don't know where you're going. Fortunately for most dragster is just going straight but anyway and then of course digital age would break every chain because there is power in the name of Jesus. And so, really, really fun as we enter into 2021. I'm so excited because clearly I mean you got admit God is up to a lot.

I mean, you can't miss that bit that things are shaken and that there's a lot that clearly only God has the answer to.

I don't know that of ever experienced a time in my life. I'm certain I don't have the answer to so many things I think Satan is been rather well. He let them out for time. For whatever reason, you know it's out out so I did a podcast series. I really enjoyed doing it this both for Christmas and then for new year, which were sometime I just devotional slots for two or three minutes of devotions that I have done coming into Christmas and then coming into this week.

In the incident. What I did this week was called prepare him room and in other just 2345 minutes.

Whatever of me talking about some of things that God was sharing with me that would lead up to the shows.

Both wanted Christmas and now for the show today. As you know every day he gives me stuff right. The man in your heart that you get it every day and and it builds into a theme that I get a chance to share in a dinner Christian Carter show so as I was doing this I did you know these devotions I just keep coming back allowing times my life I've come back to chapter 5 in the song a song in the song of Solomon and very specifically the light bulb came on for me this this week actually on verse five. Fraternally to you, which I really really pondered this verse for over 20 years trying to understand what it all it really means. And so here's the verse it says I rose up to open to my beloved, that would be Jesus she's talking about. This is the shoe might woman she's talking about.

She rose at the open for her beloved and my hands dripped with myrrh in my fingers with sweet smelling myrrh upon the handles of the lock and guess, to share with you. I learned that just yet. That's can come up in the in the later part of the show, but the thought really is just to treat me for 20 years and so I feel like the answer is really a gift. But before we get to what that does. We got to get to this horsepower thing so if you think about a car and and God blessed me to understand this process very young ages. I was born in the car business. My father was with Buick motor division and so these are concepts that I have known for years and years and years and served to fuel the car if you get power to the wheels of the car right or if you'd if you if you have a car that won't start.

There will always be three things at their going to check the first thing again.

A checklist is the car getting air because you can't. The engine will run without air and soft air filters clogged or something. Stopping the air.

In fact, the way you shut off certain cars as you turn the air off to them they don't turn off the electricity that is turn off the air conceives got no air. You got nothing to burn my cleansers.

No oxygen to got area got fuel right.

That's down in that engine you put gas in your car and that's how you go and then got a spark and without that spark in a gasoline engine of these is a different story but with a gasoline engine you're gonna need a spark for that fuel in the air and whatnot that will cause when you put all the three together is an explosion and that explosion is power. There is no doubt there is power. The big challenge obviously for Henry Ford. The boys you ever were creating all these different kinds of engines is how do we put that power in the right direction. Right.

And so what they use that power to do is push the piston straight down.

That would rotate a crankshaft so they got this their own version of circulation. If you think about it is you got this. You got this power announcement transformed in a circle and so the user transmission and the rear axle in order to put that to the ground.

But even with that if you had no steering wheel. How you know you know I you'd be worthless. So think about that a minute so that's it. That's an internal combustion engine, how you know without going into a lot of details. You know those things are involved. I was studying the heart. Actually this very morning like it's kind of the engine of your body, to some extent, and like the engine of a car.

It has timing right and ends they has to be precisely timed, but so does your heart and its non-boom boom boom boom Weiser gone boom boom room is pumping blood really start to think about how unique your engine is inside of you because what it actually does amount guess I was all that familiar with it until I studied it, is it takes on oxidative air.

In other words, the air that has carbon dioxide and you come through your body. It now it needs oxygen to your gonna die and so it sucks in the first beat in section that unobligated air coming on octave blood. Thank you for that look in her face. Bill and then it pumps it over into your lungs. So one chamber pumps it into the heart second chamber pumps it into the lungs so that he can get what oxygen is getting the same thing your engine getting okay it needs oxygen because not oxidize. Some have asked it also. Then it kind of the same deal pumps.

The oxygenated blood back into another one of those chambers and then punches that blood that oxidative blood that's ready to ignite the fuel in your body all over the place across your body begin, what good is all that power of your body.

If it had no sense of direction, but I thought I would leave the last question of the three. Actually, our wonderful audience and absolutely love and are excited about the call today because I think this is a great question and I wonder if you will ponder with me okay so I just described kind of what occurs engines like and kind of what your body is engines like so what's a spiritual engine when we realize that all these other engines. They obviously use air. They obviously use fuel it's coming in and it's coming out and there's some kind of circulation that creates power right in and so is your processing that pondering it with me. I could give you some ideas that I would really love to hear yours.

I mean I just think it would be really fun show for people to call in today. Tell me what do you think a spiritual engine is like based on those concepts of essentially air and fuel and spark right for whatever Harley how are you go about doing that circulating getting power bills had his chances have given in this this early on but in gambling and get to the song of songs in the sense of direction later on the show but first you can figure out how to get power before we can send it anywhere right and so there's your question for today need in order to answer it. What is your spiritual engine is that exactly work 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth. I'm very excited to hear your answers. I really need your help because I I'm thinking that I have opportunities to hear from some unbelievable disciples of really thought about this way before me. And so as you thought about that spiritually. What's the engine. How does it work. I would love to discuss that with Bill. I'm not sure how much you this.

Can I give away you can give way whatever. Yours is not necessarily the right is like mine is just not with a Seattle adrenaline. I don't like to get in trouble, but the way I see it. I think the hearts the Bible I think everything's circulates around the center point that did.

Jesus is the word of God. The Scripture is Jesus in some way that we don't understand, but the heart itself is the Bible and from that we have prayer and that prayer is our direction and are steering. It helps us focus and think yet we were supposed to go and from there we've got Fellowship fellowships spring we get the disability to home start getting out of breaks he could get a chance. Your chance to tell Bill where he's right 663487884 866-34-TRUTH so much more Christian contest, Truth Network and 9 hp in the right direction today on the Christian guys showing we put the question out to a wonderful audience. What do you think your spiritual engine might need or what what part of those things might work. What's the process I'm so excited. I really really am, because I found out that during the break that my producer has three but then I have Wendy and I got Nancy's order to get all that we got Wendy first. She's in Utah with them on to you. TR I bet Wendy, thanks for having me on a question and is something I cannot do it and added every morning asking Jesus to help me do his will. It's amazing how that clear the mind and one thing that's been on my mind for a while, you know, at this time it get people tend to be polyamorous about that you yeah I was so thankful that 2020 is behind it and was looking forward to 2021. Well, I'd like to tell everybody this is going to be of much to give. Because to me the main goal at this scale.

The main problem that will be placed before is a decision we have to make and it's right on that is, we can take the mark of the beast or not that will be the main decision this year is something you mentioned there I decided interesting person. I love what you said since Jesus very much is definitely there is no doubt is one of the three things but Anna and I love the way you put that together but I watch Pollyanna once again because I often think she gets a bad rap. I watched it once again two days ago and to me This is a girl who was raised by missionaries and her father and discovered what Abraham Lincoln had said if you look for the bad and mine kind, you will surely find an not well she let me finish if you okay so what happened in the movie is as if you watched Pollyanna would go into people that were extremely difficult to work with, like there was an old lady that was thinking she was dying and she was in a very insistent on her daughter and she was complaining all the time instead of Pollyanna going in and dealing with that behavior, which was bad. She went to see if she could find the good in the lady in the next thing you know she's making quilts for the planning and all sorts of stuff comes out of her because Pollyanna look for the good. Milady and and and drew it out rather than focusing on the bad behavior. Same thing with an old guy that was supposed to keep kids in the basement with retinal and stuff and even the preacher.

She goes to the preacher who's been preaching as hell and brimstone style and and that's who where she finds that the locket says Abraham said that and he completely sour he could turn around his whole congregation, essentially by preaching love and preaching in are trying to find the best in people and bring out so again I couldn't agree with you more on the Jesus thing, but I really think as we go into this year. I can't. I really have no effect on all the political aspects other than what I can do for individuals is look for where is God in that person and how can I draw that out of them because if I draw out more God.

If I teach them about Jesus. If they begin to do what you do and get up every morning study Jesus. I'll bet you their behavioral fall in line right throughout the day and I don't see anything that being prepared to do well and when you say, do good to everybody kind of reminds me a little bit of my middle daughter mom and he thinks he is safe and I didn't say that I say, do good to everybody say I didn't say do good to everybody.

Now nap and I'm saying we have to be prepared to make difficult decision and that means you know going to the Bible like your cup said that we can't just sit back and ignore the good I couldn't really do more abjectly when an end and we had a high degree me the most important decision to make yet we better be prepared. Thank you again for week make the wrong decision that means hell I mean we always get to choose Jesus means hell thank you Linda God blessed. Have a great afternoon. All right we got Nancy is in North Carolina. Nancy Irma Christian card I sent them on silk at the house lights.

Thank you and I always love to hear you to firing. I wanted I wanted your class that I wanted something in the woman who is just on the following.

As you know I do.

Home health and I go to patient home and before I ever go into their home and in the parking earned their driveway and pay Lord let me treat birthday meant that there my brother, my mother, my sister or my father. On or day and I find that even me, or patient that are hard to deal with the good and I just try to love them and all of the people at work are you with all you know we going to complain about him and all of your their best friend and I told my account to your request that Nancy can I just tell you it's absolutely beautiful.

I I see that and it would take God in order to go in there and stand and try to find out where you could connect that person to God, and I know you do that so go ahead and answer my question and I'm here, and any left me with patient and one of the big thing I'm sure your client are the air and bark and the engine.

What I be what I've learned from you to is Holy Spirit though your air and every morning I the Lord to anointing with coming to my heart Nancy I love this but you can probably hear the music, so will you hold on for me please will you do that because I really want to hear. Obviously you had a big winner. Everybody is nonthinking being on the Holy Spirit's overanxious about number two and number 3 mm your ideas 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH listening to the Truth Network and nine right direction today on the Christian card I show, and when we left our hero Nancy. She was giving us are three things that she feels like were involved in our spiritual engines to start off the Holy Spirit being air which I absolutely loved.

I absolutely love but can you go back over number two because we got kind of discombobulated there that want well I'm going to gather and then kind of middle okay how are God.which will happen and what were trying to you know. But then when I go and they will what he might be kind of cold water 1G, and then the other one in him might believe in Jesus but you got it trusted him and their really govern this kind of like they have forgotten the attitude which is blessed are those who kind of let him do his will and maybe that. I don't know you need the truck to be able to have that happen. You're exactly right. Now I know I'm more number and you had Robbie, each being really see and have him work and then I start to wonder if our competition is in there as well.

You know if we have an active conscience that also how he helped hear him. I'm not sure what is meant to endlessly go back to Moses and think you know he was based on his relationship with God. He got a pillar of fire right every day just to see where he had to go at night and he got a pillar of cloud during the day and out when they mean eyes left his foot but that was based on his relationship.

He had phenomenal spiritual power. So I love it I love it. Nancy, thank you for calling in for Sharon today. God bless you.

I really really appreciate that. That is awesome. Well, next up we have my friend Sarah Linda in Port Orchard, Washington, Sarah, Linda, you're on the Christian card I show again.

I got really talking about talked about Pollyanna, you know, I agree about Pollyanna had learned to attract and hold and brought all that into a relationship with all the people real in the Lord and and then when that get old and that was an awesome story and and I agree with you about we talk a lot and we currently got and we were talking about that. Keep your eye and you know that you I can't think what you you are the air we breathe and and so that night Jack and the word and that word and the life you know and then the Holy Spirit guiding call any given another who will guide you into all truth. Like you, and feel that Holy Spirit guide to guide anointing and and Baylor, it will open up a real learning hear what you know more. I want to start a blog and I was thinking about going on or you know my feet and make sweet granddaughter Eric and that Cuba evaluated in writing about her first like to write that week started blogging it would be later be LOD bold love of God, how well Sarah Linda, you gotta start that blog that I want to get to so if you don't mind but I so grateful that blog ideas great. You gotta follow up on that all right. I love it.

Thank you for calling in today. God bless again if you went on endlessly.

Would love to have you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and there was talk about our first caller. Wendy and I during the break a little bit. It was interesting, it corresponded with the dream I had, because I could hear her heart for her daughter as Bill Clinton and as I process that more I thought about a dream I had on Monday and I thought it might be really important to tell the story, so I had a horrible dream on them. My youngest daughter you know was being attacked by a whale at the ocean and I didn't get up very quick to help her because even I thought at first aware was playing with her, but then it was obvious that it was trying to kill her and as I started to see blood in the water and all the stuff I jump up and I'm going to go try to help and I'm terrified.

I mean, beyond terrified because there's nothing I can do against well I do know that you and all the sudden the water drains out of the ocean and the way I was just flopping around. He can't get her anymore.

Okay. And I was so terrified that I immediately got up and just began to pray and up the eye when the other room and just like God, you gotta help me interpret this because I am so terrified and I'm not supposed to be scared. Help me understand help me understand help me understand any almost immediately sent me to Isaiah 49 it was like the word content was in what I was praying him.

I didn't contend I didn't content goes will go look up contend robbing to see what you might find, and immediately I was at Isaiah 4925 and this is for Wendy or anybody else is concerned about the kids says, but thus says the Lord of the captains of the captives of the mighty shall be taken away in the prey of the terrible shall be delivered, for I will contend with him that contend with with the eye will save five children to have. So the power that we are talking about is clearly gotta save our know it. The battle is the Lord's interest is I mean and and as we take part in that we get to take part in 2021 in battle with him, but essentially there's promises here that I'm going on to him and I and I hope you will built but before you want to get Bethann's list. I know you got a list so share with you now is very close to Nancy's so I I said that I found you, because you are talking about. The engine is comprised of air fuel and sparking. You need all agreed to get the motor got to get the car going and I said that the air was for me, the Holy Spirit, breathing in. He's always around us. He's guiding us all. He and I did you even if you have the air. You're just going to sit there if you don't have a fuel and I think a gas tank.

It's big, it's you don't see it but it's a lot about a car. So I said the father, God the father was the fuel and then the spark was given to us. When God gave us his son and so the spark is is Jesus so that that's what it was for me that is. And so it is good that I really I really really do like that.

So Bill, you've had a chance to listen and think and so what are your thoughts will like I said, I think in my mind. The Bible is the engine and from there we go to the blood is pumping in the prayer is the direction and the steering and then there's fellowship in the fit fellowship is.

The strength is the nutrients that travel through the blood and if you musical. I think music comes in after that and then putting God first.

Our priorities when we realize that we need to just get the day that God doesn't really give us a week from now or a month from it just gives us the power and the ability to get through the day and then we've got a filter.

We got the filter that gasoline in that oil. And that's repentance that we've got to evaluate which Q1 and we've got evaluate what were thinking with. Gotta prioritize and that once it goes to that filter that it's clean enough to go back into that heart to go back into that I like and and make the circulation chemically. Yes I love that forgot Clay is in North Carolina where he brother God bless you and happy new year Mr. Mr. Bill this morning. You know I been listening to what everybody mature, so look at it is like maybe chiming in field are so many ingredients with this Clay.

I'm sorry Wednesday, you can tell us your ingredients and we come back as I okay I think Clay will be right back.

We could use errors 866-34-TRUTH 878-8486 is your listening to the truth and and I horsepower in the right direction are in the right direction to date on the Christian car guys shallow and first off, I gotta say that the Jesus labor. Love is powered to great extent by your prayers right and I cannot even I'm I'm looking at my email new request new request may request this time. There's always tough 2020. It was extra tough and so if you would be in prayer with us again if you want any more information on the Jesus labor letters. You never heard of it, it's car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis. And believe me I had lots of calls and families in crisis this week, but it's always cool how God comes through in the battle is the Lord's. As we talked about earlier today but also need to tell you, not at 1 o'clock on the Truth Network we have Amy combo and the cure with her wonderful husband Boris, which is a great party theme in my opinion, I'd let their show today as can be the battle of good versus evil that's live so how funding: I met with Brian Proteau he's there speaker therapist and again and be live at 1 o'clock on the Truth Network that's 1 o'clock Eastern.

If you and the Utah or somewhere, but when we left her hero Clay Durgin to give us the rest of your list brother.

I would like to bring forth you know I been able to be able to know that when you hear things and when you listen to the message being preached or when you're able to comprehend or understand it to me that digesting you know you think about your super certain pastors, preconcert messengers or bowel study are like that. I mean blessed and thirsty. I agree wholeheartedly will the one that I have never forgotten.

I remember we did a Bible study with him" and Thursday. It was over 3 1/2 years in the book of Romans and one that has always stuck construct would make not stricken slow relationship to Starkey but anyway, the one that is always stuck inside me that that he for new and that that word that little word is very key because before new. There's a story of two people knew how you were now going to be in touch with each other before new that you know the Christian car got your wood will be held so it's it's being able to digest that you know the hearing, listening or comprehending in the understanding Just to me, digestion is getting that filtering going inside of you because you can you're able to get that out and tell people it's also being able that the Lord created things. When the Lord creates things that another generating so you could probably say they deduct the spark a goal of going with it because your the Lord creates people for you to be able talk to what your weird hair or shirt and got something on there like you got this or follow Jesus or anything like that. The power to me is just being able to get excited.

This completely and utterly excited about being able to share certain things that you've heard that you listen to and you and you know I should take up a lot of combo sugar. I was scrolling through the fire last night and I came upon this message that to DiBiase for rest work in the Lord got hold of him and he gave thanks to this man who was a preacher today McCusker fell and he gave this message at Campbell's real essence of time just to get to without giving us the details like what what he said well talk about how the Lord and God got a hold of him able to get a hold of him and I do feel that important because you know he he grabbed when he needs any third look.

I got a plan for you now. Right now I hate to cut you short but I got some stuff and I get done by the end Clay so if you got a wrap up real quick like 10 seconds I would you say folks, you know, just regular time to listen and hear what certain things that are being shared and really digestion inside your heart because that's where it needed to be human. You can share that with somebody down the line exactly and that's why if we hunger will be listening right. I love it. Thank you Clay that absolutely beautiful so I got going brother. Talk to you soon bye-bye well I sometimes have to much overtime. I hate that for Clay and people I would love to have heard more.

I really really would, but I do not want to leave everybody hanging on what I said at the beginning of the show on song a song chapter 5. If you going to that the second verse says I slept but my heart was awake and more time at the church was asleep because the song a song is again the bride of Christ, and so her heart was asleep, but excuse me, she was asleep.

Her heart was awake and her lover shows up at the door and before we get to the verse where he put them on the door where she gets on her fingers, he shows up as heads wet with the dew of the night and he asked her to get up and she says I can't get up because I gotta put my clothes back on the mice my feet are clean so I can't do that. So how often the mind asleep or want to do my own thing that I don't get up to answer the call of Jesus knocking on the door which is essentially what's going on okay but then we get to verse five which is what I really want talk about is has everything to do was steering in my view, okay where it says I rose to open for my beloved in my hands dripped with myrrh my fingers with slight sweet smelling Murph upon the handles of the lock or merge key ingredients in an anointment when something's anointed is can have murder on okay. What I realized after pondering this verse for years and years and years and years as all my goodness.

Jesus left an anointing on the door for if she would get up to answer it would be waiting on her are you following me and so it's fascinating to me and Psalm 92, which some people say was written.

The Jews, they say it was written by Adam himself like Adam and Matthew Henry argues that I could I could give a lot of discussion on that, but I won't because I don't have time, let's think it's cool that read Psalm 92. From the standpoint of Adam is writing this about the joy that God created and eroded on the Sabbath, but he's he's trying to get a sense of direction and steering here. Sources. But my horn shout with our Excel exalt like the horn of the unicorn. Imagine if anybody saw unicorn it would be Adam and it says I will be anointed by fresh oil okay not if you think about a horn. The horn is a leader okay it's leadership. This is the direction you're supposed to go. You know, and in this horn of the unicorn is is is really fairly significant but when he says I'm a be anointed by fresh oil. That word is green and it means that you rooted in the vine.

Okay that's how you get green so if you can get rooted in the vine, you see, even though you may be asleep in Jesus call sometimes if you get up his anointing is waiting on the door. In other words, his leadership, he will tell you what direction to go in that horsepower.

The word prayer used it. Bill, I can agree with you more that where we connect with God in our holy moly's heart is is where we can get that anointing and if once we have that anointing, then we can have an idea of where to push the horsepower now power to be in the Christian world is your testimony you will receive power from on high to be my witness when you talk about what Jesus did in your life like that dream I had okay there's power in that because that is the spark that if that is God right and so if you put that in the right direction, then we can hopefully bear much fruit revert get a fresh anointing that's fun stuff and I'm so grateful for all the calls I hate to have a country little short of it so much but I'm so grateful I really to everybody that called and so grateful for everybody's listening 2021, and I don't know a lot of the stuff that one thing I do know is that if we can get alone with him, spend time with him to get some power, especially for hungry like Clay said so effectively was the Christian card. I shall remember slowdown. Jesus was everywhere he went. Have all done him 33 years. Please pray for Jesus later love this week we got a lot of stuff we could take our power. This is the Truth Network

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