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Christmas Moments - #6 OH CHRISTMAS TREE Part 2

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 20, 2020 5:00 am

Christmas Moments - #6 OH CHRISTMAS TREE Part 2

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 20, 2020 5:00 am

All Sorts of Biblical Connections To Christmas Trees

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As I'm going home and I'm looking at these trees and I'm seeing the branches at at and I'm thinking oh my goodness this is God painting a picture to for me to remember all that's involved here and so this morning Bill like my paper plates, but I just I had to take notes and I wanted to write him fast and there was a paper plate). I liked so I just did. So I decided to just go on an adventure. See what all I could find as far as trees in the Bible so this is real quick, but interesting to cover some space and in a minute of things that I wouldn't help but note okay so you got Genesis 1 tree show up first thing and also you would you would note that the word earth itself ends with his attic because it even sounds like if you were to hear it in Hebrew the word earth sounds like X, which is the word for tree not asked in my opinion is if you think about all the trees that you would see Genesis to write God point out two different trees. What is he got the tree of life, and a tree of knowledge of good and evil. I and and certainly a lot of Genesis 3 has to do with some eaten of the fruit. It's Genesis 6 what's Noah's Ark build out of which by the way, the word for one entry of the same word in Hebrew so it's built out of gopher trees.

Whatever those might be. Genesis 18 when the three people come to visit Abraham right that we believe are the Trinity or I believe it anyway. They sit under the shade of what tree now. One of things I hadn't thought about actually till this morning when Abraham went to the offer at his son.

What was he going to use for fuel like oh by the way would be all the burnt offerings in order to make things right. What were they going to do. They were going to use would you ever thought about it I just think about it this morning and in Genesis 40.

We talked about, you know, Joseph, guess what happened to the candlestick maker whatever guy was the peacock hung on a tree right unless you have thought about it but Moses is Aaron's rod have you want to look at, you know you might know it's an almond branch once again I treat. I so interestingly, when you start to see the judgments that are in Exodus that the starts put out on the remote Egyptians and later you'll see it in Revelation. What is eat eat what seem like the mountain is wiping out trees seriously. It has to do the judgments and then Exodus 15 Eileen thought about this one. You remember when the water was bitter. What made it sweet. It didn't say through in a little branch. It says he threw in the whole tree. It was, you know that that that water was made sweet with a tree by and then obviously got the ark of the covenant was made out of wood.

All the polls for the tabernacle there all Saturday there there. I am his attic switch and I am just as is the letter that would mean I and so it's like you're seeing righteousness when you see a tree

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